Tara’s Tale Ch. 02

Big Tits

I woke up the next day not believing all that had taken place just hours earlier. My whole body ached inside out so I guess that was a good indication!! I had a long soak then went down stairs for some brunch since it was already close to noon. I met my aunt in the kitchen chopping some veg and I could hardly look her in the eye.

“Had a nice night?” she asked with a friendly smile as I sat down to some cereal which was all I could stomach right then. My insides felt like they’d been churned through and through, thanks to the glorious pounding I got from both my randy uncle and horny cousin.

If only you knew, was my silent reply, though I mumbled that I’d slept well. She went on with some small talk about a message from my mom but I was hardly listening. It was strange I felt no sense of guilt. I really felt like I was harming nobody. After all, it wasn’t like I’d initiated it all. It was Uncle Frank that had come into MY room. Also, cousin Anthony had had a choice to tell his mom – but he’d chosen to get a piece of the action. How was I a bad person then?

My aunt was still talking, but I broke in to ask her where everyone was. “Ohh, Uncle Frank barely made it out on time to work, and of course Ant and Felice are off to school. How’s your day planned out?”

I ruminated on my reply as I chewed. I was supposed to be working on some research at the moment, and then I had to get to work at six pm. But I figured I’d just laze the day away till I had to get to work. “I’m free for the afternoon,” I told her at last. “Need help with preparing lunch?”

“No dear, I just wondered if you’d like to go shopping with me. I need to get a new outfit for a party I’m attending with your uncle next week.”

I loved shopping, even when I wasn’t actually doing any spending, so I agreed to tag along. We drove to the uptown shopping mall half an hour later. I picked out some nice dresses for my aunt to try, as well as for myself, just for fun of course cos I knew I couldn’t afford any new stuff right then.

We both went in to change. All the stall were full so we ended up sharing the same changing room. I watched in curiosity as my aunt stripped down to her underwear to try on her dress.

“You can’t wear a bra with that,” I informed her, as the attire had just one tiny mono-strap. To my surprise, she unselfconsciously snapped off her bra. I couldn’t help but oogle.

My aunt was slim, petit, with short brown hair. At least thirty five, she had the body of a fifteen year old it seemed. Her breasts were small and pert and high, with tiny attractive nipples. Her belly was flat and her hips gaziantep escort bayan trim, and she had nice fair skin. I thought she looked sexy as hell. Those drab clothes of hers really hid a fantastic bod, I realised.

“You have a beautiful figure, Auntie,” I said mildly, turning away at last as she stepped into her dress. She hadn’t seen me staring, oblivious to my admiring looks. Not wanting to be outdone, I discarded my clothes down to my skimpy briefs. I hadn’t even worn a bra underneath my top, and my proud large breasts jiggled as I flung my clothes away.

“Thanks, Tara,” she replied, looking up to see my half-naked. “So do y. . .”

Her words broke off as she got a good look at my generous figure, and I paused a few seconds for full effect before I put on one of the dresses I’d picked.

We didn’t say much after that, but there seemed a newly-charged atmosphere in the changing room, and suddenly the outside world didn’t matter for a moment as I wondered if she was thinking what I was thinking. Two grown women with very sexy bodies in their own right, stuck in the same little room half naked. It was really a turn on just thinking about the things I’d love to do with her youthful-looking body.

We both changed again and again and sought each other’s opinions about the clothes. At last she ended up taking two dresses, and even offered to buy one for me. When I refused gracefully, she insisted. At last I shrugged and thanked her for being so nice.

Back in the car, she decided we could drive over to a nice place for lunch. I really felt kind of funny now because all of a sudden I was finding my aunt to be a very attractive woman and not just the boring nice lady who was letting me stay at her house. She didn’t have much to say but it was always sensible, and I was thoroughly enjoying her company. We had a nice meal and it was fun, laughing and chatting about stuff. I even felt a tiny twinge of guilt when I thought of how, only just that early morning, I’d been thoroughly fucked by both her husband and her son.

It was close to evening when we finally got home, totalled by the busy afternoon we’d had. We went to our respective rooms to drop our packages. No one was home yet, just us, and I decided to return to her room to thank her again for the dress before I went out to work.

“Auntie?” I called from the doorway of her room, and found that the door was ajar. Pushing it in, I stepped into the master bedroom, finding it empty. Confused, I called out to her again.

“Oh, Tara! I’m in the bathroom,” Aunt Shiela replied, and I could hear gaziantep escort ilanları the shower running. My heart suddenly thudded at the thoughts that flew through my head right then. I didn’t even think it through as I went straight into the open bathroom. Sure enough, she was under the shower, partially concealed behind the frosted shower glass.

