Thank You Mr. Stanley Ch. 02


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age.

I had been lost for two weeks now. Lost in Nicole’s eyes, her scent, her wavy golden hair, her cupid’s bow mouth, her little breasts, her hot pussy, her tight, wonderful ass. It was all so utterly wrong and so right at the same time.

Hearing her call me Mr. Stanley in class had taken on a whole new sexual dimension. She never said so directly but I had figured out she had real thing for the teacher/student dynamic. It seemed like a big fetish for her. She never wanted to call me David. It was always Mr. Stanley. And when we fucked, she kept saying it over and over, as if stating out loud that she was fucking her teacher got her fired up even more. When she looked up at me with those pretty pleading eyes and called me Mr. Stanley it seemed to excite her even more than me. And it sure as hell excited me.

That first time she had sucked my cock had been the high point of my sex life. And then she had stripped off her t-shirt, lain down on the floor, hiked up her skirt to reveal her naked pussy and started to play with herself in front of me. Still with my cum on her face.

I just stood there, my brain totally fried. My cock however was very much on top of the situation and got hard very quickly, as the information about the very wet pussy being fingered in front of me registered in my dick-brain.

“Are you going to fuck me Mr. Stanley?”

My mind blew for like the fourth time since she walked in the door. Any reservations still lurking in the back of my brain vanished without a trace. I fell to my knees between hers and lowered my mouth to her hard nipple. She moaned loudly as I sucked on her nipples, moving between those puffy light pink treats like a kid in a candy shop. They tasted wonderful and her moans and yelps of pleasure drove me wild.

“Oh Mr. Stanley, yes, YES! Oh please Mr. Stanley oh GOD!”

And then,

“Please put it in me Mr. Stanley, please put it in!”

I wasn’t done. This might be the only time I was going to have Nicole naked in my hands, I fully expected to be out of a job or in jail tomorrow or as soon as anyone found out. I just didn’t care any more. She was exquisite. And I intended to make the most of this incredible moment.

I let go of a well sucked nipple and moved down her body, planting kisses all the way down to her tuft of blonde hair over her slit.

“Mr. Stanley…?”

I spread her beautiful butterfly lips with my fingers and dove into her pussy, my tongue plunging into her as deep as I could reach. Licking her, tongue fucking her like a man possessed.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” She grabbed my hair and pushed her pussy into my face.

“OH MY GOD MR. STANLEY!! I moved up to assault her clit directly.

“Hhhmmmmmmmmppfhhhhhhhhrrrrrrr!!” she articulated. A bunch of rather less coherent words followed from her mouth as I licked, sucked and tonguefucked her juicy, sweet tasting pussy to my hearts content. Man, she was loud. I loved it.

Holding her thin thighs spread with my big hands I kept going until she started shaking. First her legs, then her hips and abdomen. Her fingers tightened in my hair and her breathing seemed to stop. Silence fell save for the happy sounds of my mouth driving her towards the orgasm.

Then suddenly she exploded, hissing air with a loud “hhnnnnnnnggggggghhhh”, her thighs clamping down on my head and her hands pushing hard at my forehead. I held on, making her ride that orgasm as long as possible. When I finally let up she curled into a ball on the floor in front of me, catching her breath.

“Oh my God… Oh my God…” she whispered over and over again.

I was pretty pleased with myself right then I’ll tell you. And I wasn’t done. My cock screamed for attention.

When her breathing was back to some kind of normal I touched her knee and she rolled on her back. Her eyes looked drowsy as she looked into mine. I smiled smugly and she gave a happy little smile back.

Then her blue eyes went wide as I fell over her little body and guided the head of my cock to the entrance to her pussy. She was burning hot inside and sopping wet. She drew a long deep breath and held it as my cock pushed into her. Our eyes locked as I drove deeper and deeper into her pussy until I was buried balls deep in her. Her breath came hissing out again and her vocal chords kicked in again.

“Yes yeeeees yesssssss” she whispered, her eyes burning a hole in mine.

“Is this wat you want Nicole?” I whispered back.

“Yeees! Yeeeeeessss!” Her eyes went from wide to pleading.

“Please. Please. Pleeeeaasase.”

“Yes? You want me to fuck you?” I lowered my face down to hers so our noses were nearly touching.

“Nicole…do you want your teacher to fuck you?”

Her pleading went into overdrive.

“YES! Please fuck me Mr. Stanley please please fuck me Mr. Stanley pleeease!”

