Taking Care of Mutual Needs Ch. 02


(There is a certain amount of medical play in this story, namely an enema before anal sex. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to stop reading here. Otherwise, it’s a fun little tale about a cute little tail.)


Dave met up with his cousin, Rachel while on a business trip to Seattle. Dave was a metallurgist for an aircraft components company; Rachel and Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner. Rachel had met Dave at the airport and then they drove directly to Rachel’s condo for takeout dinner. Dave didn’t feel that well and Rachel, ever the healthcare provider, examined him, concluded that he was constipated, and gave him an enema. Once Dave was feeling better Rachel, who was divorced for some time, took the opportunity to have sex with him. This story begins with the next morning.

Dave had to get to his customer’s offices early, so early that Rachel was not awake yet. He left her a note saying that he’d make dinner arrangements and text her with the details. Then he called Uber and was off. His day went well and it turned out that the customer problem was easily rectified. He got a recommendation for dinner and was happy to learn it was near Pike’s Place Market, which was only blocks from Rachel’s condo.

Wanting to make certain that the restaurant was going to be satisfactory, Dave arrived a little early, sat at the bar, and ordered a martini. Some 10 minutes later Rachel arrived and looked even more edible than she had the day before. With black jeans that looked like they were painted on, an ivory silk blouse, and sling back stilettos she did cause the conversation in the restaurant to pause.

“Do all nurses dress that way?”

Rachel giggled. “No, on most days I will wear scrubs in the office, but change before going out. I assume that you like?”

“Yeah. You are one good looking lady.”

“You aren’t so bad yourself, but you really do have the cutest butt I’ve ever seen,” she said reiterating the point that she had made the previous even when giving Dave an enema.

“Let’s continue that conversation later. Right now I’m starved.”

The two dined and then took the short walk to Rachel’s condo. Once inside, Rachel suggested that they change into something more comfortable, but didn’t specify anything in particular. They went to their respective bedrooms. Dave only brought jeans with him for casual wear and no pajamas, but he did have a tee shirt and running shorts. He no sooner had changed when Rachel knocked on the door. Upon opening it, there was Rachel wearing sheer pink short nightie that hardly concealed her perky nipples plus was so short that if she bent over all of her private parts would be revealed.

“That’s escort kartal cute,” said Dave knowing that it was an understatement. “I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘more comfortable’ because in my case this is all I had.”

“Well, are you more comfortable?”

“Yes, I am. I also assume that you are.”

“You could say that,” she giggled. “But come with me and let’s see what we can find to help us enjoy the evening.”

Rachel headed for her bedroom where there was a king-sized bed complete with a very feminine canopy. From there she led Dave into the ensuite bathroom, which was not only huge, but very well appointed with such features as a rainmaker shower head, huge mirrors, and even a bidet.

“Very nice!” acknowledged Dave.

“Oh, thanks. But let’s see what we have that would be interesting,” she said opening a cupboard revealing all sorts of sex toys.

Dave saw the enema bag that she had used last night still drying on the towel rack. “There’s the enema bag,” he said pointing.

“Yes, we will need that. As I recall I said that you could give me one if you promised to be a good boy. When I think of that nice dinner and drinks that we just had, I’d say that you held your end of the bargain.”

“I tried.”

“We’ll need some of this,” she said taking out a tube of strawberry personal lubricant.

“I like strawberries,” Dave added.

“Good, so do I. Here’s some strawberry body gel that is meant to be licked off. Do you think we might find a use for it?”

“I think we can let our imaginations run wild.”

“I agree, but let’s also take this,” she said holding up a glass dildo. “And we should take this large metal enema nozzle because it really stays in place without being held.”

With all this talk Dave was getting an erection, but wearing running shorts there was no way that he was going to minimize it either.

Then Rachel said, “Oh my, do you have that problem again? I thought we found a way to fix that last night.”

“We did, but the problem comes back, especially when I’m around you.”

“For starters I know that you have received an enema, but have you ever given one?”

“No, I can’t say that I have. Why?”

“Because I think it’s important that you know how to do one. So let me put these other toys on the bed, and I’ll give you a lesson in Enemas 101. It’s really easy.”

It took Rachel only a moment to take a large bath towel and the toys into her bedroom. Then upon returning to the bathroom removed the enema bag from the towel rack and handed it to Dave.

“The first thing that you want to do is run the water to get it warm. Test it with your fingers and when it is, fill maltepe escort the bag all the way. Make certain that the clamp is shut and screw in the hose. Now I’ll take off that little nozzle that I used on you last night and put this big one it in its place. That’s all there is to it.”

