Sveta and the Bicycle Ride


“Life is unfair.” – thought Ben as he looked again at the girl on the beach.

He sat on the sand, dressed in a white shorts and nothing else, looking at a beautiful young girl. She was laying on her back, getting an additional suntan on the shore of Mediterranean Sea.

Ben stared at her for a long time, admiring her hot body, petite, with a slender waist, dressed in a small red bikini, only accentuating her voluptuous nakedness under it. This brunette was really beautiful. She arrived on a bicycle about an hour ago. Ben was going to leave right before it happened, but after he noticed her, he stayed here on a beach.

Ben liked this small place, not far from the town, surrounded by the low rocks. There were two roads here: good highway and some old narrow way, wandering between the rocks. He arrived by the highway, but the girl used another road.

Ben was from Canada, and lived in Spain just for two months, and he was going to leave it tomorrow. Looking at this girl he felt sorry that it was going to happen so soon. He had to try and seduce this hot young thing. She lived in a town, no doubt, both roads was leading to it. Ben wondered, looking how girl slowly turned over, letting hot sun to caress her great ass, legs and back, from where she was?

She was not a Spanish woman, no, she is not a local. Ben tried to smile to her, as she raised and went to the sea, but she paid no heed to him at all. He stared at her graciously moving round ass and sighed.

“Life is really unfair.”

Sveta felt herself very horny today. She rose early, served her husband Martin an excellent breakfast, and after his departure come right to her neighbor Robert’s apartment. They were having an affair and she was enjoying it. But there she was disappointed of what has happened. Robert was all dressed up and said to her that he is leaving a town for a two weeks immediately. He just seized her ass and said: “Till our next meeting, let Martin keep it for me.” After that he pinched her and was gone.

This was really disappointing. Sveta wandered a little around a house, and after some hours decided to have a bicycle ride to the beach. She liked to ride a bicycle, and she liked this beach very much. So she left a house, wearing small white shorts and a yellow bikini – it was really hot today, and moved along an old road through the rocks.

As she lay on the sand on a pink spreading, she thought about her cheating experience. She found that she is feeling no shame at all. It was great. And if she could find someone else, she’ll like to have a new experience. For example, this handsome young guy, staring at her for an hour. She’ll not do any moves by her own, but if someone like him will try…perhaps…No one can tell.

She stretched herself slowly and went to the sea to have a swim and come to her home.

It was a 3 p.m. now.

Sveta felt herself now almost cleared of her lustful thoughts. She enjoyed warm seawater for a while. Finally she gets out of the sea and walked to her place, here she collected her clothes, spreading and went to her bicycle. She hesitated for a moment and then decided not to dress up. It was little weird to drive on a bicycle along an empty road, dressed only in a small bikini, but Sveta felt herself now very hot. Sun was high in the sky and everything was filled with its light. Shadow at Sveta’s feet was small when she sat on her nice yellow bicycle and drove to her home, using an old road through the rocks. All the time she felt the gaze of that guy, as she bent over to her clothes, as she rolled the spreading, and as she went away. She smiled to herself, thinking that this guy must have a lot of erotic fantasies now, starring her and his cock.

Ben actually stared at this young girl constantly. And admiring this perfect body he found that his mind was full with two importunate visions: this girl on her knees in front of him, with her bikini on, sucking and serving his cock with that pretty mouth; and the second – this girl, without any clothes on, getting fucked from behind. Right at this moment she turned and her ass, slightly covered with her red bikini, was in front of him. She bent to pick up her clothes, and Ben cursed her silently. Such a slut!

He followed her with his gaze, as she went to her bicycle and cycled away, without even dressing up, using the old road.

Ben sighed and went to the sea. He swam a lot, trying to relax, but found it impossible. He came out of the water and slowly gets to his car and drove from the beach.

He used the road which girl chooses – with a vague hope that he’ll meet her on the way.

“But what next? Life is really unfair.”

Sveta cycled along a road, her long legs worked on pedals, and she murmured something. She looked around sometimes, at the dry rocks with small trees on it, feeling herself excellent. She straightened her beautiful back and smiled, thinking about her home and her husband and about Robert…

And right at this moment the wheel of her bicycle wedged, it stops, pushing her, and Sveta fell on a hard stone of a road.

She kartal escort bayan felt a pain, but it wasn’t very intense, and with a moan girl raised up. Looking at her legs and hands she found not any cuts, and after a minute of speaking some really bad words in different languages she looked at her bicycle.

