Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 03


If this is your first exposure to this series…. Where have you been?

Just kidding.

‘My’ adventures with Becca began in “Telemarketing Turnabout”, and her daughter Lizzie was introduced in Part 2. Both of those chapters can be found in the Mature category.

So, catch up….. As always, I enjoy hearing from those who read my work, so please send me a comment. Feedback is even better. And, of course, your vote.



“What?” I asked. To say I was confused was a huge understatement. However, I was also, horny, eager, excited and stunned. My gorgeous darling Becca, my love….. had just offered my services to her equally gorgeous daughter. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one feeling a little baffled.

Lizzie stood there, her mouth hanging open.

“Look, you two…. I’m old, but not blind or stupid.” She turned to me, “I’ve seen the way you look at her, and the way she looks at you.” Now to Lizzie, “and you…. I know you. There’s a reason you have been flirting and walking around here virtually naked. You want him. So here’s your chance. I know it’s going to happen sometime…. it might as well be now… with my knowledge, and my consent.”

When she’s right, she’s right. Lizzie had been on my mind since I first crashed into her in the hallway. It’s hard to believe it was only yesterday.

Lizzie was still standing in the same spot, and still hadn’t said anything. She just shrugged, and unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way.

“You’re sure about this, Mom?” she asked.

“Yes. And I want to watch. Maybe you can teach me a few things,” Becca replied, smiling that little lusty smile of hers. She was still wearing her skirt, albeit up around her waist, her fishnets, and the shredded remnants of her teddy, but her glorious breasts were bare and being proudly displayed.

Lizzie shook her head. “I never in a million years thought my own Mother would-be telling me to have sex with a guy, let alone her boyfriend.” The blouse came off, and her fabulous tits bounced free.

“You really do have wonderful breasts, Lizzie. Don’t you think so, baby?” she asked, looking at me.

Now I was sure I was in the Twilight Zone. My girlfriend had just asked me if I liked her daughter’s tits. This just kept getting stranger. But, honesty is the best policy, or so I’ve been told.

“Yes dear, they are beautiful. She is beautiful,” I replied, making no effort to divert my eyes from Lizzie’s rack.

“Almost as nice as yours, Mother,” Lizzie returned the compliment, and started to undo her jeans. A little black thong came into view as she slid the jeans down over her hips and kicked them off. The thong followed seconds later.

I had taken advantage of the lull to remove my remaining clothes. I looked at Lizzie, standing there naked in front of me, and not for the first time. She looked different somehow, this time. This was not a tease. It was going to happen.

“If we’re going to do this,” I started, “let’s do it right.” I stepped over to her and took her in my arms. She was shaking like a leaf. I pulled her closer, looking into her eyes, and her tremors calmed slightly, until I kissed her, when she sighed and kissed back passionately. Shivers of nervousness had been replaced by those of extreme arousal, and she dragged me down on top of her as she laid back on the bed. Her hands clutched and grabbed at me, feverishly trying to touch me everywhere at once. The heat of her kisses and embrace was having a similar effect on me, and I started to return her caresses.

I slowly slipped down her body, pausing for a few minutes to graze on her tight pink nipples. She moaned approvingly, playing with my hair while I suckled gently and kneaded her firm globes. One hand moved down, doing some advance scouting for my tongue, and began to stroke the moist lips of her pussy. They were smooth. I thumbed her clit, and she gasped, shuddering at my attention.

“Oh god…. I Love what you’re doing to my nipples, but I really need to feel that tongue on my pussy…. Lick me please. I really Love being licked,” she whispered.

“Of course, Lizzie…. anything you like,” I answered, giving her yummy little buds a parting kiss. I trailed my tongue down, dipping into her navel in passing. Finally I settled into position between her outstretched thighs, able at last to give an up close inspection to the pussy I’d seen from a distance on a couple of occasions.

Now that is one very pretty kitty, I thought to myself. Shaved, or more likely waxed, she was completely hair free, as smooth as the day she was born. She was more of an ‘inny’ than an ‘outty’, meaning her lips were tighter and thinner, and didn’t pout open as much like an orchid. The thick, fatty lips of her outer labia pressed in, leaving a moist crevice which her inner lips filled. Those inner lips flowed up smoothly, forming a bulbous hood for her very aroused clitoris, tuzla escort which was starting to peek out. It, like her inner folds, was bright pink.

