The Affair


Jack and I were sitting in the park where we’d first met.

“So, when did you first know you wanted me to fuck you?”

“Geez, I don’t know,” I replied. I damn well knew, but hesitated telling him.

“You know. Any woman knows it the moment she wants a guy inside her. C’mon, when was it?”

“Jack, I’m telling you, I don’t remember!”

“Well let me tell you, Donna, it was the first time you laid eyes on me.”

“Don’t be so sure, Jack….”

“Shut up! You just told me you didn’t recall when you knew and here you are telling me I’m wrong about it. You can’t have it both ways.”

“I…I remember now. It was a Sunday morning. I was up early and out jogging. It was cool, probably early June, maybe four or five weeks ago. I jogged to Houston and 14th Streets and felt so good I continued up to about 24th street. I stopped by this park. I love this park.”

“Go on.”

“I have this thing about bras. In fact, I hate them and almost never wear them; but do when jogging. I don’t flop too badly but the bra didn’t fit properly and the constant bouncing had rubbed my nipples raw. The park was empty and I sat on a bench almost enjoying myself; almost, except for the scrapes on my nipples that were both distracting and kind of painful.

“And that’s where I came along.”

“Yeah… you caught me looking down my top at my ninnies. I guess you paused in your jogging to flirt with me.”

“I did. I was surprised when you were so candid about your sore nipples.”

“But you offered a solution quickly enough.”

“That was easy. I needed to get you out of the public view. So I looked around, saw the entrance to that Telephone building across the street. I knew it was mostly equipment and not much in the way of personnel, and suggested going there.”

“And I was dumb enough to go with you.”

“Tell me you regret going there with me.”

“No, I never regretted it., Jack, never.”

“And, half hidden in the entrance to the building you exposed those lovely tits and put something on them. Whatever was it?”

“Lip balm. I had some in my little purse.”

“From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to my apartment on Gramercy Drive.”

“Yes… that quick and I was in your apartment.

“You wanted me inside you the moment you first saw me stop next to you on the bench. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I saw a slight bulge under your running shorts; and with the mixture of pain and pleasure tingling my ninnies immediately grew hot and horny. My husband was already off to his golf game and I knew I’d be alone until later than afternoon. And there you were.”

“God’s gift to horny women everywhere,” he said with a hearty laugh.

“You wish,” she said laughing along with him. We both knew it was a shallow laugh on my part, for he had induced me without much difficulty into having sex with other men and women on several occasions.

“So tell me Donna, what kind of lover am I?”

“Do you really need me to stroke your ego, Jack?” “I asked you a question, Donna.”

I knew enough to keep my eyes down as I answered him. He had a decided mean streak in him. There were times when I did my best to bring it out, but I sensed this wasn’t one of those times and that I might regret playing games with him.

“You are a magnificent lover, Jack.” I meant every word. “I need lots and lots of foreplay before I’m aroused and can accept a man inside me. You take as long as I need, every time. I appreciate that. No, I love you for that, Jack. I truly do.”

“So I get you moaning for a boning?”

“Yeah, you do, Jack.”

“You recall our first time, Donna?”

“Of course I do. My nips were sore from the material rubbing against them while I ran. We wound up in your place and you broke out the oil… baby oil, wasn’t it?”

“It was, Johnson’s, I think.”

“After massaging the oil into my tits for ages, you moved on.”

“Well, you had other areas to explore.”

“Indeed, and one of them was my pussy. As I recall, we lay head to foot and you put on a rubber, just in case, you said. I thought it might be a good idea to warm the baby oil and then started rubbing it over your hardon. You did the same to me… my pussy, that is, I didn’t have a hard on.”

“You did! Your clit, remember? You’d never seen it as engorged as it got that afternoon.

“Oh… you’re right!”

“We went on for hours.”

“We did! I remember you came several times. The rubber was filled with your stuff.”

“Eventually you drank it, remember?”

“Yuk! Yeah, I did, didn’t I? Was I always a slut?” “All women are sluttish at heart. At least that’s been how I found them.”

I raised my eyebrows and he laughed at me. “In all fairness I had four fingers shoved up your snatch and you had already come several times. And so when I asked you to empty the rubber, you never hesitated. You took it off me and very slowly let the cum drip down your throat.”


“Had you ever swallowed a load before that?”

“I don’t… well maybe…this guy Göztepe Escort in high school didn’t pull out when he was supposed to, but I spit most of it out the window.”

