Taking Orders From the “Bad” Girl


For the past 3 months, the two of us had reconnected over the Internet, torturing each other with our passionate emails. Each one of these emails had been more and more seductive in its tone. No longer able to put our libidos on hold, you invited me to your apartment. When I knocked on your door you answered in a smoking pair of panties and a satiny bra. You kissed me on the lips and told me to come in. Telling me to have a seat on your chair, you lounged on your couch, saying you had finally had me alone. I was beyond mere hardness, tenting out the front of my jeans. Continuing to cross and uncross your legs, you told me that there would be only one ground rule and that today I could do anything I wanted, as long as I didn’t touch you. The torture was about to begin.

You stood up, your breasts jiggling as you started to walk towards me, only for you to veer off to your bedroom. ‘Follow me, I think you will like what I have in store for you’ is what you offered me next.

I was mesmerized by the sway of your ass, as I followed you like a puppy. Once we got in your bedroom, you started to take off my shirt, rubbing your hands all over me, while you kissed and grinded against me. When I reached out to grab you, you stopped and said that if I touched you again, it would be the end of our time that day. I obeyed, as the heat you provided would make me to do whatever you desired.

Continuing to take off my clothes, you pulled my shoes and socks off and started to unbutton my jeans. Pulling them down, you slowly rubbed your scantily covered breasts on my engorgement. Leaving me in this state of undress, you stood escort kartal back up and deeply French kissed me. I wanted more than anything to grab you and throw you on the bed, ravishing every inch of your body, but I kept my hands behind me, as I couldn’t risk not seeing this night through. At this point, you moved on from my mouth to my neck kissing your way to my ears, which is where you stopped to tell me a ‘secret’.

‘Did I ever tell you how much I wanted to suck your cock’, you whispered. ‘Do you mind if I pull your shorts downs and rub my tongue up and down your cock?’ My knees nearly buckled listening to your statement. I just smiled and shook my head up and down, while looking you in your gorgeous eyes. Within a couple of seconds, I discovered that you were a woman of your word, pulling my boxers down quickly as my released hard-on slapped against my stomach. Looking up at me, you asked ‘if this all for me?’ I didn’t respond, as we both knew it was a rhetorical question. Softly running your tongue from the tip of my pole to my smooth balls, my cock kept jumping around from the sensations it was feeling from your touch. Grabbing me at the base, you looked up at me with eyes that were matched in lust only by the same intense stare I was giving you back. Then you licked your lips and swallowed me whole, as your warm, moist mouth sucked my cock, something we had both wanted for a long time. Using my butt to hold on to, you kept taking me in and out of your mouth, while staring up at me, with a look of naughtiness. Between the blowjob and the beauty of your body, I told you that I wouldn’t last long at maltepe escort this pace. After a few more seconds of this, you pulled me out of your sweet mouth and stood up to deeply kiss me. While kissing me, you put my rock hard cock between your legs, letting me feel the wetness of your panties, while squeezing me between your thighs. God, I wanted to grab you back, but with the willpower of ten men, I kept my hands behind my head, flexing my biceps tightly in this position to aid in my restraint.

‘It is time for part 2 of my fantasy’, you said, as you released my hard-on. Walking over to your bed, you told me to take a sit on the chair facing it. It was at this time you unhooked your bra, letting your beautiful breasts be seen for my eyes for the first time. Knowing that your beauty mesmerized me, you continued to undress, pulling your panties down to expose a completely shaved pussy. ‘Why is it that you make me feel like such a nasty girl when I’m in your presence’ I just can’t help myself when I think of you,’ as you put your middle finger in your mouth and pulled it out to rub the front of your naked, slick lips between your legs. Lying on your bed, you spread your legs to me and continued to speak to me, while sliding a finger inside yourself.

‘Do you know how long I have wanted to be fucked by you, but I have been so busy being a good girl, that I couldn’t live out my greatest desires. Now that isn’t fair, is it?’

With my voice cracking, overcome by your passion, I told you no, I didn’t think it was fair. Knowing that your rule was that I couldn’t touch you, I grabbed my cock and spit pendik escort bayan in my palm, so I could stroke my myself, while watching you slide one and eventually two fingers in your pussy.

‘Oh God, I want to feel you in me so badly, but I know it would be wrong. Come over and lay next to me, so I can at least lay my head on your chest while I pump my fingers in and out of my wetness,’ was your next order. Obedient, I made my way next to you.

While next to you, you pulled your wet fingers up to me and put them in my waiting mouth. ‘You see what you do to me, your naked, sexy body has got me so wet,’ you breathlessly exclaimed. At this point, I could take no more, grabbing you around the waist and sliding my cock completely up inside you, in one sweet motion. You cried in ecstasy, as I started to pump in and out of you, like a wild animal. While on top of you, I kept my arms around you, so you were as tight up against me, as humanly possible. My pelvis rubbing firmly against your aching clitoris, you holding me just as tightly. It didn’t take long until you started screaming my name, telling me that you were going to cum. Once again, you spoke the truth, as your breaths began to be shorter and shorter until you unleashed the orgasm that you had wanted for so long. Exhausted, but still on fire, your skin glowed, as I continued to pump inside your pussy, until I could take it no more. Pulling out of you, I grabbed your hand and let you pump my sex juice all over your belly and breasts, stream after stream ejaculating out of my throbbing cock. Collapsing against you, we held and kissed each other. You finally broke the silence by saying, ‘it was about time you decided to touch me. I just wanted to tease you a little and as time continued to pass, I was wondering when you were going to disobey my orders.’ I promise that is the last time I’m going to be a good boy with you.

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