Sweet Caroline


It was about a month since we had been to the club, and I was eating with Caroline. We were at the Inbetween, an upscale restaurant on the bay. Chuck and I cruise over here to have dinner once or twice over the summer. She asked me if I would meet her here to talk.“Thanks for meeting me at such short notice.”I told her, no problem and continued to look at the menu waiting for her to start… something. After enough time for me to read the menu, she said, “What makes you fuck someone other than Chuck?”Woah, a question I’ve never had to answer before. “I guess it’s for two reasons. The sex, and the variety of men. Is that too general an answer?”“No. I kinda figured you would say that. I’m confused. I’m not sure what I want.”“Alright, let me ask you more than one question, do you like sex? And if you do, what is it you like about it?”Our waitress came over and gave her more time to think about it. After she took our order, she said, “Seems lately, I’ve been loving it. When we went to that party, something snapped in me, well that and the insistent prodding from Kurt. I went just to pacify him, and I came home having sucked another woman’s pussy and fucked her husband, and I loved it. And then the guilt stepped in. I did something that went completely against my upbringing, and I loved it. I tried to justify it in my mind.”This was getting deep and I didn’t want to go there. “You loved it. To me, that’s enough justification to want to continue to do it. It’s exactly why I do it. I’m not hurting anyone, and the pleasure I get from sex, well that’s enough for me.”“What about the other men. Why not just Chuck?”“That’s more complicated. I love sex, but Chuck showed me that I can do it with someone else for just the pleasure and not the attachment. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t get horny and just pull the next man I see and have sex with him. I have to know the person and have some feelings for him.”“So, you wouldn’t mind screwing Kurt?”“No, it’s been years since we’ve been together.”Oh, crap. I just stepped in it, big time, “Wait, WHAT! You fucked my husband?”I took something for granted. I’ve got to work on that, “Now calm down, Caroline. This happened before you even met Kurt, and it ended because he started dating you.” I hoped this didn’t change things.She sat quietly and thought about it. I didn’t know what else to say, so I just sat there as our lunch was delivered.“Ok, you and Kurt fucked. Wow!”And then she… laughed. She was laughing her head off. I didn’t think joining her was a good idea, so I sat there with my lunch getting cold.“I don’t believe it. Then güvenilir bahis why didn’t you fuck him at the party? Seemed like a perfect opportunity.”“Two reasons. You and Chuck. You, because I didn’t want to do anything with Kurt unless you approve, and Chuck because he knew I fucked Kurt before I met him, but he didn’t know how big Kurt was. When he saw Kurt’s cock, I knew he would think that I just wanted to fuck him for his big cock.”“Wow, again. I’m not sure how I feel now.”“Don’t let your feelings stop you from trying something you want. Another question. Did you have fun at the party?“God, yes. Once I got into the room with the other couple, all I wanted to do was get his cock in me. I never thought that I would be making another woman orgasm.”“Well, then trust me, once you get into it, you’ll love it. Ah, you still want to get together sometime?”“Oh, yes. I’m looking forward to it. How about this weekend. Saturday? Our house around seven. I’ll make sure the hot-tub is hot and the beers are cold. How are you dressing?”~~~I told Chuck what happened at the meeting. When I told him about my concern with him watching me fuck Kurt, he told me, “Don’t worry about it. have fun reliving the old days. Hopefully, I’ll be having my own fun. Just don’t be surprised if I tap you on the shoulder while you’re fucking him.”I was surprised. “You mean you want to DP me with him? I’m not so sure I could do that. You’re not that much smaller than Kurt. You think so but the feeling is about the same.”“Who are you shitting. I saw the look in your eyes when you climbed on Kurt. You had a hard time getting him into you. How many times did he make you cum?”“Ok, ok. So it’s different with a larger cock. Just remember this. You’re the one I go home with and you’re the one I love. I thought we talked about this before we started involving others. Physical enjoyment and not emotional. Never do anything without the consent of the other.”“Your right. I’m sorry. I’ll be alright after I see you with him.”