TatjanaSo, there we were, Friday afternoon… Six months after opening a site in Brno (Czech Republic) and their local IT-guys (or rather the lack of them) had finally made their compute facilities a total fuck up.That was more or less the condensed version of the teleconference I just participated in. Calling to my wife (we got married the year before after a long distance courtship of about two years), I explained I was going to be late again, because some reports needed to be reviewed.When reviewing the reports with my supervisor, he told me that they had given him budget to actually send someone from our site in Holland to Brno for a week or so to get things straightened out. Would that be something for me?Basically it meant providing some hands on guidance to local management, all equipment was already there. It just needed to be hooked up in the proper way.I could also consider this as a reward for the long hours I made in the period right after I got married (some irritating ICT-problems that needed solving, but that’s beyond the scope of this story anyway :-).During the weekend I talked about it with Aly (my wife) and she agreed that this was a good opportunity to get indeed some reward for efforts made.Little did she know what rewards I would be reaping… :-)So… On Monday I agreed, On Tuesday I was on the plane to Brno.After three hours of flying through the air and one hour of flying on the ground (crazy taxi drivers…) I was on site in the afternoon. Hitting the ground running, we started where their previous attempts had failed.All in all it was not too bad, and after two days of solid work we were basically finished. One more day, in tying up loose ends and providing something that vaguely resembled documentation, meant that Friday before lunch we were ready.As the plane for Amsterdam left on Sunday afternoon, I had plenty of time to roam the city and surroundings of Brno.But, the manager had other plans. Tonight we would party!Which leaves us at the beginning of this story… Friday afternoon, after lunch, time to get back to the hotel, freshen up, change clothesAt 18:00 we would gather at the bar of Restaurant ‘…’. Which seemed a bit too soon to me, but Czechs like to start their evenings (read: drinking) early.Anyway… once we reached our tables, we were already quite plastered and that situation stayed much the same during dinner. The manager, the other 2 IT-guys and me must have been great fun for the waiters. But they seemed to be used to this kind of behavior (and to be honest, I think we were not even the most annoying group present…).After the dinner, we moved to the nightclub in the basement of the restaurant. Now that was some serious flashback moment… Think 70-ish Las Vegas nightclub with fluffy pink, yellow and orange pillows and disco mirror balls on the ceiling. So tacky that it hurt my eyes (but that could have been the Becherovka as well…)What was not from that era were the girls… both on stage and visitors (although the difference was not that clear). Most of them were probably still in diapers when Liberace (the only artist who would have felt at ease at once in this interior) died… (you do the math :-)Soon enough the four of us were surrounded by about 10 of them. After all, what better way to spend an evening then with half drunk men spending money on a company credit card? :-)So, we watched the floor show for some time, bought the various girls champagne, cocktails and whatever more their cute red painted mouths could utter. We even tried to engage in serious conversation, but could not get past comparing the ar-tit-stic (yes, that is a play of words) differences of the girls that performed on stage. Every time on of us mentioned the boobs (or lacks there of) from the performers, all girls cuddled up even closer and tried to steer our attention to their tits :-)Not sure what time we left, but finally we took a cab back to my hotel and, believe me, even a stretched Mercedes can get crowded with 4 guys and about double that amount of girls.Not really expecting much more to happen, I got out, almost dropped on my knees (wow… fresh air can kill a guy 🙂 and then I hear behind me the slightly hoarse voice of Tatjana: “Hey, Ed, wait… I’ll help you to your room!”Tatjana, dark skinned, dark eyed,one head shorter than me as I had noticed when we danced earlier that evening. What I also noticed was that she was slender, almost skinny (usually not really my thing), intelligent (spoke English, had studied Economics and during the evening we even had a few real conversations), smoked cigarettes (really not my thing, but you’d be amazed at the wonders that Czech mouthwash can achieve and maybe it even gave her voice that somewhat hoarse but definitely sexy sound), had dark hair that just reached her shoulders (seriously my thing) and a nice set of firm B-cup sized tits that bounced most pleasingly in their black half-cup bra as she had danced (as I already metioned) with me earlier that evening. Yes, together with the rest of the IT-guys, we all had made the usual fools of ourselves as we ‘danced’ with the assorted ladies that had flocked around our table.Even through the hazes of my alcohol numbed mind, I realized that this offer might actually lead to a more intimate conversation of the physical kind :-)Crawling to my feet slowly, I gave Tatjana enough time to leave the taxi and