The 6PM Commute


Ally dreaded getting out so late! Everyone was always packed in like sardines! She had been in D.C. only a few weeks after accepting her promotion and hadn’t bothered purchasing a car, the Metro being so convenient to take between the office and her apartment.

But she was putting in longer hours adjusting to her new work environment struggling to get out early enough to beat the crowd!

So here she was! Another adventure of standing, tightly holding a metal pole, permitting strangers to totally invade her personal space careening down a dark tunnel in a brightly lit train car!

At least the Metro wasn’t unpleasant to travel. No foul odors, clean, on time! And the excitement of being in the nation’s capitol made the transport even more tolerable.

At this time of evening the passengers were mostly professionals mixed in with tourists worn out from a long day of vacationing. And tonight Ally was distracted by the most wonderful scent of a man’s cologne!

She always made a concerted effort not to stare, looking down mostly, occasionally looking out the window or at the route map on the side wall. She knew she was sexually attractive by the way men and women caught her eye, but this was one place she didn’t want any of that!

And yet! That manly aroma was extremely sexy! Ally concentrated on maintaining an expressionless countenance as she nonchalantly bit her lip, feeling her black laced panties getting wet!

She wanted to casually glance back for a quick look at the hunk of masculinity she hoped that primal scent was exuding from! But she was scrunched in too tightly for such a move to be inconspicuous!

Ally looked down to the floor eagerly searching for some identifying feature that she could match with the fragrance that was arousing her!

Her eyes finally landed on a man’s black, well polished dress shoe and above it a neatly pressed, pinstriped pant leg which surely belonged to an expensive suit!

She wanted to attach that magnificent scent with some extremely attractive business man close to her age in his late 20’s, early 30’s, muscular, horny, checking out her tight ass right now!

The train slowed to another stop. A few people filtered out but Ally wasn’t alert enough to grab a seat and too flushed and self conscious of her erotic passion to risk turning behind her to make eye contact with the man of her desire!

Lost in a trance she didn’t take note of the doors closing. The train bolted forward throwing Ally off balance! She fell backward landing astride a leg but still unbalanced, her pencil skirt too tightly wrapped around her legs to allow her feet to reach the floor!

Reaching back to right herself Ally’s hand blindly found the gentleman’s groin and a massive erection. Then, what was nothing more than a reflex, she squeezed hearing the man moan!

“I’m SO SORRY!” Ally blurted, immediately struggling to get up off the stranger with his gentle assistance! She quickly moved to the front of the car finding an empty seat facing forward and plopped down!

Before she could register everything that had just occurred, the train came to the next stop. With no consideration whether it was her stop, Ally immediately got off and quickly scurried out of the Metro station to catch a cab back to her apartment!

She dropped her keys on her kitchen counter still slightly breathless! Poured a glass of wine and quickly downed it! She was entirely too anxious, excited and disgusted with herself! She couldn’t just slip out of her skirt and start masturbating! What she needed was a hot bath!

Ally poured another glass of red burgundy and turned on some soft, sexy Sade music sauntering seductively back to her bedroom. Minutes later she was carefully lowering herself into the hot water and finally relaxing to candlelight, soft, sensual music and delicious wine!

The events of her commute drifted through her mind. The lap she fell on was definitely the proud owner of that bestial scent! If only she had worn that blue pantsuit today that’s thin and stretches! How glorious that would have felt coming down on that leg! She could still smell him! There was something deliciously familiar about it, too, but she couldn’t put her finger on it!

Ally took her thoughtful finger from her lips and reached under the water between her legs. She could take all the time she wanted now. In the privacy of her apartment, Ally could just relax and enjoy the rest of her evening.

The next day it was difficult to concentrate at work. Ally couldn’t rid her senses of the faceless man with the orgasmic fragrance! She had tried twice to clear her mind in the ladies restroom fingering it away, but she dared not do that anymore concerned her associates would smell it on her!

She miraculously got her work done early and could easily make the four o’clock Metro rail, but, instead, loitered around the office until it became obvious she had nothing to do. Ally spent the rest of her time drinking coffee at a cafe near the Metro pendik escort station until she made her way to make the 6PM train!