I kissed her clit, and Lizzie groaned. I did it again, and the groan became a moan of delight. I flattened my tongue, and gave her several long licks from her puckered little asshole all the way to her increasingly prominent clit. It was when I dipped my tongue between her lips that I made the best discovery. She was dripping wet, and those juices were like ambrosia, so sweet and delicious that I couldn’t get enough.

Once I had tasted her, I was hooked, and began to eat her feverishly. I forced my tongue as deep into her as I could…. probing, tasting, teasing, caressing…. all accompanied by a growing symphony of excited breathing, sharp pants and passionate moans. Having cleaned her most intimate recess of its most intoxicating nectar, I turned my focus to her little pink pearl. I licked it, I flicked it, and finally I sucked on it. That’s what set her off.

“Mmmm mmmmn mmmMM AHHHHNNH! AHHHNN! OH! OH! OH YESSSSSSSSS!” she shrieked, and her thighs clamped with skull crushing force around my head. She arched and twisted, as though trying to get away from my tongue, while her grip on my head made escape impossible. It was, all in all, a very impressive orgasm, and it was several oxygen deprived seconds before she melted, releasing me. I had no intention of leaving, as her climax had gifted me with a fresh helping of her sweetness, and I was still thirsty.

Four gut wrenching, ear-splitting orgasms later, she really was pushing me away, having reached her limit of stimulation. She laid there, panting raggedly, her incredible breasts quivering as they rose and fell with her breathing. Once she recovered her power of speech, she surprised me.

“You… lick pussy like…. a woman,” she gasped, blushing when she realized her comment may have revealed something about herself better left private, especially in front of her mother, who had been watching us quietly while gently masturbating.

I hoped that was a positive review, not in the category of ‘you throw like a girl’.

“Um, that’s a good thing, right?” I vocalized. “I mean… in your personal experience?”

She blushed again. “Oh yes. That’s a very, very good thing!” She caressed my cheek, and turned toward Becca.

Her Mother was staring at her. “Really? I always wondered what it would be like with another woman. We’ll have to talk later.”

I wondered if I was the only one whose pulse just began to race. Visions of Becca and Lizzie locked in a sapphic embrace filled my head. While I was distracted by this imaginary lesbian encounter, Lizzie had decided to return the favour. I was shaken from my daydreaming by the feeling of her tongue on my cock, which was still coated with a dried layer of her Mother’s succulent juices.

At tasting this unexpected seasoning, Lizzie paused and glanced at Becca, who was shedding the last of her clothing. “You taste good, too, Mom,” she laughed, and swallowed as much of me as she could, moaning and making delicious sounds. She sucked me dutifully for a few minutes, then extracted my stiff dick from her mouth. “Perhaps we can revisit this later…… but for now, I’d really like it if you’d put this big cock to work. I need to get fucked, and I need it right now!”

Well, I did say ‘anything you like’, didn’t I? She had laid back and spread her legs wide, and was now splitting the lips of her pussy with her fingers. The bright pink of her interior folds attracted my attention as she held herself open, waiting for me to intrude on her wetness. I knelt between her legs, and guided the head of my cock into her, feeling her inner lips close around my shaft as she released them. I pressed gently, and her pussy yielded easily, sliding smoothly around me until I reached her cervix. She took a sharp breath and winced a bit, patting my chest to stop me.

“Hold it there for a sec, big boy….. damn, that’s a nice cock! Now I see why you keep him in your bed, Mother!” She undulated her hips, and bit her lower lip. “Okay. I’m all yours…. let me have it!”

Despite her apparent surrender, I decided to go easy on her, starting with a slow, gentle rhythm that didn’t go too deep. Her legs came up, giving me better access, which I took as a further invitation, starting to go deeper and harder. As I did she pulled me closer with her legs, and wrapped her arms tightly around my shoulders, kissing me in a frenzy of passion that I was happy to return. I could feel her firm globes jiggle against my chest with each downward thrust.

She was surprisingly quiet. I could see in her eyes that she definitely enjoying herself, and her mouth was open, but her only sounds were the ‘nnnh, nnnh, nnnh’ of her breath escaping with each stroke. Perhaps a position change will make her ‘happier’, I thought.

I hooked her right leg with my arm, and lifted it onto tuzla escort bayan my shoulder, changing my angles, causing her to become a bit more vocal. A few more delighted moans wafted around the room. I continued to roll her, now on her side, while I kept fucking her juicy pussy. Now she was breathing harder, and starting to squeal. One more 90 degree roll later, and she was flat on her belly. I was pounding down into her, meeting her firm but cushioning ass with each stroke. I had learned this one from a former girlfriend, who told me this position was a g-spot killer. Apparently she was right, because Lizzie was screaming.

