The Banishment of the Cheerleader


Sarah was a normal 22 year old girl, living in the not too distant future. Life was good, for the most part. Modern medical science had allowed for the elimination of almost all disease, and with the introduction of nano-robotic technology, human life expectancy was said to be doubling without the signs normally associated with aging. Still, there were crimes both big and small, which required police to deal with the trouble makers. For most minor crimes, a new technology had been developed, known as a banishment isolation system, or BANE suit. Banes could be seen wandering the parks and often underused trails that were on the outskirts of the city. For the most part, the banes were left alone, and the citizens did their best to ignore them. However, a group of citizens into a more humiliating pastime decided to make the technology part of their lives, and their fun.

Sarah and a few of her fellow cheerleaders had pooled their money together, and had purchased a home confinement version of the bane technology. The idea was to make the wearer become an isolated and subjugated servant of the others. The suit the girls bought came with some added punishments and humiliations which the wearer would be forced to undergo. To be fair, all the girls who contributed their money were going to play a game called Low Card. The objective was to draw the lowest card, and therefore be eliminated from the game. When the game was completed, the one left in would be the one forced into the bane suit for the weekend.

As the girls all giggled together, they began. Megan, Kelly, Emily, and Sarah had all contributed to the purchase of the suit, and so the 4 girls sat together around their shared house’s living room table, and began shuffling the cards. Megan drew an Ace, Kelly a 4, Emily a 6, and Sarah a Queen. As Megan smiled, she placed her card down on the table, and picked up her uniform, and began dressing. Kelly shuffled the deck, and the 3 remaining girls drew again. Emily drew a 3, Kelly a 4, and Sarah a King. Emily smiled, and picked up her uniform as well, and began dressing. Kelly and Sarah looked at each other, and smiled, before Sarah shuffled the deck.

Kelly and Sarah paused, before drawing a card, as they heard Emily and Megan bringing in a pile of items. Sarah and Kelly watched as Emily and Megan dropped a pile of thick rubber, Maltepe Grup Escort some cuffs, and other bondage items on the floor beside them. Both Emily and Megan were smiling at Sarah and Kelly, and each took a position behind the playing girls, ready to grab them if they tried to run. Kelly and Sarah gulped, and drew their cards. Kelly flipped over a 4, and Sarah flipped over a 7. Kelly squealed with delight as she quickly grabbed her and Sarah’s uniform, and put her own on, before putting Sarah’s into a box, and locking it closed.

Sarah squirmed as she watched her friends in their uniform move towards her, but she knew better than to try to run. Losing a bet, even one as crazy as this, would earn her a week at the punishment center, having her bottom spanked by a crazy machine. She sat patiently as she watched the other three girls move towards her, each carrying part of her new outfit.

The banishment suit consisted of multiple layers, each designed to further humiliate and isolate the wearer, thus depriving them of the outside world. As Sarah watched, the girls began laying out the uniform in its stages. First, the girls laid out the panty and bra set that Sarah would be wearing. the panties consisted of black rubber, with a large circumference dildo in the crotch, to keep the wearer stuffed full, and to stimulate her as she walked. The bra was also rubber, but it contained tiny electrodes in the tip of each cup, designed to lightly shock the wearers nipples. The second layer of the suit was a Lycra based unitard, designed to take moisture from the wearers skin, and use it to cool her. The last layer was the heavy rubber outer suit and hood. The suit consisted of a 3mm thick layer of rubber, which was closed up the back and could be locked to the helmet, thus making it impossible to remove until the hood was removed. The suit also contained a self adjusting corset, which could make the wearer’s waist narrower upon command or at the whims of the program. Other features of the suit were not made known in the manual, and instead were controlled solely by the computer in the helmet. The helmet was the heart of the isolation suit. Within it was the control computer, which could be programmed by a laptop, or connected to the city’s grid, and controlled by someone working a command console in the main punishment Maltepe Manken Escort center. The hood also had gags, eye shields, hearing blockers, and other torments that could be activated upon command.

