Sweet Revenge (Chapter 2)

Sweet Revenge (Chapter 2)We’d been there long enough for Frank to fix us all a drink when I saw that Shelly had ushered Cindy off into a corner somewhere. Like a sister, she seemed to always know when something was bothering Cindy, and she would always seem to draw Cindy off to one side and ferret out from her whatever it was that was going on. I knew neither of them kept secrets from one another, though I doubted Shelly had nearly as many to share with Cindy as my wife did with her.”How’s business going for you Tom?” Frank asked me, trying to garner my attention away from the sudden disappearance of our wives. I emptied my glass handing it back to him for a refill.”Fine.” I said simply, letting him know I wasn’t in the mood to discuss business, but that I was in the mood to suddenly get drunk. Frank poured us each another full glass and then led me outside to the patio where he turned the steaks on the barbeque grill.”Listen Tom, I don’t mean to pry or anything, but obviously the two of you have had some sort of a fight. If you guys don’t feel like being here, we’d understand, there’s no sense in spending the evening together if you’re going to be miserable. And besides, we’re good enough friends that I feel I can tell you…..I don’t particularly want to share your misery this evening if that’s all right with you.”I liked Frank. Though Shelly was Cindy’s best friend, I’d have to say that Frank had become mine as well.”I’m sorry Frank, yeah….we sort of did have a little spat earlier in the day, and I guess it’s kind of lingered on over into the evening. But no….I don’t want to spoil the evening, or yours and Shelly’s for that matter either. I’m sure once Cindy’s had a chance to get it off her chest by talking to Shelly, that she’ll be in a better mood, and I’m sure once she is…I will be too.” “Rare?” Frank asked flipping the steaks.”Yeah….” I told him.”Me too….like my steaks all nice and juicy, just like my women.”I shot him a look. “Women?” I asked. “I can’t imagine you wanting or needing to be with any other women besides Shelly.” I told him. “Aren’t the two of you the happily married perfect couple?”Frank laughed. “Course we are buddy. But what do you think helps us keep it that way?””Good sex?” I countered sarcastically, remembering the afternoon’s fiasco.”That….and an understanding wife, and lover.””Well Shelly’s that, I’ll say that much.””Yes….and sexy as hell too wouldn’t you agree?” Frank asked. We’d often joked about our wives before of course, and talked about all the secret naughty little things they enjoyed doing in the bedroom. Guy talk of course. But I’d never once heard Frank mention anything about any other women in all the years I’d known him.”Ever fool around Frank?” I asked boldly, not knowing for sure if I’d stepped over that imaginary line or not.Frank glanced up at me knowingly. “Not without Shelly being there.” He told me honestly. You could have knocked me over with a feather. “Seriously?””We’re not swingers or anything like that if that’s what you mean.” Frank said. “But we have had a couple of threesomes in the past, and even a wife-swapping foursome once or twice. Just a little added spice to our sex-life, and it’s seemed to keep the intimacy between the two of us constantly heated. Like I said, we don’t do something like that all the time, matter of fact, it’s been nearly six month’s now since we have done anything.”I had to fix myself another drink while Frank stood tending the steaks so I could digest what it was he’d just told me. When I returned, I handed him a fresh one as well, and took up where we’d left off.”You don’t get jealous or anything when you see someone else fucking your wife?” I stated a little vulgarly. But I wanted to test his reaction to it.”The first time I was….a little I guess. But I was really excited too Tom. Thing is, I trust my wife, and she trusts me. We’ve never done anything outside of one another’s knowing or being there. So that way there’s no distrust or suspicion. We can openly express ourselves in front of one another, have fun, enjoy sex just simply for sex, and not mix love and pleasure with it unless we’re alone together. It’s not a formula that works for everyone, but it works for us.””Is that why you’ve never made any moves…or suggested to us that you’d be interested in…well you know, including us?” I asked.Frank laughed. “Yeah….one of the reasons I guess. We didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize our friendship for one thing. And for the other, Shelly’s not attracted to you either.”I felt my face flush with sudden embarrassment. And then Frank gave me more than a soft punch into my arm. “I’m just fucking with you buddy. Matter of fact, we have discussed it yes, but I guess we felt if it was meant to happen, then it would provided it was under the right circumstances, and that the mood and the opportunity was perfect for us to approach the two of you about it. Obviously, it never has really. And again…neither