“Oh my god!…. Oh, shit!…. Oh… Oh fuck!… Don’t stop!… Please, god, don’t stop!… “

I can follow directions like that, so I did, fucking her harder. She perched up on her elbows, arching her back, and tilting her head back. She managed to make eye contact, and I could see the fire in there. I leaned closer to her ear.

“You like this, Lizzie?” I whispered, without breaking rhythm.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! I Love it! Please don’t stop! Fuck me!”

“Okay, Lizzie…. I’ll keep fucking you…..for as long as you want. Are you going to cum for me? Are you going to cum all over my cock?”, I added.

“Oh shit, yes!…. I’m gonna cum so hard! Fuck….. Fuck your cock feels good!… You’re gonna make me cum!… Gonna CUM!…. GONNA CUMMMMMM!… AHHHHHHN!…. OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” she screeched, bucking and arching under me. I felt her heels pressing up into my ribs and looked down. Her toes were curled. Mission accomplished. She finally collapsed flat, trying desperately to catch her breath.

Becca tapped me on the shoulder. “Did you just kill my daughter?” she asked, smiling, “and when are you going to kill me like that? That was something to watch.”

I pulled out and rolled Lizzie’s limp but conscious body over, immediately taking my place back in her pussy. Having given her a massive orgasm, I was now allowed to be selfish. I started to fuck her furiously again. She moaned softly, then a bit louder, and then louder still. By the time I was ready to cum, her eyes were open and she was an active participant. I reached nirvana, and pulled out, stroking myself and spraying white globs of goo all over her. Now it was my turn to flop and catch my breath.

I rolled off the bed, and stepped into the ensuite bath, planning to return with a warm cloth to clean up the splattered mess I had left on Lizzie. When I got to the doorway on the way back, I stopped dead in my tracks. Someone had beaten me to it.

Becca was leaning over her daughter’s body, licking my cum off her breasts. I watched. My dick watched, too. Becca’s magnificent breasts hung free, grazing Lizzie’s nipples, which made them both moan. While I stood there, Becca’s attentions went from cleaning to arousing, as she began to tongue and flick at Lizzie’s pink nubs. Then that gave way to suckling and suggestive caresses.

Lizzie pushed up, forcing her Mother over onto her back, and started to return the favour, nibbling at Becca’s extremely thick and erect nipples. Moans of delight reached my ears in stereo. Soon they were kissing, and the moans grew in intensity. Then Lizzie headed south, and things really picked up. Before long Lizzie’s tongue had Becca in a frenzy.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck, Lizzie… Oh my…. Oh yes, that’s it….. My clit!…. Oh yes!… Yes!… YES!” she screamed. Watching Becca cum was nearly as much fun as making her cum. Breasts shaking, hair flying, back arching…. I should have sold tickets. After Becca’s orgasm, Lizzie raised her head from between her Mother’s thighs, made eye contact with me, and grinned.

She sat up, swung her leg over, and backed up, finishing with her pussy hovering over Becca’s face. It didn’t take her Mother long to take the plunge, so to speak, tentatively tasting Lizzie’s snatch by extending her tongue fully and parting the gooey lips. My opinion of Lizzie’s flavour found confirmation in Becca’s sudden eagerness to partake, and the yummy sounds that emanated from her as she buried her face up her daughter’s cunt. Her Mother’s sudden onslaught caught Lizzie somewhat off guard, and she fell forward. Now that Becca had acquired a taste for it, there was no way she was going to let Lizzie’s pussy get away.

She rolled the two of them over, pinning Lizzie under her and resuming the oral exploration of Lizzie’s delicious gash. Soon, a full blown sapphic 69 had broken out.

I was still standing in the bathroom doorway, watching. The wet cloth had long since gone cold, but my cock was red hot and rock hard. I straddled Lizzie’s head and looked down at her, peeking out from under her Mother’s pussy. She spread Becca’s labia for me with her fingers, and guided me in.

As I pushed in, Becca groaned. Since she had her lips planted on Lizzie’s clit at the time, Lizzie screamed at the increase in stimulus. I stroked Becca a few more escort tuzla times for good luck and pulled out, aiming my cock at her puckered back door. It was another one of those things we hadn’t gotten around to. I pressed, and Becca’s head immediately came up from her pussy munching…. silently, waiting for the next move. I pushed a little more, and she pushed back, until her sphincter began to yield. The head of my cock slipped in past her tight little ring, making her gasp in surprise.