I kept eye contact, locked my hands around her petite shoulders, withdrew nearly all the way and stopped with just the head inside her. Her breath stopped with anticipation. I slammed into her. porno izle She gave a long loud grunt. I started pounding into her, deep and hard. Her eyes rolled up and her grunts became one long “yes” in staccato bursts of breath as my body slammed into her.

I was not going to last long. My cock screamed for release. I was at the edge of the best orgasm of my life. I wanted to stay there forever. But then her voice picked me up and threw me off the cliff.

“Thank you Mr. Stanley, thank you thank you Oh fuck me Mr. Stanley fuck me YES! thank you Mr. Stanley!”

The continuous stream of words sent me crashing and as my cock started throbbing her eyes locked on mine again and she lifted her head towards me. I kissed her furiously as my cum filled her pussy, her arms locked around my neck.

Afterwards we both lay spent on the floor side by side. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. I was so fucked. Maybe it would be best to just move away quietly. What the hell had I done?! Why didn’t I think?!

Then I felt a hand slide over my chest. A slender leg drape over my thigh. Nicole’s warm body nuzzling up to mine, her head on my shoulder. And that sweet whisper.

“Thank you Mr. Stanley.”

Fuck. This might be all kinds of wrong, but hell if I was ever going to let it go.

We managed to keep up appearances at school. At least she was very good at it. I hoped I was too. But it gave me the shivers every time she called me Mr. Stanley. I was equal parts terrified that someone might pick up on the sexual tension between us and elated that I was actually fucking her.

Fucking that petite package of hotness sitting in the first row focusing on her assignment. Sliding my cock into her wet pussy…Oh fuck how did I get myself into this horrible mess!? What an idiot!

I was on edge every day. Wondering if anyone knew, if anyone noticed anything different. Wondering if she would tell any of her friends. Looking for signs of trouble in the faces of the other girls in class. Nearly having a nervous breakdown every time Principal Anderson wanted to talk, convinced that now he was going to ask me to his office and there the cops would be waiting and…

But it never happened.

And besides, she was already 18! Yeah, that would do a fat load of good. “But she’s 18 officer, that makes it ok, right?” Oh fuck off David.

Every day I thought I really should break this off right now. But I didn’t.

She started sending me messages during the school day. I would be in the teacher’s lounge between classes and my phone would chime. And I would sit there surrounded by other teachers and staff with a picture of Nicole’s pussy burning a hole in my phone and my conscience. And I would excuse myself and send her a video of me stroking my cock in the teacher’s bathroom back. Jesus, it was awesome and terrible at the same time. So wrong. So so wrong. So wonderfully wrong.

She would tease me relentlessly with those messages, asking me just before her class if I would be thinking of fucking her on my desk or eating her pussy under her desk while I was teaching. So wrong.

During those two weeks she came to my house nearly every day after school and we would fuck our brains out. I didn’t know what she told her parents or friends and I didn’t ask. We didn’t talk that much about anything. Bits and pieces here and there. She seemed to be in this for the sex, not the conversation. I was completely infatuated with her, but I had no illusions about her being in love with me.

She wasn’t very experienced but really eager to experiment. I found out that I had been the first one to ever lick her pussy, and that first time she had been overwhelmed by how good it felt. So we did that every time from then on. She absolutely loved it. So did I. And then when I moved my tongue down from her pussy and thoroughly rimmed her asshole for the first time she nearly cried with pleasure. Turned out she really loved anal play. Tongue, fingers, she just couldn’t get enough of it. Her favorite thing was having her pussy licked while having her ass fingered. It made her explode.

Then she started using our messaging to feed her kink. And it was just too fucking hot to not take advantage of. For example, I would get something along the lines of “Are you going to fuck my ass later Mr Stanley?” when I was finishing up or on my way home.

The first few times I just sent back a “Yes I’m going to really pound your ass today” or some emojis. But then I realized she was probably hoping for me to participate in her game.

It was nearly two weeks since we started fucking. That morning I got a picture of the panties she was going to wear that day, along with a “Looking forward to taking them off for you later.” It was funny how she was much more open to talk in her messages than when we actually were together. It was like she still felt secure enough to be herself behind her phone but not around me. Or perhaps it was all part of the Mr. Stanley game for her – playing her part when she was actually with me.

During lunch she sent amatör porno me a picture of her ass, obviously taken in the girls locker room, and “Can you please help me with my biology homework today Mr. Stanley?”.