Sarah gasped as she saw her friends lay out the suit, and then she knew from their grins there was no getting out of her bet. Slowly, she stood up, and removed her panties, showing off her smooth pussy. Sarah spread her legs, as a blush came over her face, as she watched her friends begin to pick up the suit pieces.

Kelly went first, picking up the panties, and slowly she had Sarah life her legs and slide them into the holes. Katie smiled, and tugged the panties up, pausing as the dildo brushed Sarah’s cunt, before slipping it and the panties into place. Sarah gasped as the dildo slid home, giving her a full feeling.

Emily was next, as she raised Sarah’s arms, and pulled the rubber bra down over her head, allowing the bra to settle below Sarah’s breasts. Emily smiled as she began fondling Sarah’s breasts into the cups of the bra, smoothing the rubber over the nipples, and making sure the tiny electrodes were positioned around Sarah’s nipples.

Megan was next, and she unzipped the back of the Lycra bodysuit, and then helped guide Sarah’s legs into the holes, and then began helping to pull it up her body. Megan took delight in pausing at the panties, to give them a gentle nudge, causing Sarah to gasp as the dildo wormed in and out slightly. Moving up, Megan guided Sarah’s arms into the sleeves, and made sure the suit was snug against Sarah’s body, before pulling the zipper closed.

Sarah shifted as she heard the heavier rubber suit being opened, and knew there was no going back. She felt the dildo in her pussy shift with each of her movements, and felt her nipples stiffen as she thought of what was to come. Then she saw the smiling faces of Emily and Kelly lowering the suit to her feet, and knew it was time to disappear as a girl, into the rubbery grip of the bane suit.

Emily and Kelly went slowly, making sure the rubber of the suit molded to their new toy’s body. They giggled as they ran their hands over the rubber, smoothing it as they worked it slowly but inexorably up Sarah’s body. The Lycra bodysuit helped with their task. As the suit reached Sarah’s pussy, Kelly pulled out a small Maltepe Masöz Escort wire, and clipped it to the suit’s skin, before again helping Emily raise the suit higher. As the suit reached Sarah’s breasts, both girls paused again, and connected the thin trailing wires to the suit, before sliding Sarah’s arms down the sleeves.

As Sarah stood up straight, the suit came up to her neck, and the rubber stretched around her curves. Sarah felt Emily zip up the back, and then she let out a gasp, as she watched Megan approach with the open clam shell hood. Sarah could see that Megan had already inserted a large cock gag into the gag panel, and Sarah whimpered. But she was helpless, as Emily and Kelly grabbed her arms, and held her still.

Megan smiled at her whimpering friend, and smiled devilishly, as she raised the front of the hood to Sarah’s face. A whimper, a gasp, and then the cock gag was sliding into Sarah’s open mouth, leading to a soft series of moans. Megan began closing the back of the helmet, pausing to allow Kelly to slip the control wire into the helmet’s computer port, and Emily to slip the lock into the suit and helmet, making the suit part of the helmet. Finally, Megan closed the helmet, and pressed the locking button, sealing Sarah in the helmet of the bane suit.

Sarah was breathing into the helmet, as her world turned black. She knew from the manual that it took about 2 minutes for the hood to map her neural pathways, and learn her fears and desires, during which time she was trapped in a dark world. Sarah could feel her friends moving around in front and around her, but she couldn’t see any of what they were doing. Then the helmet came to life, and she could see, but her vision was blinkered like a horse, allowing her only to look ahead.

Megan, Kelly, and Emily watched from the floor as their slave toy seemed to stiffen and began to move. They had programmed the helmet with some of Sarah’s desires, such as her love of pony girls, but also they had programmed the helmet to make Sarah their maid. So the helmet, acting on the commands and the stimulation it sensed from Sarah, began to make the helpless slave within its control move, with little shocks to her breasts and vibrations to her cunt. The girls watched and laughed as Sarah began to dust the shelves, and clean the dishes, all the time helpless to prevent her own enslavement at the hands of the suit. The three girls watched their enslaved roommate, as she cleaned the apartment, and thought to themselves, how the weekend would be fun, having Sarah cleaning, and occasionally forced to cum on command, when they wanted to see her squirm.

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