“Yeah, and don’t forget that you’ll be with Caroline.I always go back to that age-old question… what to wear. First time with a couple and you don’t want to go looking like a slut. That’s for the second time. The women take much time getting ready only to find themselves with only lingerie on.Black thigh-highs, a tight short black skirt, and Chuck’s sport coat with nothing on under it. Men are so easy. All they have to do is throw on a pair of pants, pullover shirt, and slip into a pair of sneakers or in chuck’s case, topsiders. Chuck hasn’t worn underwear in years. Come to think güvenilir bahis siteleri of it, he hasn’t worn socks either.We got to their house right on time. Kurt answered the door and let us into his beautiful house. Kurt is a toolmaker and owns his own company. I hooked him up with some of my clients that make jet engine parts. He got certified with all the major manufacturers. He’s doing very well now.Kurt led us into the living room. It was big with a large central fireplace. There was a big slider that led out to a huge deck.Caroline came out with a tray of hors oeuvres. She made me wish that I’d dressed slutty. She was wearing a wrap-around skirt, white button-down sleeveless blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned almost to her waist with what looked like black thigh-highs.She offered us each something off the tray, and when she bent over, you had to notice her large boobs. She sat on the couch with Kurt. We sat on another couch facing theirs. When she sat down, her wrap-around skirt unwrapped and revealed her whole leg up to where she was supposed to wear panties. This showed that she shaved her pussy. She’d had a full beard down there when she was at the party.“Well, I’m glad you came tonight. I just want to say that I appreciate your help, Terry. I don’t think I would have gotten through it without you. And I have to thank my husband for pushing me. I knew I wanted this but didn’t know how to go about it. Kurt showed me the way, and with Terry’s help, here we are today.”Caroline crossed her legs and I heard Chuck moan a little. She was giving him beaver shots. I reached over and feeling his hard cock and said, “Yep, you’re doing good, Caroline. Keep it up. Oops, did I say that?”Caroline smiled and felt Kurt’s bulge, “Him too. Hey! How about we take a dip in the hot tub and then a plunge in the pool. After that, the guys can throw some burgers on the grill. That is if we don’t get distracted.”So we took our drinks and retired to the deck. I said to Kurt, “Where’s the tub?”He went over to a circle on the deck and pushed a button on the wall. A chain lowered from a beam and he clipped it onto a ring that was hidden in the deck. Pushed another button and the top of the tub was raised to the beam. Completely sunken into the deck was the tub, large enough to seat eight people. A little steam rose from the water.“Now, we have rules for the tub. No clothes in the tub, and to let you know, that’s been a rule for a long time, and not for just tonight. Also, have a quick rinse under that there shower head behind the tub.I’m always amazed how everyone’s iddaa siteleri shy about losing their clothes until the first one does.Kurt talked, “Well I’m going in.”And with that, he pulled off his shirt, pulled off his pants, and got under the shower. I had to look. There was no way I couldn’t look. Now, let me say this about cocks. There are two groups. First are the ones that are long when limp, but they don’t much longer when the blood flows. The second are short, to begin with, but when pushed end up twice as long.So you can’t judge a cock by its resting length. Kurt was in the first group. He looked long, but I knew from personal experience that it would get harder, but not much longer. I saw Chuck looking as well. I hope he means what he said.We all showered and slipped in the tub. Caroline got in first and Chuck was right behind. She sat down and Chuck was right beside her. Kurt was next and I got in and sat beside him.I had to say, “This was a great idea, Caroline. I feel so relaxed right now. You couldn’t get me to fuck.”Kurt quickly said, “Crap! And I was just about to ask Chuck if I could fuck you. Oh well, there’s always my wife.”That got a laugh. Then I looked over to my husband and saw him nod and mouth, go-ahead. My lips said, “are you sure?” He just nodded and smiled.I reached under the water for Kurt’s cock. I found his hand stroking it, and it was hard. He looked at me with a what are you crazy, face. I answered him by standing and then straddling his legs. He scooted down and I took his big cock and quickly put him in position and lowered myself onto his pole.I can’t tell you how it felt. It’s not the size, well, it doesn’t hurt that he’s nine inches. There’s a difference between a dildo and a cock even if they’re the same size. I was so horny. I started using my legs to go up and down on him. Seemed that my legs weren’t long enough.Turning around, I looked at Chuck and asked, “Are you alright with this?”He answered me by pulling Caroline to him, and while grabbing one of her boobs, he kissed her. I returned my attention to fucking Kurt. I kept posting on him but wanted to do something else. I had him sit on the edge of the tub which was the deck. I took his cock in two hands and took him deep down my throat until I gagged. I backed off and slowly sucked him using both hands. I was so fucking horny, and this available extra large cock was making me drool. When I came down somewhat from my cock high, I looked over at my husband.It seems we had a copycat. Caroline was straddling Chuck. You could hear her moaning as she went up and down on his cock. It seemed as though he was deep into his work. I sucked on Kurt and occasionally would just jerk him while catching my breath. Looking over at Chuck’s side of the tub, he now had her on the side and he was eating her with gusto.

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