She walked up and down the boarding platform nonchalantly sniffing for that fragrance she could never forget! Her eyes were glued to the windows as the six o’clock train came cruising along the platform imploringly searching for her best guess of what her stranger might look like!

But no luck! Ally entered the train disappointed, taking her place with a firm grip on the metal pole, kicking herself for not checking out the strange man’s appearance!

And that’s how it went for the next week. Eventually, Ally had to let go of her sexual fantasy about some tall, dark, handsome, successful, young stranger hungry to make love to her! She finally decided to timely finish her work and return to her lonely abode on the 4PM commute.

It was Friday and the platform was packed with everyone leaving early for the weekend. FUCK! Ally couldn’t get a seat again. The one night she probably could easily sit on the six o’clock! Slightly depressed, Ally resigned herself to just blend into the crowded humanity.

Then she started sniffing. She couldn’t believe it! It was that cologne again! Then, before she could register her excitement to look around, a body pressed up against her backside!

A man’s voice with a distinct accent whispered in her ear, “Don’t turn around! Just keep looking forward and keep looking forward until the train has completely left the station! Or I will be very disappointed!” The man reached his hand inside her blouse continuing without hesitation under her bra, to place a piece of paper against her nipple.

The train slowed to enter the next station, paused with a shuffling of feet and voices and started rolling again.

Ally, still tense, fighting to catch her breath, slowly looked behind her into the impassioned sea of faces realizing another opportunity had passed to discover the identity of the mystery man. But she could still smell him!

Entering her apartment, Ally threw her keys on the counter frustrated! She thought she had finally put her infatuation to rest, but now it was starting all over again!

Carrying her glass of red burgundy back to the bedroom Ally had decided another bath was in order. Unsnapping and removing her bra, a small piece of paper dropped to the floor! She remembered! She quickly snatched the paper off the floor, it was typed, a phone number followed by, “Text! NO calls! Only if you’re still interested?”

A thousand thoughts ran through Ally’s mind as she drew her bath, lit candles and slowly climbed in! Tonight she had her phone where she could reach it while in the tub!

That accent! That fragrance! What was it that she couldn’t remember?

Her phone in hand, she was about to text when she stopped! She thought, “Wait a minute! He might have been watching me ever since I sat on his lap! Maybe he is stalking me!”

Ally didn’t have enough evidence to believe that and was too intrigued to not text him back! She typed a message! “Yes. I’m interested. What now?”

Ally swallowed the rest of the wine in her glass. She pressed the send button!

Ally kept her phone with her the rest of the evening ardently anticipating a call or text message! But nothing! The entire weekend! Several times Ally agonized about sending a follow up message but didn’t want to appear too eager!

Returning to work Monday, Ally looked everywhere for some sign that her secret admirer might be watching her! She observed people considering her behaving strangely!

Then Monday afternoon, in an office meeting, her phone signaled a text received! Ally tried to look at the phone out of the view of others under the table. It was a front photo of a man from the neck down to the waist wearing a pinstriped suit, red tie and white shirt! “Really! Give me a break!” Ally thought and put her phone away.

Then another text! This time the same male photo, naked, except for the red tie perfectly knotted around his neck! “OMG!” Ally popped out of her lips interrupting the meeting! “Oh, sorry!” Ally apologized burying her phone between the legs of her pantsuit pressing it up under her crotch to muffle any sound others might otherwise hear.

She had silenced her phone to vibrate before the meeting. As the meeting progressed the phone vibrated several times inspiring Ally to smile and flirt with the sexy associate sitting next to her! Ally was wearing that stretchy pantsuit and her thinnest panties or some other pussy accessible attire for the past week to celebrate her return to horny womanhood! She had come more times in the past week than in the last three months!

Her phone vibrated over and over so much she was almost ready to climax as the meeting ended! Ally sat patiently in the meeting room until the last person left. Then she removed the phone exposing and verifying a sizable wet stain in the crotch of her pants!

She stole off to the restroom and locking herself maltepe escort in a stall, pulled her pants down, and sat on the commode to evaluate her predicament. NOW! Those TEXTS!

