TERRI’S FIRST TIMETerri is my 38 year old wife. We have been married for three years now and I had been trying to get her to try a more adventurous lifestyle since before we were married. I have been in the swing scene for several years, my ex-wife Nancy and I first tried it about 8 years ago and we had several experiences with Black male partner s. I found that I particularly enjoyed watching her being taken by a well endowed Blackman, she always seemed to respond more to them and the men always seemed much more forceful then the white partners she had and I enjoyed this very much. When I met Terri I was immediately attracted. She is a very tiny girl, 5′-1″ and about 103 lb. (she wears a size one jean), but her breasts are very full and her ass is tiny but well rounded and heart shaped. She has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a million dollar smile. When I met her she had recently gone thru a divorce from her husband of 17 years, they had dated in high school and gotten married right after graduation and he was the only man she had ever been sexually involved with. Needless to say, she was very inexperienced sexually. Apparently their sex life was pretty straight forward, missionary position or doggie style only, very little oral sex and absolutely no anal sex. She honestly thought that this was all there was to sex. When we started dating she had been on her own for about 3 months and had dated a couple of other guys but had not allowed anything beyond being kissed and touched on her breasts a few times. We went out for about 4 months and things started to look like this might be a long term relationship. I was patient with her because I really cared about her and understood her feelings about rushing into sex and it was giving me a chance to start to teach her a few things, like I said, when it came to sex she knew very little other than the basics. Finally, after about 4 months of dating and talking, things finally happened, we had gone out to dinner and went to a local club for an evening of dancing. When we got back to her place she invited me in for a little while, which was nothing new, I would usually came in for and hour or so and we would make out on the couch, I had managed to touch her tits and pussy and had been getting her out of her bra and panties for about a month, but never any further than heavy petting, but this time was different. She had been drinking a little more than normal and I noticed that her dancing had been a lot more sexually suggestive. She told me to sit on the couch and said she would be back in a minute, she went into her bedroom and about 5 minutes later came back out wearing on an almost see thru long nightie. She came over to the couch and curled up in my lap, one thing led to another and I slept with her that night, it was definitely well worth the wait, her body was tiny and tight. Her only flaw, (she thought, I didn’t) was her tummy, she has two c***dren and because she is so tiny she has had both of them by C-section, this has left her tummy with a little scar and not as flat and tight as she thinks it should be, the trade off is her pussy is unbelievably tight, with no c***d birth and only one man having ever used it, it was not stretched at all, just tight and wet. Once we started having sex it became a once or twice a day or night thing. I started to teach her about the different things she could do, different positions, oral sex, both her sucking me and my going down on her, she found she really loved to do both and I introduced her to anal sex which after the first time she discovered she really enjoyed and would cum very hard when she was taken that way. I finally got her to shave her pussy completely bald which has always been a turn on for me and from then on she has kept it smooth and soft for me. I also started having her dress more suggestive, not slutty, just shorter skirts, thong panties, thigh high nylons instead of panty hose, more revealing tops and high heels, if she wore pants it would be very tight levis or jeans and She started to really loosen up about her appearance and realize she was a very attractive women, men started to stare and pay attention to her when we went out and she enjoyed the attention, this was something completely new to her, yet at home she would be comfortable in old levis with holes in the knees and tee-shirts and tennis shoes.As she became more comfortable with our sexual life we started to talk about different fantasies we had. I started to think about seeing if I could get her into the life style I had with my former wife, I though it would be interesting to see her with another man since she was so sexually inexperienced and the more I thought about it the idea of her being with a black man was even more intriguing. As I said, we started to discuss our different fantasies. I got her to admit that she had a fantasy about being with a strange man while she was blindfolded and unable to see who he was or what he was doing. While we were making love one night I started to tell her about a fantasy I had of her in a very sleazy biker bar and watching while she played pool with a couple of very rough biker types. She would be wearing a very short skirt and every time she bent over to shoot, her skirt would ride up and her ass and pussy would be exposed for everyone in the bar to see. She would lose the pool game and want to play again; she would have had way too much to drink and make a bet that she would beat them in the next game. The two bikers she was playing would ask her what she wanted to bet and she told them that if she lost she would do whatever they wanted her to do. The bikers would ask me if I backed up that bet and I would ask her is she was sure what she was doing. She would say “you b et I am.” In the fantasy she would lose and she would end up bent over the pool table while the bikers pushed her skirt up over her hips and pulled down her panties and took turns fucking her, she would end up being fucked by every man in the bar. To my surprise this story really turned her on and she wanted me to tell her the story every time I would take her doggie style, she told me that while I was telling her the fantasy she was imagining it really happening to her and she would cum very hard while she was thinking about what it would be like to be taken like that. As time went on I started telling her different stories like this one and finally started making the men in the stories black men. The first couple of times I did this it surprised her that I would mention the idea of a Blackman fucking her while I watched. Her ex-husband would not even let her talk to a Blackman and disliked them very intensely. After a few stories where the men were black she started to really get excited about the stories and wanted to hear them all the time, finally one night while she was on her knees sucking my cock I told her that what really excited me was the idea of her on her knees like she was right then and while she was sucking my cock there was a Blackman fucking her from behind and several more lined up to take their turn. The more details I got into the more excited she got and I started adding things to the story, things like having her tied and blindfolded and held down and gang banged, picking up a couple of black men in a bar and letting them fuck her in the parking lot. This excited her and I finally thought she might just be ready to do it for real. I kept telling the story for the next couple of months and the reaction was the same, she became soaking wet and would cum long and hard and repeatedly. Finally one night in the middle of telling her some story about her being used by several black men and she was very excited, I asked her if she would like to try it for real, she hesitated a second and then mumbled “yes” (she mumbled because my cock was in her mouth). I asked if she was serious and she nodded her head. After we were finished and she had cum very hard a couple of times and I had cum on her belly (she likes that) I asked her if she really wanted to try it and she thought about it for a minute and then asked me if that would turn me on to see her do that. I told her it would turn me on very much and would love to see her white skin under a well muscled Blackman and watch a big black cock slide into her pussy. She got very quiet for a little while and finally told me that if I really wanted her to do it, she would try it at least once. As long as she wouldn’t be hurt and it was safe. I told her I would make sure it was safe and would be right there to take my turn. She asked me how I would set this up and I told her a little about my previous marriage and how we had enjoyed it, she thought about this for a little longer and finally told me she would try it, but