Teenage Centerfold


It’s a bright, sunny Saturday morning, and you and my sister are supposed to go to the mall together to shop for bikinis. You’ve been particularly looking for your first thong bathing suit, and are eager to try everything on that you can. You and my sister (she and I are twins) have been best friends for as long as you both can remember, and you feel as comfortable in our house as you do in your own, so when you reach our front porch, you simply open it and enter, without knocking. Our living room is large and bright, with the hot morning sun streaming in through the large picture window, but the house seems oddly still in this, the middle of the morning. You call out my sister’s name at first, then try to think of why she’s not still in the kitchen making breakfast. You wrack your brain to try and think if you did agree to meet at our place at 10:30, and remember that is the correct time, but unbeknownst to you, my sister had thought 11:30 was the time, and has left on an errand.

You kick off your sandals and allow your feet to drink in the sensual feeling of our carpet’s deep shag pile. You’ve dressed in just what you need to try on bathing suits: no underwear, and only a tank-top (cut just below your firm breasts) and ragged cut-off jean shorts. As comfortable as you are in our house, and as many times as you’ve been over, lately you’ve had the strongest feelings of arousal whenever you’re over. You’ve known me since we were kids, but now maturity is beginning to turn our bodies into something more exciting than you’ve ever known, and you can’t spend the night with my sister without secretly hoping to bump into me in the night in the kitchen or hallway. You pad down the hallway, nude feet scuffing on the carpet, and feeling your sweet ass cheeks and damp pussy rubbing against the inside of your shorts. As you walk down the hallway, you look right, toward my sister’s bedroom door, then left, toward mine. You see my door cracked open slightly, and decide to walk in, hoping to catch me just out of the shower or dressing, and ready to explain that you thought, “I was in Tina’s room, I’m so sorry!” should you catch me.

You feel the pounding of you heart as you reach for the door, and push it open all the way, stepping all the way into the room as you do. Inside, your eyes see what you never could have imagined; I’m on my bed, I’m totally nude, and I have my hard cock in my hand, as I slowly jack off over several dirty magazines in front of me. For a moment, you’re too startled to know what to do, you feel somewhat embarrassed at what you’ve caught me doing, but you’re also incredibly turned on at what you see. You’ve never seen a man naked before (though you’ve seen pictures) and to catch me masturbating is even more of a turn-on. My eyes are wide with shock, embarrassment, and fear; I’m afraid you might laugh or humiliate me for what you caught me at, and I’m ashamed to have you see me like this. I quickly attempt to cover myself by pulling the bedsheets up over my lap, while at the same time; you turn to leave the room. At the door, however, you suddenly gather your strength, and instead of leaving, you close the door, remaining inside.

It takes all the courage you have to turn around to me; your body feels hot, your mouth is dry, and your legs feel rubbery. You feel incredibly turned on at what you’ve seen, but fear being in the room with a naked, obviously aroused man. I watch you, my eyes taking in the cropped tank top and the low-slung, ragged jeans. You turn to me, and swallow several times to wet your mouth so you can speak. Finally, in a voice thick with your excitement, you manage to say, “Don’t stop, it’s really exciting to watch you doing that to yourself.” I start breathing heavily; no girl has ever said anything about me was arousing, and you, as my sister’s best friend, are a girl I’ve seen partially clothed many a time, and have tried to catch coming out of the shower, or in your nightie when you stay over. To have you watch me while I jack off — to have you say my cock excites you, makes my pulse race with sexual tension.

You will your body to obey you; your level of arousal is so great you feel as though you’ll fall down instead of walking, but you manage to cover the few feet to the bed. My eyes are on the stiff nipples that are poking through your tank top; I imagine I can almost see the outline of your aureoles. You stand next to my bed, your chest heaving with the unbelievable sexual arousal you feel; never in your life have you been so turned on. You seem to feel as though you can feel every inch of your skin at once, and even with your shorts and tank on, you feel naked.