help me to get up. Anyway, once I stood up straight again, the fresh air was even… well, refreshing 🙂 and fairly normal we walked to the hotel, through the lobby, picked up the key to the room (the night porter did not look at all surprised with me taking a woman upstairs) and managed to get to my room without too much trouble. Having the opportunity of looking down Tatjana’s ample cleavage, as I kept myself straight, may also have helped :-)Opening the door I let her enter the room first. Walking close behind her I smelled her perfume even better then in the hallway and took a good look at her firm round buttocks as they swayed left and right in her black stretch pants. Some may say that her ass was too big for the rest of her frame, but for me it was just right.Her pink shirt with short gigot sleeves ended just early enough to reveal the top part of a circular tribal tattoo at the small of her back (or top of her ass if you prefer that…).The room was not all that luxurious, but it had all the necessities… a double bed, a small desk with one chair, a mini bar, tv and (this gave its the ‘de luxe’ classification) a toilet & shower of my own.Tatjana flopped on the bed and asked: “What’s in the mini bar?””I’ll have a look, but I am sure it is not as interesting as what is in your pants…””Well… sarıyer escort let’s start with the bar first and then we’ll see about the pants.”As it turned out, it were my pants that were opened and had their contents examined first. While I was still sipping from my Johnny Walker, Tatjana drained her small bottle of Cointreau with almost professional ease.Glasses? We don’t need to stinking glasses… :-)So, as Johnny and I got acquainted, Tatjana opened my belt and zipper with almost equally professional ease and fished my rapidly erecting cock from its cotton prison.Her nimble fingers tickled my balls and once she pulled back the foreskin, the purple head already presented her with some pre-cum.Now at full mast (just over 6 inch) I felt her lick the tip and almost lost it. Talking to and being teased by 10-something scantily clad nubile women all evening had really put me close to the edge. Even while booze takes away some of the edge, it was pretty high and steep at that moment.Tatjana took that moment to look up at me while she engulfed the complete head in her mouth and tickled the sensitive underside with her tongue.Seeing those big dark (I was going to write ‘innocent’ as well, but she was anything but innocent…) eyes looking up from her face that clamped her bright red lips around my cock, did make me loose it…It was not premature, but certainly fucking quick 🙂 Assisted by her hand that massaged my contracting balls, I came at once and squirted four or five loads of my cum deep in her mouth. God, that felt good even though there had not really been any built up.Tatjana came up and we kissed. Being a good girl, she swallowed most of my cum, so while we swapped some spit for a while, it was not a full blown snowballing session. Not that I would have a problem tasting my own (or for that matter another guys) sperm from a woman’s mouth, but swallowing the first time is just a matter of good taste to me :-)My cock grew limp again after its release, even as Tatjana removed her shirt.Her firm B-cup tits rested nicely on top of her half cupped bra. But right now the recent orgasm and the numbing effects of Johnny W. counteracted that visual stimulation just fine…”Just take a rest and undress, I am going to take a quick shower and will be right back” she said and continued undressing herself. Off came the stretch pants, revealing a sensational set of thong clad buttocks. Wow! Even Johnny failed here and my cock jerked a bit when seeing her ass!Then the bra got removed. Damn! Those tits did not even sag one bit!Finally she slid out of her thong and as I first discovered that the tramp stamp was indeed a proper circle, the second discovery was that the carpet did not match the curtains! Of course, I knew that most women do not color their pubic hair, but if they dye the hair on their head, they usually shave their pussy to avoid surprises like this :-)Not that it was a bad surprise, just something unexpected.Oh yeah, for the record, she was dark blond and neatly trimmed.As I heard her turn on the shower, I removed my own clothes. Feeling sweaty I thought I could use a shower too, so I joined her.She looked totally sexy with the water cascading down her curvy body.We helped each other clean up, making sure all those difficult places got cleaned as well. Luckily she was not squeamish, even when I rubbed my soap covered hand between her ass cheeks. Usually women do not like being touched there ‘by accident’. Tatjana however seemed to like the spontaneous grabbing of every body part that came into reach and she dished out as much as she received. My nipples got more and firmer treatment then they had experienced in the last three years or so… and that time it had been the two teenage sons from the neighbor across the street who had done some garden work for me (and who had later that day done me…). She even slipped the first part of her index finger in my rectum before I pinned her to the wall and suggested that maybe we should look for the comfort of the bed again.Johnny finally began to loose his influence and seeing, feeling and smelling Tatjana’s body I experienced a telltale