asked not to do it right away, she wanted to get used to the idea first. I agreed to this request and of course by now I was as hard as a rock again thinking about a couple of black men fucking her, so I rolled on top of her and screwed her brains out. During the time all this was going on we had gotten engaged to be married. I decided to put off this little adventure until after the wedding. I thought maybe a couple of weeks after the wedding would be about right and be a sort of wedding gift (at least for me). We were married in March (about 2 months later) and took a Honeymoon in Hawaii. While we were there I kept telling her the stories and she was just as excited as ever. When we returned I decided it was time to go for it with her and set it up. I knew a guy who had a very big and beautiful home in a neighboring city. My ex-and myself had partied with him on a couple of occasions, Robert was an older man (about 58) but a real gentleman and my ex. had always enjoyed being with him. Robert also had several friends who also were into the lifestyle and I knew several of them were only in their 20’s, very endowed and in great shape. I called Robert and after a little small talk, filled him in on my new bride and what had been done so far. I gave him all the details about her lack of experience that she had never done something like this before and had never been with a Blackman. I also filled him in on her one fantasy about being tied up and blindfolded and then taken. Robert thought that might be the way to go with her. He thought that her not being able to see what was about to happen would not only heighten the excitement but keep her from getting to shook up by seeing something she may not like (like a 10″ blackcock). He also asked me how many men I wanted to share her. I had thought about this for a while since she had agreed to do it and I figured that it wouldn’t make much difference if it was 1 guy or 20, either she was going to enjoy it or not, so I might as well go for it with her and arrange for the full treatment. I told Robert to arrange as many as he wanted to and explained my reason behind it, he agreed and he said he could get at least 6 or 7 guys to show up. He asked if I could e-mail him a photo to show his associates what she looks like so I sent him a casual couple shot of us at the river (the first one in this story). We set up a scenario for this coming Saturday night. I would take her out to dinner, make sure she had a couple of drinks, then after dinner when I got her back to the car, would tell her about the arrangements and blindfold her and drive to his house. Once we were close to his house I would call him on the cell and let him know we were about there, he would open his garage door and I would drive my car in and he would close it up and meet us in the garage, we would strip her in the garage, tie her hands and take her upstairs to his master bedroom to meet the rest of the group. The last thing Robert wanted to be sure of was that she understood that once she was upstairs there was no backing out, that these guys would be driving out from Los Angeles for the sole purpose of fucking her and would not take to kindly to her changing her mind. I reassured him that by the time she was at his house she would understand that and there would be no backing out.I made these arrangements on a Monday, so for the next week I held off on having sex with Terri. I made up a lot of excuses why I didn’t have the energy to take her, but the real reason was that I wanted her Horney as hell by Saturday. I would play with her, tell her the stories (special attention to black gangbangs) get her really excited but never finish her, by Saturday morning she wasn’t the only one Horney, I was ready to explode. I had told her we were going out Saturday night, so she was excited and looking foreword to it. That evening I had her dress in a short gray skirt that really outlined her ass, black thong panties, sheer black thigh high nylons, heels and a modest white blouse, sexy, but not slutty. I had arranged with Robert to be at his house by 10 pm, this was to give his friends plenty of time to arrive and time for me to get her ready. I took her to a nice place in the same city Robert lived in so we wouldn’t be to far away (less time for her to change her mind). We had a nice dinner and a few drinks and danced a little, finally, about 9:30 pm, I told her I wanted to go to another place for some more fun (she still had no idea what was planned). While I walked her back to the car, I was lifting her skirt and putting my fingers in the crack of her ass and playing with her. Once we were back in the car I made out with her for a while, fingered her pussy and got her wet and excited. Finally I asked her if she was ready to do for me what she had promised, she looked a little surprised and asked if I met tonight, I told her “yes” that I had something arranged for her if she was ready. She was quiet for a couple of minutes and for a second I thought she might back out but she finally said that if this was what I wanted her to do, she would do it. I gave her a long kiss, told her I loved her very much, that she would be safe and no one would hurt her. I took a blue and green scarf out of the glove compartment and told her to turn around so I could blindfold her. She asked why I wanted to do that and I said because she had often talked about being blindfolded and taken by a strange man, I reassured her that I would be there with her and she would not be left alone. She finally turned her head and I wrapped the scarf around her eyes a couple of times and then held up a flashlight to her eyes to see if she could see anything, she said she could only see a little light coming through and that she was a little scared. I told her not to worry and to enjoy what was about to happen to her. I got onto the freeway and headed for Roberts house. Once on the freeway I had Terri put the seat back flat and lie down. Once she had done this I reached across and slid my right hand up between her legs and started to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy to get her excited and ready. In just a few minutes her pussy was soaking wet and she was pushing her hips up on my fingers. I knew then that she was going to go through with this tonight.When I got within a block of Roberts house I called on the cell and told him we were about there, as he hung up I could hear him yell to someone in the room “their here”. As I pulled up in front of his house I was glad Terri was blindfolded because there was at least 10 cars in front of the house and I knew if she had seen that many cars she might have changed her mind, this way, she wouldn’t know how many men were there until she was way past backing out. As I pulled into the driveway the garage door opened up and I drove in and parked between a Mercedes and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and the door closed behind us, it was a three car garage so there was plenty of room. I saw Robert standing by the door that led into the house from the garage and I also saw he was already completely nude and had a huge hard-on. As I turned off the car I looked over at Terri lying back in the seat. She was holding her hands tightly together up against her chest; she was breathing very fast and was trembling so hard it looked like she was freezing cold. I asked her if she was OK and she said she was very scared and to please don’t let anyone hurt her. I asked her if she was excited about what was going to happen to her and she said she was but still very scared. I ran my hand up under her skirt one more time and felt her pussy, she was still very wet and hot, and so I knew she really was excited. I told her to sit still and that I would be right back, that I was just getting out of the car for a minute.I got out of the car and walked around and opened the trunk and retrieved an 8 foot length of soft cotton laundry cord. As I was doing this, Robert walked over between the cars to greet us; his cock was swinging between his legs like a 9 inch flag pole. As he got to the door of the car he looked in at Terri lying there, stared for a minute and then looked at me and said “she looks scared”. I told him she was but she would be OK. At that point Robert said to get her out of the car so he could get her ready to take up stairs. I opened the door for Terri and helped her out of the car. At this point the only thing Terri knew was going to happen was that she was going to have sex with a strange man, most likely a Blackman, but that was all, she had no clue as to what else we had arranged for her. When I got her out of the car, I stood her between the Mercedes and my car with Robert standing right there next to her, he was close enough bursa escort where