Taken Advantage of by My New Dad


Editor’s Note: story contains Gay Male content.


My dad shamed me on a regular basis when I was growing up. I would spend a lot of time in front of the mirror while I was doing my hair, pretending to talk to a girl that I was crushing on, or blatantly singing along with an *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys song. He would tell me right to my face that I was being a girl, a sissy. I remember this one time I went to a local community event and one of the pretty girls from school was there hosting some sort of picnic table selling nail polish. She convinced me to let her paint my nails a variety of bright, neon colors. I was immature and wanted her attention so I let her. When I got home my dad was so ashamed of me – he wouldn’t even look at me. During my first gay relationship, I told my boyfriend about these experiences and how they haunted me – how they kept me from opening-up about my homosexuality. How they distanced me from my father throughout my entire life. My boyfriend was an older man and he used these stories to his advantage to corrupt my mind…

If you are interested in my first gay experience, check out my story entitled “Taken Advantage of in the Best Way.” My partner is the same in both stories.


My boyfriend and I had only been dating for a few weeks.

We had only slept together a handful of times.

But he was my first boyfriend and I let him dominate me in every aspect of our relationship.

Things between us were very intimate and in many ways far too honest on my part.

We were laying in his bed in complete darkness.

It was late and we were completely naked kissing deeply with our tongues writhing back and forth more often than our lips were touching.

He stopped me and said that it was ok – He understood how I was feeling.

He told me that he didn’t have a strong relationship with his Dad either.

I started to feel ashamed.

I laid my head onto his bare chest with his leg between mine while he laid on his back holding me in his arms.

He began Erenköy Escort to stroke my hair and explained that I didn’t need to worry because he was going to be my Dad now.

He said that he would take care of me and protect me when times were difficult.

Unsure of my feelings, I looked up at him with tears forming in my eyes.

My stomach was in pain from the nausea of thinking about my Dad in a sexual sense.

But I also had a glimmer of hope in my heart that maybe he was serious – Maybe he could be my Dad.

I couldn’t help but smile as a tear fell down my cheek – He gently pulled the back of my neck toward him and kissed me deeply.

We made out for several minutes.

I adjusted my body so that I was straddling him in the cowgirl position – He sat up slightly against the pillows that were stacked along the headboard of the bed.

While we were making out he began to apply lube to his hardening penis.

Afraid of letting the fantasy pass I asked him, “Can you really be my Dad?”

He reached between my straddling legs and applied lube to my butthole in a circular motion while at the same time said, “Baby… I am your Dad.”

The air evacuated my lungs and I collapsed into him – hugging his head and neck for my life.

He slowly ran his hard penis along my butt crack back and forth for a few cycles before saying, “Daddy’s going to fuck you now baby. I want you to relax in his arms and go to sleep ok?”

I nodded my head yes and moaned incomprehensibly in what we both accepted to be a sign of approval.

It was as if I was drunk on how badly I needed him inside of me.

His cock slipped about 2 inches into my butthole sending me a jolt of pain.

He wasn’t in the mood to take things slow and forced himself inside of me with the full-length of penis.

Any resistance that my muscles could muster evaporated as I collapsed into him.

He always had a way of transforming me into his personal rag-doll.

I let out a moan of pain and pleasure.

Anal sex was still very Acıbadem Escort new to me and almost always left me bleeding by the end.

I whispered into his ear that it burned as I gripped his face closely against mine.

As I felt his hand tightly grip the sides of my waste he whispered back, “It’s ok baby. Daddy’s gotcha.”

He moved me slightly upward into a stationary cowgirl position and began to fuck me.

He was always sure to pull his penis all the way out of me before pushing it all the way back in.

The repeated entries into my tight asshole were always the most painful.

But the complete pull-out of his penis from my gut was also the most pleasurable.

He started out by thrusting into me about two times every second.

This was a faster pace than I was ready for that soon into the routine.

I said his name – I said it hurt and I asked him if he could slow down.

“No… From now on you are to call me Dad – Do you understand?” He said.

I pulled my face away from his to see if he was serious… He was.

He pulled a hand away from my waist and put in on my cheek behind my ear – pulling me in to kiss him while he fucked me.

We started to make out but I was feeling nervous.

I didn’t know if I liked calling him ‘Dad’ because every time that I did I would see my Dad’s face in my mind.

With my voice breaking up between his thrusts into my stomach, I told him my concern…

This made him grit his teeth a little and he started to fuck me even harder.

“Think about him then. Think about him. Picture his face. Picture his cock. That is who is fucking you right now.” He demanded at me.

I started to cry.

He was much older than me.

He was much stronger than me.

I wanted so badly to please him.

He was my first boyfriend and, secretly, I loved him.

“Turn around and get on your knees! I want your little butt to be touching your heels at all times. Do you understand me?” He demanded.

I followed his orders and under my Göztepe Escort choked-up tears let out, “Yes Dad.”

He got behind me in doggy-style but was still perched on his feet instead of his knees.

By now I knew what that meant – He was going to hurt me.

He started to pound my asshole deep into my tummy.

The pain was too much to bare so I started gripping the blankets as hard as I could.

“Let go of the blankets. Lay your arms straight back at your sides with your palms facing the ceiling. Do you understand?” He demanded.

I responded, “Yes Dad.”

The pounding was underway.

Every thrust was so deep I actually felt like I could taste cock in my esophagus.

I started to black-out. That was beginning to be common for me during anal sex.

But he woke me and told me that I needed to repeat ‘I like it when my Dad fucks me,” over and over again until he cums.

I followed his orders:

“I like it when my Dad fucks me.”

“I like it when my Dad fucks me.”

“I like it when my Dad fucks me.”

My voice was broken in and out from his aggressive thrusting.

He started to spank me – harder and harder in the same place.

My mind started to wander as I tried to escape the pain in my butthole and the nervousness surrounding these incestual pictures in my head.

But I felt his hand reach onto the top of my head and grip my hair.

He pulled-out of me and walked in front of me – thrusting his cock into my throat.

I remember instinctively trying to close my jaw a little to mend the pain but by then he had a firm grip of my chin and was pulling my mouth open.

I was struggling for oxygen and he was fucking me directly into my throat.

I began to have flashbacks to when I was a kid struggling to find air in a swimming pool.

He was drowning me with his penis.

Streams of hot cum entered my throat.

I choked and threw-up a little bit into my nose.

My nose and the back of my throat were burning in discomfort.

Tears were streaming down my face and I began to cry again.

He knelt down in front of me and lifted-up my chin with his knuckle.

“Your Dad is so proud of you. You made him so happy tonight. Now go get cleaned-up for bed. There is ice cream downstairs in the freezer, your favorite.”

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