“Spit it out the window? Where the fuck were the two of you?”

“In the backseat of his Ford, silly!”

“Oh, I should have known, it being high school and all. So you’re saying you swallowed some of it?”

“I guess I did. I didn’t mean too, but shit happens, right?”

“It sure as hell does, Donna.”

“I ever tell you I used the oil on my husband?”

“No, how’d that work out?”

“He went crazy! Didn’t I mention it to you? He insists on it at least once a week.”

“So you two fuck at least once a week, huh?”

“Usually two or three times, Jack. I have too. He’s a horny bastard.”

“He ever, um, oil a finger and put it up your ass?”

“Why are you asking me that?”

“I’m interested in your love life, baby. Now answer me.”

“Yes, he has.”

“And then he fucks you up the keister, huh?”

“No Jack. No one has got me there.”

“So you’re an anal virgin, huh?”

I didn’t answer him. The conversation waned a little after that until some guys came jogging up the path toward us.

“Give these guys coming up a treat. Lift one leg up on the bench like you’re stretching or fighting a cramp.”


“Do it! I want them to get a gander at your snatch.”

“I’m wearing panties, jack,” I protested.

“So what? Think they care? Give ’em a good look, Donna.”

I did as I was told. The first guy stumbled and almost hurt himself. The second guy stopped, pretended to help the one who fell, but really took a good look up my skirt.

He kidded the fallen guy as he helped him up while Jack and I sat on the bench watching them. “You gotta watch where you’re going Nelson,” he said. Nelson didn’t reply, but winced in pain as he tested his leg, which had a nasty cut on the kneecap. But they moved on and were soon out of sight.

“No underwear from now on, Donna. Got it?”

“But why, Jack?”

“Because I said so, that’s why?”

“Okay, Jack, no more panties,” I replied, already worrying about how I would explain it to my husband if he decided to jump my bones when I returned from one of my daily jogging sessions. And so began our daily ritual. Even the days I went to work at my part-time job at the art gallery it was sans panties.

I gradually overcame my initial fear and soon found myself climbing the gallery stairs without a thought of who might be looking up my dress or skirt from the landing below, knowing my pussy was complexly visible to them if they looked my way.

I’m not an unattractive woman. Many men and women did look. Several even propositioned me. I told them I was a happily married woman, which I am.


“You want this, don’t you?” Jack said caustically.

I swallowed. “Yes. Yes, I want it.”

“Good. Look to your left.”

I did and saw a trio of older teenage boys, filled to the brim with hormones and confidence. They saw me almost immediately, and leered at me openly as they approached.

“Show them,” Jack said.


“Show them,” he repeated with just a hint of steel in his voice.

Blushing furiously, I took the hem of my skirt between forefingers and thumbs, and slowly lifted it. The boys gasped and cursed as my pussy came into view then they were laughing as my pubic hair, shaped expertly into the shape of a love-heart, was revealed to their young eyes.

“Good girl,” Jack murmured urbanely, and his words were like a drug, making my blood sizzle.

Tiny electrical charges of pure pleasure crackled over my skin; every sense was heightened, registering every subtle movement of air on my body. I inhaled the scent of my sex, and as though from a distance heard my panting, rasping breath.

“Touch yourself for them!”

I heard him, but couldn’t believe he’d ask me to do it.

“Do it, Donna!”

And with no hesitation I complied, sending my candy-pink fingernails across my glistening cunt and then two slick fingers inside while my eyes rested on the biggest of the boys who must have been eighteen or nineteen, mouths agog, vibrant teenage cocks tenting their baggy jeans.

“Jesus Christ!” The biggest one gasped as my finger stirred my honey pot — making a suc,suc,suc sound.

The shortest of the boys came in his pants. I recognized it for what it was by the stain that appeared at the point of where his cockhead must have been; and it kept spreading. The others noticed and started ragging on him. They were still teasing him when they abruptly turned and walked away. Other than the “Jesus Christ!” uttered once, they hadn’t said a word in front of me.

“Probably the first time they ever saw a real cunt,” Jack laughed.

I knew then that he was taking me down a road I wasn’t sure I wanted to traverse.

Who am I kidding? I knew damn well I wanted to go down any road Jack pointed me toward.


The next day I İstanbul Escort knew when I woke up that I was going to have sex, but not in my bed. My husband, Matt is still fast asleep and will be for another hour before the alarm will wake him for work. I dress and go for my jog.