she could sense him there and smell his cologne but not see him. I introduced her to Robert and he said “Hello”, the first thing she said to him was “are you black”. Robert laughed and told her that “yes I am, but don’t worry, I think you’re going to like me”, she answered by saying”OK, just don’t hurt me” in a very soft, scared voice. Robert told her not to be scared, th at she wasn’t going to be hurt”. She seemed so small, the top of her head only came to his mid-chest.Terri was still holding her hands up to her chest and shaking like a leaf. I told her that we were going to undress her, tie her hands in front of her and then take her up stairs to a big bedroom so she would be comfortable. She asked me why we were going to undress her in the garage and I told her I wanted to watch Robert lead her upstairs with the rope. I didn’t tell her it was so the rest of the men could see her being led in stripped and ready to be taken.Robert reached out and placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around so she was facing away from him and towards me. He told her to stand still so he could take off her skirt and blouse; he became very firm with her with a stern tone to his voice. Terri whispered “yes sir” and stood rock still. Robert unzipped the skirt and slid it down off of her hips. When he saw her black thong panties and thigh highs on her white little body, he looked at me and said to her “you’re very pretty”. Terri just shook and mumbled “thank you”, my cock was already getting hard just watching him start to undress her, knowing this was the first man to see her body other than her ex-husband and me and that soon several more men would looking at that little body and using it.Robert turned her around and unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off of her. He stopped for a minute and just looked at Terri standing there in just her black bra, panties, nylons and heels. She had pulled her hands back in front of her breasts again and was still shaking so hard I thought her teeth would chatter. I unhooked her bra and as I slid it off of her I pulled her arms down to her side and held them there exposing her to Robert. Robert took her tits, one in each hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. Terri let out a little moan and I thought her knees were going to buckle, she wasn’t saying a word except when myself or Robert spoke to her and even then not much, I couldn’t tell if this was because she was terrified, excited or both.Af ter Robert played with her tits for a minute he ran his hand down her body to her tummy, Terri then remembered her scar and said she was sorry her tummy wasn’t flat and tight for him. Robert just laughed and told her he thought her tum my was pretty and slid his hand further down her belly, inside her panties and cupped her pussy with his right hand and slid his left hand down her back into her panties from the rear and fondled her ass while he started to finger her pussy. When he felt that her pussy was shaved completely smooth he rubbed his hand up and down on it and told her he liked it smooth, that it felt like a baby pussy. He slid his fingers into her for a couple of minutes, all the while telling her she felt good, wet and hot. As he slid his fingers further into her pussy, her knees did buckle and I had to catch her and lean her back up against my car. As I held her up against the side of the car, Robert continued to stroke her pussy with his fingers and Terri started moaning and suddenly her whole body shuddered and she arched her back, pushed her hips into his hand and put her hands on his shoulders and pulled Robert into her body, her hips gave a couple of quick little jerks on his fingers and she then let out a long breath. I could see she was red in the face and sweaty and I realized she had just had just cum on his fingers. Robert held his fingers inside her for a minute while she got her breath back, held her tight up against him and told her “see, I told you that you’d like me”. He then turned to me and told me to get her tied up so we could get her upstairs. I tied her wrists together and left about 5 feet of rope for a leash and gave this to Robert. By now Terri had recovered a little and Robert led her across the garage while I followed, watching her little ass wiggle as she stumbled in her heels over things on the floor. Robert led her through the door into the house, across a huge kitchen and into an even bigger living room. He then turned up a large central staircase to a hallway which led to several bedrooms. He turned to his right and as he led her down the hallway we could hear men’s laughter and what sounded like another woman moaning. When Terri heard the other men’s voices and the woman’s moaning she froze and asked me how many people were here and who was the woman. Robert pulled her up to him and told her that he had a few friends who had come over to meet her and the woman was one of his friend’s girlfriends. Terri started shaking all over again and said “I don’t want another woman touching me; I’m not ready for that”. Robert told her not to worry, that only the men would be touching her and she wouldn’t be available for the other woman to touch her. Terri then said to me “and I don’t want you touching her either”, I laughed and told her that the only pussy I was going to be into tonight was hers. She seemed to relax a little and Robert took her on down the hallway. We turned a corner and as we did, a young Blackman, about 20-25 met us. He was also completely nude and although his cock wasn’t hard, I could tell he was very well endowed. He looked a little startled when he saw Robert leading Terri by a leash. He stopped, looked Terri up and down and asked Robert if this was the new pussy he had promised them for tonight. Robert told him she was and her name was Terri, he introduced me as her husband and introduced the young man as Steven, Robert also told us this was Steven’s first party. Robert asked Steven if he had ever fucked any married white pussy. Steven laughed and said “no, but I’m gonna tonight” he slid his h and around Terri’s ass and squeezed her ass cheeks hard and told her, “You look like you’re going to be fun”. He then told Robert he was going to the kitchen for a beer and not to start without him. Robert told him “no sweat, she’s gonna be here all night”. I reached out and took Terri by the shoulders and asked her if she was OK, she said she was, but still very scared. I asked Robert to wait a minute before we took her into the bedroom, he said “OK, just a minute, their waiting for her”. I told Terri that once she was taken into that bedroom she couldn’t change her mind. She said she was ok, just very scared and confused about what was going on around her since she was blindfolded. I told her we would take off the blindfold a little later. She then made me promise not to leave her alone and I told her I would be right there watching what they did to her and that I would be taking her as well. I looked at Robert and nodded for him to take her on into the room and he pulled the rope and said “OK baby pussy, here you go” and led her into the bedroom.As we entered the bedroom I noticed that it was huge, There was a massive king sized bed against the far wall which was currently occupied by two black gentlemen and white woman. There was a fireplace with a fire burning on the left wall and beyond that a sliding glass door which I learned later led to a patio balcony overlooking the backyard. To the right was archway leading to sauna, spa bathtub and a clear glass enclosed shower for 2 people. I saw two other black men sitting on the bed watching the two with the woman. The woman was on her back with one man between her legs fucking her and the other man was kneeling by her head with his cock in her mouth. I saw another black guy in the spa tub and noticed another man walking from the direction of the sliding glass door. They all appeared to be between the ages of 20 and 40 except for Robert who I knew to be 58 and all in very good shape, from about 6 ft. to 6 ft. 5 inches tall. The man walking from the sliding door really caught my attention, he appeared about 35 yrs old and was the biggest man there, about 6′-5″ and 250-260 lbs and very buffed out. He had a beard, and long hair kept in long shoulder length dreadlocks, he also had a large sunburst tattoo on his left chest and another African type tattoo on his outer right thigh. He looked downright scary, I was glad Terri couldn’t see him just yet. I learned as the night went on that everyone called him “The Rasta man” and he had a mean streak. When Robert led Terri into the room very one quit what they were doing (including the three on the bed) and stared at her. I don’t think they expected to see a white girl led in