That New Guy Ch. 09


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.

Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


Once Jake had led Meg off, Tony had headed back outside where he found Chuck still lounging by the pool. Since they were both currently feeling sexually gratified, they grabbed a couple of beers and enjoyed the approaching evening, not even bothering to get dressed again. Both assumed that they’d be communing with the two ladies again and, eventually, they decided to head inside to pursue that. Coincidentally, they were entering the kitchen, because Chuck had seen Byron lead Deb in that way, at nearly the same moment that Meg was entering from within the house and just shortly after Deb had finished blowing Byron. Jake ended up being the only one missing the big rendezvous in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m still a little sticky,” Deb said as Tony was eyeballing the chocolate syrup and whipped cream, “In fact, I could use a shower.”

“I know just the place for that,” Tony replied and took her by the hand before leading her from the kitchen. She’d been wide-eyed at the size of the kitchen and the rest of the house proved to be no less impressive. His destination was the master suite, where they would find the best shower in the house.

“I think that shower may be bigger than my entire bathroom,” she suggested once they were inside the master bathroom.

“Believe me,” Tony replied, “I’ve known people with studio apartments that didn’t seem that big.”

Rather than continue to gawk, they both stepped inside and closed the glass door behind them. Tony got the water going as Meg examined all of the fancy and expensive toiletries available around them. She picked one out and, once the water was ready, squirted a generous amount of it into Tony’s hands before slipping under the shower stream. As she was wetting herself down, Tony started to lather up her tits, his cock quickly growing as he did. Once she’d soaked herself down, she took some of the same shower gel and, after lathering it up between her own hands, applied it to Tony’s cock and balls. They started making out passionately as they soaped each other up, only stopping when one or the other was focused on a particular body area that didn’t allow for it. By the time Deb was no longer sticky from the chocolate sauce and whipped cream, she was ready to get sticky with another kind of cream.

They rinsed themselves down then toweled each other off with Deb dropping to her knees as she dried Tony’s legs, then wrapping her lips around his cock as long as she was down there. He moaned as she engulfed his tool in her hot mouth but she only sucked him off long enough to confirm that he was fully rigid and ready to fuck her again. Once they were both dry, she hopped up on the bathroom counter and spread her legs. Tony surprised her by first lowering his head toward her smooth pussy and starting to lap up her flowing juices. She leaned back and moaned herself as Maltepe Escort she relished the pleasurable feeling.

Almost immediately after Tony had led Deb from the kitchen, Meg indicated that she could use a shower as well to clean off the sunscreen that Chuck and Jake had applied to her entire body earlier that afternoon. Since Byron was still feeling spent, he had no problem when Chuck volunteered. Chuck knew that Tony would have taken Deb to the nicest shower in the house but none of the other bathrooms were anything to be ashamed of, either. He took her to the guest bedroom and led her to the shower in the attached bathroom. She was as impressed by this as Deb had been by the master bathroom shower and was excited about sharing it with Chuck.

“Have you ever showered with anyone in here before?” Meg asked.

“No,” Chuck replied, “the master bath shower is the most impressive, so we all try to use that one if we’re going to be…uh…entertaining guests.”

“Anyone in particular you’ve ‘entertained’ in there?” she asked.

“Jake’s sister,” Chuck replied with a sheepish shrug, “but he doesn’t know that.”

“Naughty boy,” she said, getting even more turned on by the thought of it.

“And I don’t know for sure,” Chuck continued, “but I’m fairly certain that Byron fucked Jake’s mom in there at some point.”

For some reason, the idea of sort of disrespecting Jake by secretly fucking his sister and mother was an incredible turn-on to Meg so she was ready to cease the small talk and get back to pleasuring each other. She led him into the shower and quickly had the water flowing over them. They made out briefly under the stream before, like Deb, she grabbed some shower gel and started lathering up Chuck’s tool. Like Tony, Chuck was soaping up Meg’s succulent tits but, before he could spread the lather further, she dropped down to her knees and squeezed his soapy cock between her soapy tits. Naturally, Chuck moaned at the pleasurable feeling, which was absolutely incredible. He was savoring not only the feeling but the visual of Meg holding her tits together against his cock and sliding them up and down it. And while the idea of fucking her soaped-up tits until he spewed all over them was very appealing, there were a number of things he wanted to do with Meg before he got to the point of cumming again.

Meg didn’t want Chuck spewing on her tits right away either so, after a few minutes, she released her tits and he helped her to her feet again. They made out again while she pumped his cock and her fondled her tits but he ended up moving his hands, full of soapy lather, around to caress her ass. He started with slathering the foam over her smooth cheeks but gradually ended up getting the crack of her ass well soaped-up as well. She offered no resistance when he started to massage her asshole with one of his fingertips so, when he was certain that there was enough lather to lubricate it sufficiently, he slipped his finger into her ass. Meg let out a gasp, not of surprise but of pleasure, then her body immediately began to shake as she suddenly came. Chuck continued sliding his finger in and out of her ass, pleased that she’d found the anal penetration to be pleasurable.

“My God, that felt good,” Meg finally blurted out when she’d stopped cumming, “I’ll bet it will feel even better when you slip your cock in there.”

Tony was devouring Deb’s pussy and had slipped a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. She was on the verge of cumming again already and knew it wouldn’t be the last time but she was still savoring each and every orgasm. As if his talented tongue wasn’t enough, Ümraniye Escort when she thought about how he would be slipping his throbbing cock into her hot, wet pussy, she found herself instantly even closer to cumming. Her cries were echoing through the vast bathroom and Tony was well aware that she was on the verge of another orgasm. He didn’t try to draw out her pleasure, knowing that she was already experiencing high levels, because he was anxious to slip his cock into her again. He could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged around his finger as he pumped it in and out of her and knew that fucking her was going to feel outstanding. When she gasped and her body started shaking, he was happy, not to be finished with eating her pussy, but in part because she was clearly experiencing a great deal of pleasure and in part because his cock was aching to be slipped into her hot pussy.

