Susan, Charles, and Danny

Susan, Charles, and DannySusan had received a phone call, but Danny kept his distance, as hesuspected it was probably Charles, checking up on his Asian lover. Thehushed tones of the conversation told him they were probably up tosomething, and a smile came to Danny’s face.Having never been jealous of their carrying on, the only thing Dannyalways asked for was that he was allowed to be around when they wereplaying like young lovers. It was so exciting for Danny to be able towatch his Chinese wife with her legs up on Charles’s shoulders, while thebig black man pounded her for what would seem like hours and hours.Truth be told, when Charles would come over, he would always pop aViagra, just so he could stay stiff and strong while trying to satisfySusan.His wife enjoyed those times with Charles, while her husband would stayout of the way, just lounging around the perimeter, usually slowlystroking his big cock while his wife got serviced like only a black bulllike Charles could.”Honey?”Danny wiped the smile off his face when Susan came into the living room.He knew something was up, as she had not had her dose of black cock forseveral weeks. Charles had been on a trip for his company, and she hadto rely on Danny or on her dildo while her bull was away.”Yes baby, what’s up?””Charles is having trouble with his car, and he wonders if we couldfollow him to the dealership, so he can drop it off to be fixed.””Sure, no problem. You gonna follow him there, or you want me to doit?”As he said it, Susan got that look of a cat who had just swallowed themouse, and she lowered herself down onto his lap.”Well, i thought that we could go together, cause I haven’t seen him ina few weeks, and well…. you know…. I kinda….””Yea, I know…. you kinda want to see if you can **** him.”She playfully slapped him as she grabbed his crotch and gave it a hardsqueeze.”Danny…. your impossible! Are you gonna be a dear and drive me overthere?”Danny got that frown on his face again…. “Sure, but you gotta promiseme something.””What?””I don’t want him to get in a wreck going to the dealership, so you ridewith me!”She gave him her best try at a pout, and then ran upstairs to get herpurse.*****************As they were riding over to Charles’s place, Susan scooted up close toher husband, and lightly started trailing a finger over his thigh,slowly inching it’s way up to his crotch.”You really think I would get him in a wreck, if I were to play with him,like I’m doing with you right now?””Baby, I’ve seen what happens when you swallow that big pole of his. Hiseyes tokat escort bug out, and his legs shoot out straight as your lips go all theway down to his pubes!”Susan reached for her husbands cock, and felt it was already gettingstiff. A smile crossed her lips, as those black eyes of hers started tosquint a little while her fingers toyed with his zipper.”Oh no you don’t! You just behave yourself when were out in public.You can fuck that black bull all you want, but until we get back to hisplace or ours, but you act like a prim and proper lady until then!She scooted back to her side of the car, and her lower heavily paintedlip came out like a c***d who had just had her candy taken away fromher.Charles was already in his car when they pulled up, so Danny just wavedat him, to indicate that they would follow.Danny could tell that his wife was already starting to get into heatwhen she saw Charles. A big smile came to her face, and her right handwent involuntarily between her legs to cup her mound.”Suz…. behave!”The dealership was on the other side of town, so the 15 minute drivetook way too long as far as she was concerned.Of course Danny was enjoying the shit out of the long drive, knowing hiswife was probably flowing like a river, in anticipation of what was tocome.As he followed Charles into the dealership parking lot, Charles jumpedout and held up five fingers, indicating it wouldn’t be long before hecame back out.”Danny?””Yes babes.””I’m getting in the back seat with him, when he comes back out.”Danny smiled and nodded his head…. “I expected no less, but try andbehave before we get home, okay?”Susan quickly exited the car, and got into the back. He heard herstruggling a little, and was surprised when he saw she was tugging onher thong while kicking her shoes off at the same time.”What the fu…””Hush, you just pay attention to the driving when he comes back out!””I take it were not going over to his place to play?””I need a good dose of black cock first!”Danny just shook his head, as Charles started to get into the frontseat, and then noticed that Susan was in the back.”Hey, this is her idea man, not mine. You know how she gets when shehasn’t had it lately.”Charles shut the door and opened the back door and grinned at the Chinesewife, who’s fingers were already glistening from the wetness of herflowing pussy.As he got in beside her, Susan was all over him, with hard kisses,running her hands over his bald head, and broad shoulders.”Danny, get us home….. and make it quick!” she moaned between kissesto her black escort tokat lover.She was already leaning back against the other door, as they werewrestling with