That Summer in Provence Pt. 04


[They will eventually go all the way, I promise. Been really busy with life things. This is what I’ve got to tide over you lovely pervs. Enjoy!]


With the dawn of each day, we break new boundaries. I feel myself unraveling, thread by thread, lost in my desire and, yes, deep love for my niece Jane.

Last time I saw Jane, she was a twiggy and smart-mouthed 15-year-old. Four days ago, I was picking her up at the Nice Airport after not having seen her or my American family for 3 years, even though we are very close and Facetime often. I was excited to host Jane for a week at my house on the Riviera before she was to head down to Barcelona for her au pair gig. So how is it that midway through her stay, my beautiful niece is astride me, both of us buck naked?

Who am I? I am a successful self-made man, and at 52 years old, I have had many desirable women, of all walks. But to memory, none have captivated my attention and inspired both lust and affection as fully as my 18-yr-old niece Jane has in just four days. I want to do everything with her, for her, to her. I tell myself that in some cultures, it is acceptable for uncles to wed their nieces, but that doesn’t make me feel great about the current state of affairs.

How did we get to this point? On her first night here and unbeknownst to her, as I passed her room, I overheard her verbally fantasize about getting rimmed and having her butt fingered. I was half drunk, and being a confirmed backdoor lover myself, I found myself jerking myself off outside her door, just as she called out my name in her climax. Which, of course, cast a new light on the whole incident.

On day 2, she flirted with me all day — or maybe she was just being her effervescent self and I was projecting. The day culminated in her jumping into my bed in the middle of night, claiming fear of thunder. Somewhat to my dismay — but to my cock’s delight — we woke up spooning, still dressed in our night clothes.

By early morning’s light, my wily niece had persuaded me to service her bubble butt with my tongue. She enjoyed her first orgasm with me then, her trim wink quivering on my tongue. Looking back, it was around that point that I was falling for her, although I wouldn’t know it yet. It was only the third day.

Morning of day 4, she comes to me in the wee hours like a baby succubus and entreats me to discover and taste and pleasure her sweet charms — her small perky breasts, her dewy pussy, her immaculate asshole. I am powerless to resist. She straddles my face and climaxed for the second time with me as I lapped and sucked at her clit, cunt, and ass. Afterwards we cuddle, one thing leading to another, and next you know, my sweet Jane is jacking me off and invites me to mark her hand and body with my cum. I comply. And I am now completely smitten.

Afterwards we rest a bit, our limbs in a tangle of languorous afterglow. We spend the rest of day in a haze of caresses and light petting. In the morning, it was the lingering touch, the kiss in the neck, the too-close hug with bodies melting together. We were like new lovers. We are new lovers. Just that we also happen to be related.

After lunch, we start siesta time chastely keeping our underwear on like high-school sweethearts, with fingers squeezing and probing everywhere. Is there anything more delicious than having the beautiful girl you love on top of you, kissing you, allowing you to explore her tight yet plush contours? I hadn’t planned to, but I do end up pleasuring her entire box again with my mouth, getting her off during our afternoon delight session.

We’ve only ever made out in the early morning, so I was finally able to admire her beautiful little pussy and tantalizing curvy backside with all its shadows and secrets in the afternoon light. With my tongue massaging her clit, penetrating her pussy, or licking her ass, I can still admire the luminosity of her redhead complexion, the tuft of ginger pubes above her shaved snatch, the delectable ridges and perfect pucker of her spicy ass hole. You couldn’t have drawn a more beautiful girl, or a more perfect body.

After her orgasm, she wanted to reciprocate so I had to explain that I need to pace myself nowadays. But I can pleasure her as much, as often, and as long as she wants. bursa escort Anyway, we were exhausted after so many early mornings enjoying foreplay and other acts. Eventually, we do drift off for a longish nap. By the time we wake up, it’s mid-afternoon and hot so we motivate for a swim.

By the pool, Jane impishly asks me to apply sunscreen on her back again, just like she did on her second day, the day before the night I first sampled her irresistible derrière. Grinning at her, I do, squeezing out the creamy sunscreen onto my fingers and slowly apply it to her entire body. The lotion reminds me of my cum on her body the other morning.

Unlike last time, I do unclasp her strapless bikini top to apply, instead of going beneath the strap. And I do run my lotioned fingers underneath her back waistband, instead of just tracing the edge like I did last time. I continue the application on the backs of her legs, from her Achilles tendons all the way up her slim legs. Jane is about 5’6″ — tiny to my 6’2″ — and has the same build as her mother, my twin. Slim build, long limbs, small perky chest, amazing bubble butt. Needless to say, it is my pleasure to do this favor for her.

I work my horndog hands up one leg and then the other, eventually arriving at the bottom crease of her juicy ass cheeks. I allow my greased-up thumb to lightly dig into her ass flesh, just inside the bottom seam of her bikini, very near the “Y” formed by her pelvis and her legs. By this point, Jane is audibly whimpering and rhythmically writhing her hips into the lounge chair.