by a rope, tied up and blindfolded but I could tell they liked what they saw. Robert introduced her, told them her name was Terri and that she was very inexperienced and a black cock “cherry” and that her husband (me) brought her over to get her “cherry popped”. Terri asked me what that meant and I told her it meant she had never had a Blackman’s cock inside her and they were going to change that tonight. She asked me how many men were there and I told her not too many and to see if she figure out how many different cocks she felt tonight. I knew she was naive when she said “you mean they will feel different”. Robert told the men she was going to be there all night and she could be used anyway they wanted as long as she wasn’t hurt. The two on the bed smiled at each other, yelled “all right” and gave each other a high five with a smack that made Terri jump. The guy on the bed fucking the woman said “let’s get her on the bed and get started” and the woman said she would move over to make room. The other guy on the bed told her to get off the bed and on the floor and she could finish with him there, that way there was more room on the bed for Terri to be taken care of. The girl (I found out her name was Leda) moved onto the floor and she continued to suck on the one guys cock while we moved Terri to the bed.Robert moved Terri over the right side of the bed. The bed was way off the floor with the top of the mattress about three feet from the floor. Robert had Terri lay back across the bed with her ass right at the edge of the bed. I walked around to the end of the bed so I could touch her and let her know I was there. Terri started to wiggle up the rest of the way on the bed but Robert pulled her back so her ass was on the edge and told her to stay where they put her, they had a reason for her to be where she was. By now she was shaking like leaf again and kept asking where I was. I touched her right shoulder and told her I was right there and it was OK. Once Robert had her positioned on the bed he let go of the rope and let her put her arms where she wanted too. She pulled them up against her chest again and pulled her legs up to her chest in a little ball. I guess she thought it covered her up more because she knew that a lot of eyes were looking at her body but she didn’t realize that by pulling her legs up to her chest that it exposed her pussy to the four men who were at her feet. Two of these men each took one of her legs and took off her heels and nylons and a third man reached up and pulled her panties down her legs and off, tossing them into a corner. When they saw her pussy was shaved one guy yelled “hey look, a shaved beaver” and Robert said “that’s right, she’s a babypussy” and that’s what they called her the rest of the night. By now The Rasta man had come around to the side of the bed and was just staring at Terri lying across the bed. He finally asked “do we need rubbers with this bitch or can we ride her bareback”, Robert said “her husband says she is on the pill, so I guess we can fill her up”. Terri and I had talked about rubbers before and she didn’t like the feel of them. Her ex-husband had used them when they first got married and they made her raw, she also likes the feel of a man’s cum squirting into her pussy. Besides I wanted to see another man’s cum seeping out of her, especially if she has several men at once. The Rasta man continued to stare at Terri for a few seconds and finally started running his hands over her body. He pushed his right thumb into her mouth and told her to suck it, Terri started sucking his thumb without a minutes hesitation and I suddenly realized that she was going to be very submissive and it seemed she liked it that way. Rasta man stroked his thumb in and out of her mouth for a minute and then ran his hand down over her tits and belly. When he got to her belly and saw the scars he asked her if the doctors had to split her open because her pussy was too small to pass a baby. Terri told him “yes, twice.” He then asked her how many men had been in her pussy and she told him only two, her ex-husband and me. He asked her how big their cocks had been and she said “normal size, not very big” (I am only about 6 inches and her ex was about the same) He finally took a finger and slid it up and down the slit of her pussy and told her that was good, she would be very tight and he was going to enjoy fucking her hard. While he was doing all this, I noticed all the rest of the men were just watching a listening to what he was saying. I got the impression that this guy was the leader of this group and always took charge. I also figured out he was very aggressive and he most likely was going to get rough with her when it was his turn.Finally someone asked who was going to go first, Rasta man told Robert “it’s your house and you found her, you go ahead and pop her”. I was still at the foot of the bed and was keeping my hand on her shoulder. When Terri heard this she knew that she was going to have a strange cock in her in just a few seconds and she started to tremble again. I squeezed her shoulder and told her to relax; once it started she would be fine and enjoy it. She asked me if I would untie her hands and I looked at Robert and he nodded OK. I untied her hands and she said thank you and put them down to her sides, I noticed she was gripping the blanket she was laying one with a death grip, like she was tensing up, waiting for it to happen.Robert stepped up to the edge of the bed and spread her legs open. The bed was high enough so that with him standing normally, Terri’s pussy was at the same height as his cock. He stepped between her legs and placed his cock on her belly. It looked rock hard and jet black with a mushroom shaped purple head with clear drops of precum dripping from the tip onto her tummy. I knew this was a bigger cock than she had ever had before and that Robert was not the biggest one there. Of the Nine men there, including myself, the biggest appeared to be Rasta man with what looked like 10 or 11 inches and he wasn’t completely hard yet.Terri was tensing up and gripping the bedcovers so tight the knuckles of her hands were turning white. Robert leaned over her and told her to relax, that it would be over in a minute and once he was inside her pussy she was going to “get it”Robert spit onto his hand and rubbed it on his cock, then spit again and reached down and rubbed it on Terri’s pussy and stroked her a few times to get her wet. He used his fingers to spread her pussy lips and took his hand and put the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy. Terri was breathing so hard I thought she was going to hyperventilate and she was making rapid little mewing sounds. Her whole body was shaking and as Robert lifted her legs up to enter her I could tell she was terrified and almost in a panic, this was so strange and foreign to her that I don’t think at that moment she believed it was happening to her. In less than a year she had gone from a conservative housewife who had been with only one man in her life to lying across a bed in a room full of black men who were about to gang fuck her. She told me later she had never been so scared and confused in her life. Her mind was telling her not to go through with it and yet her body wanted to experience what was about to happen.Robert lifted her legs up and pushed her knees to her chest, exposing her pussy to his cock and to the open view of the rest of the men behind him watching. I saw one guy with a camera (he took these pictures) and Steven, who we had met in the hall was using a video camera and was capturing all the action on tape.Finally Robert started to slide his cock into Terri’s pussy and as he pushed it further into her, she started breathing even faster. The muscles of her belly were tightened up and she started to pull her hips down away from his cock. Robert stopped pushing his cock in and pulled almost all the way out of her and let her calm down a little bit. I asked her if she was OK and she just shook her head and whispered “NO”. I asked her what was wrong and she just moaned out “too big and it hurts”. Robert looked at me and smiled and pulled his cock the rest of the way out. One of the other men handed him a squeeze bottle of a clear liquid which they called “wet”, poured a bunch of it on his hand and squirted some of the liquid directly into Terri’s pussy. When he squirted into her pussy she jumped and squealed “that’s cold” the guys laughed and told Robert “you better heat her up for us”. Robert rubbed his cock with the lotion and placed it back at the opening of her pussy. He looked at me and mouthed the words “hold on to her tight” I realized what he was about bursa escort bayan to do and climbed up on the bed, knelt at her head with her head between