Taming the Cougar -Part 3 – Freedom in Submission


“Chris, I am confused. You tell me that I am a submissive and I feel that you are right about that. However, it’s not what I had been expecting.””What were you expecting, darling?””Out of curiosity, I have been doing some research on the internet and what I see there does not match my experiences with you to date. Yes, you have spanked me, and I love it. I almost always cum when you do it. I feel they are more love spankings than anything else. I am totally in your thrall and ready to do whatever you tell me to do, I love you and trust you so much. However, no bondage, none of the other things I have read about. I see people bound and beaten and humiliated when I research.””Do you want those things to happen to you?””I’m not sure. Some things turn me on while others scare me and don’t appeal to me at all.””So tell me, what are the things that you find scary and that turn you off?””I’ve seen women whose asses have been beaten raw, others who have had a mechanical device inserted into their orifices for hours on end. I don’t see where that type of pain produces pleasure for them.””Well, men who submit women to those things are not masters. They are just sadists. There is a huge difference between them and a true dom.””What’s the difference?””A true dom such as myself derives his pleasure from the control he exercises over his sub. His every intention is focused on giving his sub pleasure over an extended period of time. Mild pain as in a spanking or other such activity is not intended to just inflict pain but to stimulate the sub towards having stronger and more prolonged orgasms.””Well, I certainly have no objection to that. How would we go about it?””You’re sure you want to try?””Yes. When could we do that?””No time like the present. Go and get changed.””Where are we going?””To my private dungeon.”“Your private dungeon?”“Yes. I’ll tell you about it later.””What shall I wear, darling?””You know that new mesh dress you purchased? Wear that with no bra or panties and a pair of heels. Also, wear the full set of jewelry we got from Adriana. Nipple and clit clamps, those spheres that you insert in your butt as well as the collar. On our way, I will explain some new rules for you to follow under these new circumstances.”I waited in the living room while Pam went to get showered and changed. Now I would soon find out if Pam was the woman I had been searching for. If she were indeed a sub, my dream would have finally come true. A woman who I loved on so many levels and who could meet my deepest needs.Pam soon came out of the bedroom. My cock went to full erection, just looking at her as she posed provocatively at the bedroom door. Her long blond hair was flowing down her back. The mesh dress did absolutely nothing to hide her charms. She smiled at me, and I walked over to her and kissed her ardently while grabbing her magnificent ass and giving it a squeeze. Her perfume intoxicated me; her looks intoxicated me. She made me dizzy with my desire for her.I turned her around and placed a silk scarf over her eyes which would leave her blind to where we were going and who was around her before leading her to the basement garage and into my car. Once in the car, I secured a chain to the collar around her neck.”Now, Pam, here are the rules you will follow while in the role of the sub. First, you will not speak except to answer questions. The exception to that is your safe words. Green means everything is okay. Orange indicates that you are almost at the limit of what you can stand. And finally, Red means stop. If you invoke Red, everything will immediately cease.”In the bondage room, I am either Master or Sir. If a woman is involved, you will call her Mistress.”She looked at me with a startled look. “You mean there will be others there?””Silence. Did you already Fatih escort bayan forget rule number one?” I said, reaching over and grasping the nipple clamp and tightening till she winced. “Pam, you wanted to experience this. If we are to go through with it, you will have to follow the rule. Do you accept that?””Yes, Master.””You will immediately do whatever a Master or Mistress tells you to do with no hesitation. Now just sit there spread your thighs and place your right leg on the dashboard so I can play with your pussy while we drive over.”She complied immediately, and as her dress rode up, I could see that her pussy lips were already bedewed with her juices. I took my hand and slowly ran my fingers through her slit till they were well coated. I then told her to open her mouth and suck and lick my fingers clean. She opened her mouth, and I teased her by holding my fingers just under her nose where she could smell them, and she blindly sought them out with her mouth till she found them and seductively sucked and licked on them.I reached back and coated my fingers once more in order to sample her essence.”Now, Pam, the last rule is the toughest for most subs to obey. You can’t cum until I or whoever is working with you gives you permission to do so. If you do, you will be punished at the discretion of your Master or Mistress