She reaches back and puts her thumbs on either side of her low-rise bikini and gestures to slide them down. I help her. I relish the sight of her raising her hips so that the fabric can clear her pelvis, and the tantalizing glimpse of her tight butthole and smooth puffy pussy lips viewed from the back. Fuccckkk, she is mouthwatering.

As she settles back into the chaise, now gloriously and completely naked except for the Cartier necklace I have her, I squeeze out more lotion and apply it to her ass cheeks, using both hands. I work her glutes in outward circles, lightly parting her fleshy ass globes with each revolution. Each time she feels her ass open to my gaze, she whimpers slightly. And each time, I can just hear the sticky sound of her gummy pussy lips parting. I can’t wait to taste her again.

“Mmmmm, oh my God, Uncle Tommy, please stroke me…” she purrs.

I will, but I don’t do it just yet. Must teach young people today about instant gratification. I continue the butt massage, bringing my thumbs closer and closer to her tiny butt hole with each movement. Eventually I’m grazing the outer perimeter of her anus, with Jane shamelessly moaning and bucking her hips. I lean down to wet each of my thumbs in my mouth without ever releasing my hold of her luscious ass cheeks. Continuing my very gradual narrowing in on her ass hole, finally my right thumb makes contact with the opening and I let my thumb tip slip inside. Jane gasps loudly and fetchingly pushes her hips several inches off the lounge chair.

I continue this loving assault with alternating thumb tips, adding my spit as needed either by slobbering on my thumbs or letting my spit dribble onto her crack directly from my mouth. Each time she lifts her hips, I can see her pussy lips glistening. Jane is now the embodiment of unadulterated pleasure, and absolutely glorious. Somewhere winking in the back of my mind, I know my treatment is not becoming of an uncle — and not just any uncle, but Jane’s mom’s twin brother — but really, we are way past the point of return. It’s just non-stop pleasuring from here on out.

I continue thumb-dipping her ass for a long while. In truth, it was probably just several minutes, not more than five, but both of us are in a fugue state and it seems like time is at a standstill. Our existence at that moment consists of either my right thumb or my left thumb slipping into her ass, lubing up as necessary, and her hips bucking up to meet the penetration. My cock is straining hard in my swim trunks, precum starting to seep through the synthetic fabric.

Finally, I can’t wait any longer, the root of my palate long salivating to taste Jane’s pink pucker. I go back to symmetrically parting her bursa escort bayan ass flesh with my thumbs and hunker down to give her one giant lick, from her gooey pussy lips to the top of her crack, taking a moment to swirl my tongue in the tiny, pliant, bewitching opening.

“Oh my GOD, Uncle Tommy, that’s too much…! Oh, my fucking God…” She is, as always, vocal in her enjoyment, her words starting to sound slurred by her desperate need to cum.

After several days of patient, gentlemanly love-making, I’m finally letting my true nature show — devoted box licker and unapologetic anal lover. Jane doesn’t realize the Pandora’s Box she opened when she fantasized about me licking her ass her first night in my house. By the end of this week, her pussy and ass will be thoroughly caressed, fingered, probed, stretched, licked, sucked. And more, if she wants.

My head feels hot, and I feel like swallowing her whole. I am rimming her teen ass hole as if I want to take her into my body, dipping my fat tongue into the maw of her pussy every so often to keep things balanced. I had slipped one arm underneath her hips as a makeshift cushion to keep her hips raised and her ass cheeks slightly open to my ministrations. With her hips raised this way, she has just enough room to slip a hand down to rub her clit.

Her brow is deeply furrowed, and she’s drooling and grunting and gripping the head of the lounge chair with her other hand like a drowning man to a life raft. “Oh my God, Uncle Tommy… you gonna make me cum again… oh shit…”

I slip two fingers inside her dripping pussy and focus my tongue on her tight hole, spearing my tongue searchingly into her virginal anal canal. My senses are imbued with her flavors — the smell of her skin, her young womanly pussy dripping cream, her fresh horny asshole. Fuck. I feel like such a pervy, old bastard tongue-fucking my niece this way, but she is irresistible to me. I can’t get enough. I want her to cum and cum and cum with me.

“Cum on my tongue, baby. I wanna feel your little pussy squeeze my fingers and your tight ass clench on my tongue. Come on, baby. Cum for me.”

My words trigger something in her, and she bucks even harder and I can feel her clit-strumming hand work even faster. She is panting hard, and her lips are slightly parted showing gritted teeth. She has a faint sheen of perspiration on her upper lip. In short, the picture of lust and abandon, almost to the point of pain. I love providing this much pleasure to her. I am thrilled to be the man to give it to my delicious niece.

“Mmmmmmm, I’m cumming, Uncle Tommy…! Please shove your tongue in my ass hole, oh my God!” She is fucking her hips hard back into my face, alternately grunting, moaning, whining. Per request, I make my tongue into the longest, hardest spear I can muster and make it disappear into her ass hole the best I can, snaking it inside her as much as such a tight space would allow.

