The Awakening of Angel Ch. 04


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The Awakening of Angel

Chapter 4

18 June 2:07 AM


“You will notice that there are a number of doors in this room besides the one you entered through. Each one leads to a room and it is your task to enter each room, observe all the contents in detail and then return to this room. On the opposite wall there are two silk ribbons on a hook, one black and the other white. You are to place the white ribbon on the door latch of the room that gave you the warmest feelings and put the black on the one that disturbed you the most. You will then return home and wait for further instructions. Do you understand? You may nod assent and begin.”

Circe (Angel)

Of course I nodded. But after the experience I’d just had I wasn’t really thinking. My sexual arousal was off the charts, my pussy throbbed, my ass hurt, and my jeans were wet. So all in all it had been a good night if I do say so myself. With a sense of foreboding mixed with excitement I stepped up to the first door and entered.

Pictures decorated the walls, lots of them. Pictures of weddings, brides in bridal gowns, husbands, proms, babies and families. Scattered about were reminders of daily living, books, clothes, children’s toys, and pillows. The air was warm and carried the scent of fresh baked cookies. My eyes were drawn to a place in the room that didn’t look quite right but it was also not well lit so I moved closer. They were two large cylindrical containers and they were full of fresh earth. In the one closest I noticed a shovel standing up in the soil. The other had something I couldn’t quite make out. It was white and about the size of a cantaloupe but oddly shaped. Then the light grew brighter for a moment and the horrible realization punched me in the gut. It was a human skull! Believe me, I left that room much quicker than I had entered.

I stood in the main area to compose myself for a minute and then went into the second room. ‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself, ‘There’s nothing in here.” Turning to leave something caught my eye on the floor next to the wall. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could just make out that it was a mousetrap and it had caught a mouse. The little nose was ever so near to the bait that it appeared it was in an eternal struggle to reach the prize that was so close and yet so far.

The next room was filled with medical equipment, mostly old and antique stuff. The walls were adorned with pictures of medical procedures, operating rooms, and hospitals. The far wall had some sort of display case. Looking closer I could see various sizes of glass jars with lids and it took me a bit to figure out that they held various medical specimens, some of which I recognized and others that I didn’t. The air in the room was cool but had an antiseptic smell to it. Over in the corner was an old gynecological table with exam lamp and instruments laid out on trays beside it. The stirrups were extended and I hoped against hope that Tillman was not into that. Men seem to get excited about that whole deal but for women there is nothing even remotely sexual about that doctors visit. Well for most women anyway. The truth is that you name it, and someone somewhere has a fetish for it. There’s probably even guys that enjoy their prostate exam.

Room number three was a visual sex orgy. Literally. There were ancient sculptures and talismans of male and female genitalia and in all shapes and sizes. Antique art covered the walls depicting people having sex, orgies, men holding huge cocks with both hands and women with legs spread wide showing enormous vaginas. Scattered everywhere were ancient dildos of every shape and size and made out of everything from bone (ha ha) to stone. And I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me, but the room smelled like sex. There was the sharp smell of semen and the musky odor of vaginal juice. I started to add a little musk of my own so I moved on the next room.

This one was filled with beautiful women’s clothes from all the eras going back to the 1600’s. It looked like everything was there, dresses, shoes, hats, under garments, jewelry, and lingerie. It was all so wonderful, the air had a wonderful fresh lavender scent and the girly-girl in me wanted to stay and play dress-up. But I was getting tired and wanted to be done with my task.

The last room had a heavy imposing door that had large iron hinges and big black metal rivets and bolts. Maltepe Fetiş Escort I had to push hard but the door finally gave way with a heavy old creak. Rather than being lit by candles as had the other rooms, the source of light in this one was burning torches set into the walls. The air in the room assailed my senses with damp, old wood, leather, human sweat, and an iron kind of smell, the smell of blood. A shiver ran down my spine. This was a dungeon and the room was filled with old devices of torture and execution. I could only stay for a moment until I felt panic welling up in my throat and I all but fled the room.

I was deathly afraid that I was going to be grabbed and dragged back into that room to be tortured but Tillman was nowhere to be seen. Retrieving the two ribbons from the hook I placed the white one on the door to the room with all the beautiful clothes and the black one on the dungeon door which I really didn’t want to get near to. My weak legs and aching ass carried me back to my car and I drove home.

18 June 9:20 AM


As usual my night’s sleep hadn’t started well. Ghosts from combat invaded my head before I was even completely asleep. They were my personal ghosts because they were always the same people, and unlike many people’s dreams, had faces of real people, people I had known. It’s not something I talk about to just anyone, in fact I haven’t talked to anyone about the events of my military service. Some of which I can’t talk about for security reasons, and the other stuff is because I don’t want to, or can’t, talk about it. Let’s just say for now that I am in bad places fighting bad people in bad situations and bad things happen.

My night terrors continued their normal replay and at about four or so I woke up screaming wrapped up in sweat soaked sheets. Yep, another fun night. I thought to myself how great it would be to just get one nights good sleep. Untangling myself from the bedding I headed into the bathroom to shower off. It was just a quick shower to clean up and cool off and then I was back on the dry side of the bed.