I chuckled and wrote back. “Yes Nicole, I believe you need some extra tutoring. Bring your homework to my home office tonight at eight. Don’t be late, or I will have to punish you.”

There was nothing for a few minutes. Then a picture of her pretty, wide eyed, smiling face with a “Yes Mr. Stanley. I’ll be there on time.” I smiled.

It was Friday so I got off work early. I stopped by a few shops on the way home and prepared for my students’ arrival.

The doorbell went at exactly eight o’clock. I forced a stern look and opened the door. She stood there in her school clothes with her school bag still on her shoulder. Interesting. Usually, she had gone home and changed before she arrived.

Instead of ushering her in quickly like usual I stood in the doorway, towering over her.

“Welcome Nicole. I see you brought your books. Very good. Are you ready for your lesson?” I had never really tried roleplay but I was going to see where this went. I had to admit it was a little hot.

Well, Nicole obviously thought so. She blushed like a tomato and fidgeted with her bag.

“Yes Mr, Stanley, I’m ready.” Her voice was nearly a whisper. I recognized that whisper. It was a sure sign of her being really really turned on. Really horny and a little embarrassed. Oh boy. I wanted to keep her that way for a bit. She looked adorable.

“Well come in then. Don’t be shy. I’m your teacher, I won’t bite.” She visibly shivered and walked in, her eyes downcast. I shut the door and she just stood there waiting, mainly looking at my shoes.

Damn, it looked like Nicole’s little kink was a big kink after all. Her breath was quick and her face was burning just from standing there waiting for her “teacher”. Well, no, her actual teacher, roleplaying as her teacher? This was some Inception grade hotness. I was suddenly regretting never having roleplayed with my former girlfriends. I was probably going to be crap at this. Oh hell, I was an actual teacher, so maybe if I just went with that?

“Come this way Nicole, have a seat.” I led the way into my living room where I had rearranged the furniture a bit. My home desk and a chair now stood in the middle of the room. The chair had a set of leather ankle cuffs fastened to the two front legs and a matching set of handcuffs lay on the desk. Nicole stopped in the doorway and stared at my improvised school room. She stared at the cuffs. Then at me. Her face was burning even more. We had played with restraints before. I had pinned her down, tied her hands, that sort of stuff. The cuffs were new.

I didn’t want to push her into anything.

“Nicole we don’t have to do this if you are not ready.” She looked at me quickly.

“I want to.” I nearly didn’t hear her whisper. I still wanted to be sure.

“Are you sure? Nicole, do you want me to be your teacher today?” I waited for an answer.

“Yes Mr. Stanley. Please teach me Mr. Stanley.” Her face took on that familiar pleading look, but even more intense than usual. It was obvious I was touching something deep inside her mind. I better not fuck this up.

“Well, if we are going to make some progress during this class you will need to come into the classroom, hmm?”

“Yes Mr. Stanley.” She moved slowly towards the desk.

“Wait” I said, “aren’t you forgetting your school uniform Nicole?” I tried to look stern.

“Uniform?” she asked, looking confused.

“Yes, your school uniform, that you always have to wear in class. It looks like you are misbehaving already young lady. You are lucky I have a spare uniform for you to wear.” I produced a small bag from behind a chair and gave her. “Put it on.”

She took the bag and pulled out crotchless white lace panties, a matching white lace open cup bra, white fishnet hold-up stockings and a very, very short version of a red, plaid schoolgirl skirt. The whole outfit would really hide nothing, rather it would put everything on display. She stared at the “uniform” now on the desk.

“Well?” I asked.

She looked at me like, managing to look excited and a little thrown off at the same time. “Yes Mr. Stanley” she said and gathered up the tiny bits of clothing and took a step towards the door.

“Where are you going young lady?” I asked in my Teacher voice. She froze.

“To the bathroom to change?”

“You will change here, at your desk. Take off your clothes and put on your uniform. Now please. I haven’t got all day.”

Her face burned. I hoped I hadn’t overdone it. She looked genuinely embarrassed. And yet, this was a girl who often practically ripped off her clothes in front of me as soon as the door closed. Hell, I had fucked her at least five times in this very room. This game was really getting to her.

She put the underwear on the desk. Her school bag on the floor. I watched her silently. She took off her jacket and shoes. Barefoot, and not anal porno looking at me, she actually turned away from me to take off her t-shirt. No bra. The back of her neck was flushed red. Her skirt was next. Then her blue thong panties.