“Oh fuck! Please fuck my ass!” she hissed, pushing back harder. I slipped in deeper.

While Becca was distracted by my cock in her ass, she wasn’t licking Lizzie, making her feel left out of things, so she decided to assert her involvement. First her tongue caressed my balls, a sensation that certainly got my attention. Her tongue then moved on to her Mother’s clitoris, which made Becca shudder and moan in delight.

It didn’t take very long for me to bury my dick balls deep in Becca’s ass. With Lizzie providing the alternative pleasure by licking her Mother’s pussy, the inevitable pain of Becca’s first bout of anal penetration went past quickly.

The girls were back in sync, grazing on each others cunts, when I started to move gently in and out of Becca’s ass, short strokes to begin with, but getting longer and stronger as she became accustomed to it. I settled into a gentle rhythm.

I thought back to when I first met Becca. She had tried to send me away, claiming to be too old for me. Her ex-husband had been a prudish, conservative asshole, who eventually cheated on her with a younger woman, but not before doing a number on her self esteem. It’s something of a minor miracle we made it beyond that first five minutes.

Yet, once we did, things had progressed rapidly. It seems like all I really had to do was prove him wrong about one thing, and she threw out everything he had ever said. Now, she was a bona-fide sex fiend…. a thong wearing, shaved pussy, public sex loving slut…. and all of it for me only. She gave the best blowjobs, loved getting her pussy munched, and now, just today, had crossed the line into lesbianism, incest, and was eagerly taking it up the ass at this very moment.

I looked down between strokes to see Lizzie plunging three fingers deep into her Mother’s dripping pussy, while still maintaining her lip lock on her clit. Then I felt it.

Lizzie has two hands, and while one of them was busy finger fucking Mom’s cunt, the other one was worming a finger up MY ass! It was something of a new experience for me, but I wasn’t ready to pass judgement on it, yet.

Becca was still moaning with each thrust, but as Lizzie and I fell into synchronization, those moans transformed into squeals of glee, before finally growing into screams of absolute ecstasy.

“Oh my god… Oh my god… Oh…. My God!…. Oh yes!…. Fuck me!… Fuck me, both of you!…. I’m gonna cum! Yes! Gonna cum! Yes! YES!….. YESSSS!… CUMMMMMMMMMING!!”

While Becca was wailing through the first waves of her orgasmic tsunami, Lizzie was finger fucking my ass. The jury was now in ; I liked it, and it added just enough to the experience to make me cum as well. I squirted into Becca’s bowel while maintaining my death grip on her hips. Lizzie, satisfied with her work, removed the finger from my ass, and concentrated her attention on her Mother’s gushing pussy.

With the intruding digit removed, I relaxed and slipped wetly out of Becca’s asshole, which remained gaping open for several seconds. I sat back on my haunches to recover. What I saw next was almost enough to get me hard again.

As Becca’s ass returned to its normal state, her muscles began to expel the load I had just deposited, and a stream of cum started to trickle out, running down towards her pussy, which Lizzie was busy slurping madly. I watched it drip across the bridge of Lizzie’s nose, and over her cheek, before she followed the stream up to its source. She gave the abused little rosebud a tongue bath, and when she was done, Becca rolled off her and pivoted on her hip. They shared a cum soaked kiss, and Becca cleaned the runny remnants off Lizzie’s face.

It was about twenty minutes before we had the collective energy to stagger into the shower together, but twenty after that, we were all snuggled together in our king sized bed. I was the meat in a sexy redhead sandwich. We were exhausted.

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. The birds woke me, although I didn’t open my eyes. Soft breathing tickled my skin from both sides, and soft breasts pressed against me likewise. I was in heaven. I felt soft lips on the side of my neck, then further up, on my cheek. I turned slightly in that direction, and the lips found mine. My fuzzy, sleep addled brain wasn’t yet trying to differentiate the identity of the lips, which parted as a tongue began to explore my mouth. I reciprocated reflexively. Suddenly, a second pair of lips began to work their way up the other side of my neck. I opened my eyes at last.

The first set of lips, and the tongue that was wrestling with mine, were Lizzie’s. Becca stopped kissing my neck and sat up, smiling.

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