TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 21: Candy Back to the Old Folks Home


Based on comics by the Pit and Stormbringer

TCCS Part 3: Chapter 21: One Hot Grandma Continues Helping The Elderly


10/17/09 Saturday


The giant black cock was nearly six feet tall. It ran out from the bleachers, flapping its wings as it circled the cheerleaders. “GO COCKS!” cheered the crowd. The Coxville Cock ran between the cheerleaders and put his hand to his ear. “GO COCKS!” the crowd roared louder.

The black rooster mascot ran out on the field and assumed his position as the Chicken Dance blared over the speakers. The Cock along with half the crowd in the bleachers stood and began dancing.

Todd White couldn’t focus on the stupid antics of the mascot. He just stood and stared at Kitty Summers and the other cheerleaders all doing the chicken dance. His eyes went from her sexy flat stomach up to the bouncing swell of her amazing tits. Breasts he’d probably never ever see again. He pulled his eyes away from her body and moved them over to Pamela, passing Susan then tore them back over to Susan. The studious cheerleader had some enormous breasts and they were swinging surprisingly freely today as if she weren’t wearing a bra. The dance had stopped, and Pamela was joking around with the others in Kitty’s click. He’d asked her out for after the game, but to his utter amazement, she’d rejected him. He’d considered her a sure thing. The girl had obviously been smitten with him for years. She was talking to Miko, suddenly looking away before running to the edge of the field. Pamela threw herself into fat Deon’s arms and kissed him full on his thick black lips. It was Todd’s turn to be utterly amazed again to see the lithe white cheerleader kissing the fattest black man on the team and the amazement turned to shock as Miko ran up, leaning up to kiss Deon also.

Sluts, thought Todd. His eyes went back to Susan and her swaying breasts. Screw Pam and Kitty. He was going to do everything in his power to see Susan’s massive rack. The notoriously racist cheerleader would never fool around with a black man. He smiled and nodded in approval of his plan even as LD jogged by and smacked Susan on her bottom. Instead of being angry, she blew the black player a kiss.

There were gasps in the crowd. This was not a sight one saw in Coxville County. Todd turned pale as he turned to look at his teammates, but they weren’t paying any attention and hadn’t seen their girlfriend’s flirting with the black players.


Candy wished she’d been able to go to the game or better yet accompany her lover on his trip to New Orleans. She’d gone years without sex and except for being lonely on Valentine’s day and other holidays, hadn’t really missed it. Now that she was getting it regularly and from a humongous black cock, she wasn’t sure she could go a day without it. Willie Long had woken up many years of dormant sexual desire and she felt thirty years younger.

Candy parked at the Westside Healthcare and shook her head sadly at the somewhat decrepit building. It was a shame these poor seniors had to live like this. She entered the front door. Doris was at the front desk and smiled when she saw who was coming in the door. “I’m glad you’re here,” said the black nurse.

“Nice to be back,” said Candy. She had the impression, Doris wouldn’t have been surprised to never have seen her again.

“Mr. Holmes was asking for you earlier. It seems you made quite the impression on him.”

Candy felt her cheeks flush a little. “Oh good, he was quite the sweetheart.”

“I’m glad,” said Doris, sitting back at the desk. “Mr. Holmes doesn’t get many visitors and for a ninety-year-old man, he has all his facilities and could use some company. The interaction helps keep the mind sharp.”

“I’ll go check on him now,” replied Candy and for some reason she felt her nipples harden beneath her blouse at the thought of seeing the elderly man again. Another old black man was strolling down the hall purposely towards her. He appeared mid-eighties but was Coxville fit. His straight back and bearing suggested a military history as did the cocked veteran’s hat on his head. “Hello,” she said as he passed.

The man froze and turned towards her. His eyes fell on her face and then down to her breasts and her newly engorged nipples poking out her white blouse. “No offense ma’am,” he said, practicality shouting, and Candy saw a hearing aid in the man’s ear. “But you are exactly what I’m fighting for.” He stood up rigidly straight and saluted her.

“Thank you soldier,” she replied, saluting him back. His hat had KWVA on it meaning he was a Korean war vet. Candy’s eyes roamed down his body. The old man was impressively muscular and fit beneath his army green tee-shirt. The handle of a firearm was sticking out of one pocket. Candy took a step back in alarm before her brain registered that it was plastic and clearly a toy.

