Taking a “bathroom break”

Taking a “bathroom break”In the last story about my escapade with teasing a Canadian guy on cam, I mentioned in the very beginning, if you caught that, how I said that one of my original plans for the day was to go to the 4th or 5th floor of the library and masturbate in the bathroom stall…again. I owe a much clearer explanation for that.It all started on a Wednesday in October. I remember that it was a Wednesday because I was a part of this swing dance club (yes, you read that right, a swing dance club on a college campus…believe it or not, it was a lot of fun when I was a member!) that met at 7:00 PM every Wednesday. Anyways, I had got out of my only class that day at around 3:30, and I was bored. Between that time and 7:00, I had no idea what else to do, so I sat outside on a concrete bench surrounding the pond and opened my computer to do something. After I was done, I walked the 50 feet to the library and made it up to the 5th floor. trabzon escort I cannot exactly remember what I did before the main event of this story, but I know it probably had to do with sitting on my computer and attempting to get some studying done. What I remember, now, is finding my silver bullet inside of my bag. Instantly, my brain hatched a wonderful idea….At about 6-something I made my way to the bathroom; this time is optimal for moments like this since barely anyone is on the 5th floor, much less the bathrooms. I took my place in the stall nearest the back wall, slid my pants off, sat on the toilet, took out my bullet, and got to work. I got rid of whatever was in my system first, and then I switched on the bullet and placed it near my clit. The funny thing about trying to masturbate in a bathroom stall is trying to get into a comfortable position; I could feel that metal thing that public toilets have prodding my back while escort trabzon I laid one leg on the tampon wrapper bin and the toilet paper holder. I went at it for a minute or two, then I felt that putting on some porn video* would be the key to getting this orgasm in a little quicker, since I tend to get off way more to visual stimulation. Still sitting in this really weird position, I massaged my little clit with the bullet and felt myself getting hornier, nipples erect through my bra and my slit getting wetter, but slowly. I kept working her until that familiar wave of bliss hit me less than five minutes later, and I found myself whimpering to keep the noise down in case someone in the men’s bathroom heard me…although in retrospect, even if they did hear me, I probably wouldn’t care. In fact, I think they’d probably want to know who it was that was getting her rocks off next door! It got me a little worked up thinking about someone trabzon escort bayan in the men’s room hearing me moan in pleasure.After I got my little orgasm in, I got up to slide my panties, then my shorts back on. Securing my bullet in my bag, I slipped it on my shoulder and opened the door. Not a single soul was in this bathroom the whole time, except me. I could barely walk right for the first 10 minutes; I might as well have just gotten fucked in that bathroom! It didn’t matter, though, because this was my first time ever masturbating in a public place, and I felt VICTORIOUS.??????????*The video was a solo one of a gal rubbing herself.Note: I submitted this story (although 200 characters long) to an anonymous bulletin board app and I got a number of comments asking how I did it, but the one comment that made me feel mischievous was one that said, “I just read this and got a boner in class.” I have gone on to do this a second time in November (which I might talk about some time soon since the details surrounding it are a combination of strange and delightful) and before this semester is officially over, I might make it happen a third time but with the bigger vibrator instead….

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