Jack’s place is on the west side, so I jog across 14th Street. The blocks are extremely long east to west in the city so I get to do some speed work on the empty sidewalk. I am at his place before eight and get him out of bed to answer the door. I am not in love with Jack. I am in total lust with him.

“Want me to take a shower first?” I ask.

“Fuck no. I like the smell of a sweaty woman,” he replies, already caressing me. He turns me on my stomach. Chills run through me as his tongue trails up to my neck from my spine. I cringe at his tongue darts behind my ear. When his mouth kisses my neck, I get goose bumps. His lips are on the points of my shoulder blades. I have never been kissed there before. From there he crisscrosses my spine with his tongue. His warm hand rubs me calf to mid-thigh. The erotic foreplay is slow and sensual, as I lie with my face buried in a pillow; my body feels like bees are crawling under the skin.

He places several loving kisses on my rump and the back of my legs just behind the knees. It feels terrific. He has me grinding my pelvis into the bed, kissing my heels and massaging the soles of my feet. I help him raise my middle as I kneel with my breasts on the bed. He kisses my buttocks again, and then lifts one cheek only to run his tongue under it just where it meets the leg.

I realize I’m mewing with delight.

When he kisses my tailbone and I marvel aloud at the funny sensation it causes. He stays there to give me time to protest. I don’t. Then he gently spreads my cheeks as his tongue travels downward. I showered before leaving home, and although sweaty from my run, I don’t protest, although I have reservations about letting his tongue in my mouth, but I know they’ll be gone when that time comes. I don’t argue the point. When he gets to my ass an electric spark passes right through me to the front. His tongue continues working there and I know I am opening up for him.

I can feel the moisture he has deposited there. He says that he wants to put it in me back there, but I protest that I have never been able to accept anything but a thermometer there.

“I’ll stop if you tell me too,” he says.

I cannot bring myself to refuse him.

“Be kind to me, Jack, please be kind to me,” I say trying to relax; I tell myself he won’t hurt me.

He asks if he can open me with his fingers. I tell him no.

He spits on my anus twice. I feel his finger directing the saliva into my rectum, but his finger remains outside.

“Here goes,” he tells me, and I feel him pushing into me. Trying to help, I push back. The head goes part way in, but I am losing my glow.

He stops before I have to ask him. Secretly I think he enjoys the idea of being too big to enter me. He moves back and kisses my tailbone again. His fingers glide over my lips. I relax; I doubt that I’ve ever felt this secure during sexual activity.

Jack finds my core, two fingers on one side and the thumb on the other. He’s mashing the kernel of corn and my good feeling is back. The thumb now follows my inners and easily penetrates my vagina. It simulates a phallus. His index finger is working my clitoris in trigger fashion.

I find myself pushing down into his thumb. His tongue trails down between my buttocks, finds my anus and probes it lightly. He kisses it then gives it a hard suck and it puckers. More tongue, more sucking.

I am enveloped in a delightful sensation, very much the same as sucking my nipple but not as intense. He takes his time, almost too much time. The rhythm of his thumb and index finger slowly increases. The sucking and tonguing is getting stronger. I am breathing faster and climax impaled by his thumb and tongue.

He moves up to me and I turn to my side to greet him. My thigh becomes wet, he has ejaculated too. I was so turned inward that I didn’t even know, but thankfully it was good for him too. We kiss, fully, hungrily.

My tongue is in his mouth. I don’t think about where his tongue has been, but detect a salty taste — my sweat? I push the other thoughts away and think of how sweet and loving he is with me. I hug him and cling to him.


A week later I came to realize Jack has subtly been exerting his dominance on me. I have met and surprisingly accepted two other women who are also his lovers; Abby and Zoe. He calls us his A to Z harem and we like hearing it.


My husband is on a three-day business trip and I decide to spend the night at Jack’s.

Around two-thirty a rhythmic vibration awakens me. All four of us are sharing Jack’s king-sized bed. Zoe and Abby are laying together, head to foot, each with a hand touching the others pubes. Jack touches me this way on occasion while I’m jerking him off. Anadolu Yakası Escort For me it is a better angle that allows rubbing of the sensitive underside of my clit.

I am not exactly shocked and understand that the women have positioned themselves so that I can see them intimately.