stirring in my loins that usually meant I would get a prolonged hard one soon…She went back into the room first, still toweling her hair and shaking that ass in a very provocative way. As I followed her after a minute or so, she had switched on the tv and selected one of the pay/porn-channels. Initially two African girls were going down on each other, supposedly as the end of some female initiation rite… Yeah, right 🙂 Any excuse to see two barely post-pubescent nubile women eating each other out…The next fragment was a middle aged married housewife who had to pay the gas bill, but due to her lack of money, she proposed the young and virile guy, who came to collect the money, payment ‘au naturel’…During the obligate blow job session by the woman, where Tatjana started fondling my cock again and slowly but surely restored it back to its six inches again, I caressed her boobs and ever so often pinched her erect nipples. Her moans and other noises sounded a lot more natural than the sounds from the tv.Then we got a surprise… Instead of the expected usual action, with the big cocked stud penetrating the cunt of the moaning and somewhat reluctant housewife, he put her on all fours and started to lick and suck her asshole!Once relaxed, the woman leaned against the wall with her shoulders and tits, as she spread her own ass cheeks. The guy placed his thick cock at her backdoor and pushed the first part inside. Even as she was prepared, she still groaned with pain as she got stretched to the fullest.Tatjana’s eyes were glued to the tv screen and her nipples had become even harder while she looked at the cock being pushed in and pulled out of the woman’s ass. Her hand was now firmly locked around my cock and almost painfully she squeezed it up and down.”Careful, honey, or you might break it…””Oh.. sorry…” she released my cock, climbed on my lap, locking my cock between my own body and her very excited thick lipped cunt as she started to french kiss me again.”Do… you… think… we… can… do… that… too…?” she asked and she slid her wet pussy up and down over my cock and her tits over my chest at every pause in her question.The jerk of my cock at this question was all the answer she needed :-)The night was still young and this gorgeous woman was asking me if I wanted to fuck her in her sexy well shaped ass!Following the earlier example on the tv, she got on all fours and waved her round ass seductively at me. I opened her ass and saw the small rubbery sphincter above esenyurt escort the thick blood engorged and very wet vulva waiting for me.Some of her juices already trickled down as she sat on top of me.Placing small kisses and gentle nibbles all over her ass I worked my way to this still tightly closed hole. The closer I got to it, the more my senses got overloaded with the feel, taste and smell of Tatjana’s arousal.Putting my tongue for the first time straight on her darker colored sphincter, Tatjana let go of a shriek: “Aah… that tickles!”But as I locked my lips to it and sucked and munched gently on that sensitive part, it changed into: “Ooh… [something Czech] that feels soooo goooooood!”Gradually her initial tenseness disappeared and soon I was able to push my tongue in and out her asshole. The strong taste from her juices got mixed with some soap that had stayed behind from our play in the shower, but it only added to my excitement.The rubbery muscle relaxed to welcome my oral ministrations, but every now and then it clamped down again as Tatjana uttered something incomprehensible in Czech again. But from the tone and timbre I gathered she like it :-)As I was just pondering about the next move… continue with my tongue or switch to using something different, it was solved by her as she looked over her shoulder and said: “Put it in. I want your cock up there!”Looking in her eyes when I raised my face from behind her perfect behind, I saw a fire burning that needed to be put out. And from the look on her face only my cum would be good enough for that.Spreading her ass a bit more with one hand, I used the other to place the head of my cock against the smaller of her two lower orifices. She did not move as I slid my cock all the way in her rectum, through her relaxed sphincter. But even relaxed, it was still tight. Once my pubic hair pressed against her ass, I stopped and we both grew accustomed to this coupling.Fucking a woman’s ass is definitely different from fucking a man’s ass.She let me know that she was ready for more when she started to slowly move her lower body back and forth in small movements. Staying in tune, I pulled when she pushed and vice versa. Not too much, creating just enough friction for a steady stream of pleasure. Both hands now grasping her ass, I pressed and released those glutenous globes to add to the pleasure.The couple on the tv was still going at it, but had switched positions.The mature milf was now on her back and both her legs were d****d over the guy’s shoulders as he again shagged her ass. New was also the ten inch double headed dildo that was shoved for more then halfway up her spread open cunt.Keeping up our relaxed but steady rhythm, Tatjana and I saw the couple cum. She squirted as she removed the dildo and then he pulled out and pumped out his load over her stomach and big tits. Fade out…Even the next reel we watched this way. Again two young women, but this time a