She stood still and naked for a short while. I don’t know what was going through her mind but it was clear this whole scene was feeding her kink like gas on fire.

Then she picked up the panties and slowly put them on. Arranged the open crotch around her pretty butterfly lips. I didn’t see them from this angle but I knew they were pretty. And tasty.

The bra was next. With that on she put on the stockings. A little wobbly, standing on one leg at a time, but she managed it without mishap. With her short legs, the stockings sat very high on her thighs, nearly all the way up her crotch. And finally the skirt. She turned around.

Jesus she was a sight to behold. The uniform had been just a fun idea, but fuck she looked like pure screaming sex. My cock strained against my pants. I breathed deeply, taking in her small tits perfectly accented by the open cup bra, her puffy nipples as hard as they ever got, her pussy clearly on display and that excuse for a skirt like a cherry on top of a delicious sex dessert.

“Very good Nicole.” My voice broke. She finally smiled when she saw the effect she was having.

“Now sit down at your desk and prepare for your first assignment.”

She sat down and I moved to her, going down on one knee to fasten her ankles to the chair legs with the cuffs. I could hear her breathing quicken as I pulled the straps tight. Then I stood beside her chair, exactly like I so often did when she asked for help during school hours.

“Give me your hands Nicole.” She put her hands up. I put the cuffs on her wrists and locked them together.

“Oh!” she twitched when they clicked shut. And then: “Thank you Mr. Stanley.”

She looked up at me with such a satisfied expression, I had to forcibly resist the urge to throw this roleplay nonsense out the window and just kiss her. I snapped myself out of it.

“We will begin the lesson by reviewing your oral skills” I said dramatically as I undid my belt and dropped my pants.

“You may begin young lady.” I still stood beside her in my usual spot. I wanted her to remember this every time I went to help her in class. A little payback for winding me up with sexy messages during the schoolday.

“Yes Mr. Stanley!” She wasted no time, her cuffed hands coming up to my cock. I grabbed her hands.

“Oh no Nicole, this is an oral exam. No hands allowed!” I pulled her hands down to the seat of the chair and ‘click’, fastened her handcuffs to a ring I had screwed into the underside earlier. I actually had thought about this a little and prepared.

Nicole looked up at me again and then at my cock, now pointing rock hard toward her face. Sitting down, she was at the perfect height. She opened her mouth and sucked me in. It was heaven. I groaned. She sucked harder. She pushed my dick as far as she could down her throat. She ran her tongue around the head and tickled the underside. She licked the shaft and my balls, slobbering saliva all over my cock and her face. It felt awesome and she was so fucking hot to watch.

“Am I doing it right Mr. Stanley?” she asked, “is this good?” She was looking at me with those pleading eyes. She wanted me to talk to her.

“You are doing very well Nicole.” I moved so I was sitting on the edge of the desk in front of her. Her mouth zeroed in on my cock again. Wrapped my hands in her hair and held her with the tip of my cock in her mouth.

“Here, now let me help you.” I pushed her down on my cock, gagging her. And again. I drew her up and she looked at me, lost in her kink, completely satisfied. I started fucking her mouth, holding her head, pushing my cock into her troat. I talked to her while I used her, telling her what a good student she was, how pleased I was with her, how I was going to teach her all kinds of things. After a few minutes I pulled her up to check if she was ok. She looked at me like she was a little dazed, her eye makeup smudged and her saliva covering her chin. I suddenly wasn’t sure how far I could push her with this.

“Is this ok?” I asked softly.

Her eyes locked on mine, burning with lust. “Please Mr. Stanley, don’t stop.”

So I fucked her mouth, I held her head still and pushed as far down her throat as I could, again and again. She gagged and sucked. It was unreal. I watched her trying to open her mouth wider to take more of my cock, but it just wouldn’t go further down her throat. The sounds she was making were driving me nuts with lust. Every time I brought her up for air she either looked pleading into my eyes or just whispered “more!”

I lost myself in the moment. I pinched her nipples hard, squeezed her tits, grabbed her by the neck and hair and pushed her head down on my thrusting cock. I’m not sure how long I fucked her like this but using her and listening to her gagging this finally brought me to the edge. I didn’t stop. I kept fucking her mouth as my cum filled it. She swallowed some, spilled some. I let the last spurt land on her nose and cheek and then smeared it all over her face, mixing with her saliva. She sat there panting. Silent. Spent. Spit and cum all over her face, leaking down her body.

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