Teaching her a lesson

Teaching her a lessonJohn finished a little later than he had hoped from the office. He was a little tired and could eat something. He had only being sitting in boring meetings for the afternoon, but it did drain him mentally and physically.He crashed through the door to here laughter coming from the kitchen-diner. He walked in to find Stephanie, his wife chatting and laughing with her best friend, Monica. “hi Steph, how’s your day, hi Monica. What’s for dinner baby?” “Oh, not really had time for that honey, been busy, perhaps we can pop out for something” she replied with a smile. It wasn’t really what John wanted to here. He was tired, hungry, and needed to relax, and just wanted the company of Steph. He looked around, the place was a little untidy, and k**s toys littered the place. “Steph, look at this place, the k**s left for mums for the weekend this morning, and still you haven’t picked this lot up, come on, be a little considerate please”. She followed me around whilst I picked up stuff, apologising. “Sorry Honey, just got chatting, and time passes so fast”, which was the kind of sentence John was used to hearing from her. He heard the back door shutting, as he supposed Monica was making her get-away. He walked around and tidied a little, as Steph followed, he was beginning to boil. “That’s it, you really need to learn some stuff from me”, said John, as he pushed her onto the double bed in there room. The duvet was still unmade, and the throw cushions still a mess from the previous nights’ slumber. As Steph fell on the bed, her short skirt lifted to show her panties, and suddenly John was a little hungrier than he was previously. He jumped on top of her and pinned her to the bed. Steph, slightly shocked by this, tried to scamble free, but she could hear the unclipping of his belt buckled, and the belt sliding out of his trousers. Suddenly, she could feel the belt being rapped around her wrists, just tight enough to hold her arms fast. They were above her head, where she had them when she fell onto the bed. She quickly realized John had tied her to the frame of the bed, and she was tightly secured. This was a shockingly new thing to happen between them in their 6 year relationship. Yes, she had watched porn with John, and seen them using ropes and stuff, but never had she been tied up before, and she was worried, especially since John had been a little angry with her. “No John,” she called him, but only the once, as her mouth was soon filled with a hanky and tied there with what felt like his tie. Hell! she thought, what is happening. Then, she felt some freedom as John climbed off her. She could hear him breathing heavy and she felt a little bit anxious, but not afraid. John looked down on her, tied and secured to the bed. He had never meant that, and he was worried he had gone too far in their very beautiful relationship, but he was horny seeing her there, very vulnerable to his wishes. He walked over to the table and took Steph’s night mask, the one she used to help her sleep. He placed it over her eyes. He felt a little less guilty now she couldn’t see him.He could glimpse the soft material of her pants from under her short skirt. He traced his finger around the edge of the material. “Steph, I am going to teach you a few lessons now, what it takes to be a good wife in my house” he whispered. She took a deep breath. Slowly, he pulled down her panties, until half of her buttocks were showing. He gently caressed the soft flesh, and gently rubbed a thumb down the crack. She squirmed a little. He did it again and again, and he noticed her breathing get slightly deeper. He wet his finger and did it again. He bent down and blow breath onto the soft skin as he teased her. He saw that she had slightly opened her legs, as though she bid him to do more. He was a little shocked because they had never had any sex play with his wifes ass. Instead of lingering there too long, he moved his hand down to her thighs. He very gently rubbed the inside of each thigh, and with each move, he got a centimetre closer to her hottest parts. She was now alternating between opening her thighs and squeezing them together. He noticed the very wet patch in her pants, he knew she was very excited. Then, he was slowly undoing the buttons on the back of her short skirt, and pulling down the zip. Next, he moved his hand up her slender back, pulling up her tight t-shirt. The t-shirt got stuck around her breasts and wouldn’t go up any further. Gently, he ripped the soft material until it hung at each side of her. He placed his lips on the back of her neck, licking, kissing, nibbling, She shaked her head, trying to avoid the touch, such was the tease. He sucked on her earlobe, and she tried to turn her head to gain a kiss from her lover. He put out his tongue and gently touched it onto her lips, and she eagerly put hers out to interact, even through the gag, but she was too slow. Every time she tried, he moved somewhere else, but she could feel the closeness of him from the breath on her check, and when his nose slightly touched hers. He was now, very, very slowly pulling down the short pleated short, but ensuring aliağa