“Sergeant Franklin Black at your service.” He broke his salute and nodded at her. “Sorry ma’am, Escort bayan but I need to resume my patrol. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the Chinks have crossed the border to aid the gooks. Stay safe.” He spun on his heel and marched off.

Candy watched him storm off, saluting Doris as he passed, turning down the next hall. Doris walked towards her. “Mr. Black suffers from dementia,” she explained. “Thinks the war is still on. Apparently, he lost a brother in Korea and his mind reverts back to that point from time to time.”

“How sad,” said Candy, bringing her hand up to her chest in concern.

“All the stories here are sad, Mrs. Cox,” said Doris. “But Frank’s is worse than most. Come, I’ll escort you to Mr. Holmes room. Mr. Kuhn has been up to his tricks and…

“BARAKUNDE!” Candy screamed as the naked black man startled her. “BARAKUNDE!” He reached out and grabbed her breasts. “HONK HONK!” He jumped back, an absolutely massive black cock swung up, hardening before him. He grabbed it and started jerking off looking at Candy’s breasts. Her nipples were poking out her top even further after he’d squeezed them.

“Get in your room now, Mr. Kuhn,” ordered Doris.

He kept stroking his cock and turned it to face the black nurse. “BARAKUNDE!” He took off running down the hall still jerking his cock off.

“Miserable horny old goat,” grumbled Doris. “Please don’t let him scare you off.” She turned to look at Candy who was still frozen in shock. “Oh… I guess you’ve never seen a black man’s penis before. I know it can be quite a shock for…”

Candy’s laughter interrupted the black woman. She laughed so hard, she had to wipe tears from her eyes. “Sorry, but that was quite amusing.”

“Thank god! You wouldn’t be the first person he scared off. Barry Kuhn is quite harmless.”

“What on earth is a Barakunde? The name of his penis?”

Now it was Doris’ turn to laugh. “No, he turned militant black in the ’60s and thought he needed a more African sounding name. He’s always been a nudist, exposing himself to the nurses and female occupants, but only in the last week or so did it start getting erect. I even caught old Gloria Adams with her false teeth out giving the old fart a blow job.”

“You’re kidding?

“Nope. And he’s been masturbating it all over the place, several times daily leaving quite a mess in his wake. Anyway, I’d better go round him up. You remember where Mr. Holmes’ room is?”

“I do. Thanks Doris.” Candy walked the short distance to Mr. Holmes room and rapped her knuckles on the open door. “Knock knock.” George sat up straight in his chair when she entered the room, a grin spreading across his face. The blanket over his lap even started tenting. “You look happy to see me, George.”

“I am, I am, young lady. I was worried you wouldn’t be coming back.” George reached out and grabbed his oxygen mask taking a deep breath from it.

Candy closed the door and pulled the privacy curtain out to block the view of any one coming into the room. “But Mr. Holmes, how could I not come back to visit after you promised to let me titty fuck that big black cock of yours.” Candy started seductively unbuttoning her white blouse in front of him, even swaying her hips a little.

George gulped and took another deep breath of oxygen. There was a nose plug attachment and he fumbled to grab it, sticking them in his nose just when she pulled her blouse off. The tent under the blanket bucked a couple of times.

Candy smiled at the old man. He was staring intently at her straining bra. She unhooked it and the cups flew off her breasts. Coxville tits did not want to be constrained. She pulled the bra off and he gulped staring at her erect nipples. “I can’t wait to wrap these around your big black cock,” she moaned, hefting each breast before kissing her nipples. Candy couldn’t believe how slutty she was acting, like the women in some of her late husband’s pornographic videos. He’d tried to get her to watch them with him, but she found them silly. The elderly man appeared to be enjoying every second of it. “Your hot cum tasted soooo goood, Mr. Holmes. I can’t wait to taste some more and have you cum all over my big white tittys.”

George yanked the blanket off his lap, he was wearing ratty old pajama bottoms again. His cock was straining to rip its way out. Now it was Candy’s turn to gulp as she remembered the magnificent 90-year-old weapon beneath those pajamas. She licked her lips. Nothing she’d said to tease him was a lie. She did want to taste more of his seed. “All of it,” rasped the old man, breathing oxygen. “I want to see all of you.”

Candy hesitated a moment and then nodded. She was wearing black slacks which she unbuttoned and wiggled down over her hips. He rasped again when her panty appeared. “You okay?” she asked worried, it might be too much for the old man.