my knees and put my hands on her shoulders and pretended to just rub her shoulders and tits, but was really ready to pull her back down on the bed when Robert did what I expected him to do. He had felt the first time he entered her that she was very tight and he figured that even with the lotion she was going to be hard for him to get into with his size cock, so he was going to force it into her all at once and he knew she would try to get up and away from his cock.Robert slid about an inch of his dick into her and then leaned over her and gently kissed her lips and neck and down onto her tits, stopping to suck her tits for a minute. Terri was breathing hard and fast again and tensed up. I kept talking to her and Robert told her that with the lotion he would slip right into her. We gave her a few minutes to get used to his cock being inside her even if it was just an inch or so. I looked up at the other men and saw they were all watching and grinning and giving each other high fives. Even the couple on the floor had finished and was watching what Robert was doing with her. I saw Rasta man was kneeling down so he had a view of Terri’s pussy and kept looking up at her face waiting to see the look on it when she felt Roberts cock slam into her. I could tell by the look on his face his was hoping it would hurt her.Terri finally calmed down a little bit and her breathing slowed down and she seemed to relax. Robert asked her if she was ready to try for a little more inside her and she just nodded OK. Robert stood up, and grabbed Terri by the ankles and pulled her legs as far apart as he could get them. As he got her legs spread a guy on each side took her ankles and held them and Robert grabbed TerriR 17;s hips and at the same time he pulled her hips towards his cock, he shoved foreword into her pussy as hard as he could. This happened so fast that she never got a chance to ask what he was doing to her. In one shove his cock was in her pussy and his balls were slapping against the cheeks of her ass. Terri screamed so loud I thought the neighbors would hear her and tried to set up on the bed but before I could even hold her down, Robert threw his body down on top of her and with his weight, held her down on the bed and started to pump hard into her pussy. She was squealing, crying and trying to get out from under Robert, but he held her down and continued to slam his cock into her pussy. While he was fucking her, everyone else was cheering him on, yelling at him to “take the bitch, fuck the cunt, tear up that white pussy, show her wh at a real man’s dick feels like”. Terri started to call out for me and I found her left hand and held it. Robert was telling her to relax and to quit fighting it and it would quit hurting. Finally she stopped fighting and started to let Robert lead her into his rhythm. As I watched she started moving her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders and let him have her. After about 10 minutes of Robert fucking her both fast and slow, Terri started to breath in fast, short little breaths and grind her hips up and meet his strokes, her face was getting flushed and I could see a sheen of sweat all over her body. She started making little mewing sounds and all at once she lifted her hips up to Robert and ground them into his cock and held them there. While she did this she squealing for him to “fuck me, take me” and finally cried out with a little scream and collapsed back onto the bed. Everyone started clapping and cheering and telling Robert “not bad for an old guy” or “you made her cum hard, man, she’s really a slut”. Terri reached up and stroked Roberts face and told his she liked his beard. She reached over to me and asked where MY cock was. I took her hand and put my cock into it and she started stroking it and told me “you better not put that anywhere but in me”, one of the guys laughed and said “now that’s real cock control”Terri seemed relaxed and seemed to accept what was being done to her. Her breathing was much slower and she had stopped shaking. Robert continued to slowly pump into her pussy and she lifted her legs up and he put them over his shoulder in order to get deeper into her. He started pumping faster and told her he was about ready to cum and was going to shoot it on her belly and pussy. Terri kept moving her hips with his and told him he could shoot any where he wanted too. Robert was now ramming his cock into her hard and fast and was hitting the back of her pussy so hard that when he hit bottom it was making her grunt like a little pig. The rest of the guys were cheering him on and telling him to “pop a load on her”. Finally he yelled “here it is, Babypussy” yanked his dick out of her and sprayed a huge amount of white cum all over her pussy and belly and while he was still squirting liquid he shoved it back inside her and finished the load in her pussy.After he finished shooting his load he lay his full weight down on her and just held his cock in her for a couple of minutes. Terri kept stroking my cock and I was ready to shoot a load myself and I told her I was about to cum. Robert looked over at me and told me to “stick it in her mouth” I knelt over her face and she took my cock in her mouth and I started fucking her face. It only took about 30 seconds and shot a load into her mouth. I held it in her mouth and she kept sucking and swallowing until I was through and she had taken it all down her throat. I took my cock out of her mouth and asked her how it felt to be fucked by two guys at once and what did Roberts cock feel like. She just looked at me and said it felt good, but it hurt a lot at first, but he had made her cum.Robert got up off of her and pulled his cock out of her. Even after Cumming his cock was already starting to get hard inside of her and he pushed it back in a couple of times before everyone else started telling him to move because they wanted their turn with her. When he got out of the way, the guy with the camera got in between her legs and took a couple of pictures of the cum on her belly and pussy. Terri heard the camera and asked if someone was taking pictures. Before I could answer her, this guy (James) told her that they always took picture of the girls they fucked, that they had a website (which I knew about) and they posted the photos on the site. Terri started to get really upset about this and started saying things about now every one will see her and know what she is doing. Robert told her not to worry about it. That only people who were into interracial sex would be looking at the site and if that’s what they were into and they saw her and recognized her, so what, they were into the same thing and would just want to fuck her or watch her being fucked, not embarr ass her. This seemed to calm her down a little bit and she just lay still while the pictures and video were taken. She asked what they did with the video tape and James told her they made copies and sent them out to the other men in the group and also sold them on the internet thru the website. This upset her again and she started to sit up on the bed. Rasta man knelt down beside her and put his arm across her chest and pushed her back down on the bed and told her to “be cool” that she had made a choice to come to the house, that she knew what was going to happen to her and once she gave herself to a Blackman there was no going back That even if she never did this again. She and everyone here tonight would always know that her pussy had been filled with black cock and that would make her a little different from most white women she knew. She should accept this and live with it because she can’t undo it. He held her down for a couple of minutes until she settled down and then he started playing with her pussy and spreading her pussy lips apart. Robert joined him and the two of them spread her pussy apart so James could take more pictures of her cuntHe finally got between her legs and told her it was his turn and since she was broken in, it was time for her to take care of everyone else. He pulled her up onto the bed so she was lying lengthwise and put a pillow under her head and hips. I was standing next to the bed drinking a beer and letting my batteries recharge for my next turn and as I stood there and watched he stoked his cock into a complete erection and the damn thing was huge. His cock was a good 11-12 inches long and looked like a fat sausage. It also hooked to his right and was uncircumcised and as he pulled the foreskin back I could see a big purple head that was already dripping a clear precum which he was using to lube himself up. Terri asked where I was and I told her right by the bed. I gave her a sip of beer and let her know that I was going to stay right there and to relax and enjoy what was about to happen. She