“Oh, fuuuccccckkkkk, fuck!!” Her climax rumbles forward, and with my tongue and my fingers where they are, I can feel every aspect of it. The goose bumps on her entire body, her vagina pulsing around my fingers, her pussy gushing cream, her ass hole involuntarily blinking on my tongue. My God, she is a force of nature.

“Oh my God, oh my fucking God, Uncle Tommy, Jesus, what are you doing to me…” she moans into the towel on the chaise, her love box a swollen glistening glorious mess from her juices and my slobber. I slowly pull my mouth off her ass and gradually withdraw my fingers from her snatch. I lightly kiss her on her buttocks and her sacrum, my fingers now just gently stroking her inner ass cheeks, barely grazing her sweet wink. Mmmm, amazing.

“Turn around, baby, let’s clean you up.”

With her face still turned to one side on the towel, she squints up at me with a confused expression. But she is docile and allows me to help her turn over. She had been grinding her torso into the towel so hard, her skin of her chest shows the pinpoint imprint of the terry cloth. She looks totally worked over and sex-dazed — quite a sight to behold.

She situates herself on her back and lies there inert. I put a hand on her belly and kiss her softly on her mouth then slowly work my way down her front, nibbling on escort bursa her pretty breasts. As exhausted as she must be, Jane still responds, mewling her pleasure and bringing her hand to cradle my head. I work my way down her body. When I said we needed to clean her up, I meant with my tongue.

I finally arrive at her crotch, and prying her slim legs open and baring her shaved pussy shamelessly to the Riviera sun, I set to lapping her snatch clean. I lick all around her pussy mound, the soft skin between her cunt and her inner thighs, her tender perineum, all the way back to her ass. I don’t miss a single spot, or a single drop of her pussy juice. Jane is continuously moaning, her hips gently rolling, her one leg bending in to give me better access to her backside. I end with a very gentle suckle on her clit — I know it’s sensitive right now after her orgasm.

My work done, I come back up for another kiss and ask, “Ready for that swim, baby?” She gives me a lazy smile and kisses me back.

+ + +

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve cummed since I got here 4 days ago? 5 days ago? I have no idea. I know I’m dreading leaving for Barcelona on Sunday. Uncle Tommy just kissed, licked, sucked, fingered, rimmed, and tongue-fucked both my girl holes within an inch of my life. I feel drunk with love-making and sex right now. This must be what Aphrodite felt like. Mmmm, more, please.

After he made me cum hard yet again while I was lounging on the pool lounge chair, I finally roused myself to get vertical and join him in the pool. I’m already naked, of course, my bikini top unclasped when Uncle Tommy was applying sunscreen, and then my bikini bottom also found its way off my body when Uncle Tommy was making love to my box with his mouth. Amazing.

He’s already in the pool, just treading water and waiting for me, a small smile dancing on his lips and a twinkle in his eye. I can feel his patient, loving gaze on my firm, fair-skinned teen body as I slowly make my way down the steps into the water, relishing the cool water bathing my hot snatch. I gradually make my way to where he is. At a certain point, my toes don’t touch bottom any more — he’s much taller than me — I paddle to where he is and latch on to him like a barnacle.

We start kissing right away, and even in the cool water, I can feel my snatch hot on his belly as my legs are clasped around his waist. He cradles my hips in his forearms, his hands on my bubble butt, his tongue exploring my mouth. He is such a wonderful kisser — at times light and flirty, at times deep and soulful, sometimes breaking from my lips and nuzzling my neck. For sure, it’s his playboy A-game, but completely genuine and loving. I love him so much!

We make out this way for a while, driving me totally crazy. We’ve gotten this far, and I know I totally want to go all the way with my sexy uncle. Finally, he pulls away from my lips and poses his forehead on mine — a gesture we’ve always done as uncle and niece, yet different now.

“What do you want to do, baby?” His eyes are hooded with clear desire, and I love him for giving me an out.

“I want you to make complete love to me, Uncle Tommy.”

“You sure, baby?” His eyes have darkened with what I imagine are conflicting emotions. I am completely sure and feel no conflict at all.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life. Don’t worry, OK? I’m a big girl, really.” I give him a sure grin. Poor thing, he looks so guilt-ridden, yet so, so horny. It’s adorable.

“You promise to let me know when you don’t want to go further?” he persists.

“Yes. But I won’t, you know. I’ve been wanting to for days. Take me to bed, Uncle Tommy.”

He grunted and leaned forward to plunge his tongue into my mouth again. Holding the deep kiss, his arms tighten and he makes his way out of the pool, with me still latched on to him. I can’t help but feel like I’m in a romance novel, between my hunky uncle and the glamorous, romantic setting. Feels dream-like, and I’ll never forget it.

Once out of the pool, he gently releases me and we rinse off quickly in the outdoor shower, our hands all over each other, lips kissing, tongues flicking. I tug Uncle Tommy’s trunks off him and leave it on the wood planks in the shower stall as I gently pull on his yummy cock and rub my belly against it. Mmmm, amazing…

Finally, we’re each swaddled in a towel, and hand in hand, we make our way inside and upstairs to his bedroom and his big, sexy white bed…

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