Teaching My Hubbie to Eat His Cum Ch. 01


Lovingly training my husband to eat his own cum – Lesson 1

My husband had expressed to me many times his strong desire to eat his own cum, usually towards the end of an ‘edging’ session. That desire used to fade away when he did cum. However, over time he began mentioning his particular fetish even when he wasn’t horny at all. I knew he was getting serious. So, I put my proverbial Dom-Pants on and buckled up to training him until he was up to the task.

He had shown me a few videos of cum-eating in the past. Most of them didn’t do a thing for me. I didn’t like the idea of using fantasy as a punishment and just rubbing it on him against his will. I didn’t want to be mean, and I wanted him to love it. I wanted it to be a great erotic experience for both of us.

One or two of the videos, however, did get me going. Especially the ones in which the couple was making out passionately, right after the wife had sucked him to completion. The idea of them, both being so turned on that they had just kept kissing and smooching even though her mouth was so full of his cum, gave me some devilish ideas.

I had experienced that he used to get very turned on by dirty talk. So, I started listing all the filthy things we had done before and the things which are still in our sexual bucket to get him super turned on when I wanted to. bursa escort Once I had even hinted that I might give him one of these things, but I was careful not to give away too much just yet.

I decided to begin his training with a small treat for him. One night while we were in bed, I initiated some foreplay. But unlike our regular foreplay ritual, my plans were a bit different this time. I needed to get his cock out as soon as possible. I did not want to waste even a single drop of his precum on the inside of his pants. My husband produces far more precum than any man I’ve ever been with, so I knew that all I had to do is to get him into the right mood.

Intentionally, I was barely touching him apart from running my index finger around the tip of his cock and warming him up while listing his deepest fantasies. I was carefully spreading his precum with my finger until the whole head of his cock was glistening wet.

Now that he was suitably worked up, I got up to the planned work. I wrapped my lips around his head, licking up all the precum I could. I flicked my tongue across the sensitive spot under the glans while I cupped his balls in my left hand. I used my right hand to stroke him while he was inside my mouth, starting at the base and stroking up until I reached my lips before starting over again. It felt so much more like görükle escort I was milking his cum rather than jerking him off like usual.

Usually, during a blowjob, I just do things that I know he likes, maximizing his pleasure. But this time, my plan was totally based on getting as much precum into my mouth as possible. It made me feel so dirty, sucking him not to get him off but to fill my mouth with precum. I felt like such a slut, essentially milking his cock into my mouth so that I could get his cum. Stroke after stroke I could feel my mouth filling up.

When I was content with how full my mouth was feeling with the mix of precum and saliva, I stopped everything I was doing, except for cupping his balls. I squeezed them tightly and told him that if he wanted the super-hot and dirty thing I had planned, he must fake the best orgasm of his life. He breathed a rushed “Ok.”

I returned my lips to the head of his cock and felt him thrust roughly into my mouth four times, moaning much louder than he does when he actually cums. He even faked the little whimper he makes after he’s finished shooting his second and third shots of cum.

Now it was showtime. I got up on my knees and towered over his body while he laid there on the bed pretending to be spent. I leaned down for a kiss, and he met me more escort bayan than halfway, still super horny. He began pecking at my face and moved in to kiss me on his third attempt. I opened my lips to meet his. While his tongue was trying to enter my mouth, I pushed his fake load of precum from my mouth into his.

His eyes lit up once he realized what had happened. He let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard him make, and the level of passion in his kisses jumped up to the highest level we’ve ever had. He was practically sucking my face at this point, almost in a state of ecstasy. I returned my hand to cup his balls, and I could feel how close to the edge he was. His entire cock was throbbing like he might cum without any more stimulation at all.

I quickly took off my panties and climbed on top of him, keeping my lips locked to his as best I can. I slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, taking his entire length inside me. I sat there motionless, staring into his eyes. We leaned in for a kiss. I could feel him cum inside me as soon as his lips touched mine. The taste of his cock still in my mouth tipped him over the edge. It was genuinely the biggest orgasm I’ve given him in years.

It was a good start towards his training; he had definitely shown that he would gladly taste his cum when he was still erect. The next step in his training would be to have him still want to do it after he had cum.

As I laid there above him, my pussy filled with his cum, my mind was racing, thinking of all the ways I can use to train him further.

To be continued…

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