“Never better,” he replied, reaching out and turning the oxygen level up, but his eyes never left her body.

Candy Bayan escort kicked her shoes off and pushed her slacks all the way down until she could step out of them. She spun around and bent forwards sliding her panty down. The man watching her hacked and coughed at the sight of her plump but firm rear end. As she pulled her panty down her thighs she was flashing him a nice shot of her beaver too. She could feel the dampness in her panty as she pushed it down her ankles. Her arousal was growing too, she could feel it coating her labia and dripping off her clit. Candy stood and stepped out of the panty. She turned around.

“Dayumn Candy Cox,” he wheezed, straining to breath in through the nose plugs. “That’s the loveliest sight these old eyes have ever seen.”

“Thank you, Mr. Holmes,” she replied, truly flattered. She’d always looked good and had gotten plenty of compliments wearing the skimpy cheerleading uniform at Kat’s barbecue the other week. Since then, she’d been dropping pounds from the near constant sexual activities with Willie Long, not to mention eating a lot less as his sperm protein shakes filled her belly every morning. Some of her wrinkles were even disappearing and the only thing she was doing differently to take care of her skin was rubbing her black lover’s seed all over her body.

“No, thank you,” he said, his eyes roaming her beautiful voluptuous body from top to bottom.

Candy walked forwards and knelt before him. He raised his hips off the chair as she pulled his pajamas off. She whimpered a little when his huge cock sprang up. In a way, she liked it even better then Willy’s. Holmes’ cock was a fat straight steel hard massive log of a penis where Long’s had this elongated snake-like cock that actually bent like it was slithering. Candy straightened her back and lifted her breasts on top his thighs, pulling his cock up and squeezing her breasts between his shaft.

“Thank you, Mr. Holmes,” she said again, meaning it. “Thank you for letting me service your big black cock.” Candy truly felt like she was the lucky one getting to play with his black monster dick. She paused waiting for him to speak, expecting him to thank her back.

“You’re welcome Mrs. Cox,” he said instead.

Candy nodded and bent her head down to the tip of his cock. The only thing not perfect about it was the wrinkly foreskin, she much preferred a bald helmeted tip. She wrapped her lips around the head and bobbed her head sucking and slurping around it, her tongue pushing the foreskin back, so she could taste the bare skin of his cock head. She worked her saliva glands hard, licking and sucking the throbbing knob at the tip of his cock, letting her spittle run out of her mouth and down the shaft. She felt the insides of her breasts turn wet and started hefting them up and down the old man’s cock timed to match her bobbing head.

George’s hands curled up like he really did have bad arthritis as she continued servicing his cock. He moaned and rasped, his lips curling back in a grimace, revealing his yellowed and missing teeth. Candy watched the expressions of pure pleasure cross his face and knew she was doing the right thing helping this old man. She pulled up and released her breasts, taking the entirety of his cock down her throat. He bucked his hips in surprise. Without Willy to practice on, she never could have swallowed such a monstrosity and George’s thickness was straining her throat to the max. Candy pulled back letting her throat constrict and relax before swallowing him deep again. She bobbed her head rapidly feeling his cock swell even larger, squeezing her tits back around it just as he started to cum.

George’s first load overwhelmed her, blowing her cheeks out and squirting semen from around her lips before she could swallow. The next wad filled her mouth too quickly and she had to release the spurting head for a moment to catch her breath. Sperm shot up to spray her face, falling back down to splatter all over her breasts. Candy clamped her mouth back down over the head, gulping his cum down as fast as he could shoot it, using her breasts to milk every last drop of his seed out of his balls.

George Holmes threw his head back rasping for air. Candy looked up at him, her lips still around his cock head. It throbbed in her mouth but had quit spurting seed out. It was at its maximum hardness just after orgasming. She wanted it. Candy pushed herself up off his chair and straddled his legs guiding his hard cock inside her. They both moaned in delight as she sank down into his lap. “Is this okay?” she asked, hoping the old man could handle another round.

“Sweet Jesus yes,” rasped George. He looked down and let his head fall forwards to bury itself in her breasts, tongue and lips finding a nipple to suckle. Candy gasped and came all over his cock, bending her head to kiss the liver spots coating his bald head.

