The Babysitter


The first time Jennifer came over, I thought nothing of it. I was eighteen, moving quickly towards independence, and frankly, not the least bit concerned that my parents didn’t trust me enough to watch over my seven year old brother. I don’t blame them, because aside from occasionally doing some homework, all I ever did was play video games, listen to heavy metal, and read comics. It’s not that they didn’t think I was a total hellian, it was just this issue of responsibility that seemed to convince them to shell out the money to hire someone “more capable of getting Randy to bed on time.” At least when any babysitter came over, they left the explicit instructions to leave me alone unless I turned the music up to loud or if smoke was coming from my room. So during Jennifer’s first visit, a night my parents went to the movies and then to dinner at the new Italian place downtown, I never once emerged from behind my locked door. I just sat there and played video games and watched TV. I didn’t hear much from the rest of the house, except for Jennifer yelling out to Randy that it was lights out.

Her second visit was exactly two weeks later and this time I actually had to meet her. I had accidentally left my door cracked and my mom had pushed it open and announced that it was time I met Jennifer. Although I disagreed, Jennifer appeared right behind her and smiled. An average girl, I remember thinking. A senior in high school, she had long brown hair and soft, brown eyes, but she wasn’t a knock-out. Her breasts were big, though, and I also remember her kind of catching me staring at them as my mom formerly introduced us.

“Hi,” I said bleakly, trying to play uninterested.

“Hi,” she responded, “If you need anything tonight just ask.”

And that was that.

It was the third visit I’ll never forget. This was the time my parents were going to dinner and theater and had actually set a bedtime for me. They said it would be after one before the came back, and by then, they proclaimed that I was to be in bed with the lights out.

I was playing one of my favorite games that night when I heard a tremendous rumble echo through the house. So for once, I left my bedroom to see what was going on. I walked into the living room to atakent escort find Jennifer on top of Randy pinning him to the ground, both laughing.

“I told you I’d catch you!” she laughed, “Bedtime.”

“Okay, okay,” Randy gave in.

That’s when she noticed me.

“Hi,” she said, her expression a surprised one, “I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”

“I just heard all the noise,” I shrugged.

“Oh,” Jennifer answered, “I didn’t mean to bother you, your baby brother here is impossible to get to bed.”

“I’m not a baby!” Randy objected.

“Fine,” Jennifer smiled, “Then be a big boy and go to bed by yourself.”

Randy huffed, but agreed. And soon, I was back in my room again playing video games. It was a little after eleven when there was a soft knock on my door.

I opened it and there stood Jennifer, her breasts looking bigger than ever behind her plain, blue tee shirt.

“Hey,” she said, “Not to bug you, but please be in bed when your parents come home, okay?”

I smirked but nodded. Fair enough.

“Don’t make me wrestle you down, too,” she said with a smile. I laughed softly.

“Fat chance,” I retorted as she turned to walk away.

“Fat chance of what?” she turned around and asked, “Of you being in bed or me wrestling you down?”

“Either,” I responded and right then she grabbed me. Shocked, I could do nothing but watch as she pushed me to the ground and straddled me, pinning my hands to the floor.

“Hey!” I objected, “That hurt!”

Jennifer smiled and tightened her grip.

“Let me up!” I demanded.

“What’s the magic word?” she asked, and as she did, I realized something awful. My dick was quickly growing hard. I frantically struggled to save face, but as she shifted to keep her position, she obviously noticed. Her smile turned to a complexed look.

I expected her to jump off me in anger, but instead, she just loosened her grip on my hands. I quit struggling and felt my face grow beet red.

“My, my,” Jennifer said and sat up straight, the weight of her now completely on my waist and crotch.

“I’m really sorry,” I began.

“Don’t be,” she said and smiled, “That’s a great compliment.”

“Thanks,” akbatı escort I responded, still embarrassed to all hell.

“Can I ask you something personal?” she asked, and as she did, she shifted slightly, grinding herself briefly on my hard dick. The sensation was unbelievable.

“Okay,” I said, only slightly aware that I thrusted my waist up just a tad, bringing on another sensation like the first.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered honestly, without hesitation or even consideration of lying.

“Do you want me to get off you?” she asked next.

“No,” I answered simply, but this also truthfully.

Then, without further conversation, she pulled off her shirt. And as she did she grinded herself against my dick again and I remember gasping lightly. Her breasts were beautiful. Fully developed and stout, I just stared in amazement. Next, she reached back and removed her bra and now I saw all. Nipples, breast, everything.

“What do you think?” she asked matter-of-factly.

“I like them,” I answered and thrust my waist up again.

“Touch them,” she said, and so I did, reaching up and carefully massaging her breasts.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked as she purred to my careful massaging.

“Anything,” she answered in a sexy tone.

“Are you a virgin?”

“No,” Jennifer answered bluntly, “I lost my virginity when I was thirteen.”

At this, she winked, and my dick grew harder than ever.

“How many times have you had sex?” I asked, feeling very brave at my hard line of questioning.

She laughed and leaned down on me, letting her nipples touch my face and then leaned back up.

“Not enough,” she finally answered and put her hands on my chest.

I didn’t know what to say, next, but fortunately, she kept the conversation going.

“Can I ask you something else, something really personal?”

“Okay,” I replied, noticing she was grinding herself up and down my dick now.

“Would you tell your parents if you lost your virginity tonight?”

“No,” I answered quickly, my heart for the first time beating in nervousness.

“Would you tell your parents,” she asked, then aksaray escort paused, then continued,” If I pulled your shorts down and screwed the ever living hell out of you?”

My heart stutter stepped and I lamely shook my head.

“Am I scaring you?” she suddenly asked and quit grinding. Instead of responding, I simply jerked my waist upwards. At this, she smiled and continued grinding.

“Do you want to have sex?” she asked, “Don’t feel pressured.”

I just nodded.

“Is that yes you’re being pressured or yes you want to fuck?” she clarified.

“I want to have sex,” I said and that was all that was needed.

Jennifer got on her knees and unbuttoned her cut-off jean shorts and pulled them down to reveal black lace panties. She stood up, removing the shorts and then the panties, and I remember watching in amazement at her jiggling breasts. Her pussy was beautiful. I stared and almost came as she sat back on me, now completely naked. My shorts had an elastic waist, so removing them and my briefs seemed to be one natural motion for her. My hard cock finally came free, and before I could say anything, she grabbed it and lowered herself greedily onto it. The feeling was at first strange, very hot and wet, but then I adjusted and the sensation was all pleasurable. Jennifer gasped and leaned down on me and rubbed her breasts in my face. Then, without warning, she sat straight up and began bucking her body on top of me. There was nothing soft about this lovemaking. She was frantically riding my dick, sliding up and down, and then around, rubbing my chest with her hands. She was fucking me hard, and soon she was leaning back and just thrusting her hips back and forth. I could no longer take it, and as she sat back up and began madly jerking back and forth, I came with a mighty force. This she noticed and yelled out “Cum for me, baby, cum for me!” “Oh God!” was my response. “Keep cumming! Oh keep cumming!” she yelled back I did and when it was over the bucking stopped and she slowly slid off.

“What did you think?” she asked a few minutes later as we lay side-by-side.

“That was great,” I said and I wasn’t lying.

It was ten minutes later that I got my first blowjob. It as a week later that we did it doggy-style on my bed, and then tried 69 on the living room floor. The week after that, she introduced me to anal sex. This followed, of course, by sex in the shower.

For a babysitter, Jennifer did a pretty damn good job, I thought. Even better, when some months later, she brought her friend Allison over. But that’s a story for another day.

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