secretary and her boss. Secretary apparently needs to go the extra mile to keep her job. Her boss like to play with toys and we see the secretary getting teased with a feather, hit with a whip and finally fucked with a strap-on dildo.During this Tatjana starts to moan deeper and more frequently. The continuous friction in her ass is making her experience several small orgasms as I feel her rectum contract more and stronger around my shaft. Jesus, that feels good.I would have blown my load already several times if it had not been for that earlier orgasm.Finally both of us are approaching the big one. Tatjana dropped on her shoulders and while pressing her tits in the sheets, she starts fingering her pussy. I speed up my thrusts and finally slam in and out of her asshole with all my strength.”Yes, yes, yes,… [something Czech] aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” and her ass totally clamps down on my cock, which was just buried all the way inside.This squeeze also triggers my orgasm and almost painfully violent my balls contract and pump out their payload in wave after wave of hot liquid lava (or so it feels as it surges through my cock :-).When we finally return to earth, the secretary and her boss have been replaced by a black haired woman with a bad boob job (scars quite visible) and a bald Negro. Getting out of bed I finding the remote and turn off the tv and cuddle up behind Tatjana. She has already fallen asleep.After a few hours of sleep I wake up as she gets out of bed to take a leak.Through the open door I hear her relieve herself. Even though I am not really a watersports fan or peeing voyeur, the realization that she is there naked and pissing (and trusting me enough to let me hear that) is turning me on in a major way.So, after she flushes, washes her hands and returns, she is greeted by another erection of me… Being the good girl she was, she started to suck it and after a bit of repositioning we are engaged in a sideways sixty-nine.Even the fact that she did not wipe and a few drops of her piss got mixed with the other juices, does not bother me. It even makes me push my cock deeper in her mouth as I taste the bitter salty flavor through the other tastes. But soon the more intense aromas and tastes of her excited pussy take charge again.Her mouth does an excellent job and sooner then I want, I cum again, but this time with slow and long drawn out squirts… maybe even dribbles… It just goes on for ever and ever it seems.As I feel the last drops being gobbled up, Tatjana comes as well and I feel her clit swelling to twice its earlier size and she muffles her moans on my deflating cock. Again we drift of into sleep and (in the morning) again I wake up with the sound of her piss hitting the toilet bowl. But this time I also have to go, so after she has finished, I try to empty my bladder. Due to the morning wood it is not that easy, but eventually I manage. Of course, the fact that I hear Tatjana masturbating in the background is not really helping :-)But… she does provide me with a warmed and lubed up pussy for me to fuck when I return. We take our time and during the next half hour she came twice as I take her missionary style. Elaborate sucking on her nipples helped with that as well and during her second orgasm I empty my balls. It felt as if I sprayed out the same amount as thirty minutes ago in the toilet bowl.After a quick shower and a continental breakfast we enter the room again.Wow… it simply stank like two people fucked all night in it. I wonder why… :-)We decided to do some sightseeing to give the personnel time to cleanup the room a bit. Most of the sights I saw was Tatjana in her pink shirt and black pants. Of course, half of the fun was trying to feel her up without avrupa yakası escort it becoming too obvious for the other people near us. Although a few times some questioning looks were cast in our direction as a tit or ass squeeze elicited a little too loud moan from her…Late that afternoon we came back to the hotel again. The room had been cleaned, so time to mess it up again 🙂 This time I was the first to take a shower, but I am quickly joined by Tatjana. Another round of soaping up each other followed. As she paid most of her attention to my stiffening cock, I made sure her lower lips and her asshole got clean again.I expected her again for me to fuck her ass, because the moans she produced when my fingers started to work between her asscheecks and around her sphincter where much louder then the ones she produced as I fingered her soapy cunt.And I was right as it turned out. As I was just soaping up her firm tits, she turned around in arms and wiggled her ass at me.”Fuck me! In the shower… give it to me now!”Spreading her legs a bit, I started to enter her pussy from behind.”No… not there… the other hole…””What hole?” I asked her, wanting her to make her request explicit.”My… my ass… fuck my in my ass!” she said almost ashamed.Almost… because the way she pushed her ass backwards against my groin was not ashamed at all.Moving forward I pushed her against the wall of the shower and kept her in a fixed position. With my right arm around her I grabbed her left tit and my left hand move over her left hip to her pubes and cupped most of her fleshy vulva.With nowhere to go, all she could do was wait for me to penetrate her.Her ass, still slick form the soap, opened