Teacher’s Descent into Ecstasy Ch. 02


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Ms. Carnale was sitting across the desk from Principal Fritz. She had finished describing, in limited terms, what had occurred the day before in her classroom. She had left out the part when she had handled Mr. Manhorse’s enormous cock. And when she had whacked his 12 inch dick, helping him cum all over his partner as she lay on the teacher’s desk. She had gone over those events time and again as she lay in bed. She remembered every detail. She shook herself mentally as Principal Fritz spoke up.

“Well, this is certainly a serious matter. I’ll take the appropriate action, I assure you!” said the prim looking educator. Leaning forward she pressed the button on her intercom.

“Roberta, will you contact Mr. Richard Manhorse and let him know that I need to see him after school tomorrow? Thanks, honey.”

“Oh, that’s not needed,” said Catherine Carnale. “I already told him to meet us here. He should be here soon.”

“You did what?” The Principal seemed nervous. “Dick, I mean, Mr. Manhorse, is coming to my office? Coming this afternoon?” Her eyes darted around the room. “This will never do! No, I can’t see him today. I’m not prepared. We will have to reschedule!”

“I really think that we should handle this as soon as we can,” Ms. Carnale said. Handle. Her thoughts flashed back. Foot long, hard as stone. Jacking off the massive dick. Watching the cum spew over the writhing girl on the desk. She pulled her attention back to the present.

“The longer we wait, the more he may think that he will get away with this sort of behavior.”

“But I haven’t had a chance to prepare!” The Principal’s voice was quivering. No longer the confident educator. Her eyes kept jumping around, she looked upset. Her hands fluttered in front of her.

Just then the intercom buzzed as the door opened.

“I’ll see you soon then, right, doll face?” Dick threw over his shoulder as he entered the room. The Senior student, the Principal’s Aide, giggled loud enough to be heard in the office. “Should be fun,” she said.

The arrogant sneer on Mr. Manhorse’s face never faltered as he looked from Ms. Carnale to Principal Fritz and back again.

“Trying to get me in trouble, Blondie?” he asked. “Good luck with that.”

“Hey, Principal Tits, it’s been a couple of weeks, right? Couldn’t wait any longer?” He stood next to the desk, half way between the two women.

“Don’t call me that, Dick, Mr. Manhorse,” her voice was tremulous. “This is a very serious matter, you know.”

“Oh, I’m sure. What did she tell you? Did she say that I fucked Prissy on her desk?”

“Indeed, she did.” Her large brown eyes were still unable to stay still. She was glancing at the young teacher and the even younger student.

“Did she tell you that she grabbed hold of my hard, hot cock and pushed it into Prissy’s wet, soft cunt? Did she tell you that she helped jack me off all over Prissy?”

The Principal gasped and looked at Ms. Carnale. One look was all it took to tell her that it was the truth.

“See, the problem, Principal Tits, is that she wants what every other broad in this school wants. She wants to know what it feels like to be stuffed to bursting with a huge, hard, hot cock. But she doesn’t want to admit how she feels. How horny she is. Just like you, the first time we met. Remember?” His smile was smug as he watched her squirm in her chair.

“I bet you can’t wait now, either. Right Principal Tits?” He stepped around the dest to stand next to the educator.

“No, tha…that…no! It’s not like that,” she sputtered. “And don’t call me that!” she rallied.

Undeterred Dick bent over her and pulled her head back by her hair with one hand. Kissing her hard on the lips his other hand slid under her jacket.

Pulling himself away from the out of breath Principal he kept fondling her chest. Her jacket came open revealing ataşehir escort bayan a surprisingly full blouse.

“Please, Dick, not here, not now. Not in front of…” she waved at Ms. Carnale who was watching them both.

“Oh, she knows what I’m like, don’tcha, Blondie.And she likes to watch too. She likes to watch me cram my foot long dick into a hot pussy and give it a hard hosing, too!” He was laughing as the principal squirmed and tried to pull his hand off her breast.

Showing no sign of concern for the Principal or his audience Dick started to unbutton her blouse. Quickly it fell open. Underneath was a shockingly large, sturdy cotton bra.

“I thought I told you to wear something sexy!” He sounded aggrieved. “This ugly thing doesn’t do you justice, Principal Tits.”

“I…um… that is. I… I didn’t know you were going to see me today,” her voice was soft and hesitant. No longer the educational leader, she seemed uncertain.

“Well, you know what I like, you big, busty tramp! Now give me what I want!” His voice rapped out. As he spoke he pulled her right hand to his crotch and pushed his hips forward. Her hand moulded to the prominent mound that was starting to stretch up toward his waist.

“Please, don’t…” she started.

“Shut up, bitch or no more for you! Now do it!

Her right hand had never left his rapidly expanding cock.

