Ten Years Today


Ten Years TodayI am writing today to tell you about my first time with another girl. It was 10 years ago today and today I am 31yo, so you do the math.I had been baby sitting for a single mom for about a year, and I had a crush on her. She would have me sit for her about twice a month while see went out with her friends. She had been divorced about three months when I started sitting for her, and she said she would rather hang with friends than date guys right now. On nights when she would be out after 11pm I would spend the night so she wouldn’t have to drive me home, and also wake my mom when I got home.Most times I would sleep on the couch but for the last few times she said i could sleep in her room if i wanted, and she would try not to wake me when she got home. I have no idea how long I had been asleep kaçak iddaa when she came home but I herd her come out of the bathroom and get in bed. I ask her if she had fun, and she said yes. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I just laied still so i wouldn’t bother her.She seemed to toss and turn alot but I thought she was asleep. After about a half hour she tuened to me and ask if I was awake, but I just laid there not saying a word for some reason. She sem to be laying still for the first time tonite, but i could her breath getting harder and her hips move slighty and it didn’t take me long what she was doing. A hot flush covered my whole body, and I know I was beet red in the face.I felt that familer warm feeling between my legs, but so far I had only felt that feeling when watching my mom’s x rated movies illegal bahis when she was at work.Suddenly she stoped, and turned facing me and ask me if I was OK. I knowitced that my breathing was as fast and deep as hers, and she must have knowiced.sweety are you Ok she asked for the second time and this timed I answerd yes. She ask me if I had been awake all this time, And I said no, but she knew I was lieing. She told me to turn on my side with my back to her. I thought it was so I couldn’t see her, but insted she snugled up aginst me and started grinding her hips aginst my botton. I started shaking and she told me to relax and every thing would be fine. I herd her sit up and take her panties off and again laid back down and pressed herself against my bottem. before i could take another breath her hand sliped bahis siteleri over me and into my tank-top and she started making small circles around my nipples. I could hear my heart beat, and I thought i was going to faint. Do you like that she ask, but I couldn’t answer her. She asked me to sit up and she pulled the tank top over my head. She held me in that position and reached over and turned the bedside lamp on. Oh you are so beauityful she said. Relax and enjoy this I know you will like it. Pushing me on my back she reached under me and pulled my panties off and felt the cotton crothe and said you are very wet. she stroked my little pubic hairs with the back of her had, and then down to feel me. It wasn’t until the that I knowiced she was nude. bending down she took my hard nipple in her mouch and I felt my vagina twitch. Then things stared happening real fast. she started playing with my clit, putting her finger down to my wet hole and rubbing my clit with my wetness. More of this stoy to come soon. T

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