Ally scrolled through her texts. A couple from her mother and some of old girlfriends. Ah! There were more from the mystery man!

He had sent a series of photos with various degrees of nudity! After the naked tie pic he sent the most gorgeous back shot of his broad muscular shoulders flexing and a perfectly proportioned rump! Ally swallowed, admiring it for several moments of erotic fascination!

Something was very familiar about it! She couldn’t put her finger on it! Once again Ally moved her finger thoughtfully from her lip to complete her business in the restroom stall and headed home with a smile and feeling better than she had for days!

She barely got in her apartment door when her phone signaled another text! Throwing her coat and purse on a chair she dashed to the sofa excited to see another mystery message!

“My photos. What do you think?”

“FUCKING HOT! If that’s really U?”

“Yes! That’s me! No tricks!”

“SORRY! For the bad language.”

“That’s ok! I like talking dirty! BTW! You’re more than FUCKING HOT!! And I’d really like to fuck U! How do you feel about that?”

“Don’t know! I don’t even know you. Send me a photo. I want to see your face!”

“Sorry! Not yet! Don’t worry! I’m not a pervert! But I have admired you from afar. You’ll know who I am very soon! Be patient! Just one thing! Have you thought about what it would be like to fuck me?”

Ally thought nervously about a safe response. DAMN! She was horny! “Yes, I have.” She bit her fingernails after sending that!

“Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable! You’re a beautiful woman! I’ll be in touch soon!”

Ally didn’t sleep well that night and drifted through her work week almost in a semi trance unable to get her secret admirer off her mind for more than a few minutes at a time. What made it more sexually frustrating was that she’d hadn’t bedded with another person for almost six months! It was too early for that in a new city.

Saturday came. Ally just laid on the sofa all day looking at the sky outside her upstairs window waiting for a call or text that didn’t come. By now she was pretty numb to this whole deal again. If he didn’t contact her by tomorrow morning she was going to text him to just forget the whole thing!

At noon a delivery man came to her door with a large package. Ally closed the door and opened the box. It contained some very suggestive lingerie and an expensive ladies double-breasted trench coat…all in black! A note read, “Instructions to follow!”

“WTF!” Ally swallowed and took a deep breath! Once again her emotions were caught between fear of the unknown and her deep desire to feel a man’s cock inside her! She was tired of masturbating! She had rarely touched herself down there for the past couple days!

It was 5PM! Ally had been lounging in her underwear all afternoon going back and forth about whether to go through with this uncertain and possibly dangerous hookup. She had finally decided to call it off!

Then the phone vibrated and dinged the reception of a text!

Ally forgot everything she had been thinking all day, including the pizza she called to be delivered just ten minutes ago! Her fingers were shaking trying to get to the text!

“High sexy! Miss me?”

“WTF! Where have u been?!”

“I’m sorry, beautiful! I really wasn’t available until just a few minutes ago! And I can’t wait to see U!”

Another text followed immediately! “Tonight!”

Ally sat up at attention! She just stared at the phone for several moments realizing she was at a crossroad! Then she answered, “Ok. How? Where?”

A text came back with specific instructions. Ally ran to quickly shower and dressed as instructed! Applying her makeup she held her hand to stop shaking! What the hell was she doing? Running out to meet some stranger in the middle of the night!

Locking the apartment Ally walked rapidly to the Metro nearby. It was much quieter than usual inside the station as Ally passed through the turnbuckle making her way down the escalator to the boarding platform below. Only two riders were waiting to board.

The platform was dimly illuminated as usual but felt colder and eerie evacuated on a Saturday night. She had made it in time! The 6PM commuter was just pulling in along the platform. As Ally watched the cars pass she counted less than ten riders. But none of them could remotely qualify as her secret admirer.

She entered the train looking down and pulling her trench coat tightly around her, crossing her legs as she sat down along the side of the car, trying not to draw attention to herself. She was wearing black nylons and high heels to compliment her other attire. With her makeup she was exceptionally attractive tonight, dressed like a woman of privilege.

As the train pulled kartal escort out Ally looked out the window and shared eye contact only a fraction of a second with each of her fellow riders. This was what she usually did to be alert but not too personal. However, tonight she was actively searching for a specific pair of eyes!

