The Awakening of Jane


This is the second part of the sexual awakening of Jane. The first part, entitled “The Introduction”, sets the background.

Jane lay on her bed, completely spent. At 47 years of age, she had finally had her first orgasm.

“Wow, how I could have gone without this for so long,” she thought to herself. She reached between her legs and pulled the long part of the nexus penis from her sopping cunt. She was a little sore – she couldn’t really believe how hard she had pounded herself with the dildo that last minute or so. Would she be able to walk straight, she thought with a smile.

She looked at the double dildo, its purple texture slick with her juices. She had always thought that it would be gross to have a man taste her. David had told her time and time again it was actually like an aphrodisiac for most men. Tentatively she put the dildo to her lips, and then placed the tip into her mouth. It was still warm from being inside of her, and the taste, while foreign, was not really that bad. Jane took a few more tentative licks, got up and went into the en-suite bathroom to pee and clean up the dildo.

“What will I tell Cathy”, she said to herself?


“It’s a gorgeous fall afternoon! Let’s go for a walk along the power lines before the November rains start again.” It was Cathy on the phone. Cathy had been torn: mortified that she had let her best friend into her private love life and a hint of her sexual escapades with her husband, and at the same time, incredibly curious to see if her friend had actually tried the double dildo.

“Sure,” said Jane. “In about a half hour. Shall I pick you up, or will you drive?”

“I will pick you up then.”

As Cathy pulled into Jane’s driveway, the door opened, and out bounded Jane in her jeans, vest and carrying a small bag.

“I brought you back your package”, said Jane.

“Oh, no need to rush it. I am sure that it could have stayed with you a couple of more weeks without being too badly missed.”

They drove in silence to the walk entrance, parked the car and headed for the gravel path along the mountain side. Despite the unexpected clear and warm weather, the path was surprisingly quiet. Quickly the door was locked and the two ladies headed up the gravel path.

“Did you not enjoy it”, asked Cathy. “I have been so mortified about lending you my friend, that I was afraid that I had gone too far in telling you about my private life, and perhaps offending you”.

It was Jane’s turn to be embarrassed.” No, you needn’t feel at all concerned. As a matter of fact, it is I who should be embarrassed. I have to thank you. I couldn’t believe how incredible a toy this is, or how well it worked”.

Cathy paused for a moment. “Does this mean you finally had the big O?”

“Oh yes. I sure as hell did. It was better than I ever expected”.

“Was it all because of the dildo? I have always thought your husband a pretty capable guy, was the dildo that much better than David?” said Cathy.

“No, it wasn’t just the dildo. It was more than that”.

“Ah”, said Cathy. “It is amazing what the imagination can do to the mind. That is the really great thing about fantasies. They allow you to be with people and do things that you would never do in life. They are harmless, fun, and can be so completely out of character with your day to day persona. And after the big O, you can just quietly pack them away into some recess of your mind, and take them out again to play whenever you feel so inclined. So,…. Can I ask what you used to help you finally get off?”

If Jane though she had been uncomfortable with the conversation up until this point, she hadn’t begun to appreciate what she was feeling now. How was she going to avoid this without revealing too much. After all, it wasn’t every güvenilir bahis day that you confessed to your best friend that you had masturbated to the thought of watching your best friend have sex with her husband, and then mounting her husband for the fuck of your life while your friend whispered in you ear how much she liked watching you fuck the love of her life.

“I am too embarrassed to tell you,” said Jane. “I would be terrified of what you would think of me”.

“Oh”, said Cathy. “I understand, but I don’t want you to be embarrassed. To be totally honest with you, I can’t tell you how much I have wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. In the last three of four years, Bobby and I have really spiced up our love life. Sometimes I worry that we have gone just too far, but it has only been the two of us, and we have really had a lot of fun. I too have had fantasies that I wouldn’t share with anyone, even you”.

It was Jane’s turn now to suddenly become brave, and she decided to press her friend. She suddenly felt like a new door had been opened in her life, and she wanted to know if it was safe to go in? She wanted to know, but was still afraid.

“You have some fantasies that are that taboo?” asked Jane. “Are we just going to stare like two silly girls at the path and not say anything, or will you help me understand how far out is normal?”