“Gonna fuck this cock good,” she moaned, riding him. This couldn’t be wrong. It felt too good to Escort be wrong and she’d been worried about not getting her nightly and morning dose of big black cock with Willy gone. Here was a cock more designed to take care of her needs at ninety then her late husband’s penis had been at twenty. She came again, her pussy ballooning up around the entire shaft before clamping down to squeeze every square inch of it. “Oh god! Oh god!” she moaned, trying not to scream in pleasure. “I Love this big black cock, George.”

George took his mouth off her nipple. He sat back in his chair and grabbed her hip, pushing her back so that he could take in as much of her hot body as possible. “And my black cock loves your sexy white body.” His face scrunched up, lips curling back to show his ugly teeth again just before Candy’s womb flooded with the old man’s sperm

Instead of ballooning up, this time her pussy just clamped down hard around the spurting shaft, her vaginal muscles grasping and pulling inwards along his cock, trying to get every drop of his seed as deep inside her as possible. Candy came with each spurt of his cock, multiple orgasms exploding every time his seed sprayed her womb and not ending until his cock finally fell still and began to shrink.

Candy finally quit shaking and opened her eyes. George Holmes was staring back at her and he was crying, tears of joy running down his cheeks. She leaned down and kissed his lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth. His cock hardened again briefly inside her, but then it resumed shrinking, a third time to much for the ninety-year-old black man. She broke the kiss. “Thank you for letting me fuck you,” she told him.

“You’re welcome,” he replied. “This old cock is yours any time.”

Candy’s body suddenly shook as one final orgasmic tremor shot through her body. After that, she slowly rose up off his cock and cupped her hands between her legs as she ran to his bathroom.


Candy Cox thumbed through the files at the Nurse’s station. “Whatcha looking for?” asked Doris.

Candy glanced over at the black nurse. “A friend of mine wanted me to check up on someone here, but he only told me his nickname, Kielbasa.”

Doris laughed. “Kyle Basa. He’s in room 42. Been here ten years.”

Candy thanked Doris and walked down the hall to room 42. She was starting to grow concerned. She’d only visited here twice now, and these old folks weren’t getting a lot of visitors. Most of them were probably lonely. Luckily, a few could socialize with each other and the common room had a dozen or so people in it. The door to room 42 was open. She knocked on it as she walked in. There was no answer, then she heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door opened. The black man walked out and did a double take at seeing the buxom blonde smiling at him. “Well what do we have here?” he asked, shuffling towards the bed. He was holding an IV stand and he pushed it before him.

“Mr. Basa, I’m Candy Cox. I’m a new volunteer here.”

“Help me into the bed,” he told her when her reached it. She ran up and took one arm. “You know this is a home for black folks, right?”

“I do.” She fought off tears from welling up in her eyes. Basa had once been a powerfully built man, now age or some illness had ravaged his body. Skin hung loosely from what once had been hard muscles. Young and standing tall, he’d probably been well over six feet, now he was hunched over and looked wizened. Young this man would probably have rivaled Coach Black in size and build. He was wearing a hospital gown and nothing else. “I’m a friend of Willie Long.”

“Is that so?” Basa laid down, looking like he might sleep at any moment.

“Yes, he asked me to check up on you.” Candy slid a stool over and sat beside the old man, cupping his hand between hers. “I’m sure you don’t remember, but I’m the girl that saved him from the election day riot back in the seventies.”

“Is that a fact? I remember old Willie Long Dong telling me about the sexy white hippie chick that saved him from the white mob. Didn’t say he ever saw you again though.”

“We just reconnected and are quite close now. It’s funny, but he asked me to check up on you, but didn’t even tell me your real name. He just called you Kielbasa.”

“Kyle’s fine. Nobody but Willie still calls me Kielbasa since I quit truckin’.” Basa smiled at the memories. The smile turned to a look of perplexity. “You say you’re close, how close?”

Candy smiled. “Very close. We’re dating.”

“Dayumn! How long I been in here?”

Candy laughed. “It’s all good, Kyle. Willie and I connected at my daughter’s barbecue party a few weeks back and have been seeing each other ever since.”

“That’s great, amazing even. I don’t think Willie has been with a woman since Rachel died.”

“I’m widowed too and you’re right, it’s been amazing.”

Kyle looked down to Candy’s breasts and shook his head in disbelief that this fine creature was dating old man Willie. “Might I say that you are one fine specimen of a woman.”

“Thank you,” replied Candy with a smile.

“And might I also say that if you ever get tired of old Willie’s old willy, there’s a big dark German sausage willing to take his place.” Kyle winked at her.

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