the barn


the barnIt was hot and dusty in the barn , the dust suspended in the warm air in shafts of light coming through the skylights. Rachel 35 years old blonde and voluptuous was tending to her horse. She heard the engine of an approaching truck and saw it pull up outside the entrance to the barn. It was a pick-up with hay bales in the back.The drivers door opened and out stepped michael. He had come to deliver some hay bales to his daughters stable. He was dressed in tight blue denim jeans , timberland boots with a bare torso in the heat. As he walked round to the back of the car Rachel could see his body and she drew in a breath, he was athletic , brown hair around 40 years old. His upper body was athletically muscled and as he picked up the hay bale all the muscles in his upped body flexed at the same time. The top half of his body was sweating profusely in the heat , and Rachel felt her clit twitch as his muscles flexed. Her tongue snaked laciviously out of her mouth and licked her lips , red , moist , plump. Her eyes went to his ass , picking out the outline of the cute butt. She let her eyes stray to his crotch and could see a large bulge in the front of his jeans even at 30 yards away.She knew there and then she wanted to fuck him and a shiver of lust ran through her body ,she rubbed the tops of her thighs together as her pussy started to itch with lust , the rubbing against her clit brought and instant flood of juice into her pussy and she could feel it dampen the gusset of her white cotton panties. Michael carried the hay bale into the barn , his biceps bulging as Rachel flashed him a smile with a twinkle in her eye that was unmistakable to Michael. He returned the smile and proceeded to dump the hay bale into stable housing his daughters horse.She walked towards him swaying her hips making her ass sway side to side , his eyes drunk in every detail of her , moving from her feet up her legs to her boobs then her face , ” can you help me take some hay bales out of my stable ?” she asked with a smile , ” sure thing ” , he replied ” which one is yours?” ” two over on the left sexy ” she said looking him up and down and leaving her eyes lingering almanbahis yeni giriş far too long on the large bulge in his jeans than was really necessary . He turned and she had the impulse to grab his butt and squeeze there and then, and she caught her chuckle before it escaped her lips and pursed them instead. She walked behind him into her section of the stable. As he bent over to pick up the first hay bale , her eyes followed as his butt flexed and the muscles rippled in his back as he picked it up as though it weighed nothing , as he turned she put a hand on his bulging bicep , and said,” can you put it outside sweety?”As he walked past carrying the bale she could smell the pheromones in his clean sweat and it made her crazy with lust. As he returned for the next bale he could see a different look in her eye as he entered the stall. He went to move past her then turned quickly and kissed her passionately , her mouth opened automatically and she clung to him as their tongues lashed together in sexual abandonment. She was moaning through her mouth as they kissed as she grabbed his hard butt and squeezed her crotch forward into the bulge in his pants which now felt huge to her. He lifted up her arms breaking her embrace and pushed her backwards against the stable stall wall which was wood with a window of iron bars. He moved towards her purposefully and she sucked in a deep breath wondering what was coming next and hoping it was his cock.He dropped to his knees in front of her and her heating was beating so hard she thought it would burst , she hadnt felt this horny for years. Sex with her husband was boring and mundane and it was years since she had felt this much raw passion. He reached up putting his hands under her mini skirt , gripping her panties on each side of her hips and ripped them down with a force which took her by suprise but made her pussy suddenly drip juice. He dived in , lifting one of her right leg over his shoulder , he paused for a second , she could feel his breath on the lips of her vagina , she looked down to his face , he seemed transfixed , he was watching a long clear string of pussy juice almanbahis giriş drip from between the shaved lips , his tongue snaked out and the string of pussy juice landed on his tongue and began to pool. Then he pushed his tongue into her pussy lips and began to lick slowly up one pussy lip and down the other , a deep sigh of satisfaction escaped from her lips , the first contact of his tongue feeling like and electric shock. Her hands went down to the top of his head , running them through his hair , and gently pushing his head toward her swollen pussy. The wonderful smell of her clean pussy sent him wild , and he began licking , slurping and sucking at her pussy lips , loud obscene slurping noises and stimulus of his tongue , started those butterflies in the bottom of her stomach, he licked up to her clit hood , circling it with his tongue , feeling it becoming hard as her breath came in ragged gasps. He sucked her clit hood into his mouth and kept suction on it , then used his tongue inside his mouth to flick lightly the end of her clit hood,she could feel the tremors start in her clit and she knew she would cum soon. She pulled his face in hard to her pussy as he released her clit hood from his mouth , and went back to sucking hard on her pussy , his saliva running down her pussy lips and dripping off her ass onto the floor beneath her.Her orgasm hit her like and express train , her eyes tightly closed , her lips drawn back over her teeth in a sexual snarl , as her clit exploded with pleasure ,her pussy responded by flooding his mouth with pussy juice , he sucked hard and deep , thrusting his tongue into her pussy , his mouth flooded with her juice , he swirled it around his lips and tongue , marvelling at the wonderful taste of the juices from her innermost place. She looked down as her heart beat like crazy , her legs feeling weak and shaking , as the lust over took her. As he pulled his head away from her pussy she could see his face wet and shiny from her juices. As he stood she kissed him , licking her own juices off his face and enjoying the strong taste of her juices inside his mouth , behind him three hay almanbahis güvenilirmi bales on the floor covered by a horse blanket. She shoved him roughly in the chest and he fell backwards sitting on the hay bales, she bent down and undid his boots one at a time , taking each one off and throwing it aside , her hands went to the waistband of his jeans and undid the button , and moved down the zipper. She grabbed the bottom of his jean legs by his feet and pulled them off in one movement as his lifted his ass off the hay bales.He was wearing no underwear and as he opened his legs his cock sprung up, almost seven and a half inches long , thick , smooth , shaved , his balls too , he hand grabbed its hard shaft and she felt its metal like hardness and gasped , she could feel the hard ridges along its sides and knew how good it would feel in her pussy , god she had to have that beautiful cock , he was naked lying back on the hay bales with his cock sticking straight upwards , she couldnt close her fingers around it , it was too thick , her other hand went to his heavy shaved balls , taking them both in the palm of her hand as though weighing them to find out how much hot cum they contained , she wanked the shaft and a pearl of precum leaked from the head of his cock , her head dived in and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth , she sucked the precum onto her tongue , enjoying the sweet flavour and silky texture. She sucked the shaft in deeper as he moaned and thrust his hips up off the hay bales , penetrating her mouth to the back , she moaned in pure lust as the taste of his cock was divine. Rachel was in another place now , she loved to suck cock , and this was the best looking cock she had ever seen , her pussy throbbed mercilessly though and she had to feel how that hard cock felt inside her pussy , much as she wanted to return the favour and suck him until his exploded inside her mouth , she wanted it more in her pussy. She took her mouth from his cock , giving it a few last jerks of her hand , and moved over him , positioning his cock directly under her swollen labia. She grasped his hard shaft , and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips ,he groaned as the feel of the silky flesh of her pussy lips made his cock spasm , she rubbed the head of his cock over the clit , then moved his cock head to the entrance of her pussy.part 2 to come , please post comments if you enjoyed this and want to ready part 2regardsMichael

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