asked me again how many men were in the room and I finally figured it was time she knew what she was in for and told her that including me there were nine men there and eight of them were waiting their turn with her. She started shaking again and all she said to me was “Oh God” and turned her head to one side and gave a big sigh. She could feel Rasta man on the bed between her legs so she surprised everyone by grabbing her legs behind her knees, pulling them up to her chest and telling him to “go ahead and do what you want to, since I was brought here be fucked, fuck me”. Everyone saw and heard that and one guy (CW) said “OK, now she’s getting into it, lets party” and climbed up on the bed next to her head and put his cock by her mouth. Terri got the hint and opened her mouth for him and his slipped it in and using his hand on the back of her head, starting pushing her face down on his cock, telling her to “suck it nice Babypussy” Terri started sucking his cock and as I watched I realized how easy it had been to get her this far, from a little homegrown housewife to what now appeared to be a complete whore.As Terri continued to suck CW’s cock, Rasta man started rubbing the head of his dick up and down the slit of her pussy. He started to slide it into her and she tensed up again. Rasta man looked at CW and told that he may want to get his cock out of her mouth for a minute or two, at least until he gets his cock into her, he said “when I shove this in, you might get it bitten off”. Everybody laughed at this, even Terri, but CW did pull his cock out of her mouth. I found out later that he had seen Rasta man in action before and knew what was going to happen. Once CW had gotten his cock out of her mouth, I watched as Rasta man bent over Terri and in three hard strokes put all twelve inches of that monster cock into her pussy. Terri just let out a long, loud wail and kept holding her legs back. On the third stroke he held his cock inside her and said “let your legs go bitch, I’ll tell you how I want you”. Terri said “yes sir” in a little tiny voice and let go of her legs. Rasta man then lay down on top of her and starting pumping her pussy. His body was so big that all anyone could see of Terri was her legs sticking out to his sides, her arms around his shoulders and a little bit of the top of her head, nothing else. As he continued to fuck her, his pace got faster and harder and for the next 45 minutes we watched as she was fucked like she had never been fucked before. He rammed his cock into her so hard the bed was bouncing up and down and the headboard was banging against the wall so hard I thought it would break. He had his legs spreading her legs wide open and had wrapped one arm around behind her head and shoulders and the other under her with his hand cupping her ass holding it still for his cock to slam into her. All Terri could do was grunt and say “God” over and over again. He would rise up and kiss her hard on the mouth and I could see his tongue was stroking her mouth as much as his cock was stroking her pussy. I also noticed her mouth was wide open to him and her tongue was plunging into his mouth just as deep and fast. Everyone was standing around the bed watching him screw her and drinking a beer and yelling at the both of them, telling him to “ fuck her harder” “bust her pussy” and telling her to “move your ass bitch” or “make some noise Babypussy”. Finally after 20 minutes or so of fucking her on her back, Rasta man sat up and yanked his cock out of her and flipped her over like a rag doll on to her knee’s and started on her doggie style. When she was in this position she was finally available to take a cock in her mouth and grab with her hands and no time was wasted getting her to get with the program. CW stuck his cock back into her mouth; James gave the camera to Robert and had her grab his dick with her right hand. Rasta man pulled her back to him and lifted her up so she could grab Steven’s cock and the 4 of them continued to fuck her. CW started to jerk in her mouth and pushed her face into his balls while he shot a load into her mouth, making her swallow all of it. As soon as CW pulled out of her mouth, James took his place and grabbed her hair with both hands and before she could hardly get her breath, had his cock shoved down her throat. About the same time that James started Cumming in her mouth, Rasta man began groaning and grunting, finally shoving his cock into her pussy as far as he could get it and shooting a huge load of cum straight into her cunt. The feel of his cum shooting into her pussy at the same time James was dumping into her mouth was enough to get Terri to spasm, arch her back, shoving her ass back against Rasta man’s cock and start squealing. It was obvious that she was Cumming very hard. James and Rasta man both pulled their cocks out of her and she collapsed across the bed, still holding Steven’s cock in her hand. As I stood and watched her sprawled across the bed panting like a bitch dog in heat I could see a stream of cum sliding out of her pussy and a little dribble of cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth.By this time the drinks that Terri had earlier and all the excitement of the evening were catching up to her and she was almost passed out or asleep. She lay across the bed breathing hard and still holding on to Steven. Rasta man grabbed her by the hips and pulled over to the edge of the bed far enough so her feet were just barely touching the floor. He grabbed another pillow and lifted up her hips and placed it under them, raising her up so her ass and pussy were at the right height for anyone to just stand behind her and shove a cock in either one. Terri didn’t resist him doing this or say anything at all, she just let him put her in any position he wanted and stayed there.There were still four other guys plus Steven that hadn’t had her yet, so once Rasta man got her in the position he liked he told everybody that she should be holding still for awhile and to just line up and take turns doing her. Steven climbed of the bed (after extracting his cock from her hand) got behind her, grabbed her ass and rammed his cock into her pussy. Terri only grunted a little and as he stroked she made little moaning sounds with each shove into her body. It didn’t take Steven to long and he was adding his cum to the load Rasta man had already shot into her pussy and as soon as he was done with her and out of the way the next man took his place. This guy (William) was tall and skinny and his cock was only about 7-8 inches long but it was the fattest damn cock I’d ever seen, it looked as big around as a sausage stick you can buy at Hickory Farms. He worked it around a little and pushed it into her, again all she did was grunt a little and make the same little moaning sounds as he stroked her. As he was working up to speed in her pussy, he made the comment the even with all the reaming out she’d had so far, her pussy was still tight and hot but it was slippery from all the cum that had been blown into it.While William was fucking her, she was being touched all over, Robert was rubbing and squeezing her ass, James had reached under her and was playing with her tits and the last two guys that hadn’t fucked her yet (Michael & Jeremy) were kneeling on the bed on either side of her and stroking their cocks and just touching her where ever they could while they waited their turn with her. Rasta man came over to where I was standing watching Terri being put through the ringer and asked me if I was enjoying seeing her being used. I told him I was really getting off on it and was ready to fuck her myself. He told me to wait until everyone had fucked her at least once and all shot a load into her pussy and then fuck her, he said the sensation of my cock sliding into a cum-filled pussy is unbelievable. He also asked me if she was ready for a double penetration. I told him to go ahead, let’s do it all, he just smiled and said, oh yeah, they were going to do it all and the DP would be the finale.For the next two hours I waited and watched as everyone fucked her and dumped a load into her pussy. Nobody came anywhere except inside her. Robert, James, Steven and William fucked her twice more and she never moved; just lay there with her ass up in the air and taking what ever was put into her. I went over to her and lay down next to her and asked her if she was OK. She opened her eyes a little bit and said she was OK, just tired and sore. I told her that they were no where near being done with her and she just escort bursa closed her eyes and said to do to her what ever we wanted too, she was too tired to care or resist. Finally it was my turn to take her. While everyone stood around watching I stood behind my wife’s ass and spread her ass