Her other hand snagged her bra band between her boobs. With a grunt of effort she pulled sharply upward, pulling her bra up and off her breasts.

To the shock of Ms. Carnale she saw two huge boobs bounce out and quiver to a stop with the oversized bra draped across the top of a deep creamy cleavage.

Dick glanced at Ms. Carnale. “Surprised, Blondie?” he asked. “The first time I spent some time with Principal Tits here she discovered that I had a rock hard cock that was longer than her desk ruler. And I found out that she had a 36-G cup bra under her blouse!” With a chuckle he began to manhandle her big firm tits.

“She loves to feel her tits get mauled and squeezed. She really likes it when I mash her big titties over my dick and push and shove until I cum all over these big milkers!” His arrogant smile was still on his face as he watched the enthralled Principal press and squeeze his thick cock rod thru his pants.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Don’t make me…”

“Hell, I’m not going to MAKE you do anything, Principal Tits! I’m just going to offer you the chance to do what you want to do.” He smiled at Ms. Carnale. “You watching, Blondie? This could be you soon enough.”

“Now go ahead, busty. Do what we both know you’re so hot to do. Take it out and worship my giant dick!”

As if hypnotized her hands made quick work of his belt and zipper while he kept fondling her massive boobs that jutted out in front of her as she worked.

As soon as she had freed his erection, pushing his pants down around his ankles she wrapped both hands around his dick. A soft whimper escaped from her as she gazed at his fully hard prong. She wet her lips and gently kissed the seeping tip of his dick. Her tongue lashed out to lap up all the precum that was starting to cover her hands.

“Go ahead, Tits, suck it all up.” he commanded. “Get it all you horny bitch.”

Moaning steadily she did just that. Within moments she had cleaned up all the precum. Pulling back for a moment she pushed her prize to the left and right while she gazed at it.

With a gasp of pleasure she pushed her mouth half way down his dick and began a fast and noisy blow job.

Still feeling her jiggling juggs Dick smiled down at the busy busty principal as she worked.

“Yeah, thats what you like, isn’t it, Tits? My hard dick between your soft lips while you try to suck the cum from my balls! Well, not just yet. Come on, wrap my big dick between your huge tits! You know I love to tit fuck your big fat juggys!”

With a sigh of regret Principal Fitz drew back.

“You want to escort kadıöy tittie fuck me in front of her?” she asked, nodding toward Ms. Carnale?

“Sure. Why not? You’re not embarrassed by having the biggest, nicest titties in this school, are you?” He seemed genuinely curious. “You’ve got a better body than that little tramp Prissy, you know.”

“If you say so,” she responded sitting up straighter in the chair so that her breasts jutted forward. Moving slowly she enfolded his cock between her outthrust breasts. Drooling saliva over the exposed tip of his cock she began to work her tits up and down. His cock was hidden and then exposed then hidden again as she kept up the steady rise and fall.

Shifting her grip she mashed herself around him. Alternating her pressure she felt his dick as it hardened even more as she worked. After a few minutes she gazed up at him while she worked.

“Now? Can you do it now? You’re right. I’m so horny for you!” She stripped of her blazer and blouse. Her bra hung around her neck while she pushed her skirt and panties off. Her hairy crotch was bedewed with her excitement.

“I guess so. If you think you’re ready, Tits.”

“I’m SO ready,” she responded. She wasn’t even aware that Ms. Carnale was in the room as she stroked his hard dick. She clambered onto the desk, putting her cunt in a good position to get a hard pounding from the well endowed student.

“Are you going to need my help again?” Ms. Carnale’s voice reminded him that she was watching. Looking up from the spread-eagled principal he stared at Ms. Carnale.

“You want to help me slide it in, like the last time?” He asked.

“Yeah, I do,” she responded.

“Fine but you gotta do some thing for me. Slip out of that blouse. Show me those big titties you claim to have.”

Her hands were already working on the buttons while he spoke. More and more creamy flesh was exposed. Then the top edges of her bra came into view.

“Well, you are built aren’t you?” His eyes were locked on the blouse that she had unbuttoned.

“You have no idea, Mr. Manhorse. No idea.” Her voice was soft, but full of promise as she stripped to reveal a mammoth bra. Despite it’s size there were small pouches of breast flesh spilling out of the sides.

“This is a 36 Double J” she said with pride. “I haven’t had a chance to get a new one for a while and it’s a little small on me. But I haven’t seen anyone close to my size since I came to this school. What do you think?” She moved around the desk to stand behind him. As she pressed herself against his back her hand slid around to grasp the root of his dick.

“So thick,” she murmured. “So hot.” Her hand jiggled his dick, sluicing it up and down the principals pussy lips. Both the Principal and Mr. Manhorse gasped at the feeling.

