The Art Of Seduction


“….they were the best parents anybody could have. May they rest in peace.”

As Sean watched his parents get buried he looked over at his sister who was in tears. Their uncle was holding her while she cried on his shoulder. He knew its too late to change the past. He’ll never forget that day five years ago when he left the house leaving Lana and his parents behind.

He remembered it like it was yesterday. It was finally summer and he was done with highschool. Sean knew he wanted to be in the Navy since his first toy boat. He hadn’t told his parents but he had already applied for the Navy and got in. Sean remembered getting the letter in the mail. It was the best day of his life. He was so excited, he planned on telling his parents and sister during dinner.

That evening everyone was sitting around the table. Sean looked at his parents and told them he had very good news.

“Well what is it?” his father asked.

Sean explained to them what he wanted to do and how he recived a letter saying he had been accepted in the Navy. He thought his family would be happy for him, little did he know that none of them would support him on this decision.

“WHAT! You are NOT going to waste your life trying to play hero. I thought we agreed you were going to go into law like me.” his father roared.

“Dad I dont want to be in law. I’m not going to do something I dont want to do. Its my life and I can choose to do whatever I damn well please!” Sean yelled back.

His mom and sister were quiet watching them argue. Sean finally looked at his mom and asked her what she had to say.

“Well sweety I think your father’s right. I dont want to be crying my eyes out if you dont call one day or something happens to you. I think it will be better for all of us if you become a lawyer like your father.”

Sean couldnt believe his ears! Everything from there was a blur. He ran to his room and started to pack his things. Sean’s sister who was 15 at the time came into his room in tears. He looked at her and calmed down a little.

“Dont leave. I don’t want to be alone. They dont understand me. Who am I going to talk to. ” Lana cried.

Sean just stared at his little sister crying for a while. He finally sat her down on his bed.

“Sweetheart listen to me. Its going to be ok. Look I’ll leave you my E-mail address so you can write to me anytime you want. I’ll write to you and see how your doing ok. Don’t worry we’ll see eachother again someday.” With that he kissed her forehead and finished packing.

Running down the stairs Sean headed for the door. His mom also in tears told him not to leave. He looked at her and kissed her on the cheek. Sean’s father was sitting in the living room looking at his case files. Sean looked at his father for a second waiting to see if he would stop him but he didnt even blink.

With one last look at his mother and sister Sean went out the door and never looked back.

Sean and his sister kept in touch, during the years he was gone. She talked to him about all her teenage problems. The usual, gossip in school, parents, and senior prom.

One night checking his E-mail Sean saw his sister had written to him again. He opened it and read in shock as she wrote about their parents’ death. Sean took a leave of absence and went back to the place he thought he would never see again.

They planned the funeral invited the family and now they were both watching their parents get buried. After the burial the family came to their house and they had fun thinking about the great times the family had together.

Later that evening Sean and his sister finally had time alone to figure out what they were going to do. Lana stared at Sean from across the dining room table. He looked back and noticed how much like his mother she looked. She had beautiful gray eyes that matched his own but somehow looked more sparkly on her. She had long black hair that was now hanging loose and the face of an angel.

As he watched her he got a pang in his stomach and he remembered how he hadn’t listened to his mother when she tried to stop him from leaving. He quickly looked away from her and moved the food around on his plate.

“Sean?” He looked up and met his sister’s gaze. She was in tears again.

“What am I going to do? Your probably going to have to leave soon and I don’t know whats going to happen. I can’t be by myself right now and I just dont know what I’m going to do.”

Lana was crying while she said this and Sean didnt know what to say. He knew he was going to have to leave but he hadn’t really thought about it till now. Sean got up and hugged his sister to him. She was trembling he picked her up and took her upstairs to her bed.

“Get some sleep sweetheart and we’ll talk about this later.” He turned off her light and let her sleep.

“Wait! Daddy! I’m coming too! Dont leave me here alone. Mom! Dont go…stop..” Lana woke up with a start. She looked around her dark room and saw 3:00 in neon color on her nightstand. What a horrible nightmare. güvenilir bahis She was running towards her parents but the faster she ran the farther they got. She was yelling at them to wait for her not to leave but they vanished and she was left in the dark all alone.