You reach down to the bed, and pull the covers off my lap, revealing my still-swelling cock, and the hand that is gently stroking it. You’ve never seen a guy masturbate, but right now, you want to see that more than anything. The thought of altyazılı porno watching me jack off and cum — has you ready to kill in order to see it happen in front of you. Your eyes catch the dirty magazines on the bed: pictures of naked women — spread-eagled; on all fours; fingering themselves; giving head; or just getting fucked, their up-turned faces showing the ecstasy of their sexual arousal — is maddeningly erotic, and it gives you a wicked, sexy idea. “I want to be your centerfold.” You whisper to me, “I want you looking at me as you… your voice trails off as you fight with your natural shyness for the word, but the sexy feeling you get being nearly naked yourself next to me as I’m stroking my cock (and already looking unashamedly at your crotch) gives you the strength. “… as you jack off.” The raw force of your words hits me like an injection of hormones, my hand jerks at my thick shaft, and a large drop of clear pre-cum oozes out of the head of my cock. The sight of my increased excitement, and the lust in my heavy-lidded eyes makes your entire body feel hot. You stand just three feet from me as you reach up, crossing your arms over your chest, and grasp the bottom of your tank top. Just raising your arms lifts your top, and I can already see half of your breasts, nude under the tank. You lift the material swiftly off your body, and I see your naked tits even before you have the top free of you; firm, round, dark nipples, your breasts are cotton-white where your old bikini covered them, and your nipples are swollen and flushed with desire. Your arms fall to your sides, you force yourself not to cover your breasts, and instead looking at my eyes and the effect your toplessness has on me. You see the heaving of my chest as I gape at the erotic sight of your naked tits. You look down yourself, and bring your hands up to your nipples to stroke and manipulate them, both for your own pleasure and mine. You cup your breasts for me, modeling them, and pressing them together, thumbs flicking at the very tip of your nipples. You begin to feel light-headed with the sensual feelings of playing with your body, and the feeling of being my object of sexual desire.

You force your hands down your body, trailing your fingertips over your tummy and down your hips, hooking your thumbs under the waist band of your low-hanging shorts, and sliding your hands to the snap in front. You tug the snap open sharply with your left hand, and slowly slide down the zipper with your right, watching my eyes follow your hand like a man hypnotized. “Do you like what you see?” you whisper, breathlessly. “Yes, very much.” “Do you want to see more?” “Yes, I want to see everything.” Your mind seems to turn to jelly hearing my desire to see ‘everything’ — all of your body, everything you can do, I can do, we can do — you can’t imagine where it will end, but you never want it to. Your fingers finish unzipping your shorts, revealing dark pussy hair through the opening, you had just this morning shaved off most of the hair for the very first time, intending to buy the most revealing bikini you could find, and now your pussy hair is just a small patch, no more than an inch wide and an inch tall. You slowly turn around, thumbs hooked into the waist band of your shorts, and you bend at the waist as you slide your shorts over your hips and ass, showing me your bare cheeks, the crack in between, then finally your tight little ass-hole and the very wet pussy lips below. You watch as your pants fall to your ankles and you step out of them, totally nude, feeling my eyes on your naked ass. You look over your shoulder at my hand furiously pumping my hard cock; my body sweating with lust as I fantasize about the nude girl in my room.