escort that his fingers touched her legs very softly as he pulled it down. Next, her panties were very, very slowly inched lower, with one finger or thumb, she could not tell which, pulling the pants from only one point, the crack of her ass, then, down with the thumb (she was sure it was now) ensuring solid harsh,contact with her ass, then pussy, then the top of her thighs as they came down and then finally off. She was almost panting now, her breathing so heavy. She felt him climb on top of her and noted that he was now naked. She had been blindfolded the last few minutes, so didn’t see him remove his clothes. Then, she felt the cold sensation of cold liquid being dripped onto her back. He started to rub the oils in to every muscle and bit of skin he found, every now and again, his hands reaching to her front to tease a nipple. She knew she was dripping wet now, and she wanted to be filled as soon as she could. The urges in her body were constantly telling her to touch herself, but she was tied, and she couldn’t speak. She pushed as hard as she could, her pelvic bone down in to the bed, but the bed was too soft and she got no satisfaction, no matter how hard she tried, which just made her worse. The oiling and rubbing of her back was moving slowly south, and was now around her buttocks. She longed for those fingers to reach down and touch her clitty, she needed it, but still, she didn’t get the relief she needed. Johns hands moved now to the crack in the centre of her buttocks. Steph felt her bottom being slightly pushed, and her tight hole clamped tighter. His fingers pushed, and moved and pushed and moved, until, finally, one small finger slid inside her ass. She let out a moan, and John knew she wanted more, but he was in no mood to give her what she wanted. He moved his hand lower and pinched slightly her clitty, and she nearly came, she was so close. Immediately, he removed his hands to her waist and began caressing again. His cock was harder than it had been for a long time, and he noticed that it was gently sitting on the crack of her ass. Every twitch and throb it made, had it moving around in this beautiful little crevice. He parted her buttocks, and placed them around his cock, and thrust in and out, very gently, without actually entering that forbidden place. Then, he went back to caressing her back. He could feel now that Steph wanted to lose her ass’s virginity because she was bucking up to meet the cock, and when the tip was next to her little entrance, she sometimes shivered with lust. John climbed off her, and spun her round onto her back. Then he lifted her legs and forced them up to her shoulders. He delved his tongue deep into the soaking wet pussy of his beautiful dark skinned wife whist pushing one finger into her ass. She instantly came with a fire in her that she had never known before. How could he do this to her, she thought, why now? These types of pleasure were new and erotic and somehow stronger than what she had known before. John had now pushed his cock deep into here PUSSY hole, very deep, deeper than he had ever been before, and he pushed harder too. He seemed to have no regards for what he was doing to her, and what’s more, Steph liked it, no, stronger than like, she loved it. Her mind was asking why, but at the same time asking for more, and somehow John must have known because he was giving more and more as each second passed. He was fully removing his cock with each thrust and entering again each time, and at the same time, one finger was fucking her ass. He could her him reaching for the bedside table where she kept her personal stuff. She could hear him searching, then suddenly, she felt a huge pushing at her ass, what the fuck!! John had one of her dildos, and not just any but her biggest one andhe was pushing it at her ass. He had turned it on fully, and the burring noise was loud, even with all the slopping noise that was her being filled with his big cock in her wet pussy. Suddenly it entered, and a gush of ecstasy waved through her, she bucked up her ass to move with the thrusting of him, and to ensure a cleaner entry for the vibrator. She was in heaven, and another orgasm filled her and blurred her whole mind. She bucked up her ass into the air and arched her back. John could hardly keep inside his bronco as she bucked under the power of this enormous thrill. John was enjoying the fun of using his wife. His vanilla sex with her twice a week was never enough, and he had started to resent her for her lack of sex drive, but her she was, a sex goddess, with a tool up her ass, and a cock in her pussy, but her mouth was still empty. He had to change that, if she was to be really taught a lesson. He pulled out of her pussy, and pressed the dildo in her ass a little deeper, so it was bearly showing anything left outside her, and he reached for her “Rabbit”. He pushed it is her pussy, and turned it on low. It buzzed, and the didlo in her ass burred, and Steph moaned, a low moan, one that she was surely unaware she was making. John climbed uon the bed and gently slapped his beautiful escort aliağa wife on the check with his hard cock, she felt it through the long dark hair that