“Go ahead,” she urged. “Fuck her. I want to see you slide this giant fucker as deep into her as you can.” She was pressing her tits against him as hard as she could. Rubbing her giant tits against him, urging him to thrust his hips and drive his cock into the panting woman on the desk.

“Am I the bustiest woman you’ve seen? Am I, Mr. Manhorse? Do you like my big titties?”

“You are the biggest busted woman I’ve ever met,” he admitted as he flexed his hips and sent three inches of steel hard dick into the weeping pussy in front of him.

“They look even bigger when I get them out of this bra, you’ll see.” She was whispering in his ear while pressing her groin against his butt. Her one hand still gripped his dick while the other smoothed up and down his muscular torso.

“Fuck her good and I’ll show you, Mr. Manhorse. Fuck her good!” She rose and fell on her toes, letting him feel just how massive her tits were. Letting him get an idea of how big they were against his back.

“You are such a cock teaser,” he exclaimed as he continued to fill the Principal’s hot cunt with more and more rock hard cock. His hands were filled with tit as he worked. More and maltepe escort more cock slid into the Principals cunt. She was gasping and panting, little yips of pleasure combined with her begging for “more, more, harder!”

Less than five minutes after they started the Principal erupted in a massive orgasm as her lover twisted his hips in a practiced motion that forced all of his erection into her pussy.

“Good job, fucker” the teacher said as she stepped back. Releasing her grip on his hard shaft she moved to the other side of the desk.

“So, you like women with big tits, huh? You like to push that huge dick in between those big tits and jack off all over big tits? Let me know how you feel about these big tits.”

Slowly she reached up and, grasping the underwires below her boobs, she pulled upward and outward. As she lifted more and more of the lower parts of her enormous tits were revealed. Up and up, finally reaching the point where the massive breasts thundered downward to smack heavily into her torso.

“Uh,” the breath was knocked out of her as the largest breasts Mr. Manhorse had ever seen quivered firmly in front of his disbelieving face.

Undulating in front of him, sticking out over the desk and casing a shadow over the Principal who was recovering from her massive orgasm were two gigantic, pointy breasts. They powered off her chest, the nipples erect in excitement. They reached even further as she pressed her upper arms against the outer swells of her titties. They were firm, quivering gigantic masses topped by pink aureoles just a bit darker than the surrounding flesh. They swayed slowly as she shivered her shoulders.

“Damn, those ARE the biggest titties I’ve ever seen. Why do you hide them away like that?” he asked.

“I don’t want to be a distraction.”

“Distraction? I promise you you’ll get more attention in class if you showcase these beauties instead of covering them up. You should share with the rest of us.”

His hips were still stirring slowly, his dick slipping between soaking wet pussy lips. Principal Fitz had recovered a bit and was rocking her hips in time with his movement. Reaching up she pinched both nipples that hung over her.

“Oh, that feels good,” the teacher exclaimed. She shivered in enjoyment as Mr. Manhorse leaned in and began to lick and nibble at the gigantic breasts so close to hand.

The Principal was tugging and pulling with both hands while Mr. Manhorse kept up his oral ministrations. Following their unspoken urging Ms. Carnale climbed up onto the desk, straddling the Principal’s head.

Being close enough now she used both arms to lift her huge boobs and enfold his head between them. At the same time, the woman below, who was now taking full strokes of the more than foot long, ankle thick cock, pulled aside the panties covering Ms. Carnale’s dripping wet cunt and began to lick and tongue her pussy.

“That’s so good! I love the way you’re treating my pussy!” she exclaimed.

Mr. Manhorse couldn’t hear a word. He was more than ear deep in the cleavage that Ms. Carnale was mashing strongly against his face.

Several minutes later all three of the sex crazed participants erupted simultaneously. Mr. Manhorse pulled him self free and jacked him self off over the two women in front of him while they both writhed in orgasm.

“Wow, that was amazing!” he groaned. “Now it’s your turn, Blondie. Busty Blondie. Get me hard and let me show you how a real man treats a boob dream like you!”

“Ha, not a chance! I don’t take sloppy seconds from anyone!” Ms. Carnale responded. Sliding off the desk she pulled her bra back on, buttoned up her blouse and tugged her skirt back into place.

“It was fun, Mr. Manhorse , but I think I’ll leave you and Principal Fitz alone. She looks like she’d like some more of that big dick you’re so proud of,” she was stroking his cock while she spoke. It was slowly regaining heft as Ms. Carnale walked to the door.

Looking back she saw Principal Fitz was cramming her face full of his dick, sucking him back to full length.

Still sucking she looked up to the teacher and gave her a little finger wave of goodbye and returned her attention to Mr. Manhorse and his big pussy pleaser.

End of Part 2

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