Images of the previous hours with Angel flooded into my head a drove out the specters that had been plaguing me. Yes I did recall the vision of her with her top pulled up over her head. Those two perfectly formed breasts that followed her breathing and reacted sensuously to her other movements. And they beckoned to me, begging to be held, caressed, kissed, and nibbled. Then there were those beautiful nipples that had hardened in the cool air just begging to be pulled and rolled between thumb and forefinger. Do I need to recount the sight of her bent over, her glistening pussy dripping juice from her engorged lips? Probably not but I like thinking about it over and over.

But honestly the thing that got to me the most was the sight of her facing me and looking at the floor. Her innocent obedience and desire to comply, the obvious fear she felt, and the strength to endure the pain were a unique combination. Then when I saw she had bitten her lip to hold back crying out I melted. Not that I would ever let her know. And truthfully I was a little concerned with my reaction. It sure wasn’t as clinical and detached as what I normally was.

Someone close to me suddenly his presence. Undoubtedly the images of Angel, and the remembrance of the scent of her musk, had woken up my friend from his slumber and he was pointing at something on the wall up behind my head. Okay, I had a raging hard on and it hurt. And my balls hurt. And my prostate hurt. Even the skin of my scrotum hurt. I really wanted to hold on to the edge but I also realized that resistance was futile.

Reaching down I wrapped my hand around the shaft of my penis. It was throbbing in my hand and my balls had already retracted up into my body and my scrotum had tightened up. I really wanted to savor the moment and go slow. And yes it started out that way for about four or five strokes, until that beautiful, slightly puffy, bit lip came to mind again, and I lost all control and flailed wildly away with my penis. Poor guy didn’t get any respect and yet he took it like a man and did what he was supposed to.

The orgasm hit me like a freight train, all my muscles convulsed and then locked. My back arched and the contractions from my groin started from deep inside. They were so strong that it felt like my crotch was having a giant muscle cramp. Cum flew out in long heavy spurts, missing my stomach and chest. Some hit my face, some in my hair, and the rest on the bedding and wall. My mind went into a state of trance as I focused on her, and felt the hot jets of sperm as it was ejected from my pulsing cock.

It didn’t Maltepe Gecelik Escort end quickly and there were aftershocks, with more but lesser convulsions and ejaculate. As I rode the wave down, every muscle in my body went into a total state of relaxation. It happened so fast that I fell asleep with my cock in my hand.

A little after nine the sun began streaming through the bedroom window and hit me in the face. I awoke with my hand still on my cock, all of which was covered with my dried cum. Then the realization hit me. I had slept soundly with no nightmares and felt more refreshed than I had in years. Some would say that it was because of the really incredible orgasm, but I knew differently. Angel had driven the demons out and wouldn’t let them back in while I slept. I didn’t know if this was just a one-off event but I was grateful for the few hours of real restful sleep.

Roxie jumped up on the bed with me which was an unusual event in itself. Her normal place was in her bed just inside the front door and she never got on the bed. Deep in my heart I knew that she picked that place by the door because that’s where she felt she could protect me best. She stood there on the bed, giving me this accusing and yet quizzical look. She was at least enough of a lady that she didn’t glance towards the mess around my loins and she didn’t sniff it either. “How’s my darling Roxie girl this beautiful morning?” Her eyes softened and I gave her a few loving scratches behind her ears. Roxie tipped her head down, gave me a little lick on the cheek and wagged her tail like a puppy. Again not a behavior that I had seen from her before. Yes she was always affectionate off-duty, but she was a war dog, and this war dog never wagged her tail like a little puppy. Strange.

The puppy and I headed out for our morning run and I used the time to clear my head. Rox seemed to have an unusual spring in her step, like some sort of heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders. Dog psychology aside, there were many more things yet to do in Angel’s program. Of particular interest was her choice of ribbon placement on the doors. Little did she know that the themes of each room would be used in one form or another in her training program. But the ribbons gave me a starting point and I knew what she really wanted to be and at least part of what was keeping her from achieving that. The miles passed and I felt better than I had in a long, long time.

10:40 AM

Circe (Angel)

Sometime around four I had let myself in and didn’t even make it to the bedroom. I was just so exhausted that I barely made it to the couch before going unconscious. Well at least it seemed that way. The smell of breakfast being cooked wafted its way into my nostrils and gently prodded me back to the land of the living. It took what seemed to be a superhuman effort to open my eyes which were greeted by the sight of the lovely Alexandra sitting on the bed.

“How do you feel this morning Miss Circe? Did you sleep well?”

My tongue and mouth felt as heavy as my eyelids as I struggled to respond through the fog in my head. “I guess I’m ok. I’m sore though. And I don’t remember getting into bed or taking my clothes off. I thought I just made it to the couch and no further.”

“It’s true Miss. But I couldn’t stand to leave you there so I carried you in here and put you to bed.”

“You carried me?” I asked incredulously. “How did you do that?”