was straggling her face now. John pulled the shoulder length hair away, and gently pulled her hair up into a ponytail, and then wrapped it around his hand. He pulled his hand back and at the same time pulled the gag down, quite roughly, which made her open her mouth, and john pushed his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. Steph, felt it, but that was something she needed, and she sucked fast and hard at the tool in her mouth. Every few sucks john pushed the long organ deep into her throat then took it out again, repeating. All this time, he was gently nipping her nipples between his finger and thumb, alternating the breasts, and cupping the breasts too. She felt a slight change in john. He started to thrust harder, he movement became tenser, more robotic and suddenly he filled mouth and throat with his juice. There was far too much for one mouthful. She drank it all down, except for a small leak that started to roll down her cheek. She kept sucking and sucking until John was empty, and John pulled out. This sent another shockwave through Steph and she couldn’t hold back any longer, her arse was pounding, her pussy was pounding, and her clit was aching, she, she screamed through her new gag that was his cock, a shrill muted sound, and then buckled up twice before collapsing. At that moment, she felt Johns finger rubbing up the trickle of cum that had rolled down her face, he pulled out his cock and placed the finger full of cum into her mouth. She sucked that last drop like it was candy. She hoped her ordeal was over, she thought could take no more, and tried to tell John Had the word actually been released from her lips, if he could hear, maybe he wouldn’t want to stop, and she was unsure if her mind body and soul were really all in agreement to stop this delicious episode. He placed his limp cock on her lips and she tried to suck it into her mouth, but he pulled away, he did the same again, and again she tried and failed. The next time, he placed it on her lips and this time she very faintly pushed out her tongue and gently licked. Then, she opened her mouth very slowly whilst still slowly and gently licking, her tongue not tensed. His limp tool flopped slightly into her mouth, and as she gently licked, she felt it slowly come to life again. The aching of her pussy was getting too much for her now, but she could not say no. Her husband was totally in charge of the situation, and there was nothing she could do about that. She Felt John tug out the tools and along with the tools flowed out bodily fluids, and John went down, licking up what he could from around her pussy and ass. John was getting harder and harder, and very tender now, so he knew the same must he said for Stephanie’s pussy. He decided to rest it for a few minutes, and got on top of her, poured some oil on stomach, and massaged her shoulders and chest, being aware that her nipples would be rather tender. He was hard again, and every now and then, he pushed his tender cock between her breasts to enjoy the warmth and soft flesh that were her beautiful round natural breasts. John then climbed down from her. He got two ties from his wardrobe, and tied them under the bed, near the middle, and flopped the ends onto the bed. He then untied Stephanie’s hands, and retied one at each side of the bed, a little looser to allow her some movement, with her facing up, and her knees bent, and legs dangling over the edge. Now, he thought she still needed to know what a good wife should do, so he sat her up and stood in front, straddling her, and thrust his cock very deep down her throat. She eagerly sucked, and bit, and licked. Steph pulled back so that his cock came out of her mouth and she started to lick his shaft, and turned her head slightly to nibble and bite the shaft. She bent her neck forward and down, so that she could continue the licking and nibbling lower and lower, until she could lick the very sensitive area between his cock and arse. He slightly opened his legs, allowing her to move closer and further, until her tongue flicked at his ass, and his knees slightly buckled to the sensation. She tried again, and John’s new found sensation sent lightning bolts through his head. She alternated between sucking his balls gently, nibbling his scrotum, and licking his ass until he could take no more and he cam over her face and hair. Steph, now ten minutes without any stimulation, but a face full of hot cum, was feeling urges deep in her stomach, and she rubbed her thighs together, trying the stem the urges she had. Seeing this, John climbed down and buried his head in her sex, her pussy wet and sloppy, and he licked her very gently just on her clittly, almost as though he wasn’t, much was the gentleness of the touch, but due to her tenderness, it was just the touch she needed. John’s mind was as shocked and disbelieving as Stephs was, and though hardly any words were being said, there felt to be no necessity. This was definitely the hottest thing he had every aliağa escort bayan experienced, and to make things better, it was with his wife, not with some two bit hooker, like some of the guys. Just the thought of what they had done was getting John