It looked unharmed, but she quickly found that its front wheel was blocked by something, and did not circled at all.

Sveta cursed again and tried to drag a broken machine, soon realized that it was little too hard for her, and looking around girl comprehended that she was still far away from the city – about a four miles – and already far from the beach.

She thought about a long walk home by foot, in this hot weather, and groaned, feeling tears close to her eyes.

Well, perhaps someone will come and help her?

She shakes her beautiful head. No one use this road. No one will help.

Ben drove slowly; he turned radio on and listened to the music. He tried to push the thoughts about this girl from his head. But he couldn’t. He frowned and decided that when he will find her on the road, he’ll try to talk with her. Just talk.

“And after she’ll reject me, I’ll go and find some hooker in town”.

He felt that he had to fuck someone today.

Sveta walked and walked, dragging the bicycle. She was hot and sweating now, and she didn’t even think about dressing on her skirt. She sooner would undress her bikini.

Of course, she could leave damn broken thing here, but it was almost impossible. Martin will be angry. He will say something like “Darling, you really had to wait there and wait for help.” She couldn’t understand this. But what she can do?

Sveta felt that she have to take a break. After ten minutes of dragging and walking she was very tired.

Girl sat on a stone, feeling herself very unhappy. She sat and thought about strong guys in the big cars, with lusty thoughts about her young body; where are they? She could be nice to one… She could smile to him and shake her tits…And he will help her…

Right at this moment she heard a sound of a car approaching.

Soon she saw a yellow open car, moving slowly, going along a road.

She sprang with a cry, forgets for a moment that she was almost naked, and started to wave her tanned hands.

As he drove on, he hoped to see this girl somewhere, her hot round ass bouncing over the seat, but what he saw was unexpected.

Girl runs to him, waving her hands. She was still wearing only her small yellow bikini. Ben slowed down his car and finally stops it. Her bicycle was on the side of the road, but he looked not at it. He stared at her tits, bouncing, and her slender waist, as she approached him, breathing heavily. Her eyes were shining, hair hangs loosely, and she looks great. More than great.

When he saw something on her left hand. Yes, that’s it. Wedding ring.


Sveta saw a guy in sunglasses behind a wheel and recognized him. She cared not about anything at this moment, she just run towards his car with a new hope.


Ben raised his eyebrows, smiled widely and said:

“High, miss, do you have some problems?”

“Oh, yes I have some, my bicycle is broken, and perhaps you can…”

“Such a nice accent”, thought Ben.

“Of course I can help you, miss!”

Ben opened the door and stepped out with a widest grin. He shakes his head and said:

“It’s very hot today for a cycling, I think.”

Sveta waved her hand and said:

“Well, perhaps it was a bad idea…”

“I’m sure it wasn’t.”

Ben walked to the bicycle and examined it. He shrugged his shoulders and stood silent for some minutes. Sveta expected that he will place a machine in his car and gave her a ride to the town, but she heard his voice, saying:

“Well, maybe I can fix it, miss…I’m sorry, but what is your name?”

He turned around, looking deep into her eyes with a smile. Sveta answered, smiling back:

“My name is Sveta Lock. And you are?”

“I’m Ben. Please, call me Ben.”

Sveta lowered her eyes and realized suddenly that she is alone, dressed only in bikini, in the middle of the forsaken road. She looked at his shorts. There was a bulge there. Something big was hidden… Ben caught the direction of her glance and grinned.

He said softly:

“I’ll try to solve your problem, Miss Lock.”

“Please, call me Sveta.”

Ben nodded and turned to the bicycle.

Sveta was happy now. She was out of the problem. This guy will help her.

He tried to fix something, but never has he forgotten about a girl behind him. He talks with her a little, soon he knew that she is surely not a Spanish girl, and this made him even hornier than he was. He felt that his cock is almost ready for the fun, and he thought that even if she will be against it, he could proceed? They are in the middle of a nowhere, no one will help her?

He turned again and again talk with her. His eyes wandered along her perfect tanned body, as he speaks. Girl saw the direction escort maltepe of his gaze and smiled knowingly. She sat near him on her knees, her pretty hands placed on them. Her hair oozed a sweet smell, and Ben enjoyed this.

Girl behaved herself quite teasingly. She bends her thin waist, smiled, and laughed, occasionally looking straight in his eyes. Then slowly, sexually she placed her hand on her breast and caressed it for a second. Ben turned to the bicycle and continued his work.