one of hatay escort bayan us wanted to push it or pressure either one of you into doing something you weren’t comfortable with. I take it your not real happy with your sex-life at the moment.” He added. I then proceeded to tell Frank everything that had happened, including running into my ex-wife at the dealership. How that had set me off emotionally, and how I had come home to take out those frustrations on Cindy, who in turn simply added to those frustrations by her seemingly lack of any interest in me of late.”Maybe the two of you need to go and spend a romantic weekend together, maybe go up to that fabulous, being wasted cabin of yours.”Frank and I had been going up there for years, during the hunting season. But it was about the only time it was ever used. “A lot of cabin for so little hunting.” He’d once told me. And it was. Cindy hated going up there for one thing. Not that she was opposed to the out of doors, she loved it in fact, and we’d spent many vacations traveling and camping in a tent no less. “Cindy hates the place.” I told him honestly. “Mainly because she knows it was where Silvia and I spent our honeymoon together, amongst other things.””So why don’t you sell it? I’m sure you’d have no trouble finding a buyer.”Almost immediately Silvia came to mind of course. Even after all this time I’m sure she’d still love to by the place.”Oh…I’m sure I could. But you know, it’s been in the family for so long and I’ve always hoped that Cindy would warm up to it some day, but she never has of course.”About that time we heard Cindy and Shelly make there way downstairs from the bedroom. “Looks like they’ve had their little chat.” Frank whispered conspiratorially to me. “We’ll finish this discussion later.”I turned and was surprised to see Cindy actually smile at me. And not the “I’ll get you later” kind of evil or mischievous smile either, but a genuine one. And so…I smiled back at her.”Frank? I need you to run to the store.” Shelly told him.”What for?””We need new lettuce. The lettuce I bought a couple of days ago is too wilted, and I don’t want to serve a limp salad.””But you’re the expert.” Frank told her lamely, obviously not wanting to really go.”No problem….Cindy will go with you.” She told him. And then Frank shot me a curious look, which I returned. And once again whispered to me over the flare and sizzle of the steaks on the grill.”Me thinks something’s afoot!” Frank said in a poor English accent. “Ok honey!” He announced then. “I’m sure that Tom can baby-sit the steaks until we get back.” He turned to me even as he pushed the steaks off into the corners of the grill and turned the heat down low. “We won’t be gone long either!” He warned. “I’m not about to ruin four good steaks just so you and Shelly can have a little talk!”Neither of us had any real idea what was going on here, but it was obvious that Shelly wanted to be alone with me. Don’t worry Tom….she won’t try anything without me here. So if you’re worried she’s going to try and seduce you while we’re gone, she won’t. Not until we’re back at least so I can watch!” With that Frank gave me another punch to the shoulder, then gathered up my wife throwing an arm around her waist and escorting her hurriedly out the front door.Shelly and I both watched them go until the door closed, and then she immediately walked over towards me.”Cindy and I had a little chat.” She began. “I think the two of you have both been working too hard for one thing. And for the other….you’ve allowed yourselves to get into a rut, sexually speaking.” She added.I wasn’t surprised by Shelly’s openness; she’d always been that way. But knowing what I did now put a whole other light on the subject. “So….what do you suggest?” I said playing along.”I think maybe you and Cindy need a tune up of sorts.” She told me. “Something to put some spark back into your marriage. Are you willing to try that? Do something a little out there perhaps that might put a little get in your giddy up?””Hell Shelly…at this point I’m willing to do just about anything. I’ve already had one failed marriage, and I’m damned if I want to go through another one.””Good.” Shelly said. “Cindy pretty much told me the same thing. I asked her the same thing I’m going to ask you now. Do you trust Frank and I?””Of course.” I told her, suddenly finding myself becoming rather excited as the hint of possibilities began to dance around in my mind here.”Do you think you could handle seeing Cindy and Frank together?” She asked pointedly.I was staring at her barely concealed breasts. Cindy was wearing a rather tight fitting tank top as she usually did, but I noticed now for the first time that she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra.”I don’t think I’d have any problems with it. After all, I do know and trust Frank.” I told her honestly. “But it’s not me I’m worried about….it’s Cindy. I’m not sure how she’d react to…….well to….you know.””You and escort hatay I fucking you mean?””Well…yes, since you put it that