Taking of Mother


After the accident I spend time in the hospital. I could see in the nurse’s eyes that I was no longer a guy that could attract women by simply smiling. My right leg had been crushed leaving it shorted than the left. My left shoulder was also crushed and my left arm will never be as strong as it once was. But it was the scare from the corner of my mouth up to my ear that was the real turn off. No I would never have a steady girl again. The girl I had been dating before the accident was now going with my best buddy Norman. Oh, yes he was and I accent “Was” my best buddy but he is no more. I have no one as a friend man of woman. This loss was more catastrophic than losing the use of my arm and one leg.

So here I am at home living like a hermit in a cave. The only contact with the world I had through my mother. Mothers are that way. They only see what they want to see. Mom still sees her little boy as he was not as he is now. However I started to see her in a different light. Yes, I started to notice her plump ass and chubby little legs and those very large breasts. Mom was a short plump big tit Polish lady that was truly a blonde in every respect. She was pretty I had to give her that and she had a smile that could make a wooden Indian curl a lip. Everyone loved her and she had many friends which I noticed had stopped coming around since I came home from the hospital.

What brought it to a head was the afternoon Mom spilled that beet soup on her dress. She went straight away to wet the dress I cold water and get her self cleaned up. I followed her up stairs several steps behind due to my bad leg. By the time I arrived at her bedroom door she was already pulling her dress off and without looking towards the hall door she went into her bathroom. She put the dress in the tub and turned on the cold water. Bending over the tub accented her plump round ass. I stopped and just looked at her fine fat ass now covered only by her thin panties. The panties did little to hide the dark shaded area between the cheeks of her fat little ass. Then as she leaned into the tub I saw the puffy out line of her cunt. My cock had not been used in many months and was in need of a hot fucking pussy to shoot off into. So far I had only jerked off a few times and that never seemed to get it for me. I needed a fucking pussy to slam into. One puss is about as good another and as it has been said, “Any port in a storm.” The port was there in front of me a fat little pussy out lined in pink silk. I dropped my jeans and stepped out of them stark naked. My cock which I am proud to say is large by any standard was rock hard and ready for work. Mom never knew I was there until I kneeled down behind her and grabbed her by the hips. She cried out in surprise and yell at me “Paul, what are you doing. Let me up this minute.” But I had her pinned to the edge of the tub and a hand on the center of her back kept her bent well into the tub.

“Stop Paul, let me up, What ever your doing stop it this minute.” She cried out louder when I pulled her panties to the side and let the head of my cock press to the puffy fat lips of her cunt. “Oh, My God Paul, stop, Oh, Please stop.”

She tried to move but could not move at all. Her long fat tits were hung over the edge of the tub and her fat ass was held in place with my own belly. She wiggled and jerked as best she could to no avail. It only seemed to excite me more. Then the realization of what I was doing came to me in a flash. I was rapping bursa escort my mother I was about to ram my cock into the fucking pussy that had borne me. It was wrong; it was incest punishable under the law. I could end up in prison because of this one crazy moment. If I stop now it will be Ok I can say I blacked out or something. But I did not want to stop, I was not thinking about the consequences I was only thinking of how much I wanted to get my cock in my mother pussy.

The tip of my cock was firmly pressed between her at pussy lips but no all the way into her cunt. I yell “Mother I love you.” And jerked hard moving my hips forward feeling my enlarged cock force its way up into her. My cock is long, thick and yet it moved up into her easily. She was wet and her pussy gave way to my cock head accepting me inside her wet warm tunnel of love. I felt my hips pin her tight to the edge of the tub and knew I was all the way in her. Dad had died many years ago and as far as I knew Mom had never dated or been out with a man for nearly ten years. But her cunt accepted my sizeable cock with grace and enthusiasm.

Not only did Mom have a large plump ass and very large tits but she had a big cunt. A very hot juicy cunt but large enough to accept my cock easily after all these years on non use. She shrugged and fought me for only a few more second and then seemed to give up. However I did not lessen my attack on her fine ass. I fucked her hard and fast ramming my cock as deep into her pussy as I could get. My balls bouncing freely between her thighs. I now had both hands holding her by the hips but I was jerking her back each time I drove forward into an even wetter pussy than it was before. She managed to lift her head and turn around a little. “Oh, Paul what have you done. Let me up.”

But she was no longer struggling to get free. I then noticed her back was arched and it felt to me as if she were jerking her back so as to pull on my cock each time I thrust into her. ‘I laughed out loud. I said,” Mom, you like me to fuck you. You want me to fuck you don’t you?” She did not answer for it may have just been a normal reflex to my ramming and fucking her as fast as I could. I felt it come from way back inside me, that pain that was so sweet I felt it come from deep within. I felt it rush up forcing my cock to even large size as the first shot of cum spilled out as if it were an explosion. I griped her hips pulling her back hard driving my cock head to the very limit of her pussy. I came and came jerking wildly in pain like none other I had ever endured. That was when I felt it start her pussy was closing around my cock it was clamping down on me like a vise. My cock was being crushed between the thin muscular walls of her cunt. Mom let out a scream as if she were about to die and gave up her own climax. Voluntarily or not she was cumming and doing a great job of it. I felt the hot wet cream flow around my cock and run down my thighs.

My God Mom was having a climax of such proportion I was surprised she could at her age. She came to a violent jerking stop and seemed to fall apart like a bowel of jelly. I helped her out of the tub and to her bed. I stood there looking down at this fat little polish lady when she said I a soft voice” Paul, go now. Just go.” I knew that what ever happened now I had to pay for my crazy deed. I had raped my mother. So be it I thought and left her room closing the door behind me.