each others clothes. Charles was trying to fend off herhands as they were reaching for his pants, and at the same time laughingat the situation.Danny kept sneaking peaks in the rear view mirror, having to repositionit several times, as Susan was grabbing at Charles’s pants.”Geez woman, doesn’t that husband ever take care of you?”Susan was past the joking stage now, and she was seriously strugglingwith the zipper on her bulls pants.”Uhgg…. dammit, help me with the fucking zipper!”Traffic was really congested, and in this part of town it was down to 10or 15mph, as it seemed that they were catching every light.There was another “Uhgg” and then he heard his wife expel the air out ofher lungs, like someone had just gut punched her.”Oh fuck…. easy…. give me more…. of fuck Charles, how I’vemissed that big cock of yours!”Danny never let what she said when she was making love to Charles botherhim. He knew he could never pleasure her with his cock, the way thatCharles could do to her. He knew that after the fucks were over, Susanalways came back to him, cause of the love she had for Danny, andbecause that was the way she was brought up…. to love and honor herhusband.”Yessss… oh fuck…. wait, I’ve got a kink in my leg…. let mestraighten it out!”There was some rusting going on, and then her right legs was up near thetop of the seats back rest. Danny could see that she still had a shoe,half way off of her foot, and it was dangling there, as Charles startedstroking her with those powerful thrusts of his.”Uhmmm honey? You know were still in town….”Charles’s tongue was trying to tickle he tonsils, and she probablywouldn’t have responded, even if she could. She was too far lost in thepower fucking that Charles was giving her, to care about anything.As they came to another stop light, Susan had her first orgasm, and evenwith a tongue deep in her mouth, she let out a muffled scream ofenjoyment, as her cream secreted along the big black cock that was deepin her pussy. Her body came down for the high she had just experienced,and her senses came back as she knew the car was not moving.She looked over her black lovers shoulder, and noticed a middle agedwoman looking into the car. The woman had the strangest look on herface, that was a mixture between surprise and the longing of wishing itwere her in the back seat being fucked.Susan out of wickedness, quickly winked tokat escort bayan at the woman, as the woman’shusband was trying to pull her away from the car. His look was more ofdisgust, but it was the guys wife’s look that stayed with Susan. Shewas actually enjoying the fact that other people could see this prim andproper Chinese wife being fucked by a big black man, while what musthave been her white husband driving the car.The light turned green, and only after the car behind them honked it’shorn, did he finally step on the gas.Danny looked down quickly at his pants, and saw the big wet spotstarting to form where his cum shot had leaked inside of his pants.He shook his head, as he made sure the traffic was clear, and herearranged his cock as it was slowly deflating. In the back seat, hecould hear that Charles was starting to get more into his power strokes,as Susan was now whimpering on each push that he made. To her, it feltlike he was trying to push the head of his cock into her Uterus.A smile crept over Danny’s face, as he wondered if she had taken herpill to prevent pregnancy. Susan and him had talked about it severaltimes, and even though Susan was getting older, she was still having hermonthly periods, so anything was still possible. They had talked aboutwhat if…. but nothing had ever been settled on if it indeed didhappen, which was the reason she was still taking those pills.”Oh FUCK…. shit, I can’t hold it Suz….”Even in the cramped confines of the back seat, Charles was trying hisbest to straighten his legs, as the first of several powerful cum shotswent into this Chinese wife. Charles had always secretly thought hownice it would be if Susan became with c***d from him, but he had nevershared that with her or with Danny.As they were turning the corner, and their house was in sight, Danny hitthe garage door opener, and turned to see his wife who looked like shehad just come out of a steam bath.”Were home hon and I’m pulling into the garage, any chance of you twogetting somewhat decent?”It was Charles who started laughing at that remark, but Susan was farfrom laughing. Her body had already kicked in for the next round offucking, and she clutched at the big black man as he slowly pulled outof her clenching pussy lips.”No No….. oh shit!”As the huge cock head pulled out of her cunt, there was a slurping soundand then a pop, as it escaped her cunts muscles.”Danny, I’m gonna fucking kill you!”Now it was Danny’s turn to start laughing, as him and Charles got out ofthe care, while his wife’s legs were widely splayed out.”Hey, I told you to play nice, but no…. you couldn’t wait till we gothome.”As they entered the living room, Charles looked at the stairs to thebedrooms, and then to Danny.Danny smiled and nodded his head.”She’s all yours big man!”

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