Lana brought her hands to her face and noticed they were wet from tears. She sat there crying for a while and heard her door open. Sean came in and without saying a word sat down on her bed and took her in his arms. She was crying still but felt much better. Her brother’s arms were strong and he felt like an anchor in a storm that she seemed to be caught up in.

He changed alot over the years. He was taller about 6’2. He looked like a tower compared to her 5’5. His hair was ebony like hers. He had it short and spiked. He had a lean muscular body that covered hers perfectly. When she looked into his eyes they had more wisdom than before. They told you that he has been through things that you could never imagine.

He looked down at her and smiled. She noticed that he had two cute dimples on his cheeks. He had a nice smile. She had missed him alot, when she was young he was her hero. Her big brother that never let her get hurt, always defended her when their parents were going to punish her for doing something bad, the only person that listened to what she had to say.

When he left she cried and wanted him back. She wrote to him everyday. He always answered back and gave her advice. Even when she told him about stupid fights she had with their mom. He always listened and told her it was ok.

“Sweetheart are you ok? Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere at least not now. And I promise that I will never leave you alone.”

“Yeah, I’m ok dont worry. I just had a nightmare thats all.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sean said a look of concern in his eyes.

“Nah its ok.” She looked into his eyes and quickly looked away from his penetrating gaze. She felt like he could see right through her.

“Are you sure?” Sean persisted.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Lana said quickly.

“Ok…um..I’ll let you sleep. Goodnight sweet dreams.” Sean kissed her on the forehead and laid her down on her bed.

Sean headed for the door “Wait, Sean dont go yet.”

He turned and his sister had a frightened expression on her face. It reminded him of the night he left when she wanted to stop him. He sat down on her bed.

“Stay with me for a while. I dont want to be alone tonight.” She looked scared.

“Sure sweetheart I’ll stay as long as you want.” Sean said smiling down at her.

She scooted over and gave him some space. He laid down next to her. She snuggled next to him draping an arm over his chest.

“Promise?” Lana whispered

“Yeah, I promise. Now go to sleep honey we have along day tomorrow.” He rubbed her arm until he felt her relax and fall asleep.

Lana woke up to an empty bed. She was trembling from the nightmare she had and really needed someone to comfort her. She went across the hall and checked her brothers room. He wasn’t there. She went downstairs and saw he wasn’t there either. Lana searched the kitchen and still didnt find Sean. Still feeling scared from her dream and finding herself alone Lana crumbled to the floor and cried, her face in her hands.

She was crying for a while thinking she was left alone. When she felt someone sit down next to her and hug her. She looked up tears in her eyes and saw Sean’s look of concern in his eyes. She hugged him tight.

“Sean I thought you left me. I couldn’t find you and I was scared.” she said in his shirt.

“Oh, sweetheart I would never leave you. Its ok I went outside to take out the garbage. Don’t cry honey I’m here.” He rocked her in his arms for a few minutes then picked her up and sat her on the kitchen table. Wiping her tears with a tissue he smiled at her and threw the tissue out.

“I’m going to cook you breakfast ok. How does pancakes, eggs, and bacon sound?”

Lana smiled. “Wow being a Navy SEAL really changed you. I remember you couldn’t even turn on the stove and now you can cook, it better not taste bad.”

“Yeah, you dont have a mom there to cook you things. They kinda make you learn that thing on your own, dont worry I promise it’ll taste good.” Sean smiled back.

Just as he promised he put a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs in front of his sister. He put syrup on her pancakes and sat down with his own plate. Lana who hadn’t had any thing to eat for more than 12 hours ate happily.

“So did it taste good?” Sean asked looking over at his sister’s empty plate.

“Well…” Lana said looking up pretending to think hard “I’ve had better.”

With speed Lana didnt know Sean had he picked her up around the waste took her to the couch and started to tickle her.

“Ssstop Sean” Lana screamed between laughs. He continued to tickle her

“Say uncle” Sean said ignoring her yells for him to stop.

“Ok uncle, uncle” Lana said.

Sean stopped tickling her and smiled down at his sister. türkçe bahis She looked up at him her eyes bright.

The last thing he expected was for her to start crying.

