Tanning booth was hot

Tanning booth was hotThis is a story that happened to me back in the eighties when I was in my thirties. I was a financial planner at the time and the bulk of my clients were blue collar working folks. As such, a lot of the appointments I had were at night after dinner. Since I work late often I would take time in the afternoon to visit the local fitness center. I would either work out in the weight room, play racket ball, or sometimes just use the sauna. On this particular day I went in to use the tanning bed. I was planning a trip to the islands and wanted to get a tan so to prevent sunburn.At the club was a small shop that sold balls, gloves, limited amount of clothing, and that was where the tanning beds were. A girl named Barbara ran the shop independently from the club. She was about 35 and very friendly, I fact talk was she was too friendly. There was also a little talk that she might have a thing for me. She was short with short hair. However she was not much to look at. In fact she was ugly, wore braces and always seemed to have saliva in the corners of her mouth. What she did have was major league tits. They were big and stood out proud. To go along with her tits was a slim body and nice ass. She was the original butter face. Every thing was good about her “but her face”. Anyway, I go in and purchase my token for the machine and I’m talking with Barbara for a minute and I notice her shirt was manisa escort open in between two buttons as it was tight against her tits. I could see her bra and I stirred something in me. I took my token and went to the tanning booth. The door was such the knob was on the right side. I opened the door and entered the booth. As soon as you go in there is a section to the right that has a plastic chair and the bed ran down the wall from there.I take off all my clothes and put my token in, I lay down on my back to tan. I think back a few minutes to Barbara’s bra and how her tits were straining to bust the button on her shirt. Well I started to get hard and now I’m rubbing my cock. I lay there for about two minutes and said to myself “fuck it”. I get up off the bed and go over near the door to hear if there are any people in the shop. I hear Barbara doing something at the counter, which is directly across from my booth. I stand against the wall with the door to my right. I look down at my still hard cock. I turn the knob gently and open the door about three inches. I don’t know if she notices it but all I see is a crack of light coming in from the shop.Sure that she is alone out there, I turn and put my cock thru the crack so probably five inches it outside the booth in clear site of the counter. I just stand there and wait to see if there is a response. Nothing happens so I take the knob and manisa escort bayan shake it in order to make a little noise. At that I hear movement from by the counter. Barbara walks out from behind the counter and I can see her walk past the door like she was leaving. She stops at the entrance and I hear what sounds like keys and then the locking of the door. She walks back over to where I am and grabs my cock. She just stands there holding it for a minute then pushes the door open and comes in. It’s pretty bright in there because of the tanning bed and she looks down at my hard cock. I push he against the wall and we start making out. Our tongue fighting for dominance in each other’s mouth. I can feel her big tits against my chest as I hump her torso with my cock. I start to unbutton her shirt and take it off to get to her tits. I was disappointed when her shirt came off as her bra was kind of like a granny bra. It was anything but sexy.In the back it had four clasps. I get it off and my prize was a pair of tits that seemed to defy gravity. Her tits were big and full and really didn’t sag much even with all that weight. The best part was her nipples, big and hard and stuck out a good quarter of an inch. I spent some time sucking her nipples as she stroked my cock. I started to work on her pants. I got them unbuttoned and was pushing them down to find a very hairy bush. I continued escort manisa down to also find a very wet pussy. I slip two fingers into her and I start to finger fuck her. She leans back and is starting to moan. I tell her to keep it down or we’ll be caught. I making out with her and have my fingers in her pussy and she really getting into it. I let go and get on my knees in front of her. I grab her hips and move in. I take my tongue and start licking her pussy from bottom to top. I do this several time then I take her clit in between my lips and suck on it. She practically screams “I’m going to cum” and cum she does. She has a strong orgasm as I continue to tease her clit. She comes down off her high and takes my cock into her mouth. She does a good job sucking my cock but I want to fuck her tight pussy. I ask her to turn around and lean toward the wall. I come up behind her and place my cock at her opening. It slide in easily and all the way till my balls are against her ass. I start moving in and out until I have a pretty good rhythm going. Before long I feel like I’m getting close to cumming. I tell her I’m going to cum and she says, “Shoot your load in my pussy, I’m on the pill”.Wow, who would have thought?With that I thrust in as hard as I can and I shoot several streams of cum deep in her pussy. I stay inside her for a minute and then she turns around and takes my cock into her mouth to clean me off. As we get dressed I no longer noticed the ugly girl with braces, what I did see was one sexy girl with a hot body. Barbara have gotten together after that many times and we always have a great fuck session. But we still keep our relationship in the closet.

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