The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 02


If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. Part 3 will be out shortly. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you Enjoy!


I follow Kenzie down to the first floor, admiring her tan legs and sexy ass from behind. Every once in a while, she turns and gives me a knowing smile. After masturbating together last night, we are even closer than we have been before. We both had enjoyed it, and I had no idea what the two of us would do in the lover’s suite we were sharing, but we hopefully would be putting it to good use. After all, my younger sister was too sexy not to.

We enter the hotel lobby and cross it, making our way to meet our parents in the resort restaurant for breakfast. As we cross the lobby, Kenzie begins to walk next to me and asks, “Should we tell Mom and Dad? They seemed to be encouraging us to do it.”

I think as we walk for a second then answer, “I don’t think so. What if we both were just getting the wrong idea from them? I don’t want them to know unless they absolutely have to.”

Kenzie nods, “Alright. Oh, the restaurant is right there!” She points off to the right and we enter The Sea’s Bounty, which flanking the entrance, has two female mermaids, covering their breast’s with a single arm, while the other hangs down by their side. We quickly see Mom and Dad and join them at their table. Mom is wearing a loose fitting teal sun dress and Dad is wearing cargo shorts and a white tee-shirt.

“How did you two sleep?” She asked as we sat down and began to look at the menus.

“Good. You?” I respond.

Mom smiles and looks knowingly at Dad and answers, “Your father and I barely slept.”

Kenzie groaned, “uggh! Too much information!”

Mom smiles and asks “What did the two of you want to do today?”

Kenzie and I look at each other. She shrugs and answers, “I don’t know. Maybe the beach again.”

Dad says, “If you two are uncomfortable there you can go into town for their beach. Or you can both go off separately and just hang out. You two are both old enough to make decisions like this for yourselves.”

Kenzie and I both say, “Okay.” Then our family orders food and just relaxes, eating. We take our time, as this vacation was meant to be a relaxing one, not a rushed affair. After we finish, Mom and Dad tell me and Kenzie that they are heading to the beach and we are welcome to do whatever. They leave and Kenzie and I remain for a couple of minutes, making small talk about nothing in particular.

After several minutes, I stand and say, “Beach today?”

Kenzie nods, “Yeah, let’s go get changed.” Kenzie leads the way back to our room and I once again follow her, looking at her wonderful body from behind. Kenzie looks and sees me once again and does not seem bothered by this. We reached the room and both of us got ready to hit the beach. Kenzie undressed and took off her blue bra and panties. She put on a button up shirt with nothing underneath and her same pair of jean shorts again with nothing underneath. I saw the tips of her wonderful inner lips before she pulled her shorts up. She caught me looking and smiled at me.

“Your turn big boy!” She teased. I dropped my pants and removed my boxers before pulling my shorts back up.

No reason for a bathing suit at this beach. I think to myself. Kenzie then leads the way again, teasing me with her ass again. We exit the back of the hotel and are standing on the stairs leading down the cliff to the beach. After a minute of looking, I see our blonde Mom next to our brunette Dad. They were both laying ass up, in the chairs closest to the water, giving me a good view of Mom’s plump milf ass. “There’s Mom and Dad.” I say, pointing down at the two of them. Kenzie follows my finger and sees them.

“Want to sit with them or go by ourselves?” She asks me.

I think for a second before saying, “Let’s sit with them for a bit.” Kenzie agrees with me as we descend the stairs, next to each other. Looking over at her, I can see Kenzie’s c cup orbs and small pink nipples by looking down the unbuttoned part of her shirt. In almost no time, we cross the beach and are next to our parents.

Dad looks up at us with a smile, “Glad you two decided to join us!” Mom looks up at us with a smile as well, before putting her head back down on the pool chair. Kenzie and I both greet him back as we begin to both undress. Undressing in front of Mom and Dad is still awkward, however, after last night, Kenzie and I are much more comfortable doing it in front of one another. Kenzie finished first, by simply unzipping her jean shorts and tossing them in the bag, followed by undoing her button up. In no time, we are both fully naked and Kenzie is putting sunscreen on. She does her whole body, including her ass, tits and pussy and then lays on one side of Mom. I do my whole body, including my ass and semi-hard cock.

As I go to put the bottle back in the bag, Mom asks, “Can you do my legs and back Tom? I’m so comfortable and it would be a huge favor!”

I stand there in shock. My Mom is asking me to rub her canlı bahis naked body. “Ummm… maybe Kenzie or Dad could do it?”