You turn back to me, one hand covering your right breast, the other hand covering your hot snatch until you’re once again facing me, then your hands move away to pull the magazines off the bed to the floor. You bring one leg up onto the bed, feeling your hot, wet lips part as you do so and watching my face as I continue to be riveted on your pussy. “Are you going to come soon?” You ask wonderingly. “I don’t know — I’ve never been this excited before.” “Slow down, I don’t want this to end too soon.” You watch as my hand, with great effort, slows it’s stroking of my cock until it’s just maintaining my aroused state. My eyes rise to meet yours and you see a look of pure desire in my eyes that you never imagined you’d ever see; I clearly want your body like nothing I’ve ever wanted before. You bring your other leg up onto my bed, and sit, legs open and towards me, hands on the bed behind you, as you look deeply into my eyes. You again have to work some saliva into your mouth; it seems that all the moisture in your body is in your pussy: “This is one centerfold that gets to see what she does to you.” You say. I jerk as I hear this, and you feel a wave of erotic zenci porno thrill at what your words can do to me. “Have you ever thought about me when jerking off? Thought about us … doing something?” I nod my answer. “I play with myself and think about you too. I imagine we’re … making love, or you’re touching me instead of me.” Again you see the drugged look on my face at the effect of your words. But not only I am affected; you feel your hand creeping down to your pussy hair to stroke your lips and caress your hot clit. You rest on one hand as you begin to play with yourself for me, closing your eyes as you often do when masturbating, feeling my eyes on you as you feel your naked legs and slowly bring your palm flat down the inside of your thighs to find your hot, wet twat. You begin to pant as your fingers spread your lips apart, circling the tip of one finger just inside your lips until it finds your clit, then rubbing your hot button, under and over and below the hood, concentrating on the enormously erotic sensations of a hot snatch, and the thrill of your best friend’s brother watching you get yourself off. You feel your hair in strings clinging to your wet forehead; perspiration is beading up on your back and shoulders as you wildly fuck your open pussy right in front of me. Your naked feet feel the smooth, cool bedspread, and your ass cheeks rock back and forth as your whole body screams out for release. Somewhere deep in your head is the thought that good girls wouldn’t do what you’re doing, but that thought is replaced by the realization that with me, you’re never going to be a good girl again. Your eyes are squeezed shut as you concentrate on your flying fingers stroking your naked clit; your teeth are bared and your thighs tremble as you finger your pussy to an indescribable orgasm. Your head whips back and forth until your lower your head to your chest and open your eyes, looking deeply into mine. You see in my face the same excitement you feel, and your eyes lower to my cock, huge and swollen in my hand as I watch your show. “Oh god! I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh yes… yes, yes, YES!!! I’m coming.” You look at my thick cock, then at my eyes; you’re fucking me with the intensity of your gaze. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You arch your back upwards, tits pointed at the ceiling, head back, and your mouth wide open as the orgasm overcomes you, you tense for a second, then its intensity rocks your whole body, and you convulse with pleasure, fucking your fingers with your naked cunt, shaking and moaning loudly with the sensation. You’re totally lost, out of control as you cum all over your fingers, hand and ass. Your tits are wet with perspiration, your pussy spasming out of control; your legs kick out, driving back and forth on the bed as you cum for yourself and me. For several minutes this goes on, your body trembling with orgasm, your eyes tightly shut as your whole body gives in to the ultimate pleasure. Your body quiets at last, but is still just a step below another orgasm. You look at my hard cock, and bring your trembling legs up to your chest. “Oh god, that was the most incredible I’ve ever felt. I think I’m almost still coming.” As if to prove it, your body jerks uncontrollably again, and you hug your legs to your naked, sweaty chest while it subsides. You roll over on your hands and knees and slowly spread your knees apart, showing off your swollen, dripping snatch and above it, the tight, pink ring of muscles of your ass. You look back over your shoulder, mimicking one of the poses you saw in my magazine, and reach over your hip, fingering the crack of your ass. Your finger moves gently, exploring your ass, something you’ve never done before, but your arousal is such that nothing is forbidden now. As your fingertip reaches your tight back hole, you feel a twinge of never-before-felt excitement run up your spine, and you look back to see me up on my knees approaching you from behind. You close your eyes, feeling the heat from my cock as it approaches you and you push suddenly back, hitting the huge, smooth head against your ass, and smearing wet, sticky pre-cum all over your cheeks. Driving back further, you push my body back onto the bed, landing on my lap, my cock caught between your ass cheeks, hot and hard and throbbing. You bring my hand around you to press it against your naked pussy, stroking your hot clit with my fingertips, and bringing my other hand to your nude