hard again, and he was the boss today. Even though he was the last to cum, he was going to make sure he was the next too, or at least do what he wanted, and what was in his mind for his fun. He crawled around the back of Steph, who was still tied up to the bed, and sitting up with her legs hanging over the edge. He put his legs around her, and pushed his knob under her bottom, into the crack, and started to massage her back. He pushed, and kneaded, and kissed her back and shoulders, very hard, dangerous sexy for his wife. His nails were digging in to her flesh, and the moans were starting to build in his wife’s breathing again. He placed his hands around her waist and caressed her. Up moved his hands until they cupped her breasts, swollen and hardened by the afternoons kinky workout. Rubbing her nipples made her squirm, and she moved around a little too much on his cock, sending delightful messages to him once again. He placed his hand around her once again, and started to press her clitty with his palm, and pushed two fingers inside her. She was again, moaning, and breathing, heavy. John reached up and released the gag that was hanging round her luscious neck, no longer needed, throwing it to the side of the room, doing the same with the blind fold. He lifted her up slightly, and prodded her bum hole with his cock. If she wanted to do it, all she had to do was sit down on it, and immediately he felt her pushing for his meat to be penetrated into her. She took it slowly, just the head, and after a few minutes of squirming with it there, a little more, until she had the lot in her belly and it seemed there just wasn’t enough for her as she grinded on John. John picked out her smallest didlo, put it on low and gently fed it inside her pussy. This was getting too much again. Steph curled her head around, breathing heavy, begging to be kissed, which John did. Their tongues danced together. They look deep into each other’s eyes. Steph mouthed the words “more” to John, and he tried to position himself so allow deeper penetration. It was just at that time, that the two lovers both looked up and saw that Steph’s friend,Monica was in the hallway, watching, shocked, unable to look away, rubbing her clit like crazy. She must have been watching the whole time. Both John and Steph were too near the edge to say anything, their bodies now in the middle of a special moment in time, and so just carried on. Their eyes hardly able to open fully, their minds focused on the primitive urges inside. Monica took the fact that her friends hadn’t stopped almost as an invitation and she slowly, curiously walked closer to see the show. Steph was now repeating her husbands name, over and over, in a murmoured whisper, as an urge to keep going. Then, Sheph moaned out the word “Monica”, just once, in the same murmoured whisper. Monica, still rubbing her clitty through very damp panties, crouched down, and started pushing Stephs dildo more and more helping out because of the lack of energy left in her two friends. John passed her a dildo for herself. Monica didn’t even look up at John, mesmerized by the site of John’s cock in her best friend’s ass, her friends pussy a tender red, and a dildo pushed deep inside, burring away Monica pulled panties over to one side and expertly slipped in her own tool of pleasure. She gasped, half shut her own eyes, at the relief of the extra titillation in her own soaking wet pussy. She worked the two dildos well, gently with her obviously tender friend, and a little more rough for herself. The smell of the sex was intoxicating for her, and nearer and nearer she placed her nose to take in this wonderful new adventure into her body, deep breathing in the smell. She was so close now that John balls were hitting on her chin, so she almost instinctively gave a small nibble to the skin, then a little harder, pulling, moving then to the real source of the erotic aroma, and she licked a little of the clit above her friends pussy, which rocked Steph to the bone. She did it again and again, throwing Steph out of rhythm. The silence continued between this unlikely threesome, no words being uttered, just the sounds of sex, Johns cock going in and out of Stephs ass, Monica lapping on Steph clitty and the two dildos. The breathing of all three started to get louder, and as each one’s moaning increased, it started the others to increase theirs. John, started to buckle, he just couldn’t hold back anymore and was the first to cum, his cum squirting up where it had never before, and started to dribble down the shaft and onto his balls. Monica, eagerly started gently licking this up, sending her over the edge and making her cum loudly for the first time that evening, closely followed by StephThree friends, two married, fell to the bed and floor, shocked, and all felt as though this was something they had seen on TV rather than been involved with. Their minds were racing, wondering, imagining, remembering. Soon they fell asleep in a heap, eager for rest, and to let their thought and dreams make sense of the changes they had just made, unknowingly, with their lives.To Be continued.

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