It’s Saturday morning. I’m getting ready to leave the house to begin my journey to see you. I text that I’m leaving. And then I follow it:

“I want you to remove your clothes. I want you to run your fingers along your pussy…no…My pussy. That pussy is no longer yours. That pussy is mine. I took that pussy. I made it mine. I claimed it a year ago.”

You respond; “yes, sir.”

I jump in the truck and get on the road.

You are lying there on the bed. Gently touching yourself. You’re anticipating my arrival. Wondering what it is that I’m going to do to you. Your lips are swollen. You are becoming wet just thinking about it.

Time passes. You look at the clock. Am I close? You don’t know. You didn’t look at the clock when I departed.

You text me; “are you close?”

I answer; “I am.”

You say; “I’m close too.”

I tell you; “you are not allowed to cum.”

You: “I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

Me: “You will keep touching yourself. Keep yourself on edge. But, do not cum.”

You: “please, hurry.”

Me: “You do not dictate to me. Do you understand?”

You: “yes, sir.” I’m sorry.”

You lay there, in agony. Your sex is heightened. You don’t know how long you can hold it. You are so close to the edge.

Then, you hear the lock Ataşehir Escort of the front door. The door opens. I enter. I’m in the living room. You hear me rustling. I begin removing my shoes, my socks, my shirt.

Then you hear it. My zipper. I come around the corner. You are lying there, fingers dipping into My pussy.

You wimper: “Baby, please. I need release. I need to cum.”

Me: “don’t you dare.”

I motion with my fingers for you to come to me. You get up from the bed and stand before me.

Me: “Remove my pants.”

You do as you are told. Such a good girl. You are on your knees as you pull my feet out of my pants. I tower over you, looking down. My left hand goes to the back of your head.

Me: “suck my cock.”

You take my cock in hand, your mouth open, your lips envelope my cock. You suck it. Applying pressure all around my cock. I feel the warmth. I feel the wetness of your saliva. You start sucking back and forth. You hand following suit. My hand pets your head.

Me: “good girl.”

You moan with delight. You love those words.

Both of my hands are now on your head. Guiding you back and forth. I release my right hand and remove your hand from my cock. Both hands are back on your head. My fingers tangle themselves in your hair. Acıbadem Escort My grip tightens. You feel the tension in your follicles. You groan. I start thrusting.

In and out. I slowly pick up my pace. Pushing a little deeper this time.

On your knees. Your hands on my thighs. I’m controlling you. You are pleasing me how I want to be pleased.

I push deeper. You begin to moan. Your eyes begin to water. You find it a little hard to breathe.

I begin thrusting with more force. You stumble back. Against the bed. Your seated now. You tap my legs three times. I pull my cock aggressively from your mouth. You take in all the air with a gasp.

You try to catch your breath. It is accompanied with moans.

I look down at you, my fingers still tangled in your hair.

I ask you: “What is your purpose?”

You answer: “to make you cum.”

I respond: “then do it.”

With that, my cock fills your mouth once again. Your head is pushed against the bed. My hands holding you there. My hips, thrusting hard and fast. You struggle to breathe. Eyes, tearful. You take quick breaths through your nose. I’m moaning with the pleasure your mouth brings. With each thrust you grunt. My pubic hair pressing into your nose in a repetitive motion. My balls are slapping your İstanbul Escort chin.

Faster. Harder.

I moan: “That’s my good girl. You like this. You like me using you.”

You moan in acceptance.

I’m close. I can feel it. I start moaning. Unable to form words. Just a series of grunts and heavy sighs.

You recognize that I’m almost there. Almost ready to cum. Almost ready to fill your mouth.

You struggle to breathe. But you know it’s not long now. You grab the back of my thighs to pull me in. You encourage me. You let me know you are ok.

Acknowledging your loving embrace, i bend forward slightly. My forearms surround your head. This is it. With one last groan, I thrust. my cock twitches. My cum spits from the tip. Shooting into your throat, past your tongue. You struggle to swallow. But you do it. You swallow my cum.

I drop to my knees in front of you. My cock slips from your mouth. You start to take deep breaths. Your mouth hanging open. Tears falling from your eyes. You’re moaning as you breathe.

I’m straddling your legs. My grip in your hair softens. My right hand gently pets your head. I kiss your forehead.

Me: “I love you. I love my good girl.”

I stand. As I do, I pick you up and then lay you gently on the bed. I bring the covers over your body. I then come around. Climb into bed behind you. I wrap myself around you.

Me: “Good girl.”

You: “thank you.”

Me: “you like when I treat you this way.”

You: “yes, Kevin. I do.”

Me: “That’s because you’re my good bad girl.”

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