Taylor’s Sex Slave

Taylor’s Sex SlaveThis is a fictional story. This is part 1, I might make more.Taylor is a sexy girl one year older than me, I’m 18 and she is 19. I would often stare at her in the hallways in our high school, dreaming about her long curvy legs hidden under tight high-waist jeans or lulu lemon leggings. Her perky small tits just barely hiding under a small crop top and her flat, toned core made for many awkward boners. I had never talked to her, but always fantasized about fucking her, I would lie in bed late at night and stroke my 5″ cock and squeeze my balls while looking at her VSCO pictures. I milked out so many loads thinking about her. It was the end of the school year and she was going to graduate, there were many parties and lots of excitement. I longed to go to one of those grad parties and make a move on Taylor, but I wasn’t popular and lacked the friends in that group. So, while Taylor was out partying (and presumably fucking) I lay at home jerking off to her. The last week of classes came fast, before I knew it the last day was upon us. There was a tradition where the grad class would do pranks for the younger students. This year they waited until the end of the last day, and as everyone left the building at the bell they were there waiting with silly string, water balloons and water guns. I dreaded this event because I had to walk home, almost 10 km, it would not be fun to walk home soaking wet. The bell rang and I headed for the door, I could already hear the screaming and laughing, I hoped to sneak through in the middle of the big crowd. My simple plan was a success, I made it out uns**thed!I passed through the school parking lot, and pondered the year, I was glad it was over. However, I realized I would never see Taylor again, this was saddening, I wished I had been able to talk to her just once. Then something shocking happened. A water balloon came out of nowhere, smacking me right in the face. I was caught off guard and it caused me to fall, dazed and confused I looked up. Taylor leaning ödemiş escort over me, she looked concerned. I thought to myself that I must have died and that this was heaven, no no that’s silly. I came to the conclusion that some pranksters were hiding in the parking lot waiting to ambush, and I was one of the victims. Taylor helped me up and made sure I was okay, she felt really bad about it and offered to make it up to me. My brain instantly thought sexual favor, but she was thinking more along the lines of a ride home.I sat in the passenger seat of Taylor’s jeep, we made small talk about our school year and future plans, followed by awkward silence. I gathered up all my courage and told her that I had a huge crush on her. I figured since she is leaving anyways it wouldn’t matter how she reacted. Her reaction was not the best, but could’ve been worse. It was a mixture of confusion, embarrassment and interest. I went on to tell her how attractive her tan skin and long dirty blonde hair was, and that she had a sexy body. She seemed to like the compliments and urged me to go on. I told her how I jerked off to her and fantasized about fucking her. We chatted about it more and more, she really wanted to know all the details. I was so into the talk that I didn’t even realize that we were not heading towards my house anymore.We came to a stop and I was jolted back to reality, we were in a mostly empty parking lot outside of the mall. Confused I tried to question her. She told me to shut up and enjoy. I stammered for words, my head filled with questions, I was cut short when she took my breath away. Her hands were in my lap! Rubbing my thighs and crotch, and opening my belt, then my jeans came undone, she pulled down my boxers and my rock hard cock sprung out. Without any hesitation she leaned over and wrapped her lips around my cock. My whole body shook and shuddered as she began to slurp. It was an amazing sensation, my first blowjob, and it was from my dream girl! Taylor really knew how to suck a cock, using escort ödemiş my full length, squeezing my balls and swirling her tongue around my tip. She was slurping and gagging, drool dripped down onto her leather seat. All of a sudden my body tensed up, I was about to cum! “Don’t stop, fuck keep going slut” I babbled as she sucked my cock. A mere two minutes after she started I exploded in her mouth. She moaned as I came, then pulled away mouth full of cum. She looked at me with a smirk and in one big gulp swallowed it all. “That was amazing” I said, she smiled in satisfaction. I didn’t know what to do now, I was so relaxed I just sat there in a dazed state. My cock was still hard which was amazing, I never could go twice when I jerk off. Taylor broke the silence “you want more of me?” My answer was obvious. “What would you do to get the rest of me?” she asked in a naughty tone. “Anything you want, anything at all” I answered. This was sort of sounding like a porno to me. She bit her lip and asked to blindfold me, reluctantly I said yes. I wasn’t too keen because I wanted to see her when I fucked her, but I did say anything at all. I thick piece of black fabric was tied over my eyes and I was led out of the vehicle, then into the back seat of the jeep. I had noticed earlier that there was no seats in the back. Unusual but whatever, more room for sex. Taylor instructed me to lie on my back, then asked “can I tie you up?” I responded with no, to witch she seemed sad “you said you’d do anything… I guess I’m to kinky for you.” That was enough for me to agree. My feet were tied to some part of the front seats, my hands were attached to the floor at each hip. She climbed on top of me, she was still clothed as she rubbed herself on my cock. She moaned like a slut, I could feel her pussy was wet through her pants. Eventually she took them off and rubbed her pussy directly on my cock, she was such a tease, I wanted it so bad! “Put it in you already” I begged. She responded with a question “what would you do ödemiş escort bayan for me to ride you?” “Anything!” I said. “Okay then.” She climbed off of me and disappeared.Moments went by, I was a little nervous, being totally vulnerable in her jeep, she hadn’t even closed the door. She returned after what felt like forever and said “I have some friends, is it alright if they join?” I said of course they can assuming it was more of her hot female friends that wanted my cock. The rear hatch, which was right above my head opened, I was roughly slid closer to the edge until my head hung down onto the bumper. “Hey what are you doing?” I asked, this was very unusual. “Shut up and open wide” Taylor said with a laugh. Immediately someone stood in front of my face, a big warm sausage like thing hit my cheek. It dawned on me; Taylor’s friends were guys! The big cock slid into my mouth, a very masculine voice told me “suck it fag, suck it good or else.” I obeyed purely out of fear. He slid in and out of my throat like it was a pussy. My drool running down my face and the huge cock was overwhelming. He used me for a few minutes until he was hard. He pulled out and simultaneously removed the blindfold. I saw an upside down view of the parking lot, a few feet away from me Taylor was bent over standing up taking this strangers cock. I watched in awe, her totally naked body was better than I ever imagined and the guy was absolutely pounding her. I watched her cum several times until the guy was ready to cum. She dropped to her knees and took the huge load on her face. Wow that was so hot I forgot about my situation.The guy was gone, Taylor was in the front seat masturbating with a face full of cum, and I was still tied up in the back. A little while passed, another truck pulled into the parking lot. “There they are finally!” Taylor exclaimed. She greeted them and they crowded around me, five guys, cocks out, right in front of my face. I thought to myself anything for Taylor! Then I got throat fucked for hours. Each guy used me then Taylor, I could see she was taking two at a time, one in her mouth, one in her pussy. The guys used me to stay hard in between turns. What a clever girl I thought, she is using me as a sex slave… and I was happy about it.

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