“Lana why are you crying did I hurt you?” Sean was worried he might have tickled her too hard.

“No, its just…do you think its ok to laugh and be happy with what happened.” she looked up at Sean

“Oh baby, its ok to be happy. Mom and dad want us to be happy. You can laugh and smile all you want sweetheart.” Sean looked down at his sister and gave her the best smile he could. He was glad to see she smiled too.

“What are we going to do today Sean?”

“Well, the lawyer for the Will is coming today to tell us what mom and dad left you.”

Lana noticed how he said ‘you’ and wanted to know why.

“What do you mean ‘you’?” Lana asked

“Well they sure as hell wont be leaving me anything after what I did to them.” Sean said reluctingly as though he didnt want to remember it.

“Sean you idiot.” Lana said. He looked at her and to his surprise she was smiling.

“Of course they left you something. All mom did was talk about you and ask me about you. They would read E-mails you sent me telling me you were ok. At first dad didnt want to admit that he was wrong for telling you what you should do in your life but he gave in and asked me about you just as much as mom.”

Sean was surprised to hear this but couldn’t help douting her.

“Well…why didnt they ask me to come home if they missed me so much?” Sean couldnt help but ask

“Well as much as dad admitted he was wrong he was to stubborn to actually apologize to you. He knew you were ok and happy so he left it at that.”

“Wow. I didn’t know.” Sean felt like something heavy had lifted of his shoulders.

That afternoon the lawyer came to their house and left them an envelope from their parents. Sean opened it and found a letter from his parents along with some other papers. Sean read the letter aloud to his sister:

Dear Sean and Lana,

When you read this letter we are not going to be there with you. We love you so much and didnt want you guys to be left with nothing when we someday wont be able to take care of you anymore.

Sean we love you and care about you . We are sorry for trying to make you do something that you didnt want to do. We’ve missed you alot since you were gone but we knew you were ok. Please take good care of your little sister. This is a time when you guys need to stick together. You need to be a family. Don’t let her get into trouble.

Lana, honey we know that there were times when you felt like you wanted to strangle us but you need to know that your father and I only wanted the best for you. Please take care of yourself. Help your brother out and don’t get in to much trouble. Be good my darlings.


Mom and Dad

When Sean finished reading the letter he looked at his sister who had tears in her eyes. putting the letter down Sean looked in the envelope and took out documents that said both he and Lana owned the house. Their parents had left a good amount of money on their bank accounts and made sure the house was paid. Lana gets the Volvo while Sean gets the Mercedes.

Sean held his sister while she cried. Later in the evening Sean cooked dinner. Lana let out a big yawn, they had a long day and Sean knew she was tired.

“Go to bed if your tired sweetheart.” Sean said after she let out another yawn.

“Uhh no I’m not tired I’ll stay up with you and watch t.v like old times.”

Sean knew she was tired but didnt say anything. They went into the den to watch some t.v. Sean sat down while Lana laid on the couch with her head on his lap. After twenty minutes of Jay Leno Sean noticed that Lana had fallen asleep. He gently took her head off his lap. He stood up and stretched. He watched his sister sleep for a while. She really was beautiful just like her mother.

He picked her up and she leaned her head on his chest. She was so light only anout 125 pounds. Sean has carried heavier stuff so her weight didnt bother him. When he reached her bedroom he laid her down on the bed. She instinctively stretched her arm feeling for something. She mumbled something but he couldn’t hear her.

Suddenly she opened her eyes. She looked around quickly ready to get off her bed when she saw him standing in front of her.

“Oh, there you are. I thought you left me here alone. Stay with me tonight ok?”

“Of course sweetheart I told you I’m not going anywhere.” Lana moved over to make room for Sean. He laid next to her and she snuggled up to him gave him a kiss in the cheek and laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight sweetheart sweet dreams.” Sean whispered in her ear.

“Goodnight Sean I love you.” Lana murmured and soon fell asleep.

Lana woke up the next morning feeling a little uneasy. She dreamt that she had asked Sean to come to her bed because she had a surprise for him. When he laid next to her he saw that güvenilir bahis siteleri she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She kissed him softly on the lips. He returned the kiss gently nibbling on her bottom lip. He took off his clothes and she could see his hard chest. She swelled up with love for him that she had never felt for any other person. He laid on top of her and made love to her until she died from ecstacy. After they were done he told her he loved her and would never let her go.