way.””Like I said…we’ve already spoken about it.””She said she was ok with that?” I asked incredulously. Well….she spent some time thinking about it yes. But after I assured her that if at any time she decided it was a bad idea, or if either one of you became uncomfortable, then we’d stop…no matter what. Could you agree to those terms as well?”I shook my head up and down excitedly like a k** on a sugar high. “Whew.” I exclaimed. “So….how do we go about this?” I asked anxiously.”Let Frank and I direct things.” She said. “We’ll have, and enjoy our dinner, then I thought we’d sit and soak in the hot-tub for a while….naked of course. A little wine, relaxation, some stimulating conversation, and then Frank and I will start to fool around a little. If the two of you find this exciting, then you guys do the same. We’ll just let things sort of go from there and see what happens.””I’d better turn the steaks.” I told her, needing a moment to digest what she’d just told me, and wondering if the grin I’d seen on my wife’s face had been one of curious excitement, or revengeful glee at finding a way to get back at me. For a brief moment I wasn’t exactly sure which one it had been and actually worried about it. A few minutes later, Frank returned with a new head of lettuce.”We’re back! How’s the steaks?” He asked.”Medium rare.” I quipped. So you’d better hurry with the rest of dinner, or you’ll be going out for more steaks.” Once again Cindy gave me a curious look, wondering I’m sure what my reaction had been to Shelly’s question. I smiled back at her, and nodded my head, which seemed to take her by surprise a little; though she said nothing and simply nodded her own head back at me.Dinner was great even though the steaks were slightly overdone. As Shelly had told me, we ended up in the hot-tub after it had gotten dark, but I was glad to see that they kept the inside lights of the hot-tub off as we all settled down into the soothing bubbling water… naked.Frank had picked out a nice bottle of wine to sit in the tub and relax with. Cindy liked wine preferably anyway, and I was happy to see Frank refilling her glass. Usually she nursed a single glass of wine in one sitting, so obviously even in this respect she was letting her hair down a little. We quickly polished off that bottle, and Frank poured my wife yet a third glass, which she gratefully accepted before sitting back as it happened between Frank and Shelly. The ‘game-plan’ had been for Frank and Shelly to more or less start things, and then see how Cindy and I reacted from there. That all changed suddenly and dramatically.”Shelly? You and I were roommates all through college together. How come you never made any advances towards me during all that time?” She asked her from out of the blue. It was obvious the wine had lessened my wife’s inhibitions. Not only physically as she was sitting in the tub naked, but mentally as well since she’d come right out and asked her friend such a thing in the first place.”To begin with silly…..I’d never done anything with another woman before, not until after Frank and I were married, and then not for quite some time after that. So it wasn’t like I was entertaining thoughts of being with another woman during college. If I had…I probably would have approached you back then.” She said.Cindy thought about that for a moment and then blew everyone away. “I used to wonder in bed at night as we lay there sleeping together what it might be like to be with you.””Really?” Shelly said.”Yeah….especially when I’d catch you masturbating at night when you thought I was asleep.” She told her.”So then, did seeing Shelly playing with herself turn you on?” Frank asked. And then I watched as he slid over to the other side of his wife and between the two women and placed his hand down beneath the water…obviously between Shelly’s legs.”Yes…it did.” Cindy confessed. “And then I would do it sometimes too…thinking about it.””Shelly loves to masturbate.” Frank announced. “Still does. And I love watching her do it. Do you?” He asked turning slightly to look at my wife.”Used to. But I admit…it’s been a while since I have.” She stated openly.”I’ve never seen you do it.” I told her. “Not even once.””I know. I used to do it nearly every day, but then I started to worry that if I was masturbating so much, that maybe I was taking something away from you…so I quit.””Hell….I jack off every day myself!” Frank exclaimed proudly. Cindy seemed surprised at that and looked across him towards Shelly. “Doesn’t that bother you?” She asked. “I mean….what if he’s just finished jerking off and you’re suddenly in the mood or something?””Then Frank tells me he just finished jerking off….and I give him a little while to recover. No secrets….no regrets, no hard feelings. Hell Cindy, sometimes I’ve just finished giving hatay escort my pussy a work out with one of my vibrators, and Frank comes to bed all stiff and excited. Works both ways. And usually…most of the time we end up having even better second