“I’ll leave the country tomorrow… I can fuck her right now, well, it can be rape… I don’t want to rape her, but maybe I will just force her to serve me… Oh, hell, what a fucking bitch!”

But Ben quickly stops these thoughts. He just felt that he couldn’t wait any longer.

So he dropped a capscrew and said with a hoarse voice:

“Please, give it to me.”


Sveta raised and, coming closer, bent over and picked up the bolt. Her body was so tempting, and so close to Ben’s face. He quickly stood up and stepped closer to the girl. She just started to straighten, when he was right behind her. She felt it and tried to turn to him, but his hands, trembling, was already on her waist.

Sveta shuddered as if she was beaten and stood without any movements. Ben felt his heart pumping so fast, that his head became a little dizzy. His hands were on girl’s slim waist, her skin was unbelievable tender and hot. Ben slide his hands down, on the sides of her pelvis, and girl sighed. Her fingers felt weak and bolt fall on the ground again.


Without any clear idea of what she is doing, Sveta bent over and tried to pick it up.

Ben couldn’t believe this. This young beautiful slut just let him to touch her, after five minutes of acquaintance! Well, now she was bent, her wonderful ass under his hands, and he have to do something.

He started to stroke her ass. It was perfect. Smooth, hot, not very big, without any extra fat. He slides his hand under her bikini and his fingers were right on her pussy.

It was wet. As he started to finger it, girl sighed and straightened. She gently removed his hand and turned around. Her eyes were full of lust, and Ben now looked so hungry, that she smiled at him and asked innocently:

“You wanted this thing, Ben?”

She presented him a capscrew. Ben took it dropped it on the ground and answered:

“Let’s go out of the road.”

Sveta shrugged her shoulders and turned to the side of the road. Fortunately here was some opening in the standing stones, and they walked behind a great shoulder of a rock. Ben followed her, looking at her straight back with a ties of bikini, her thin waist and graciously moving ass.

They were now in a small hollow. Ben looked around. High brown rocks were all around them. He looked at the girl.

She was standing straight in the sun; her tanned skin seemed to be almost brown, her eyes shone. Ben stepped towards her; she smiled and said with a charming voice:

“Do you want something that I can do for you?”

“Now for it!” thought Ben in ecstasy. But his lust for this young slut wasn’t so intense now. If they would start to have fun on the road, he’ll cum in a second, but now he wanted to have everything from her. So he smiled back, looking at her pouty red lips, and remembering his first sexual fantasy about her.

“Yes, I want you to do something for me.”

Sveta smiled, approaching him. Ben felt that his cock was almost ready to start.

“And what is it?”

She nodded and smiled again as he answered with a hoarse voice:

“Show me your tits.”

She started to untie her bra, but Ben hastily added:

“No, just show me your tits, leave your bra on.”

Sveta slowly lowered thin material and Ben saw a pair of perfect tits. His hands desperately wanted to touch it, but Ben said:

“And now lower your panties…To the middle of your thigh.”

Sveta did it. Her red panties were now a string crossing her long thighs. She joined her knees and did a small left-right motion. Ben stared at her trimmed pussy. It was beautiful. And she had no traces of bikini on her perfect skin, nowhere.

Sveta asked innocently:

“Do you like it?”

Ben asked her back:

“Do you always suntan naked? Or you visit solarium often?”

“I like to suntan naked.” Sveta smiled archly. She was still standing in the sun, her bra and panties lowered, but not removed. Ben cleared his throat and said, feeling that right at the sound of those words his cock is starting to move:

“Now stand on your knees, slowly.”

“Always the same”, thought Sveta. “Why do they all want me to do them a blowjob? Perhaps it’s about my mouth.”

She submitted, slowly kneeled and stands on a hard stone, looking up at Ben. He was breathing hard. He approached her and asked:

“Now what do you think I want?”

“I wonder…” Sveta smiled and added: “Perhaps you want me to kiss you?”

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. Kiss me.”

Sveta concentrated on Ben’s groin. Ben looked down at the girl, pendik escort how she slowly unzipped his fly, unbuttoned his shorts and with one motion stripped them down.

Ben saw a delight in her blue eyes and grinned smugly. His cock was really long, fat, with a big swollen glans. Sveta took it in her little hand and slowly pumped it. Ben shuddered. Then suddenly, raising her eyes on his face, Sveta asked:

“And what about my poor bicycle? It can be fixed?”