I can see the Abby best from where I am. Her feet are to me. Her dark hair grows in a thick unruly mass on a prominent mons and outer lips. It disappears between her buttocks. Her ample inner lips are brown tinged, slightly swollen and flared.

I can only see the top of Zoe’s as she masturbates Abby. Intrigued I watch her fingers move down the lips and in her body for a few strokes and then returns to the top to play with her clitoris.

Their movement is slow and I bring my hand to my own clitoris to pleasure myself. Eventually, Zoe moves to her knees alongside Abby. Her head goes between the other woman’s legs. Her close cut hair does not hide what she is doing. I can see her tongue darting at Abby’s clit. She licks her, rubbing her tongue up and down in the slit. She drools some spittle for lubrication and speeds up her licking.

Jack is snoring, sleeping the sleep of a tired lover, having satisfied the three of us earlier. I can’t see Abby’s hand, but know with a certainty it’s between Zoe’s legs.

All three of us are at the same spot; each of us rubbing a clitoris. Then Zoe’s head descends, blocking me from seeing what she’s doing to Abby, but I can guess. After a while she shifts position and I see Abby’s slit is now wet and more openly flared. The inside is dark but I can see her pink clit with the hood retracted standing bravely to accept its tongue-lashing.

Abby’s hand moved to Zoe’s breast and seemed to be milking the nipple. Almost instinctively my own hand began fondling my breast in similar fashion. I can faint slurping sounds as Zoe continues munching away at Abby’s pussy. Moving my head several inches to the right, I see Zoe pumping two fingers into her friend while licking and sucking away at her clit.

There is an awkward moment when Zoe changes position, putting her beside Abby’s head. I watch her lean forward and grind down on Abby’s twat. A moment later, they are love locked and pleasing each other. I can sense their momentum and I build along with them. I finish first but just by an instant. Afterward we all rest a while and then get up.

I hug and kiss them both and become embarrassed realizing that I have kissed them on the lips.


That afternoon, with both Abby and Zoe supporting me, Jack took me anally.

The girls bolstered my confidence some, with Zoe chirping incessantly about her ability to accept the entire length of Jack’s magnificent member into her ass. She had told me that he loved this method of lovemaking above all others.

“You have to use lots and lots of lubricant,” Abby said several times.

“Yeah, there will be a hell-of-a-mess,” Zoe said cheerfully, but so what, it gets the job done.”

Then Abby was back, with, “I just fold my knees back toward my chest for him. And I spread my knees wide apart which opens my twat for him. Doesn’t hurt at all, in fact I prefer anal to vaginal.”

“Yeah, you leave all the vag stuff for me,” Zoe laughed as Abby tried to swat her with her hand.

They gave me an enema as a precursor to anal entry. Jack sat on the toilet watching as I remained in the tub while Abby filled me with water and purged my bowels. At the point where I thought I would burst, Jack scrambled away from the toilet and I took his place and expelled the entire contents into the toilet bowl. I felt powerless to refuse this unusual and kinky pleasure of theirs. I felt it would somehow help me manage Jack’s erection when the time came and forced myself to accept this treatment.

Eventually I couldn’t stall any longer. He called me into the bedroom and told me to get him hard. I gave him a cursory blowjob while Zoe worked a large gob of jelly into my rectum with her fingers.

I was trembling as he positioned me across the bed, telling me to relax as he pressed his pride and joy against my anal opening.

Zoe whispered words of encouragement into my ear but I still bit my lip as he pushed it in.

“Christ! She’s tight, Zoe,” Jack exclaimed.

Then he grunted as he pushed it even further in, but now the pain was overwhelming, and I screamed in pain, “No! No–No more! Please take it out. Please Zoe… make him stop! I can’t do this. “Please Jack…it’s too fucking big.”

I was in agony, barely able to breathe and it felt as though my intestines were being crushed. I sobbed when the pressure stopped. He rested while Zoe asked him to let her show me how it was done.

To my relief, Jack extracted his penis and lay back on the bed while Zoe positioned herself above him then lowered her ass onto him with no apparent effort accepting him until she was seated on his hips with her legs wide apart.

She smiled at me and indicated her engorged clit, fully erect, glistening and wet above her vacant love hole. Her smooth labia were stretched wide and her dreamy eyes revealed the bliss she was experiencing at being fully impaled on Jack’s thick cock. She wriggled her generously padded bottom sensuously and my eyes opened wide in disbelief.

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