Taking over the Hudson Family 1 by 1 (part six)


I laid their looking up at the ceiling for what felt like hours. I had not been able to sleep after what had happened last night. I was still reliving fucking my best friends father in front of her and her brother while they fucked in front of us. It all seemed like some kind of dream. Never though in my wildest dreams would I have been able to dream any of this up. I rolled over to my side thinking that would help me fall asleep but I had no luck. It did not help that Carrie was taking up almost all of the bed and their aunt Susan snored so loud it sounded like their was a giant truck in the middle of the bedroom. I needed silence, I needed to be able to sleep. I eventually crawled out of the bed and made my way down to the living room. I knew I would probably get in trouble for sleeping on the couch but I needed to get some sleep or I was going to lose my mind. I began to make my way down the stairs when I heard a noise come from behind me. I am one of those jumpy in the dark kind of people so I could not help but jump. I grabbed onto the railing of the stairs and slowly turned around. Standing in front of me was Chandra, Carrie and Milo’s mother. “I am sorry,” I said in a whisper, not wanting to wake anyone else in the house up, “Susan just … well she doesn’t make it easy to sleep.” “Oh don’t bahis şirketleri be sorry dear,” I said with a soft smile, which was the same smile that Carrie had. “I know what it is like to sleep near that women and I am sorry that you have to go through that, she just refused to sleep in the living room. I’ll come down with you and get you set up with some blankets.” We made our way down to the living room and she pulled some blankets out of a closet and got me a bed all set up. She made me think of my mother. My mother was a sweet woman when she was not focused on her work and whenever I needed something, she made she that I was comfortable when I got it. “Thank you,” I said to her, shooting her a smile, “I really do appreciate it. You have a lucky family to have you.” I said this almost in a flirting kind of way, and for a slight moment, I think that she picked up on it. “It is no problem at all,” she said with another smile as she walked past me. She stopped after she got a few feet away from me and turned around slowly. “I can’t sleep so I was going to make me some tea, would you like some Gina?” “I would love some tea,” I said flashing her my best innocent smile and crawling under the covers, “thank you.” Mrs. Hudson made her way into the kitchen and I made myself nice and warm under bahis firmaları the covers. It was a few minutes before she returned holding two cups of tea. She set them both down on the table and say at the end of the couch where my feet were not touching. “So how are you doing sweetheart,” Mrs. Hudson asked me, rubbing my leg in a motherly way through the blanket. “I know that it must be hard to be away from your parents and living in our house. I know that we can sometimes be the hated parents.” She said this with a small laugh. “You are not hated,” I said trying to make her feel like I liked her, though I had not been a fan of her yet, “I just sometimes feel like you need to loosen up.” “I can work on that,” she said giving my leg a small squeeze. “I used to be a loose person, didn’t have so many rules, loved to have a good time. Being married and having kids kinds of forced that side out of me. I can not remember the last time that I had a good time or actually enjoyed myself.” When she spoke it was almost as if she were talking to herself. Maybe doing it that way made it easier for her then admitting she was telling her problems to her daughters best friend. “Well you at least have some good sex with your husband,” I said just making the assumption. I had slept with her husband the kaçak bahis siteleri other night and it was the most amazing fuck I had ever had. I could only imagine getting to do it all the time. “Not really,” she began, her voice no longer sweet but full of disappointment. I could not believe that she would say she was not having amazing sex with that man that I had fuck me. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, he definitely has great things to work with, he just kind of cares more about himself. We have never had sex to satisfy me, only to satisfy him. He gets off and we are done. It get tiring after a while. I actually at times dread sex with him. I just want it to be about me sometime.” I looked Mrs. Hudson over for a few moments. I was saddened that this beautiful lady was not getting pleased by her husband. I almost felt angry that I let him fuck me, knowing that his wife deserved what he had given me the other night. I wished that I could do something for her. It was in the moment that I realized that maybe I could. I could help this woman feel wanted and be the one that was being satisfied. I wanted her to be able to see that it could be all about her and that someone could work to fill her needs for once. I moved my legs out from under the covers where she was rubbing them. Her fingers were now against my skin, softly rubbing against me. She looked over at me and gave me a willing smile. I could see that she knew what I was up to and I did not want to let her down, not like her husband did. I moved up from where I was and stood up.

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