Mom looked up at me and frowned, “I’m just your mother and your just putting sunscreen on me. It’s no big deal.” I look behind me at Dad, who was facing the other way, zoned out. Then I look over at Kenzie, who was laying, facing Mom and I with a look of interest. Kenzie gives me a shit eating grin, then turns and faces away from Mom and I. Mom is still looking at me, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, and her thighs pressed together.

“Okay let me do this.” I sigh, as I squirt sunscreen from the bottle into my hand. I rub it between my hands, warming it up then place both of my hands on my Mom’s shoulders. I rubbed sunscreen on her neck and shoulders, then started working my way down her back. At some point in this process, Kenzie had rolled over and was watching me with interest. I stopped above my Mom’s hips.

“That good?” I ask Mom.

“Well you still haven’t done my legs or butt. I’d hate to get sunburn on my butt.” Mom answered. I stood there with my mouth open, in shock. Mom looked back at me expectantly, “Well? Just start down at my ankles and work your way up. It’s not like I asked you to have sex with me!”

“Your right… I guess. One sec.” I respond. Mom puts her head back down and I mouth to Kenzie, What the fuck? She just shrugs as I squirt more sunscreen into my hand. I then put one hand on each of her ankles and begin to rub sunscreen onto both of her legs at the same time.

“Don’t forget the sides Tom!” Mom says, spreading her legs slightly apart. If I look straight up her legs, I can see her ass and a hint of her inner lips poking past her outer lips. I look at Kenzie for support, but she has angled herself so that when she spreads her legs slightly, I can see her puffy outer lips. I try to look away, as I continue to rub sunscreen onto the backs of her knees, working my way up. I feel my cock begin to grow hard from the view of her ass. As I get even closer, I try to think about anything, math, football even my fat, old professor from last semester. But nothing seems to do the job, as when I finally am ready to put sunscreen on her ass, I am fully erect.

Kenzie is watching all this, clearly trying and succeeding at making me hard. I think, well maybe Kenzie isn’t the only reason I’m hard right now. I put more sunscreen on my hands then put them both on Mom’s ass. Her ass is soft, yet not fat. I can only imagine how it looks when your plowing her from behind I think before pushing this thought from my head. I spread it around, desperately trying not to let my cock touch her. I look at Kenzie who is clearly trying to stifle her laughter. I finish and Mom says, “You need to do the sides now.”

“Fuck!” I whisper to myself, as I put a little more on for each of her hips. Her side closest to me is super easy to get as I just have to stand there. The far side proves to be more difficult for me though. I lean across her body, using the far side of her chair to hold myself and most importantly, my erect cock above her body. I then rub the sunscreen onto her far hip. Suddenly the sand shifts below my feet and I slide back a bit, low enough for my cock to rest on her ass. I quickly shoot up to a standing position, hoping Mom didn’t notice anything.

I look up and see Kenzie staring at me, mouth open. “I’m going into the water to cool off a bit.” I say and turn and walk into the clear water. The water is warmer than it was yesterday and does not help kill my erection at all. After getting waist deep in it, I hear a voice say my name.

I turn and see Kenzie standing next to me in the water. “What happened?” She asks me.

I sigh, feeling my erection finally beginning to go away. “I slipped in the sand. You weren’t exactly helping me though!”

Kenzie gives me a grin, “Well someone needed to tease you.”

I’m now a little angry at her, “Why? What were you planning on gaining from that?”

Kenzie shrugs, “Not much. Just seeing how easy it was to tease you. Get a feel for later.”

My anger begins to leave me, “Later?”

Kenzie smiles now, “Just the two of us. In the lover’s suite. No one but us will be there. You had fun last night yes?”

It is my turn to smile, “I loved last night! I can’t wait for later then!”

Kenzie laughs, “I’m glad big brother now let’s head back to the chairs. I need to tan!” She leaves, and I walk next to her, watching her c-cup breasts shift slightly with each step she takes. When we get back to the chairs our parents are in, Mom has rolled over, exposing her d-cup breasts and shaven pussy. Dad is nowhere to be seen.

“How is the water?” Mom asks, looking up at us.

“Warm. Where’s Dad?” I ask.

“He went to work out in the hotel gym for a little bit. He wanted to work out a bit before he went in the water.” Mom answers.

Kenzie and I both lay face up on chairs that are next to each other, with Kenzie in the middle. We lay for a bit making small talk, and thankfully if Mom had felt my cock on her ass, she did not mention it. After maybe bahis siteleri an hour, Dad came back to the beach, sweaty from his work out. He stripped, then headed into the water to cool off. Kenzie stood up, “I’m going to take a walk up the beach and want some company! Tom, want to join me?”