up so easy as the head of my cock found the rubbery opening of her sphincter between her cheeks.Still a grunt (discomfort? pain? of simply of being filled in the way she requested herself?) escaped from her lips as I pushed myself forward in one quick move.The next half hour is filled with the sounds of wet body slapping against wet body, moans and grunts of lust from the both of us and shrieks of Tatjana as she runs through each of her three of four orgasms.Maybe the soap is numbing my cock, but it feels I could go on forever and ever. Her warm wet body responds to each and every touch… A squeeze in her cunt and Tatjana pants, a pinch in her nipple and she moans, two quick pinches in a row and she pushes her ass backward to me as I slam again in her rectum.But all good things must cum (to an end 🙂 and just as she finished her last orgasm, I feel the telltale signs of tingling toes.As those signals travel up through my legs, to gather in my balls, I thrust two, three more times in her relaxed intestines and then let go the explosion of semen that has been building up for so long.Pulling out of her once I have caught my breath again, we finish by rinsing each other of one more time. But this time just to clean :-)The rest of the evening is spend in bed. Watching porn & fucking each other. Wash, rinse & repeat… I never have met a woman who had a taste for this like her. Everything… male-female, female-female, black, white, young, mature, soft, hard, even some (even for me 🙂 bizarre BSDM stuff, she liked it all.During that evening I must have cum at least five more times. And she double or triple that amount. But eventually we fell asleep.On Sunday morning I woke up as Tatjana was sucking my morning wood and as I see her head bob up and down on my cock, I see on the tv-screen a small negro girl bouncing up and down the cock of a big bulky white guy about two or three times her age. She was really being stretched… You could even the outline made by the head of his cock move up and down her abdomen as she move down and up. The contrast of his mature, big, white, wide and long piece of meat sliding in and out of her young, tight, stretched out black pussy was hypnotizing…I even did not notice that Tatjana slipped a finger up my ass as she gave her blowjob. Only when she added the second, the slight discomfort made me realize what she was doing, but the action on the screen was intense enough to prevent me from encouraging her.The white guy now stopped the girl from bouncing by gripping her hips and pulling her down on his cock. You could see the obscene bulge emerging from her stretched abdomen half way up her bellybutton. Once the girl was totally d****d over his cock, he move his hands to her her shoulders and as he spread his own legs as wide as possible to prevent the leg from the girl to move backwards, he pulled the skinny torso towards him, her head fitting right between on the middle of his chest. Now the camera move from the side of the guy towards his feet, and presented us with the streched asshole from the girl. As if she already knew what was going to happen (as she most likely knew, because this happened to well practiced to be a first time..) she started to suckle on the left nipple from the guy. His cock gives another small jerk as she begins. Now the second guy, enters the scene.He is also white, a lot younger than the first guy, but still older than the girl. The English subtitles indicate a conversation between father and son. The girl appears to be some sort of coming of age present for the son.His erection is almost as thick as his fathers and probably even a bit longer.Spending no time in preparing the girl, he positioned himself between the legs of his father and placed his cock at her sphincter.As he pushed himself inside, the girls eyes opened wide in shock and she bit down on the nipple she had been suckling on. Father and son now both pushed violently in and out the girl. Father enraged (or excited? without any sound coming from the tv it was hard to tell…) from the pain caused by the girl and the son mainly to keep himself inside her at all.As I saw the girl being sandwiched and fucked in cunt ans ass by those big men, I suddenly felt Tatjana’s fingers find my prostrate.The moment she started massaging that special place, I came inside her hot and waiting mouth. When I finally bucking my hips and stopped pumping out my seed, Tatjana did not swallow all, but let part of it drip back out of her mouth and kept on jerking me and keeping me stiff. By then the girl and the two men on the tv had been replaced by two young (but mature) women in a softcore lesbian encounter.That scene and Tatjana’s continuing jerking action eventually led to me fucking her pussy from behind in doggy-style again.After that, we ended our weekend with a final shower together. After I masturbated her again until she shrieked out her orgasm, she sucked me hard again and kept on sucking until a few small spurts of semen erupted from my almost painful balls.So… at 13:00 that afternoon I was flying back to Holland again.And at 20:00 that evening I was pumping in and out my wife’s hot tight pussy again while sucking on her E-cup sized knockers.Life can be so good… :-)— The End —=====Reactions, corrections, praise, criticism, etc…: funplaycam@gmail.com

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