cheeks apart to get a good view of what had been done to her. Her pussy lips were swollen and bright red and raw and there was what looked like gallons of cum oozing out of her. My cock was rock hard and I slid the head between her swollen pussy lips and pushed it all the way in. It slid in like it was greased and her cunt felt like it was on fire. I grabbed her by the hips and started pumping. Rasta man asked how I liked fucking my bitch after she had been gang fucked and I told him it felt great. I took all of about 3 minutes and I added my cum to the buckets already inside her. After I shot my load into her I pulled out and the cum just gusted out of her and dripped onto the carpet.I stepped back away from her and Rasta man took my place. I thought he was going to just take another turn but after stroking her pussy with his cock a few minutes he pulled it out and put a couple of fingers inside her and started using cum to lubricate her asshole. I knew what he was going to do and I knew Terri was going to react, she likes it in the ass but he was bigger than anything she had ever been fucked with. He lubed her up and put the head of his cock at the opening to her ass and started to slowly push it into her. Terri lifted up her head as he pushed in the first couple of inches and then she just closed her eyes, shook her head and lay back down on the pillow and let him finish what he wanted to do. Rasta man kept pushing his cock further into her ass and she still just lay there. He finally gave one final hard shove and he was deep in her ass. When he gave the final shove she did react by arching her back and sucking in her breath. As he pumped her a few times he asked for the bottle of lotion and when he got it he pulled his cock out except for the head and poured directly on the shaft. He shoved it back into her and started pumping her; she started making the same grunting sound and groaned when he shoved it in. This went on for about five minutes and he suddenly pulled her hips to him, held her there and told her that he was filling her asshole with his cum and she was going to take it all. After he had cum he pulled out of her and I could see her asshole was wide open, that was an invitation for every one else (including me) to fuck her ass. For the next hour we took turns fucking her ass, pussy or mouth. We turned her over on her back, on her sides and doggie style. Terri let us do it all, she was like a doll for us, never resisting, always doing what she was told and we managed to get her to cum several times.Finally Rasta man asked me if I was ready for the finale. The big DP. I was more than ready. Rasta man and Robert got the ropes and tied her wrists up again. She didn’t like that but Rasta man told her to shut up and do what she was told and that was the last of the complainting from Terri. CW got down on the floor and we lifted her up and down onto his cock. With all the cum in her pussy, he had a gusher running down onto his balls when his cock slid into her. We got her bent over CW and her ass up in the air. She started crying and asking what we were going to do to her, being tied up again had scared her and this was a whole new position and she was on the floor. Roberts sat down in front her and CW buried his head in her tits which were now right in his face. Robert told her to relax, that we were just going to combine everything we had been doing to her all night and fill all of her holes at once, that is was called a double penetration and she would have a cock in her pussy, ass and mouth all at once. Robert took her hands and placed them on his cock and then pulled her face down to suck him. Once we got her to start sucking Robert and CW was pumping her pussy, Rasta man got behind her and CW pulled her ass cheeks apart and Rasta man slid his cock into her ass. She squealed a little bit but she told me later it didn’t hurt, it just felt so weird to have a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. Once everyone was inside her, they started stroking her. CW and Rasta man got into a rhythm and Robert put a hand on the back of her head to keep her sucking up and down with her mouth on his cock. The other woman (who everyone had been fucking while there was no room on Terri) got on her knees next to Rasta man and he started kissing her while William fucked her doggie style. Steve was standing over Terri stroking her back and finally came on her back. The rest of us just stood around her, watching and waiting our turn to fuck her ass. CW would stay in her pussy while we all took turns taking her in the ass. When I got my turn. It felt great to slid into her ass and stroke her and feel another mans cock in her pussy, knowing she was being taken as much and as hard as any women can be and not to many women can say they have ever been fucked this way. Either by a double penetration or especially a black cock DP.This action went on for another hour or so and we finally all had a turn. Finally CW said he was about to cum and Rasta man shoved his cock back into her ass and the two of them started pounding her and it ended up like they had planned it the four of them, Rasta man, CW, Robert and Terri all came at the same time, she took three loads being shot into her at the same time while she was Cumming herself, but she did gag and choke a little bit trying to swallow all of Roberts cum.By now we had been at it with her for about 5 hours and we all needed a rest. We untied Terri’s wrists and took off her blindfold. It was fun to watch her face with the blindfold off and able to see the men who had used her body for the last 5 hours. All the guys came up and introduced themselves to her and gave her a big kiss and told her how good she was and how much they enjoyed fucking her. She started blushing and was very embarrassed. She told me later that as long as she was blindfolded, even thought she knew she was totally exposed to everyone there, she was not embarrassed. But the minute the blindfold came off and she could see everyone, she was embarrassed being naked in front of all of them.By now Terri was covering in cum and sweaty and sticky. Robert turned on the spa and led her to the tub and had her get in to clean up a little. We all left her alone for a while so she could have some privacy. William had to leave and the woman left with him, she was his girlfriend and we sat in the bedroom and talked and had a few more drinks. Finally I noticed that Rasta man was missing and asked where he was. Robert just nodded towards the bathroom with the spa. We all just grinned at each other and walked in to see what they were up too, sure enough, when we walked in, Rasta man was sitting in the spa with Terri and she was sitting in his lap. They were locked in a VERY passionate embrace and we could tell by the movements of the water and her body that he was impaling her on that monster cock again. We all just left them alone for awhile and pretty soon the sounds of two people Cumming together came out of the bathroom. A little while later the two of them came out together with their arms around each other and both smiling. They joined the rest of us sitting around the fireplace and you could tell Terri was really embarrassed. CW asked what she was blushing about and she finally said she was wondering all night who the huge cock belonged to, now she knows. We all broke out laughing and she really started blushing.The rest of the night was very relaxed, the intensity was gone and Terri was both made love to and fucked for the next several hours. I took a nap for an hour or so and woke up to find Terri and Robert down on the backyard lawn fucking their brains out. CW and I did another DP with her and got her to cum again (this has become her favorite thing). Finally the guys had to go and around 5 am the only people left were myself and Terri and CW and Robert. I fell asleep in a chair again and when I woke up they had Terri between them in the bed and were taking turns actually making love to her. Roberts was on top and slowly taking her and when he was thru, CW pulled her on top of him and let her slowly ride his cock until she came again.Terri and I finally left about 7:30 that morning and because all of her clothes except for her panties, heels and nylons were in the car she decided to just walk down stairs naked. When we got to the garage I got her skirt and blouse out of the car but before I could hand them to Terri, CW asked Terri if he could have one more favor before we left. Terri asked him what that might be. He explained that the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle was his and he had never had a piece of ass on his motorcycle and he had a couple of friends who claimed they had and they were always k**ding him about it. He wondered if she might