Thanksgiving Appetizer


Having began the day with all the preparations for guests coming over, there were 4 of us in the house getting things ready. We were expecting 4 others later in the day around 3pm to sit down for Thanksgiving.

I had been cleaning the house as cooking was never my specialty, I was busy picking up things and dusting the furniture then had planned to vacuum afterwards. As I was moving from room to room, I went into the main bedroom and caught Bob walking from the shower into the bedroom.

Startling him as well as myself we laughed.

Bob walked over to the dresser to fetch his t-shirt and a pair of shorts. As he was pulling the t-shirt over his head, I walked past him and took hold of his flacid cock and told him to run away while I was laughing. He pulled the t-shirt down and asked me to do something useful now that I had matters in my hand.

So, I sat down on the bed and took him into my mouth and began to give him a slow blowjob. Working the head around my tongue before taking him into my throat. I gripped the base of his growing shaft as I moved my lips pursed tightly over his length. Moving his shaft through my hand as I would suck the head.

He ran his fingers through my hair as I continued to suck his hardness. He reached down and lifted my tank top up over my head as I pulled my mouth escort ataşehir off his cockhead. Once the tank top was clear, Bob took a couple steps towards me as I knew what he was wanting.

I stood up and laid back on the bed, Bob straddled my tummy as he moved his cock back towards my mouth, only this time he pushed his shaft against my breasts as I pushed my breasts together. His hard cock was nestled perfectly between them. He began to fuck my boobs as I licked his cockhead with each pump.

As I looked into his eyes, I could tell he was going to cum soon so I squeezed my boobs together harder creating a tight crevice for him. He began pumping faster with full thrusts as we locked eyes. He groaned out and shot loads of cum up onto my face and neck. We never took our eyes off each other as his orgasm burst out.

He slowed his thrusts as I gripped the shaft and brought him into my mouth. tasting his cum as I sucked him clean. I then used his cock to gather what I could feel on my face and chin to bring it to my mouth. When I could gather no more, he used his fingers to push what he could into my waiting mouth.

He slipped off my body and as I began to follow, he told me stay on the bed as one good deed deserves another. He walked over to the closet and retrieved one of many kadıköy escort long toys we store in there. He picked a rabbit with an attached smaller penetrator. One of my favorites.

As he made his way back to the bed, I moved up higher so that I could rest my head on the pillows. He moved towards me and settled under my right leg as I lifted it up so he could slide closer to me. He began running the rabbit over my slit teasing my clit and lips. He pushed alittle in then turned on the vibe. He pushed inside me as the smaller shaft pushed against my backside.

He began pumping me slowly at first while at the same time flicking his tongue over my clit. I felt the wetness building and the orgasm coming way too soon. I was pawing at my breasts as his tongue felt so good tight against my clit as he pumped.

The smaller shaft brushing against my backside just he pushed the entire toy inside me, splitting my pussy as the smaller shaft penetrated my ass. A couple more flicks of my clit and I was soon coming.

I moaned out as wave after wave flowed through my body. My nipples hard as small rocks as I pulled and pinched them. Bob kept pumping me through several more orgasms until my body collapsed as he slowed the pace. I was panting and felt so relaxed. He pulled the toy from inside me and maltepe escort bayan brought it up to my mouth as I licked the head of the rabbit.

Bob then tossed it aside as he slid up beside me, he laid with me caressing my body before moving up higher onto the bed. He was quite erect once again as he asked me if I as ready for a quick round 2. As I went to wrap my mouth around his swollen cock again. He moved forward so I didn’t have to strain. I took him into my mouth and coated his entire shaft with saliva. I then moved around on the bed and positioned myself on all fours.

He moved behind me and uided his hard cock into my wet pulsing pussy in one full stroke, burying himself deep inside my walls. I moaned out from the suddenness. He began pumping deep and hard, I could sense he wanted to cum fast as he thrust himself repeatedly inside me. I grabbed the rabbit and turned it on, reaching between my thighs, I placed the rabbit against my clit as the smaller shaft hummed along his cock.

It didn’t take long for him to start coming inside me. I clamped down with my pussy muscles as he pumped deeper into me. I felt another orgasm coming as I laid my head on the bed as he pulled on my hips pulling me onto his cock. He collapsed on me with his cock still inside my walls.

I slowly lowered my hips as we fell to the bed. He moved off to the side then off the bed. I laid there for awhile as he began to get dressed. I brought myself to one more orgasm before getting up while he watched. It was such a nice break from the hectic schedule of getting the house ready.

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