Sweet Sex With My Wife.


Sweet Sex With My Wife.My wife and I were lying on the bed one Friday night, I was laying on my back and my head is on my chest, and I was stroking her cheek ever so softly. We’re watching a movie, but she’s barely aware of it, enjoying the gentle, tender touch of my fingers brushing her cheek lightly. I noticed that she’s stirred deep inside, emotionally first, thinking how amazing I am, how lucky she is, how good it feels to be mine. There is another stirring deep inside her body, wanting to be close to me, to touch me, to make the action of our bodies match the swelling of passion deep within her. She sits up. I looked at her quizzically, but she smiled into my eyes, before leaning down to kiss me deeply, sucking gently, sucking my passion and desire into her body, becoming keenly aware of all that I am and all that I want, and sensing strongly my need for her. We kissed, pressing our tongues against one another, feeling each other’s soft lips, then pull back just a centimetre and let the tension between us build, our hot breath on each other’s lips, teasing, drawing us closer, until…We kissed again, more fervently, but still slowly, dragging it out, savouring it. Sometimes we are madly passionate and our lovemaking is energetic and ardent. But tonight, I noticed that she wanted to slow down, to feel everything strongly. She stroked my flat belly, her fingers tickled by the hair around my belly button. I am pulling her to me, kissing her hard and long, and slow, and my hand is sliding down toward her butt. I used it to pull her toward me, pull her into me, breathing her in as she is breathing me in. Almost unwittingly, her fingers explored just beneath the waistband of my boxers, feeling the soft skin between my hips interrupted by the curly hairs of my trail. She explored her way downward, till her fingers are dancing in the crease where my thigh meets my torso. She teased me, moving her fingers all over me without actually touching the skin of my balls or my cock. She heard my breathing quicken, sensed my need, and finally, she reached down and caress the soft, silky skin of my balls. Her body reacts instantaneously, and I noticed a bit of moisture in her panties as she squeezed my balls gently. First one, then the other. Then she moved her hand upward, güvenilir bahis glancing at me and seeing my eyes squeezed shut in longing, in needing, in waiting for her hand to close around my cock. It does, and she gasped at how hard I was. My seven inches is completely firm, like an iron rod wrapped in silky flesh, and she felt the familiar need inside strongly. She needs my cock. She needs me in her. She needs me to stretch her and fill her and leave a bit of myself in her. She used her fingers to ease my boxers down, and I lifted my hips slightly so she can get them off. When they are off, I settled back in and she is treated to her first glimpse of my firm member. It is just the right size, just the right width, with a glistening drop of juice at its tiny hole. She kissed her way down my stomach and, with a feather light lick across my tip, she takes the salty juice. She continued to lick the tip, licking the v beneath my prick, then circling, rubbing her tongue all over the tip just the way she knows that I like. Then she began to suck just the head into her mouth. She squeezed her lips tightly around me, and slide forward, inch, by inch, by inch, slowly, maddeningly, until my pubic hair is tickling her nose. Then she held her position and just sucked, running her tongue up and down me and feeling how hard I had become as the sensations inside her keeps growing. I started breathing hard, wanting her to blow me, but she had other plans. She sits up, and I sighed in momentary disappointment, and she reached behind her and undid her bra as I watch. Her breasts free, she looks into my eyes and squeezed her right breast, then tweaks her nipple until it hardens, letting me watch her, enjoying the feeling, letting me know it was I who made her so horny. She kept looking into my eyes, now droopy with lust and desire, and then reached down and massaged her pussy through her lacy white thong. I waa mesmerised, as she hoped I would be, and she kept tweaking one nipple and massaging her pussy as I reached down and began to stroke my dick, looking at her the whole time.Then, before I can get too close to cumming, she completely turned on by seeing me stroke myself, turned so that her butt is towards me, knelt on all fours, and then used one hand to slide her thong türkçe bahis off, allowing me to see the thin strip of silky lace slide out between her cheeks, then