want to see what it was like to get laid on a motorcycle. Terri hesitated a little and I thought she would say no. But she just smiled and agreed to do it, IF she could get a ride. CW asked when did she want to go and she said why not now. We were all a little surprised at that but CW said why not, but what are you going to wear. Terri slipped her skirt on (no panties), pulled on her blouse (no bra) and put on her heels (no nylons) CW handed her a spare helmet and when she put that on and straddled that motorcycle I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked. Robert opened the garage door and CW drove out with Terri snuggled up tight behind him.Robert and I went back into the kitchen and he made some coffee and discussed how things had gone last night. He though everyone was very happy with Terri and he asked if I thought she would want to do it again. I told him I was pretty sure we would be back (we have). He also told me that they had been a lot rougher on her than they are normally. They had talked about her before we got there and most of the guys were under the impression that Terri was a little white bread girl who wanted to go slumming with the “Black Boys” so they had decided to either break her and permanently turn her to black cock or scare the hell out her so she would never want to go “slumming again”. I asked him how she had done and he said she took all they could give her and never quit. She especially impressed them after we took off her blindfold and untied her. She was funny and still wanted to play, that’s why they had lightened up on her.By this time Terri and CW had been gone for over an hour and Robert and I started to wonder where they had gotten too. Robert went upstairs to take a shower and I drank more coffee and read the morning paper. Another two hours went by and we were getting worried when we heard the motorcycle pull up in front. A few minutes later the two of them walked in thru the door from the garage. They were laughing an talking up a storm. I asked Terri where they had been, that they had gone for over 3 hours and we were getting worried. CW said it was his fault. When they left the house he was only going to drive around for about 15 minutes and then come back and take care of Terri in the garage just sitting on the bike, but once they drove around for awhile he asked her if he could take her over to introduce her to his two roommates. Terri thought it was OK as long as they didn’t stay long. CW lives about 20 minutes away and shares a house with two other black men that he works with. When they got to the house, one of the roommates was up, but the other was still asleep (Wilson). CW introduced Terri to the roommate that was awake (Gary) and because Gary was obviously confused by how Terri was dressed, CW explained what he had been doing all night and the arrangement that he had made with Terri. The more they talked about what had happened during night and what CW had been doing with Terri, Gary thought it would be funny if they woke up the roommate by having Terri get undressed and slip into bed with him and see how long it took him to wake up. Terri told me later that she figured, considering what she had been doing all night, why not, so she got undressed which really impressed Gary. After Gary looked in and made sure that Wilson was still asleep, they had Terri tip-toe into the room and slip slowly into bed while they watched at the door. Terri said Wilson was only covered by a sheet and when she slid under it she realized he slept in the nude. She got under the sheet with Wilson and pulled it up to her chin and waited. Nothing happened for a few minutes but after about 5 minutes Wilson rolled over to face towards her and put his arm across her tummy. Terri said she thought for sure he would wake up, but instead of waking up he pulled her towards him. CW told me that Wilson’s girlfriend usually sleeps with him so he is used to having someone in bed with him. Terri let him snuggle up to her and put her hand on his chest. When she did this his hand slipped down off of her belly to her pussy and his fingers started to poke into her slit. Terri said she almost got up then but again decided why not; one more wouldn’t make much of a difference now, so she opened her legs for him and let him start to finger her pussy. She looked over at CW and Gary and they were making motions for her to grab his cock. She reached over and slowly took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. Wilson must have been having a wet dream because his cock got hard almost at once. Terri said it was very long and thick and stood straight up under the sheets. She said that between Wilson fingering her pussy and her stroking his now very full cock, she was getting wet herself. Terri told me later that was not what she had intended to have happen but by now she said she was getting carried away. By now Gary and CW were getting a real eyeful and they kept making more motions for her to climb up on top of him. Terri told me that by now she wanted to try his cock so she slowly rolled over on top of Wilson, used her hand to place the tip of his cock at the opening of her pussy and slid down on it. She said she only made about four up and down motions on his cock when Wilson finally started to really wake up and opened his eyes. CW said the look on Wilson’s face when he realized the pussy that he was inside was white not black was priceless. CW said his eyes got as big as saucers and he just froze. Terri said his eyes weren’t the only thing that got bigger. She said when Wilson saw who was riding his cock; she said his cock felt like it got twice as big. Terri said he was speechless for a minute and then asked who the hell she was and don’t quit moving. Terri said she sat up straight and made small movements with her hips and all he could say was “don’t’ quit” CW said that they were going to burst into the room as soon as he woke up, but when they saw that he was really going with it and that Terri was willing to let him, they just decided to watch and see what happen. Terri said what happened was he rolled her over on her back and started fucking her like a pile driver, which she said was a little rough considering how sore she was, fortunately, Wilson didn’t last long and in about 5 minutes shot a load into her and then just groaned and lay on top of her. CW and Gary then decided to pop into the room and Wilson realized what was going on, but still was confused about who Terri really was, he even thought she was a hooker the guys had paid to do it. When it was all explained to him, he laughed and told her it was too bad she wasn’t a hooker, he gladly would have paid for it.(that’s another story on a trip to Vegas.)Terri said the guys were standing around the bed laughing about the joke and she was still lying in the bed, butt naked and cum running out of her pussy. CW finally realized that and looked at her and asked her if she had cum, which she hadn’t, he asked her if she wanted to take care of her part of the deal right now. Terri said why not, where do you want to do it. CW told her I’m going to pull the bike around to the back yard, why don’t the three of you get better acquainted. Terri said to make a long story short (Details in another story) both Gary and Wilson hopped back in bed with her and got VERY acquainted. CW came back inside and played with her while the other two finished up and then they took her outside to the backyard and while Gary took a ton of video and photo’s CW fucked her brains out on the bike. When they were done they knew they were very late getting and so they headed back to the house.I wasn’t mad at Terri for being late, I was just little worried, so after her and CW explained what had happened I just laughed it off and then I had a thought. I asked Terri to think about something, I asked her if she realized how many different men had fucked her in the last 12 hours and that they were all black. She added it up and came up with 11 men; not including men, adding in me made it 12 different men in less than 12 hours.Anyway that’s the story of my wife’s first black experience. This was a almost two years ago and since she had been taken by over 50 different men and is still wanting more. Not bad for a little girl that three years ago had only had sex with one man and had never experienced more that the basics of sex.Most of the fantasies Terri and I have, we have done now. Including having her fucked in a Biker Bar in the desert, She even fucked the doorman in the back seat of our car while I drove them around. By the time we got back someone had gotten a motel room and she was fucked all night, a real black and white gangbang. But that’s another whole story.

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