I look at my sexy sister’s body, her firm breasts were pointing at me, almost inviting me to play with them right there. “Yeah sure.” I say as I stand up, and walk next to her.

We start to walk away, when I hear Mom say, “Wait up a second!” Kenzie and I stop and turn around, watching Mom walk towards us. Her breasts sway side to side as she walks quickly to catch up. We wait for her for several seconds, before she reaches us and falls into step next to Kenzie and I. The three of us walk through the surf, enjoying the feeling of the warm water rushing past our ankles. Every once in a while, Kenzie squats down to pick up a shell like she did when we were little kids. Only now she tosses them back down, just doing it for fun at this point.

Mom and I both watch her as we have little else do here. Mom suddenly stops and says, “Kenzie, Tom! Follow me. I have someplace I want to show the two of you.” Mom steps in front and leads the way. Kenzie and I look at each other, shrug and follow. I watch Mom’s ass sway from side to side as she walks. Hers is much larger than Kenzie’s but Kenzie’s if firmer and more toned. As I think about my mom and sister sexually, I feel some blood rush into my cock, giving me a partial erection. Mom walks inland from the beach, up to the cliff wall. When she reached it, she walks down the beach a little more until we reached the end where the cliff reached the water.

Mom then walks inland a little and Kenzie and I follow closely. After a hundred or so feet, Mom stops. “You two want to see something cool?” She asks.

“Sure!” Kenzie says.

“Good, follow me!” Mom says, leading us into a small cave I would not have noticed if she had not pointed it out. The passage was fairly narrow, meaning we had to walk in single file, but soon the cave opened up into a large, well-lit cave. There was the ocean coming in, making small waves lap against the sandy beach in here. This secluded section of beach was cool from the shade, but secluded and fairly romantic.

“What is this place? More beaches owned by the resort?” I ask Mom.

“In a way.” Mom answers. “When I worked here, this was a fairly popular spot that guests and employees would come. It is secluded, quiet and most importantly, kind of romantic.”

“It’s a cave…” Kenzie says.

Mom smiles, “I know it is, but imagine sitting here with one sexy individual, like your father when his company was looking at buying the resort, and a young blonde receptionist.”

“Let me guess.” I say, “You were the receptionist in this story?”

Mom nods, “I knew about this place from some of the people I worked with here. When I say your father… I was so attracted to him. We came here with a blanket and had our fun. And after… well he was just so amazing! Look where it brought us now!”

“So your first time with Dad was in a cave?” Kenzie asks.

Mom nods. “Why are you telling us this?” I ask her.

Mom pauses for a moment before answering, “In case either of you… find anyone to bring here. Make it nice and romantic!”

Kenzie and I exchange a glance of confusion. Does Mom know about last night? Yeah we didn’t have sex, but we did masturbate together, I think to myself.

Kenzie giggles, “I’m sure neither of us will put that information to good use.”

Mom shrugs, her breasts jiggling up and down a little, “You never know.”

Kenzie and I walk into the ankle deep water for a little while Mom reminisces about the good times she had here and her history with Dad. Kenzie eventually gets bored and says, “I’m not getting any tan in here. I’m heading back to the chairs.” She walks out of the cave, leaving Mom and I behind. I start to leave, but Mom grabs my arm as I pass her.

“Don’t think we aren’t talking about earlier.” She says to me.

I feel my face go pale, “Holy shit! I’m so sorry about that! I…”

Mom cuts me off, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Well at least to me there isn’t. Tell me Tom, why were you so hard?”

I feel a rush of red to my face, “Ummmm… Well your…”

Mom smiled, “My ass? Nothing else possibly could have made you that hard?”

Oh fuck! I think as I say, “Well, Kenzie was… ummmmm…”

“Teasing you?” Mom supplies.

“Yes.” I say, lowering my head so I’m looking at the ground.

Mom grabs my chin with her hand and pushes it up, so I’m looking her in the eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue. She says, “Tom, sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of! You are sharing a bed with your hot young sister. I know for a fact you have probably done something with her already this vacation. Have you?”

I sigh, knowing there is no point in lying. I hear myself say, “We masturbated together last night in the room.”

Mom nods knowingly, “I figured at least that much. Listen to what I say next bahis şirketleri Tom, it’s important. You two are both adults, very attractive ones at that! What you two choose to do together is not my decision. Unless…”

I am now very confused, “Unless what?”