“That nozzle is huge. Why not just hold the smaller one in place?”

“For one, there may be other more interesting things that you want to use your hands for,” said Rachel blushing, which in itself did speak volumes to Dave. He got it now.

“I guess we’re ready.”

“Follow me,” she said leading him to the bedroom where she spread the large towel on the bed and laid down on her back and raised her knees. The hem of the short nightie was now up around her waist and all of her important parts were totally revealed. Rachel then proceeded to put a thin coating of strawberry lubricant on the glass dildo and slowly inserted it into her vagina. By the look on her face it was an exhilarating experience.

“When do you want your enema?” asked a naïve Dave.

“Right now, but first put some lubricant on that nozzle before trying to slip it into my butt.”

Dave complied with her instructions, but he did have to gently work that huge nozzle into her pucker. No wonder she said it would stay in place. He wasn’t so sure what she might want him to do next. He didn’t have long to wait.

“There is a little string hanging from the corner of the canopy from which you can hang the bag. After doing that you can release the clamp.

Dave did so. Rachel could feel the enema start to flow into her and the warmth was pleasant, but not as pleasant as the slippery dildo that she was moving in and out of her vagina. Dave saw what effect it was having and with his free hand grasped the glass phallus and provided some longer strokes, which Rachel just loved. Her breathing quickened and got deeper as she slid from one orgasm to the next, but eventually all good things must come to an end as the enema bag was now empty. She withdrew the dildo from her vagina and then gave Dave further instructions.

“Shut the clamp and remove the nozzle because I’m going to have to head to the potty very soon,” she told Dave.

Dave followed Rachel’s instructions, but that nozzle had to be withdrawn as gently as it had been inserted. However, once achieved Rachel headed for the potty. There being no door to the ensuite, her evacuation of the enema could plainly be heard. She might be a petite woman who was not constipated, but the enema was really cleaning her out.

Several minutes later Rachel re-emerged into the bedroom with a huge smile on her face. “That was really successful. pendik escort bayan See, an enema isn’t that hard to do.”

“OK, so now that you are nice and cleaned out, what’s next?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said bending at the waist and lying her chest on the bed while still standing on the floor. “Had you ever given a woman anal?”

“No, not really.”

“Years ago I had a boyfriend who liked to do that to me, but my ex wanted nothing to do with it. There’s a box of rubbers in the nightstand, put one of those on, but then use lots of lube,” she explained.

Dave followed her instruction and rolled a rubber down over his penis before using a liberal amount of lube in Rachel’s anus. The lube, a brand he’d never heard of, was extremely slippery, but also very fragrant.

“Smells good, but if we had unprotected sex last night, why the rubber now?”

“Because after you are done fucking me in my butt, I want you to fuck my pussy. You won’t use a rubber for that. Without the rubber you would be contaminating me.”

“OK, I get it,” he said as he slowly slipped himself into Rachel’s butt. “Gosh, but you are tight back here.”

“It wouldn’t be because you are so well hung would it?” she asked with a giggle.

Dave started some in and out motion, but Rachel was tight. “No wonder she wanted to have that enema because otherwise there would be no room up there,” he thought to himself continuing his thrusts. Soon he felt on the verge of cumming but wasn’t able to restrain himself as his penis let loose with a load into the rubber.

Feeling Dave cum Rachel’s thoughts only turned to how much she liked the feeling of him cumming in her pussy. She wanted him to fuck her where she liked it the most, in her vagina.

“Now, take your penis out and peel off the rubber,” she said lying down on the bed and spreading her legs.

Dave took one look at her pussy and could see how wet it was with Rachel’s natural juices. He climbed on the bed and was instantly inside of her. Entering her vagina was clearly far easier than inserting himself in her anus.

“Your pussy feels wonderful!”

“Not as wonderful as you feel. Now how soon do you think you can cum because I’m really horny for a big load. Hopefully you have one.”

“I’ll try,” said Dave making long slow strokes.

“Oooh! Yes! Fill me! Fill me! I want your cum!” she screamed just as Dave now came in her pussy. He was surprised, too, because it was so soon after he had cum while doing anal.

Rachel’s body went limp. “Wow, but you’re good,” were the only words she could muster.

“I try.”

“Try? The bummer is that you have a flight home in the morning. When are you coming back to Seattle?”

“Soon, I hope.”

“Me, too. But it won’t be soon enough!”

“Rachel has turned into one kinky broad, but I think I’ve only begun to see this side of her,” I thought to myself. “Hmmm, I wonder what other toys she might have?”

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