“First off Jane, everything is “normal” so long as you remember it is a fantasy. I stay within certain boundaries. For example, there is no pain, no degradation. I don’t like to be tied up and whipped or anything stupid like that. But I do explore the taboo, because I know it is just a fantasy. I keep my feet pretty grounded in reality, but at the same time, I can let my mind wander and do things that I would never do in real life”.

“Give me a for instance” said Jane. “Are there other partners, or things you would be ashamed to do in real life?”

“Well a little of both. Sometimes I imagine sex with other men I know. Sometimes I am a voyeur, sometimes I am having sex with more than one man.”

Jane hesitated, then asked “Are there other women involved sometimes?”

“Oh no”, said Cathy. “Never”. She hesitated, “Well occasionally”.

“What do you do?”

“Oh no you don’t,” said Cathy. This was not a road she was ready to go down. “Let’s talk about the things with other men”.

“Ok. I’ll be honest with you Cath. I am afraid to let my mind wander. I want to know how far I should really let this go. Put me at ease, would you. Will you tell me one of your wildest fantasies?”

“Alright. But you have to swear to God that you will never repeat this to anyone.” And with Jane’s assurance, she began. “Years ago, Bobby and I started experimenting with anal sex. I had always thought it was too taboo. Then Bob convinced me to try it, and I discovered that with enough lubricant, including alcohol, I actually started to enjoy it. I can’t cum that way, but with enough stimulation of my clitoris, I can have a really great orgasm. So, I have fantasized for the last six months or so about having another man join us. And while I am riding Bobby, I lean forward and look into his eyes as I feel the other man’s cock fill my ass. Then they both begin stroking in me, and I have this incredible orgasm”.

Jane was silent for a minute. “You actually enjoy anal”?

“Oh yes, if it is slow and slippery, and I am relaxed. I know how much it turns on my husband, and if that is what I can give him to show him how much I love him, why not. I take it, Jane, you are not someone who enjoys that kind of love play”

“No” said Jane.

“Have you ever tried it?” asked Cathy.

“Before David and I got married, I let him take me in the ass quite a bit. It didn’t hurt, particularly if he used lots of türkçe bahis KY, but it really didn’t do anything for me. So when we got married, I just said, I had tried it, but didn’t want to continue”

“That must have been really hard on your marriage. Did you ever think how much different your love life and marriage would have been these last 20 years if you had just let go and been a complete slut for your husband”.

“Cathy, women don’t do that”.

“Jane, women who don’t do that have miserable lives. They don’t realize how rich their lives could be. If I was married to David, I wouldn’t have hesitated to be his complete and total slut. If he wanted to fuck me in my ass, I would have bent over and let him play with me, and then I would have been the dirtiest girl in the world for him. You have a wonderful man that any woman our age would love to get her hands on. Don’t you think it is time you woke up before he’s gone”.

“I can’t believe what I am hearing”, said Jane. “Do you really think that way”.

“Yes”, said Cathy. “Just promise me two things Jane. Open up your mind and act out.”

“And the second thing”?

“If we ever discuss my ultimate fantasy again, don’t ever ask me to tell you who owns the second cock in my ass.”

At that point, Jane decided that had been enough conversation for the day on the subject. They talked about how their kids were doing now that they were in university, and the four of them had become empty nesters. The freedom that they would both enjoy now that both of their youngest were away at school. Cathy had said she and Bob were going to a “couples only” all inclusive in the Mayan Riviera in early December, and that maybe she and David should join them. It would only be for a week, and they could all have a wonderful time together.

As Cathy dropped Jane off back at her home, she pushed the plastic bag with the Nexus dildo back into her hands. Bobby is off to Seattle next week, and I will get him to pick me up a new one.

“I want you to keep this. The next time you are using it, you can let your mind wander to just where it might have been”, Cathy said with a smile in her eye.


David arrived home about 6 p.m. to be greeted by a most unusual sight: Jane was wearing a fine white silk blouse, a short blue skirt and pantyhose – a far cry from the jeans and sweaters he was used to. She padded up to him in her stocking feet with a big eager smile on her face and planted an inviting kiss on his lips.

Taken by surprise, David asked what was the occasion.