“Yes of course Miss. As far as how I did it, let’s just say I work out and leave it at that.”

“Well I’m impressed Alexandra. May I ask how I ended up naked?”

“Yes of course Miss. I took your clothes off. They definitely needed laundering.”

My cheeks flushed red for a moment and I had to look away. “You didn’t take any liberties with me did you? Not that I would be mad if you did.”

“Oh no Miss. Only if The Teacher instructs me would I be allowed to engage in any sort of intimacy with you.”

“But he has instructed you to do so on occasion with other students?”

“Yes Miss. But it doesn’t do either of us any good to be talking about it. I have to maintain control as well and I find it challenging since you are so attractive.”

I detected a little blush in her cheeks but it might have been something she did on purpose. I had the feeling that nothing was an accident or unplanned with this whole process. “Well thank you Alexandra, I think you are stunningly beautiful and don’t mind saying so!”

“That’s so nice of you Miss. Now enough of this talk. I noticed when I was undressing you that Mr. Tillman paid some ‘attention’ to your backside last night. Please turn over on your tummy and I will take care of that.” Maltepe Genç Escort

As I started to roll over there was a sharp generalized pain in the cheek muscles of my ass. I grunted slightly from the pain but there was also something comforting and erotic about it. The pain had been given by Tillman’s hand and reminded me of him. My inner core wanted him to whip me again, and then kiss me afterwards like he did last night. I think the sensation of the pain made the comfort and tenderness of the kiss that much more impactful.

After a little effort I got rolled over and Alexandra gently pulled down the sheets, which actually hurt my ass a little. I closed my eyes and basked in the pain. She had brought in a large bowl with some fragrant liquid in it and a chamois cloth, which she wetted with the liquid. With a very tender and gentle touch she lightly rubbed the liquid in. I don’t know what that stuff was but it was great. It made my ass tingle a bit but the pain went away.

She then poured some fragrant oil on both her hands and rubbed them to warm them up. “Miss, I need to caution you to control yourself. The Teacher has given me instruction to reward you with a ‘full’ body massage but that you are under no circumstances to orgasm. He was also specific that my continued employment was dependent on giving the full massage and you not climaxing. This really is a test for the both of us. I hope you understand.”

I nodded approval and hoped deep down inside that she would just make it quick. But that was not to be. I am almost positive that Tillman had even given specific directions on how to perform the massage. She started with my toes, and massaged each one on its own, encircling, rubbing, kneading, stretching, and running her slippery fingers between each one. Is there such a thing as a toe orgasm? I don’t know but I sure felt close to one. And my dammed pussy was getting wet again!

Alexandra moved to my feet, running her thumbs into my arches. I swear I would have married that girl at that moment if she’d asked me. I was heavenly and I could feel the stress draining out of me. Then it was on to my calves which she encircled with her hands and expertly covered every square inch. She even did something with my knees that made them feel like they were brand new. My thighs were next and I was really dreading that for obvious reasons but the deep tissue massage relaxed muscles that I didn’t even know I had.

Strangely she went after my hands and fingers next, which got a similar treatment as my feet and toes. Arms, shoulders, neck and head followed. Every part of my head was massaged, ears, eyes, nose, and scalp. I was so relaxed. She asked me to roll over and my shoulders, back and butt received the same expert treatment. Over on my back again and she worked the kinks out of my torso. The only areas remaining were my breasts and mound and I have to say it was highly erotic. The massage had the effect of focusing all my attention and energy on those two regions. It’s like they were the only part of me that was alive.

Soon enough my breasts were being lightly cupped in her hands with the oil spreading slickly all over them. I should mention that there was some other liquid spreading slickly as well. I was turning into some sort of oasis. Both nipples were rolled between oiled fingers, and I really didn’t know if I was going to make it. I had never had a breast orgasm before but was getting close. I wanted her to move on from my breasts before I came, but I also knew where her hands would go when they left.

Sure enough those evil plotting hands went to my pussy which was throbbing by this point. Thankfully Alexandra fudged a little on the full body part. Yes she fingered and rubbed my outer and inner labia, and a finger went into my vagina a few times. One thing I wasn’t expecting was when an oiled finger circled my anus. I relaxed at the gentle circular movements and was surprised when a finger gently slipped in. I’ve never had anal sex but must admit that I liked the sensation. Lastly her fingers pulled the hood of my clit back and she made a few gentle strokes directly on it. I’m here to tell you, just two more and I would have been curling my toes.

“You did well Miss, thank you so much. I will start your shower and finish fixing your breakfast while you are cleaning up. I have a cold bottle of water in the bathroom. Please be sure to drink all of it before sitting down for breakfast.”

Like a big boneless blob of jell-o I wobbled into the shower, snagging the bottle of water as I walked by. As I luxuriated under the hot needles of water, I thought that life couldn’t get any better. My right hand was innocently washing my lower stomach when I allowed it to start to drop. How would Tillman know any different if I just masturbated really quickly? Then it froze when I remembered some of the rooms from last night. I shuddered in particular at the image of the dungeon room and a sense of dread washed over me. My hand went back to washing.

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