Mom smiles and says, “Unless you want to learn about what your father and I are into.”

“Which is?” I ask, feeling a little blood begin to rush into my cock.

“We have an open relationship. As long as one of us tells the other who we are with then it’s no big deal.”

I feel my mouth drop open in shock. “Really?” I ask.

Mom, seeing my reaction laughs, “What? Can’t think of your parents as sexual people? How do you think you and Kenzie were conceived?”

“Are we both Dad’s then?” I ask, feeling the need for an answer.

Once again, Mom laughs, “Of course! After Kenzie was born, we hit a bit of a rough patch. Your father was the one who suggested an open relationship and it brought us closer together.”

“So why are you telling me all of this?” I ask, still feeling confused.

Mom once again grins as she steps closer to me so her nipples are touching my chest. Her pink areolas push into my body and I can feel her hard nipples. She says, “Isn’t it obvious? You and me in this romantic cave… all alone…”

I feel me cock become fully erect, now poking into the soft skin above her pussy. “You want me to fuck you?” I ask.

Mom smiles, “Baby steps Tom! No fucking yet. I want to start small, like you and Kenzie are. How big are you by the way? Feels like 8 inches.”

“That’s exactly right.” I tell her. With that, she drops to her knees in front of me and grasps my member with two hands, slowly stroking it. She looks into my eyes, as I stare down at her as she puts her lips expertly around the tip of my hard on. She takes my tip in her mouth and explores the whole tip with her tongue.

She slowly slides her lips off of it and slowly strokes my cock, “Did you like that? Because there’s more where that came from.”

“Holy shit Mom. Don’t stop!” I tell her, knowing she is just teasing me now. She smiles up at me as she puts my tip back into her mouth, running her tongue over it. Then she slides her mouth deeper onto my cock, coating part of the shaft with her saliva. She then pulls her head back, before taking more of my erection into her throat.

Holy Shit! I can’t believe this is happening! I think as I watch my Mom suck my cock. She slowly swallows all of my length, until her nose is pressed against my torso. I feel her hot breath as she exhales, before pulling away. After coating my length with her spit, she takes a hand and begins to play with my balls, gently massaging them while slurping greedily at my shaft. In a very short time, she has me near the edge, I feel my penis swell up in her mouth as I spray the back of her throat with cum. I feel rope after rope of cum leave my body as my erection begins to shrink. I slide it out of her mouth and give her an opportunity to swallow.

I watch as she tilts her head back and gulps my whole load down her throat. Then she asks, “You enjoy?”

“Mom, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had!” I answer immediately.

Mom smiles, pleased with her work, “I’m glad. You going to want to do more?”

I think for a second, “Me and Kenzie need to figure out stuff with us first. Hopefully we do more tonight. Should I tell her about… us… and what you told me?”

Mom thinks for a second before answering, “No. I’ll tell her when the need arises. But I will tell your father what we did here.”

I feel my face go pale, “Why? Won’t he be angry?”

Mom laughs, there is a slight echo, “God no! Why do you think we wanted you and Kenzie to come with us on our anniversary vacation?”

I help Mom stand and ask, “So Dad wants to… get with Kenzie? And you want to get with… me?”

Mom bends down, brushing sand off of her knees. When she stands, she says, “In a way. We both want the two of you to open up a bit. So far, you have both tried and failed to hide your sexual relationships from us. Me and your Dad both know about Kenzie and Luke, as well as you and Maddie.”

I raise an eyebrow in surprise, “Really? I thought me and Maddie were quiet!”

Mom smiles and says, “Me and your Dad know more than you think. You and Kenzie weren’t exactly sneaking around us to have sex. Now come on! I don’t want Kenzie to get suspicious.”

Mom leads the way out of the cave and I follow, watching her sexy ass sway side to side as she walks. For the walk back to our chairs, we pass no one. When we close about half the distance, Mom asks me, “Tom, next time I ask will you have any issue putting sunscreen on me?”

I turn to her and grin, “I won’t hesitate, that’s for sure!” Mom nods with a smile as we continue to walk.

When we get back to the chairs, Kenzie is spread out face up, napping, while Dad is watching us approach. Mom sits next to his legs on the chair, while I sit in my own next to Kenzie. Mom and Dad begin to whisper to one another, while I sit there, not really paying attention to much. Several seconds later, Kenzie wakes up and looks around. After maybe 10 minutes, Mom and Dad both stand and Mom says, “We are going back to the room. We’ll meet up again in the restaurant in the hotel for dinner at 6.”

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