Lana noticed that her nipples were hard from thinking about the dream. She heard soft snoring and realized that Sean was still asleep next to her. She looked at him and he looked so peaceful. The blanket was draped around his middle. He must have taken his shirt off while she was asleep. That same feeling she had in her dream happened again.

Lana couldnt believe it. She had fallen in love with her brother. She stared at him for a long time until she saw him open his eyes. He stretched letting out a loud groan then finally looked at her. He gave her that cute smile showing his two dimples. “Morning sweetheart”

Sweetheart she loved when he called her that. He was moving to get up but she stopped him.

“No dont leave stay here with me.” he laid back down and loooked at her.

“Sean I…you know how much I love you right?”

Lana was looking at him differently. Sean knew something was wrong.

“Yeah I know, I love you too but, that’s not what you want to tell me.” Lana looked up at him. She didnt know how to tell him. What if he left her or thought she must be losing it.

“No you dont know how much I love you Sean. I dont mean in a sisterly way. I mean I’ve fallen in love with you. I love you like a sister shouldn’t love a brother. I realized it now but I think I loved you all my life. When you left five years ago I didn’t know what to do. I would sleep in your room. I didn’t understand it then but I know now. I just wanted to be in things that you were in. I want you to touch me Sean. I want your hands on my breasts, you lips on mine, your cock in my pussy. I want all of you baby.”

Sean was speechless. He didnt know what to say to her. What she said surprisingly turned him on. He could feel his cock shift as she said those words.

“Wow, Lana.”

“Sean its ok if you dont love me anymore. You dont have to keep your promise. You can leave if you want to.” Lana said tears now running down her cheeks.

“Wait, wait, wait baby dont cry. I love you Lana and I’m never going to leave you. It’s just you took me by surprise that’s all.” Sean lifted Lana’s chin and wiped her tears off.

“I dont think its such a good idea for us to you know do things. It’s not that I dont love you its just I dont think its right.” Sean said looking into Lana’s sad eyes.

It hurt him to make her feel bad but, if he touched Lana he didn’t think he would be able to stop. When he was laying alone in his bed he would think about her. What she was thinking, if she was asleep. He wanted her but he knew he couldn’t have her. He wanted what was best for her even if he had to get one of his best friends to date her. No matter how jealous it made him feel.

“Are you ok sweetheart?” he said looking down at her.

“No, how can I be ok when the man I love and want with all my heart doesn’t want me back.”

“Lana I-“

“No its ok. I’m sorry I said anything. Don’t worry about it.” With that she got up and walked out of the room leaving Sean to think about what she said.

Later that day Sean was picking up leaves in the backyard still thinking about what Lana had said. He looked up and could see Lana cooking in the kitchen through the window. She really was beautiful. Her hair was loose on her back and it moved when a slight breeze entered through the window.

When she left him in the room that morning he felt stupid for rejecting her. He wanted her the way she wanted him but he didnt know if he could go through with it. Would he be able to let her go after he touched her silky skin, kissed those full lips and touched her where she so wanted to be touched.

He already knew the answer to that. If he made love to her he would never want to leave her. He would forget everyone else but her. When he went downstairs she was showered and cleaning the den. The whole day she acted like they normally did as if nothing happened. When she was cleaning he couldnt help but look at the sway of her hips when she moved. The way her ass filled out the jeans she wore. How her breast filled out the tanktop she had on.

He hadn’t noticed these things before. Now he couldnt help but stare. Out of the window she looked up from the food she was preparing and smiled at him. Wow what a great smile.

After cleaning the backyard Sean came back inside sweaty and hot. He took his shirt and shoes of as soon as he got to the house. He laid down on the couch to rest before taking a shower. He closed his eyes and dosed off. He was walking to his mom and dads bedroom.The door was slightly ajar. He went inside and stopped at the sight that greeted him. Lana was laying naked on the bed sleeping. He walked slowly up to the bed and looked down at his beautiful sister. His gaze lowered to her round breasts. They were topped with puffy pink nipples.

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