“Nothing”, said Jane. “I just decided that we have not spent some time together just visiting, and to persuade you to forget about work and sit and talk with me over a glass of wine, I thought I would give you something I know you’d like to look at”. With that, she handed him a glass of red, and led him to the leather couch in the great room. She sat at the end, almost facing him, her nylon covered legs in his lap.

As David took his first sip, he admired the beauty of his yummy mummy. Jane had not returned to work after their third youngest had been born. David was successful enough that they didn’t need the extra income. As the three boys had grown older, she had used the last few years to work out with a personal trainer and still had a body that other men admired. Her blue eyes and blonde colored hair with still the hint of the summer tan was always what other men looked at – after they had checked out her breasts and her ass. Now as David looked at his wife, he noticed that those same breasts which were neither small but not so big as to have dropped over the years were not within a bra. The fine silk was showing her nipples, and he began to run his free hand along the inside of her legs. Jane smiled and spread her legs a little, güvenilir bahis siteleri to give him more access.

As they continued to sip their wine, David tried to make small talk. “So, what did you get up to today?”

“Well said Jane, I went for a walk with Cathy and we had a really good talk about the importance of keeping our marriages fresh. Then I came home, lay on the bed, and spent about half an hour practicing how to masturbate, and discovered that after just a week, I am starting to get really good at it. Then I thought of what I could do to give you as much pleasure when you got home”.

The matter of fact delivery stunned David. Was this the girl he married? He had never heard this inhibited woman talk in such a fashion.

“What did you have in mind”, David could barely get out?

“This”, said Jane. With that she took their wine glasses, put them on an end table and pushed David back onto the couch. Jane crawled past his chest, and pulling up her skirt, revealed her pussy through the large cut out from the crotch of her pantyhose. “I am still wet, and I thought you would want to taste some of my cum before you fucked me silly”. With that she lowered her pussy to his lips, and began to slowly grind cunt against his tongue and face.

David lapped at his wife like a man who had been starving for years. As he continued to suck and lick, he saw Jane undo her blouse and take it off. David held both cheeks of her ass firmly in his grip, and hardly daring to believe his good and suddenly changed fortune, brushed a forefinger over her rose bud. He nearly came when he realized it was slick, as if it had been lubricated with KY. He pushed his finger in, and Jane moaned, “I know how much you used to love my ass, so it’s nice and slippery for you tonight. Keep fucking me with your tongue in my cunt and your finger in my ass, and make me fucking cum you bastard!”

Jane continued to ride his face as she felt his finger eagerly fuck her in and out of her ass. It wasn’t all that bad after all, though she still thought it a little degrading. She let her mind wander. “I wonder how it would feel to play with his ass, to see if he liked it”. She continued to fantasize, imagining holding his cock and driving the handle of her hair brush in and out of his ass in front of the bathroom mirror, making him spurt. Then it hit her. “God, that is what the Nexus double dildo is for”. And then she lost herself in the fantasy, looking at her husband’s reflection in the mirror as she fucked him in the ass. Fucked him hard, hurting him, and making know that it wasn’t the most pleasant sensation in the world. And then, she started to feel it again. That building sensation, and then suddenly, her orgasm was upon her. After more than 20 years together, her husband had finally brought her to orgasm.

She waited until the wonderful feelings had subsided, then stood up, and took off her skirt. She left the panty hose one, and then lay back on the other side of the couch, her knees at her shoulders and spread. And displaying her open cunt, she hissed at her husband, “Now I want you to fuck me, and don’t hold back.”

David was stripped in seconds, and as he crawled up between her legs, Jane gathered her wetness in her two larger fingers. In David plunged, and Jane reached around, and with little hesitation, found David’s ass and plunged her two fingers in as fast and as a hard as she could. David let out yowl, and responding in kind, drove two of his fingers in her ass. Their lips locked, the two fucked like wild animals, hard and fast. As David pounded her, she found herself taking pleasure in the mixture of pain and lust she felt with the pounding. Resolved to make him share the pain, Jane became increasingly aggressive with his ass, stretching it as he pounded in and out of her. And with a high pitched animal sound she had never heard David make, she could sense his cumming in her. She clamped him tight, squeezed him close, and thought to herself, “God, what have we missed all these years”?

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