downward, to reveal her wet pussy and tight ass to me. I reached up and squeezes, and she was shaken by the feeling of my hand on her. I then took one hand, and pressed it gently, first one finger, then two, then three, a very tight and slightly painful fit, into her waiting pussy. She contracted her muscles a couple of times, allowing me to feel her grip my hand, letting me know how bad she wants me, and feeling me beginning to push into her firmly butt slowly, just wanting her to feel me. I pulled my hand out of her and she turned around. She took her thong from around her legs and tossed it out of the way. She leaned forward toward my hand, now wet with her juices, and look directly into my eyes. She is about to do something I’ve never seen her do before. My eyes widen and I took a gasping breaths as I watched her take my fingers, one at a time, into her mouth. She sucked and licked the first one clean, then the second, then the third, slowly and sensually, without breaking eye contact. I moaned as I watched, barely able to take her taunting any more. She climbed on top of me, straddling me, still looking into my eyes, and slowly, lightly, barely touching me, rubbed her pussy from the base of my cock to the tip.She then grabbed my cock firmly, and it took all her self control not to throw herself on it. Instead, she slided just the head in, and squeeze it with her pussy. Then she released and slided it in another inch, and squeezed again. Then another inch, as her breath quickens and her eyes squeezed shut, and her pussy squeezes me again. Then, finally, the rest of the way, slowly but firmly. When I was lodged firmly inside her, she waited, and was driven completely crazy by the feel of my hard, throbbing cock filling her, swelling against the soft flesh of her, pushing the boundaries of her inner walls. My hips move beneath her, in little circles and she felt my cock circling inside her.I spoke, my voice intense, and breathy, and very, very sexy. “How does that feel, baby?”she answered, barely above a whisper, barely able to speak. “It feels so good, baby. I love your cock inside me.”I pulled güvenilir bahis siteleri out a little, and then firmly pushes into her. “Oh yeah, baby. Do you like that?””Yes,” she breathed. I took my cue, and, looking into her eyes, pulls back out again, before tensing up, and slamming roughly into her. She moans as she feels my cock plow into her g-spot. I pressed against her pussy, filling her deeply, and making her gasp in ecstasy.Usually, when we make love, she is vocal, moaning, grunting, shouting, but this time, she just breathed, as we settled into a rocking motion, her pussy gratifying itself by sliding back and forth upon my warm, hard cock, my cock answering with firm thrusts. We are getting slightly quicker, slightly more intense, when I flipped her over and settled between her legs, my cock never leaving her body. I pressed my thighs back and thrusts into her over, and over again.Baby, ” I whispered. “You’re mine, baby. I’m making you mine. Right now. I am taking you and making you mine, Baby. You are mine. I am owning you”To hear her sweet, tender-hearted husband gently dominating her is more of a turn on than she can explain. All she could do was moan as she felt her orgasm approaching”Take me inside you, Baby. I love you, baby. Tell me you love me.””I love you, ” she responded breathlessly.”Tell me I’m the only one, baby. I know how you like it,” I said, slamming into her more insistently now.”You’re the only one, ” she says. “No one else can make me cum like you.”She’s having a hard time holding back her orgasm now, but she wanted to wait so that we can cum together.”I’m waiting for you, baby,” she whispered to me. “I need you to cum in me, baby.”I thrusted in a few more times, then looked straight at her and whispered, “I’m about to cum, baby”We thrusted violently until she felt the first pulse of my cock, then I thrusted in and held myself inside her. We both came in that position, looking into each others eyes as we shake violently, with her pussy squeezing and releasing uncontrollably, meeting each pulse of my cock with a contraction, squeezing every last drop of cum out of me, her orgasm made more intense by seeing the intensity and passion on my face and the sweat on my forehead as my eyes squeeze into little slits.When it was over, we relax,and I fell on top of her, breathing into her shoulder, holding her close. “I love you,” I said.”I love you too, she replied.” We stayed like that, me on top of her with my soft cock still inside her, as we drifted off to sleep.

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