orgasms together afterwards. Sort of like priming the pump as it were, and it ends up making our lovemaking sessions last all the longer…and all the better in the long run. But even IF one of us still isn’t in the mood…which is rare, but which has happened, we still take care of one another if the need and desire is there. Sometimes Frank just goes down on me until I cum, and then we call it a night. Or occasionally, if I don’t feel like I’m ready to go again, I still treat him to something special, like one of my world-class blowjobs. But the point is…we don’t deny one another anything, and we respect each other’s needs, wants and desires. Bottom line you guys….we communicate!”Cindy looked across the tub at where I was sitting. “Do you jack off?” She asked me.This wasn’t exactly a subject I was comfortable with….especially confessing not only to my wife, but to our best friends. At least I had a number of drinks to blame it on later. “Yes…occasionally.” I qualified. “How often?” Cindy pressed. And I noticed that both Shelly and Frank sat there expectantly waiting to hear my response.”Oh…I don’t know, maybe every other day or so.” I told her. “Did you this morning?” She asked me out of the blue. I had been in fact….during my morning shower. Cindy had come into the bathroom to hang up fresh towels as she did every weekend. I had been jerking myself off and hadn’t heard her come into the bathroom initially. When I did, I quickly stopped, and appeared to be merely washing myself instead. Though we had one of those slightly opaque, distorted glass shower/tub enclosures, you could still faintly see one another inside the shower whenever you were looking through the glass. Obviously she had seen a little more than I thought she had.”Yes.” I said simply. “I was. But I stopped when you came into the bathroom. Why?””Just wondering.” “Is that why you weren’t interested in fooling around after I got home from the dealership?” I asked….realization suddenly dawning on me. “Was it because you were mad at me for jerking off?””Go on Cindy.” Shelly said. “Answer him, remember…….honesty and communication? Remember what we talked about?” She prompted.”Yes….I guess I was, a little.” She finally managed. “It made me horny thinking about it. But then I got angry, thinking you’d rather play with yourself instead of me. And then after you left, I went upstairs and satisfied myself, and then was feeling guilty about that, since I also knew I’d disrupted what you’d been doing. So when you got home, and wanted to fool around with me, I thought it was just because you were still horny from jacking off…but never finishing this morning. And because I had JUST finished getting off myself….I wasn’t exactly in the mood at that moment.””See? Now isn’t that a lot better?” Shelly exclaimed. “All that heartache and anger over nothing!” She announced proudly. “All of which could have been avoided if you’d simply told one another what was really going on.”And I sat in the corner of the tub simply grinning foolishly. Maybe that’s what Cindy thought had happened…..but that wasn’t exactly the whole truth. And now I really did feel like a piece of shit. Frank was giving me a knowing look as well. I knew he wouldn’t tell Shelly the whole story that much was and would remain between us at least. And I know he also knew I was feeling a little bit like a heel at this moment too, so there was some satisfaction in it for him over that.The ‘mood’ had turned dramatically from the way it had started out however, and realizing that good old Frank worked on turning that ship about.”Well now that we know all about your naughty little secret regarding Shelly, is that a curiosity you still might be willing to satisfy?”That made Cindy laugh…although somewhat nervously. But at least it seemed to lighten the sudden tension we were all feeling. Even the obvious motions of Frank’s hand beneath the water as he played with his wife hadn’t helped all that much, though I for one had certainly continued to notice it. And now…as Cindy looked over towards Shelly a bit shyly perhaps in affirmation of that secret desire, she seemed to pick up on what Frank was doing to her friend.”I can’t believe I didn’t notice what you were doing until now.” She remarked.Now it was Shelly’s turn to giggle. “Hmmm, I’ll say. And he’s doing a rather nice job of it too.” She added. Frank gave me a quick glance from across the tub, and I knew immediately what he was asking just in the way he looked at me. I gave him an equally quick nod of the head, and waited. Frank had both hands beneath the water, and the subtle telltale movement wasn’t missed by me either. I knew then that he had placed his other hand in my wife’s lap. She in turn appeared startled for a brief moment, and looked immediately in my direction. I simply smiled at her, nodded, and moved my own hand beneath the water to my cock and began to toy with it in happy expectation of things to come.

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