and denied release for progressively longer periods. Got that?””Yes, Master.””Good Girl.”She smiled as I called her that and blushed. I could see she had learned something from the porn videos she had watched.I drove into my private parking space at my hotel, got out, and opened the door for her. As I helped her out of the car, I could see she was burning with curiosity as to where we were. I raised her dress to her midriff, completely exposing her ass and pussy to whoever we came across. I walked her along a corridor that ran adjacent to the club on the first floor. I knew she could hear the conversations and the sounds of merriment as well as the band. I swear she started to blush from the tips of her cute toes all the way up to her face. She was not aware that actually, no one could see her. To Pam, it was as if she was being paraded with all her charms exposed in front of all those people.When she hesitated to move forward I grabbed the chain that was attached to her collar and hissed at her, “If you do not want to walk I will pull you to your knees and have you crawl in front of all these people on all fours so they can see what a little bitch you really are. I am sure that some of your ex-boy toys will be delighted to have a new perspective on your charms.” She immediately picked up the pace until I stopped her in front of my private elevator that went to my penthouse suite.When we reached the landing, I led her to the room which I had equipped as a dungeon. Once inside, I placed her in the center of the room where spotlights were focused on her.“Pam, as you rightly surmised, we are at my hotel. I have a dungeon here which is mainly used by the young men who wish to submit the women they pick up to this type of experience. You have never been told about it because to date you had not shown your desire to be a submissive.”Now, strip out of that dress and remove your blindfold.”Blinking after she removed the blindfold, she found herself in the center of the room surrounded by my bondage apparatus. She looked around, trying to identify the various devices around her till I told her to only look at me. “Now kneel and spread your knees as wide as they will go, back and head straight and only look straight ahead,” I ordered.Standing in front of her, I removed my shirt, shoes and socks and looked down at her. My crotch was at the height of her head, and I am sure she could see the prominent Escort Fındıkzade bulge of my erection hidden by my trousers. I smiled inwardly as I caught her, licking her lips.”Why are you smiling?”She remained silent until I ordered her to answer.”I am happy to see Master is erect and that I excite him. I can’t wait to see what he does to me.””What would you want me to do to you?””Fuck me, Sir.””Any particular type of fuck, slut?””All my holes are yours, Master. You can choose whichever one you wish. I will be happy to service you with my pussy, my ass or my mouth, or all three.””Good Girl.”Now I want you to start pleasuring yourself until our guest or guests arrive. Just remember you can’t cum till I give you permission and you can’t stop till you are told to stop.”I leaned over and tightened her nipple clamps while she started to caress her pussy. I sat in a chair opposite her and watched as her slim manicured fingers dug into her pussy and her thumb circled and teased her clit.Soon I could see that her juices were coating her hand, and she was gasping and panting with need. I placed a call on my cell phone and instructed one of my barmaids who I used on occasion as a domme to come up in costume.Pam was placed with her back to the door, and when it opened, she started to turn her head. I roared, “Look straight ahead.” Her head snapped back to the front. “Don’t stop frigging yourself.”She obediently kept at it while I went to the back of the room and spoke with Kayla, who would be my assistant tonight.”Kayla, that’s Pam. You might recognize her as she used to come here regularly as a cougar to pick up young pups. I have shown her that an old dog such as me can provide her more pleasure than the pups could. She is bisexual, and that is why I have requested you to join us.”Kayla looked over and surveyed the vision of loveliness that was Pam and licked her chops.”What I want to do is test her as a submissive. She thinks she is. The question now is whether she is submissive only to me or just a run-of-the-mill submissive. I want at the end of our session for you to give me an honest evaluation.””Now that’s different. Why do you want to know?””Kayla, I think I am head over heels in love with Pam. You have known me for a long time. I just don’t want to get hurt if she is a submissive that will give in to any man. I want her for myself only. I might, on occasion, share her, but when she does, I want it to be because she wants to please me, and not just because she has an itch in her pants. I have no objection to her bisexuality, but I will never be a cuckold.””Can she be your cuckquean?””Do you aim to seduce her so she brings you to me so I can finally fuck you?””Mmmm! Now would I do something like that?””Yes, you would. Since you started