I left the house something I had not bursa escort bayan done in six months. I drove around trying to think and reason out not only what I had done but why. Why my mother. I knew a few whores that I could have had sex with. But no that would not do I had to rape my own mother damn I must be crazy. Night came and I found my self way out by the reservoir. This is where I use to bring girls; yes I had fucked a lot of girls out here. But it was dark now so I thought I may as well go home and get it over with. There may be police cars at the house already. As I approached my street I saw that it was still, quite and void of any police cars. I parked in the rear and came in through the kitchen. The house was dark and with out a sound. It was not that late but I could tell Mom was either a sleep or she did not want me to see her. I went up to my room and had dreams of the girls I had taken out to the reservoir. Then I was in the back seat of my car and I had my cock in a tight wet pussy. I blinked my eyes to see in the darkness and I was looking down into the face of my mother. I woke jerking and screaming.

I was in a sweat tangled in the sheets. I got up looked at the clock it was three o’clock in the am and I was now wide awake. So I go up and went to the bath I use down the hall. The cold water felt good beating on me. I walked naked back to my room and dropped into bed. I still could not sleep the red numbers of the clock let me know it was now four am. I as still awake, my cock was still hard and I thought of my mother. She had a fine pussy like none I had ever fucked before the way it tighten around my cock just before she climaxed. It was so strange to have a pussy grab me like that. I got up and walked to my mother’s bedroom. I stood by the edge of the bed and looked down at the fat little body out lined by a single sheet. My cock had been hard before but now it was throbbing to the beat of my heart. Its shinny head bobbed up and down with each beat of my heart. Carefully I pulled back the sheet. She wore a thin silky short night gown. It was pulled up over her hip. I could see the curve of her thigh and one fat little cheek. What a wonderful ass and that crazy pussy was there for the taking once more. I pushed her over on her back bringing my knees down between her legs. She came awake and put her hands up to vend me off. But it was too late I was between her legs and I hooked one leg lifting it high in the air. Forcing her cunt to be right there for me. Ready or not here I come.

“No Paul, not again. Please stop you must stop.” Her voice was strange and strained I think she was scared. I forced my cock into her wet pussy. The head went in and I held it there just past the puffy lips of her cunt.

I said, “Mother I must have you.”

She cried ‘No Paul stop oh, please stop. You can not do this I am your mother. Oh, God Paul, you’re hurting me. Take it out Paul, stop don’t go any deeper, no, no please no stop. Oh, Oh, it is so deep Paul stop oh. Stop…please.” and then her voice trailed off.

My eyes were adjusting to the darkness in fact the room was fairly bright with the night lite and street light. I could see her face and she was looking up at me. No smile no more words just looking up at me. My cock had impaled her to the hilt. Her large breasts were pushed up and one was out of the gown. I thought I would have to pay more attention to these giants next time. I really needed to make love to her and escort bursa not just rape her every time I wanted to have sex. Surly she would understand. I was driving my cock deeper every time. My mother was a very sexy fat little broad. Her pussy was wet warm and beginning to feel pretty damn good. I could get use to fucking this hot little cunt. I was working slower now that she had stopped resisting. There I felt it again; she was moving her hips to meet my down ward thrust. Her arm came up and she held Paul by the shoulder. The free leg was pulled up and each time he pounded into her the free legs would jerk pulling her ass up under him making his cock swirl around in her cunt. Hell Mom was aiding and abetting his incestuous actions. Mom let out a little moan and jerked her free leg even more.

I said “Mom I am going to cum, cum with me cum with me.”

Then I felt her pussy start to tighten around my cock it was clamping tight so tight the pain was exquisite. I felt the wetness flow around my cock and spill out. My cock was now swelled and jerking joining my mother in her climax. We rolled and tossed both screaming and thrashing all over the bed. I came to rest on my side Mother was on her side facing away from me. My froth covered cock was pressed against her fat little butt. I circled her body with my arms capturing a tit in each hand. I hugged her to me and we fell asleep locked that way till dawn.

I could not see my mothers face but I thought she was awake as was I.

“Paul, what have you done? How can I live with this? We can not be lovers you are my son not my husband.” Mom whispered.

I did not answer her with words but I did slip a hand down so I could apply pressure with a finger to her clitoris. She moaned and shivered

“Oh. Paul, don’t please you know I can not resist your advances.”

I turned her around to face me. She was not smiling but I lifted her chin and kissed her full on the mouth. She yielded to my tongue letting me run my tongue into her mouth where it danced with hers. Mother’s arms come up and went around my back. We kissed and my cock came alive again. However this time Mom reached down between us and took my cock in her hands.

“Paul, Paul what will we do now?” Pulling back I looked into her eyes now and this time she was smiling. Taking her tits in my hands I lowered my mouth to a nipple. I sucked hard and fondled them both. Her hands were caressing and pulling on my cock. I rolled over on my back kicking the sheet away. Mother needed no prompting at all. She rose up and moved quickly down between my legs. She looked up into my eyes and lowered her mouth over my cock head.

I lifted my head so I could watch her suck on my cock. I said, “Mother you are my cocksucker.” She lifted her head and said, “Yes I am dear.”

Mom sucked my cock deep into her mouth using her tongue in a way that excited and aroused me even more. I felt my balls draw tight and Mom knew I was about to cum. I asked her “Mom do you want me to cum?” she only nodded her head in a manner to let me know that was just what she wanted. She sucked cum as it came up shooting forth from my cock drinking and licking my cock clean. She managed to suck up every drop. Mom showed me she was an excellent cocksucker. She got up to go to the bathroom and as her naked little body wiggled across the floor I was so pleased that I had raped her and that she was willing to accept me as her lover. She really has a nice body, and I wanted more of it. I thought that when she comes back I would lick her pussy and give her a climax using my tongue. Maybe finger her little bottom hole as I do. Yes, Mom is going to be more than a mother from now on.

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