“Your bicycle…” answered Ben, grabbing her by the sides of her head and pushing his aching cock to her lips. Sveta opened her pretty mouth and he thrust in it. “…Your bicycle is broken forever.”

Sveta slightly moaned with delight and started to suck him. It was a hard work for her, because Ben was impatient to fuck her pretty mouth. So he started to do it, feeling that one of his fantasies is becoming true. His cock entered the perfect hot wetness of girl’s mouth, made all its way in to the entrance to her throat, and after that returned back, only its head inside her lips. Sveta rocked her body forward and back, swirling her tongue around his intruding member. She pulled it out of her mouth to ask:

“Do you like it?”

Ben returned her to her work and groaned:

“I wanted to fuck you in your damn mouth till the first time I see you, come on! Don’t speak! Suck me…”

After some moments, feeling him very close to cumming, Ben pulled his cock out and whispered:

“Now bend over, baby, I want to fuck you!”

Sveta hastily turned, and bend. Ben stepped to her and entered her unbelievably tight and wet pussy. Sveta screamed loud and dropped on he hands and knees. Ben lowered behind her and continued what he started, tearing her panties and throwing them. He buried his cock deep inside her, holding her by the sides, feeling that his cock is pressing into something in her pussy, perhaps to the enter to her womb. Sveta started to squirm as he begins his movements, fucking her mercilessly, hard and fast. She cummed almost immediately, her vaginal muscles contracted and Ben felt that he couldn’t bear it any longer. He unloaded inside her pussy with a cry of satisfaction; his delight was so intense that he felt no regret about the shortness of that fuck. He used her only for about two minutes. But it was great.

Ben’s legs trembled as he raised and put on his shorts with unsure movements. Sveta looked satisfied. She stretched up and said with a murmuring voice:

“It was nice… But I really hope you’ll drive me to my home?”

Ben nodded and said nothing.

They went to his car, he put a bicycle in a boot, Sveta dressed up and they left this place.

…While driving, Ben thought again that life, surely, was unfair. He fucked a young, hot, model-looking slut, but he had to go out of the country tomorrow. He felt a smoldering fire in his groin every time he looked at her body, now slightly covered with a thin and short shorts and bikini. He had to fuck her again… but he knew himself very good. It was only half an hour since he did it, and his cock would be against the idea, no matter how horny Ben’s will be. It would take a long time to cum. “If I had more time!”

But the bitch insisted that her husband will be back from work soon, and will search for her. Ben felt slight anger at her, but of course it was stupid. He finally came to the decision. Road was still empty, and he saw a small parking place at its side, half-covered with a bushes. They were close to the town now, just a couple of miles. Ben turned and parked a car, trying to enter the bushes deeper.

“What are you doing?”

Girl gazed at him, smiling. Ben grinned back and answered:

“Do you think I’ll let you go so soon, baby? You still look not satisfied at all”.

“Oh, Ben, look, I’m so tired, I don’t want to…”

“Come on!”

Ben smiled and switched off the engine.

“I’ll not fuck you, I promise.”

He smiled again.

“But I want you to make a small blowjob for me”.

He rolled his chair to the back and spreads his legs. His cock felt a nice tension now, but it was just semi-hard.

Sveta frowned.

“I’m tired, look, let’s do it… Err…Not now”.

“No, baby, I’m leaving to Canada tomorrow. There’s no time!”

Sveta still looked not convinced, but Ben realized that this girl just needed a direct order. He grinned, straightened and lowered his shorts. His cock was free now, and Ben said, placing his right hand on Sveta’s head:

“Come on, baby, suck my cock… You do it so good!”

Sveta licked her pouty lips thoughtfully, and Ben just pressed her pretty face down, down to his semi erect cock. Sveta surrendered and moved her ass on her seat, taking more comfortable position. Ben looked at her hair between his legs, as she bends before the wheel and her hot mouth planted a kiss on his cock. He found it strange and most delightful, that she wasn’t a hooker, but he used her if she was one. He received a blowjob in the car before, of course, and all the time he was wearing a condom, and never had he felt a sensation as deep as he did now, when her lips and her tongue served his cock, and her hot breath was on it. Ben waited for a couple of minutes, while his member hardened, filling her sweet mouth, and after that he placed a hand on her head and took his cock with other.

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