Her orgasm was long and intense and he continued to eat her until she settled down and let out a sigh, indicating that she’d finished cumming. He straightened up, his eyes going right to her tits as he took his cock in hand and guided it toward her pussy. She reached her arms around his neck and started to kiss him as he slipped his cock easily into her. They made out as he started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her and brought his hands up to caress her tits. As good as his cock felt sliding in and out of her pussy and his hands felt on her tits, it was still a bit of an awkward position sitting up on the counter. She didn’t know what to do with her legs since her feet didn’t reach the floor and it wasn’t easy to caress her clit while he fucked her, so she eventually came up with a better idea.

She had him pull out of her and hopped off the counter, then turned around and presented her ass to him. He was quickly guiding his tool back into her as she reached down between her legs to stroke her clit. Once he had a nice rhythm going, he reached up and cupped her swinging tits. They both felt that this was a position more conducive to the mutual pursuit of pleasure. It was also kind of nice that they had the big mirror over the counter and sinks where they could still make eye contact or just watch as they were fucking.

Chuck was surprised by Meg’s suggestion that he’d be penetrating her ass with his throbbing cock but he didn’t waste a moment once she brought it up. He grabbed the shower gel again and, as he poured some into his hand to lather up his cock, she turned away from him, presenting her full, round ass to him. He drizzled some shower gel down the crack of her ass then set the bottle aside and spread it around while also applying the handful he’d poured to his cock. She was moaning and writhing as he massaged her asshole so, as soon as he was ready, he guided his cockhead to her anus and eased it inside her. Her cries of pleasure were unmistakable as he filled her and she pushed back against him. Her ass was so tight that he couldn’t help but moan as well as he started to slowly slide his cock in and out of it.

He started slowly, concerned he might cause her some discomfort if he went too hard or too fast but, when her body started to shake again as another orgasm overtook her, he suspected that she was probably feeling pretty good. He was holding her by her curvy hips and started to get a good rhythm going as she reached down to finger her pussy while he was fucking her. Once they were in synch, he reached up for her luscious, swinging titties and caressed them as her relished the pleasure of fucking her ass.

With her fingers working on her clit and Tony’s cock sliding in and out of İstanbul Escort her pussy, Deb was well on her way to another of her countless orgasms. She knew for a fact that there had never been another day when she’d cum so many times but, of course, there had also never been another day when she’d been with four partners in such a short period of time. Whatever these guys ended up thinking of her by the end of the night, she was quite certain that it would all have been worth it. She was also pretty sure that at least three of the four guys were not likely to make an issue of what they had all engaged in. In fact, she was pretty sure that they were experiencing as much pleasure as she was and that there was a very good chance that she’d be seeing at least a couple of them again.

Tony continued fucking her and fondling her tits as she let out a cry and her body started to shake. He was glad that she was experiencing so much pleasure because he was certainly appreciating the opportunity to fuck her. In the back of his mind, he’d been wondering if there would be a way to see both Deb and Meg again after this night was over, not necessarily together but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to choose one over the other. In the forefront of his mind, however, was how good her pussy felt as his cock slid in and out of it and how much he enjoyed having her big titties in his hands. He had no intention of stopping fucking her once she’d finished cumming but Deb had cum twice since they’d been in the bathroom and wanted to make him cum finally. Once she’d recovered from yet another long and intense orgasm, she straightened up so that Tony’s cock slipped out of her and turned to face him. She pressed her lips against his briefly, her tongue slipping into his mouth as she reached for his stiff cock, then she dropped to her knees.

Chuck could feel his orgasm building quickly as he fucked Meg’s ass and he had no intention of trying to hold out any longer. When he felt her body trembling as yet another orgasm coursed through her, he was certain that she wasn’t going to mind if he finally had an orgasm himself. He was savoring the feeling since it wasn’t often that a woman he’d just met would offer her ass to him and hers felt outstanding. He also like how it jiggled a little as his hips tapped against it. As far as he was concerned, forget about the scrawny chicks, athletic or anorexic or otherwise; he preferred a woman with some real curves. As he found himself right on the verge of cumming, her released her succulent tits and took her by the hips again. He slowed down his pace a little to savor the building pleasure but finally exploded into her ass with a grunt. He continued to thrust for as long as he could, only pulling out when he was completely spent and starting to soften.

“Oh, baby, that was awesome,” Meg said, turning to kiss him. They made out briefly then went back to soaping each other up and rinsing each other down.

In the master bathroom, Deb was sliding her mouth up and down Tony’s thick shaft, focused on making him cum as he had so successfully done for her. Tony was enjoying her oral talents again and was happy with the pace she was setting as well as his building orgasm. She wasn’t trying to draw out the pleasure he was feeling but she did want him to experience a significant amount. She needn’t have worried about it because, despite all of the pleasure he’d already experienced that evening, he was loving everything about having her hot mouth sliding up and down his tool. He would have been okay with experiencing it for a bit longer but she was so good that he felt his orgasm building pretty quickly and he certainly had no problem with it. She could feel his cock beginning to swell even more and knew he was right on the verge so she just remained focused on making him cum. When he exploded into her mouth, they were both happy and she hungrily swallowed down his load.

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