Oddly, she thought she could detect that sexy fragrance again and was nervous that she was being watched! But no one came close to looking like what she imagined to be her mystery man!

The train slowed and Ally exited at the station she had been instructed to. Leaving the Metro, she discovered herself in a very respectful neighborhood of small stylish businesses. In spite of feeling safe on a public street, Ally couldn’t shake the feeling of being followed and watched!

She picked up her pace shortly coming to the ticket window of a small movie theatre featuring some obscure foreign films this weekend. She purchased a ticket, entered the dimly lit theatre and climbed to the row just before the back row sitting in the seat next to the aisle.

Ally had followed her directions to the letter! She looked around. There were only three other people in the theatre. A young couple were sitting across far to the other side and an older gentleman was sitting down toward the front.

Ally figured this was where she was going to finally learn the identity of her secret admirer and most likely have sex with him. But she was uncertain if she should be nervous about being raped in a dark movie theatre with only a few strangers who might be unwilling to come to her aid, or whether she should be concerned about being caught and expelled red-faced into the street! Besides, she had never experienced sex in public though she had fantasized about it since puberty!

Her strong feelings of anxiety intensified as the lights dimmed and some coming attractions started. Still! She faintly detected that sexy cologne! Moments later, her phone vibrated! “How’s it going?”

“I did what u asked! Now, where r u?!”

“I’m close by! You really are gorgeous tonight!” Ally scoured the dark theatre again! Only the same 3 people reflected by the light from the large movie screen!

Another text popped up, “Are you looking forward to our date tonight?”

“Yes! Would I be otherwise dressed like this!” Ally was starting to get a little pissed!

“What are you willing to do? How far are u willing to go tonight?”

“I haven’t thought that far ahead!”

“We won’t do anything that makes u uncomfortable. I promise! I just want to know if I wear a condom will u have intercourse with me?”

“Yes. But I want to know who u r, first!”

“I promise, u already know me, and u won’t be disappointed! But you have to agree to have sexual intercourse before I divulge my identity! I want to enjoy being the stranger who fucks you tonight in a public movie theatre! It’s my fantasy!”

“I already know him!” echoed in Ally’s mind. She had scoured her memories to pinpoint where she had smelled that cologne and heard that accent difficult to make out from a whisper. She had ruled out all the men she had dated for the last several years. And this new reveal introduced the notion it could be someone she worked with! That was totally unacceptable!

Another text popped up, “R U still there?”

She replied, “U better not be someone at the office putting me thru this!”

“No, Ally.”

“Very well! But where r u?! I’m extremely horny!!”

“Promise me u won’t take ur eyes off the movie, not even once, until I give u permission! Promise!”

“Yes! I promise! I’ll only look at the movie! But where r u?”

“I’m right behind u!”

“FUCK!” Ally thought, “The only place I forgot to keep looking was right behind me!”

Another text, “Now, turn ur phone completely off and put it away. U won’t need it anymore tonight!”

Ally’s tension was catapulted to a whole new level! As much as she wanted to turn around and stare her cellphone stalker in the eye, she desperately wanted, needed sex!

Her phone off and put away the coming attractions seemed to go on forever! The feature finally started. The introductory music and credits were loud and extremely risqué! Ally was so turned on! Her vagina was starting to flow like a river! But when the fuck was her secret lover going to make his move!

Then as the movie began silently, Ally felt fingers starting to run through her hair, gently massaging her scalp, then her temples. It felt so magnificent! Ally wanted to close her eyes but kept her promise staring at a young woman on the screen riding in a bus full of people rubbing her aching neck.

The fingers caressed Ally’s cheeks coming around to her mouth. She welcomed the fingers into her mouth sucking and licking, savoring them like a delicious dessert!

When she had enjoyed her fill the fingers glided down to her neck, which was stimulated by the damp fingers, cooling in the air conditioning! The fingers continued massaging her throat, sneaking down along her collar bone and shoulders. It was all she could do to keep her eyes open and focused on the screen! The bus had stopped at a roadside diner and the attractive actress was giving her order to a tall, muscular waiter.

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