Swimsuit shopping


Swimsuit shoppingThe phone rang and to my surprise it was my best friend Jenna. She had been in England for the last six weeks so I hadn’t seen her since school let out. She talked for an hour about all the things her family did over there. I proceed to catch her up on things in my life, including being dumped by my boyfriend. In her sweetness she confided that she wasn’t surprised. I was a little shocked to hear her say that but she informed me that she didn’t think we were right for each bit was trying to be supportive anyway. She then began to tell me that her parents were going to let her have a swim party at her house since they left so abruptly after school was out.”Sure I can come, but I’ll need a new swimsuit. Last year’s doesn’t fit anymore,” I said.”Perfect,” she responded. “I don’t have one either so mom is going to drop me off at the mall on her way in to the office. She has a lot to catch up on so she thought she would get a jump on things this weekend. We could swing by and pick you up on the way.””Ok, let me check with my mom,” I said.”Why don’t you see if you can stay over my house that way we can finish catching up,” Jenna said.”That sounds great. I am sure mom won’t mind.”And mom didn’t mind. She knew how much I had missed my best friend. So Jenna and her mom picked me up and we went to the mall. Jenna and I spent all day looking for the right swimsuit. It was getting close to closing time when we finally found something we liked. We had gone to the dressing rooms to try them on.I suddenly heard the changing room curtain slid back. In a state of shock I spun around quickly dropping the bikini top to see who was behind me. It was Jenna. She stood before me posing like a swimsuit model with one hand on the back of head and the other on her hip. My embarrassment was starting to fade as I stood there with kaçak iddaa my arms crossed against my chest trying to conceal myself. Jenna began turning from one side to another and finished with a twirl.”What do you think?” she finally said. I looked her up and down one last time before stammering out “I think it looks good.” She had selected a patriotic two piece. The bottoms where red and white striped with white strings coming off the hips. The bikini top was navy blue on one cup with white stars and red and white striped on the other to match the bottoms. There was a red string and white string barely separating it in the middle. Jenna smiled at me coyly and said, “You might want to consider wearing at top with those.””You think,” I replied sarcastically.Grabbing my wrist and pulling my left arm away exposing my breast she added “Although you have developed quite a bit since I saw you last.” Her comment seem to ease the tension I was feeling and I started to let down my guard.”Thanks, it’s just a shame they didn’t come in before school let out.”Jenna then stepped around to my side picking up the bikini top with her toes. I turned to face her with my back up against the mirror. She examined the top and said “I like the hot pink. You always look good in pink.” I blushed a little as she held out the top for me to put on. I stretched out my arms but she dropped it to the floor. I stood there looking at her like what the heck. Her eyes kept tracing from my eyes to my chest. I started feeling uncomfortable like I was on display. She must have sensed it. She then grabbed both of my wrists in her hands and pinned them over my head against the mirror behind me. Her face was not even an inch away from mine. I am sure I had a look of shock on my face but that didn’t stop her. I watched as she closed her eyes, titled her head illegal bahis slightly and kissed my lips. I was frozen, unable to react. Seconds seemed like hours as I tried to rationalize what was happening. She stopped kissing me and pulled back just enough to look in my eyes. By then I was warming up and was disappointed with myself in how I reacted. She seen it in my eyes. She came again, this time with her mouth open. I reciprocated with my eyes closed. I can’t say that I had dreamed of kissing another girl, but if I was going to I couldn’t think of any other girl I would rather be kissing. Our tongues danced together. It was the most intimate kiss I had ever had and I didn’t want it to end. She pressed her body into mine. Her hands slid down my arms and wrapped around my waist. After an eternity, or maybe just a couple of minutes, she broke away and starred into my eyes. I grabbed the sides of her head and brought her to me for another long passionate kiss. This time she decided to push the boundaries further. She placed her leg in between mine with the top lightly pressing in my crotch. Her hands moved up and cupped my breasts. Her touch was heavenly.She slid her thumbs over my now erect nipples causing me to moan in her mouth. She then began rubbing them between her thumb and index finger. She knew what she was doing and it was starting to drive me wild. My hands found their way to her breasts and I began to tease them. As I did she played more intensely with mine. I could feel that familiar warmth seeping up through my body as my heart sank further into the pit of my stomach. I didn’t care, I was trying my hardest to focus on pleasing her and following her moves.I felt her let go of my left breast and placed her hand behind my right thigh. She lifted my leg up so that my foot rested on the bench. She then traced bahis siteleri her way to my crotch applying pressure the whole way. It caused me to suck in my breathe quickly and deeply. She began rubbing me causing me to melt to her touch. My only support was her mouth pressed against mine. She then slid the fabric to one side exposing my swelled lips to the cool air of the dressing room. It wasn’t long before her slender fingers were rubbing up against them causing me to pour my juices on them. I desperately needed to release but wanted it to last forever. Curving her index and middle finger she slid them from the front to the back only slightly entering me to maintain the wetness I had spewed on to her fingers. The sensation was too much. My head was starting to spin and I thought I could smell my own sex in the air.Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she moved her head down to my nipple and began sucking it. My hands were now braced against the mirror behind me in a feeble attempt to keep my body from crashing into the floor. She worked feverishly on my nipple. The sensation was so incredible. Her fingers had found my spot and she knew that from my shortness of breathe. I was now at a full on panting, just trying to keep coherent with all that she was doing to me. She applied more pressure with her tongue and fingers and my body couldn’t take anymore. She could tell that I was on the edge and brought her mouth to mine for one final kiss.I was ravished with the most intense orgasm I had ever had. My body shook from the intensity. I screamed into her mouth but she was able to silence me or at least keep others from hearing us. I felt myself oozing out on to her fingers and down my leg. When I regain control of my body, she broke away and with a sly look licked my juices off her fingers. I wanted to return the feelings that she had awakened within me, but as I started to move towards her we heard the announcement that the store was closing in five minutes. She held both of my hands and said “Just wait till tonight.”

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