working for me, you have tried on innumerable occasions to seduce me. I just don’t play around with my staff, Kayla.””Well, Chris, that might change as I am going back to university and once I hand you my letter of resignation I will no longer be working for you,” she said with a leer.”If you can convince Pam to bring you home with her some night, we’ll see.””Deal. Now let me get to work. Any restrictions?””No, just no intense pain. I want her edged till she begs and pleads to cum. She is in your hands for the first part of the session.””I’m really going to enjoy this,” she smirked and went towards Pam.I watched Kayla stand in front of Pam in her thigh-high leather boots, bustier with her nipples exposed and a micro thong which revealed her smooth shaved pussy.Pam started looking up at her when Kayla ordered her to keep her eyes down.”Pam, I am going to be your Mistress tonight. My name is Kayla, and I have often seen you being a slut downstairs in the club. You might recognize Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan me. I often served you drinks while you were being fondled by various and sundry young men.”Pam turned beet red when confronted by someone who had seen her being lewd and lascivious. I also think that she had once considered herself above Kayla, and now she was the one in the servile role.”Are you ready to do what I tell you to do?”Pam looked at me as if seeking my permission. I kept all expression off my face.”Well, are you?””Yes, Mistress.””Stand up and let me look at you.”Pam stood up, and Kayla slowly walked around her examining her from head to foot. The contrast was just so beautiful. Pam was almost a head taller than Kayla with creamy white skin and long blond hair and smallish but perfectly shaped tits. Kayla, dressed all in black with flowing black hair and a much more developed bust, was almost a mirror image of Pam in reverse.”Spread your legs wide, Pam. It’s inspection time. Good! Now reach down and grab your legs as low as you can and stick out your ass.”Kayla stood behind her and spotted the chain that was protruding from Pam’s anus. She tugged on it, which made Pam groan. Slowly she pulled the chain, and the jeweled beads which were lodged in Pam’s ass came out one at a time, the final one with an audible pop as her anus released it.”Very nice,” Kayla said. “Chris, come over and look at how she is open with her anus pouting and looking to be filled again.”She then took a finger and inserted it in Pam’s behind and started to thrust it in and out. Pam moaned at the stimulation.”You like that, slut?””Yes, Mistress.””Tell me what it makes you feel?””It feels so good. It makes my pussy tingle, Mistress,””Do you like things up your ass?””Yes, Mistress.”Kayla looked at me and smiled. “What is your favourite thing up your ass?”Pam blushed and remained silent. Kayla gave her a smart slap on each ass cheek. “When I ask you a question, I expect an answer.””Master’s cock, Mistress,” she replied in a muted voice.Kayla went to the shelf and picked up a small vibrator and returned behind Pam. She turned it on and circled Pam’s pucker with it before inserting it into the waiting orifice.”Do you like that?””Yes, Mistress.””Which is better, the vibrator or Chris’s cock?””Chris’s cock, Mistress.””Good Girl.”Kayla glanced at me and said, “Chris, bring your cock over here. Pam, maintain your position.”I removed my pants and came up to the pair of them, my cock erect and unrestrained craving some TLC.Kayla came up to me and gave my cock a couple of strokes with a wicked gleam in her eye and pointed it to Pam’s mouth. “Here, suck on this, slut.”Pam obediently opened her mouth, and my cock slid right in as she bobbed her head up and down on it. I could feel my cock oozing precum, as the tight warm wet mouth slid over it. Kayla whispered in my ear sotto voce, but so Pam could hear, “Magnificent, Chris, I want some of that.”I think Pam heard as she started slurping faster and tighter on it making me throb. I was close to coming. However, I wanted to conserve my energy for other games I had in mind.Kayla went back behind Pam and, after pulling the vibrator out of her ass and reinserting it several times, slid her hand through Pam’s legs and started pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy. Pam must have been dripping with juice as I heard sloshing sounds as Kayla began to masturbate her faster and faster. I could feel Pam moaning around my cock, and her legs started to shake.I pulled away, and Kayla stopped, telling Pam to stand straight. She led Pam to a leather-covered bench and told her to lie down on her back and to bring her legs up to her shoulders with her knees spread wide.Taking some ties, she fastened the legs in place so that Pam was fully exposed with her pussy well on display and the vibrator peeking out of her ass where I am sure it was driving her to distraction. She fastened her wrists to cuffs which kept Pam’s arms immobilized at her sides. Kayla went to the display cabinet and returned with an instrument that looked like a fly swatter with a narrow head.

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