“I just needed a quick shower, I felt so hot,” the older woman explained, and I could see she was soaping her shoulders. “How about you?”

Her words made me start. “Um, I. . .well, I think I’m in need of a shower too, but I need to be off to work in a bit. . “

“Well, you can just jump in with me, Tara. No need to go back to your room. Come on now, there’s room enough for both of us. Felicia and I share the shower all the time, ever since the shower head in her room broke a week ago.”

It was like I was dreaming. My aunt wanted me to get into the shower with HER? Shy, retiring Aunt Shiela? I felt like I had to be hearing things.

“I’m not going to bite you,” I heard her say jokingly, poking her head through the shower door. I met her laughing eyes and figured it might all be very innocent after all.

I stripped, then a little hesitantly, stepped into the warm cubicle with her. She was right, it was large enough, though a bit of a tight fit. There was no way we could shower without our bodies touching. Hers felt warm and deliciously wet. I felt the spray of water and it seemed to wash away the last of my inhibitions.

“Here’s the soap,” Aunt Shiela said, handing me the scented bar. Our fingers brushed, and I felt a powerful surge of arousal. My aunt’s short hair had curled in lovely ringlets around her face, and her bright grey eyes seemed to twinkle at me. I smiled back warmly, and began to rub the bar all over my body, concentrating on my erogenous zones. She watched me all the while, even as the overhead shower rinsed the foam off her own body.

“Nice,” she said with a light tone, as my hand went lower and the soap disappeared between my thighs. I lathered there gently, then handed her back the soap. Without a word, she soaped her pussy too. It was a very erotic thing to be a part of, and my heart began to thomp even harder. Just what did we think we were doing? What if any of the others came home and caught us? I didn’t even care about any of that anymore.

She put the soap away, and then retrieved the shower head, bringing it close to my belly. I stepped my feet apart and allowed her to spray the water right against my pussy. I lifted my right thigh and washed gaziantep escort numaraları any remaining suds with my hands. I saw her lick her lips at the sight.

“You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen,” she breathed, right before she rinsed herself off as well. I noticed her own cunt was pretty too, and just as smoothly shaven as mine. I told her this, and she smiled. “Uncle Frank. . .I love him, but he so doesn’t know I’m not really into dicks. I’m a pussy woman myself to tell you the truth.”

Her words shocked me and thrilled me, and I drew a shuddering breath. She asked me if she could kiss me. Heck yeah, I thought, but replied by taking her face in my hands and drawing close till our lips touched. We kissed, and we caressed each other, feeling over each other’s skin, breasts, hips. She was the first person to make the bold move to pussy, and I sighed as her soft small fingers found their way into my melting hub. She stroked me expertly, and in turn, I fingered her hot red cunt lips. It felt good, and I wondered why I hadn’t done much girl action in a while. I guess having a dick fixation doesn’t give one an interest in much else. I decided that was going to change in a while.

Turning bold, I withdrew from her lips to bend my head to her lovely little breasts, which I suckled one after the other with the gentleness yet passion I would want mine to be given. She purred and sighed, and called out my name. I fucking loved it all. Sucking and fondling her breasts gave a heady, delicious feeling in my belly. And when she caressed my boobs hungrily, I knew she felt the same.

“Let’s make eachother come, Tara darling. We don’t have much time,” she reminded me, even as her fingers began to masterfully thumb my pussy and clit. I gasped out loud over her nipples, throwing my head back as I quickened the pace of the finger-fucking I was giving her. The sloshing sound of our pussies was all we could hear above the noise of the falling shower, as we kissed lingeringly. In moments, both of us reached a simultaneously exploding climax, which amazed me. I thought I was the only one who could pleasure myself into coming so fast. It usually took me less than fifteen seconds to come with self-stimulation, and yet my aunt had achieved this in less time. I was glad I’d been able to do the same for her.

“Hmmn, I fucking loved that,” she told me in my ear, and I wanted to laugh at my aunt using the f-word. Well, nothing could really surprise me about her anymore. Even when she added wickedly, “Somehow, I knew you’d be game for it. Your mum and I did stuff like this a lot when we were younger. And you remind me so much of her, Tara. Next time I’m going to lick that beautiful pussy of yours, like I used to enjoy licking your mum’s. I’ll be eating you for hours.”

“That’ll be..great, Aunt Shiela,” I said, my mind in a whirl as we both rinsed off quickly. In minutes I was dressed and leaving the house just in time to catch my bus to work.

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