breast. You turn your head to mine as it rests on my shoulder, and kiss me hard, realizing suddenly that you’ve just stripped naked and gotten yourself off for a guy you’d never yet kissed. You hold my hand to your damp chest, and rub my hand on your steaming twat, feeling another, and more intense orgasm building. As it approaches, and your body squirms with desire and lust, your naked aldatma porno ass twitches on my hard, thick cock. “Oh, your dick feels soooo good!” “So hot, so hard, so thick.” You begin to pant as your orgasm becomes imminent. “oh god, I’m gonna… gonna… come again! OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!” Your entire body convulses on mine with the force of your orgasm, I can feel every inch of your nude body on mine, your ass grinding away on my hard-on, your wet back pressed against my chest. Your head rolls over to look straight into my eyes as you whimper, still orgasming on me and from me. You keep my hand on your cunt, as you roll over, and lie down on the bed, spreading your legs for me. “I want you to lick me. Lick my pussy.” We kiss hotly, my hand feeling your naked tits, and your hands grabbing my cock, pumping it up and down. “No! No — I want to do a 69!” My eyes widen as I hear this, you lean forward to kiss me full and hard, “I want your cock in my… mouth! I want to suck it, give you head, and swallow it when you cum.” You lay me down on the bed, and straddle my face, lowing your hot, naked snatch to my mouth feeling my warm breath on your wet, swollen lips, eager for the sensations of having a rough tongue on your hungry cunt. You watch as I spread your pussy lips apart with my fingers and my tongue reaches up to gently lick your erect clit. Your eyes close as you concentrate on my erotic licking of you, then you open your eyes to look at my hard dick; naked, huge, red, and twitching with desire in front of your eyes. You lower your head, and gently start licking my shaft, feeling the smoothness of the skin, and the heat coming off it. I moan lowly, feeling your wet tongue on my cock, and your lapping greedily at me, running your tongue from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the head, slowly licking all the way around the head of my cock. Your hand wraps around the shaft, and your shift your weight to your other arm, allowing your head to lower to the huge cock in your hand. Your fingers barely wrap around the shaft as you lift my cock to your mouth. You open wide and feeling the heat on your lips, take my round head into your mouth. Your close your eyes to experience the sensation of oral sex; the slippery feeling and clean taste of my pre-cum, the smooth texture of my head, and the feeling of my body twitching beneath you as you begin to slowly suck on my cock. You forget about your own body’s desire and rock forward, sucking at me and allowing your saliva to drool over your hand, pumping my cock slowly like an incredibly tight pussy. You wrap your lips tightly around my head and suck all the way up to the end, allowing my cock to pop out of your mouth, but still continuing your slow, erotic jacking off of my cock. “Mmmmmm, that feels SO good!” You hear me say. “Does it? Is what I’m doing alright?” “Oh yes! It’s more than all right, it’s incredible. OH!!!!” You experiment with my cock; stroking slower, then pumping it up and down faster. You hold the head right in front of your mouth and lick gently at the head, finding that the rim just below the head is the most sensitive part, and concentrating on that area. You lick your lips to keep them wet, and wrap them around my cock, going down deep taking as much of my cock in your mouth, bathing my naked cock with your tongue as you suck me. “I’m giving head.” You think, “Only seventeen and already giving a guy a blowjob.” The erotic thoughts going through your mind only drive you crazier, and you wildly pump my cock in your hands and move your lips up and down my shaft faster and faster. You feel my hips arch up off the bed, driving me deeper into your sweet mouth.

“He’s fucking my mouth! Damn! He’s fucking my mouth!” Your hand massages my balls, stroking them and gently squeezing them, feeling them swollen with cum. “I want it all” you think, “I want him to shoot it all in my mouth, or on my tits.” Again, your erotic mental images start driving you crazy with desire, you begin to jack me off insanely, and suck the head of my cock as hard as you can. You decide you’re going to learn to give the best head in school; we’re going to practice every time you come over, and you begin pumping my shaft harder and faster. You hear my moans underneath you; you don’t even think of where my sister might have gone or when she’ll be back — right now, you wouldn’t stop even if she came into the room. You’re aware of your own excited state as you fuck my hard dick with your hot mouth, and you realize that not only have I started fingering your snatch again, but I’m working a finger up your ass. Your a little worried about that, but too caught up in giving me head to be able to stop, and as my finger penetrates your ass-hole, you begin to feel an erotic sensation you’ve never felt before. I’m pumping into your mouth again, forcing my cock deeper into your hungry mouth and you let go of my cock with your hand, bracing yourself on both hands on the bed and bobbing your mouth up and down on my cock, concentrating on keeping you lips wet and tightly around my head. Your wonderful, hot, sucking drives me over the edge and with a hard thrust, I drive my cock all the way down your throat.

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