The Beach House Ch. 01


(Chapter 1 – getting there is half the fun)

A couple of weeks after the wedding, Heather came home from work one night looking quite a mess. Even from the kitchen, I could see that her hair was wet and sticky, her makeup didn’t look as finished as usual, and she looked exhausted.

“Are you all right?” I asked. “Is it raining out there? Did something happen on the train coming home from work?”

“No, I’m OK” she called back. “I just need a shower really bad. I have exciting news though, I’ll tell it to you when I’m looking a just little more human. Don’t make dinner, we’re going out!”

When she came out of the bathroom forty-five minutes later, she seemed more her normal self again, although she still looked tired. She had redone her hair and her makeup, so she certainly looked a bit more refreshed than when she got home.

“Do you remember that I was asked to help out in the big department head meeting today?” she said. “Man, that was a lot of work! But guess what? I got a promotion after the meeting! You’re looking at the new Shipping Supervisor for our local PeopleCo office!”.

“Congratulations!”, I said. “Let’s go out someplace special tonight and celebrate all of your hard work!”. Little did I know how much hard work she had actually done. I would find that out soon enough, though.

We went out for dinner and drinks that night, while Heather told me all about her new job. “Dave won’t be my boss any more of course, because I’m going to be in a different department.” she said. “I work under Tom now. I’ll be supervising our six truck drivers, the two girls in the shipping office, and the two warehouse guys that load the trucks.” “And,” she continued, “do you remember that beach house that Dave’s wife was talking about? We’ve been invited to go there this weekend for a Fourth of July party!”.

“Great!” I said, “I could really use some quiet time at the beach.” “And maybe I’ll see more than just a little bit of Dave’s wife, Janet too…” I thought to myself.

That night was certainly a wild one in our bed. Although we can get quite rowdy sometimes, normally Heather and I were relatively gentle with each other, going through various stages of foreplay and building up to an intense mutual completion. This night though, she told me “You will not do anything tonight. I’m doing ALL of the driving.”. She started out by having me lie on my back on the bed. “No hands tonight” she said. “I mean it, we’re going to fuck tonight, not make love, and I’m the one in control.”.

As I lay on my back, she lowered her very wet pussy down to my lips. She would alternate between positioning her cunt directly on my mouth while I drove my tongue deep into her, and rubbing her clit against either my nose or chin in order to get more direct stimulation. It seemed to me like it must have been more work for her without the use of my hands, but any time I would try to raise them from the bed she would tell me “No, keep your hands down. Do I have to handcuff you?”.

She finally seemed to have had her fill of my mouth, because all at once she lifted her pussy off of my face, slid herself wetly along my body, and drove herself down onto my cock. She began to slowly push her cunt up and down around my cock, gradually increasing her speed until she finally came loudly. I had not cum yet, but was hoping for another round with more action from her once she recovered. Instead, she lay down on top of me, my stiff cock still deep in her pussy, her small breasts crushed against my chest.

“I’ll bet you’re really looking forward to seeing Janet at the beach house this weekend.” She whispered to me as she repeatedly clenched and released my cock with her strong vaginal muscles. “I know how much you like her. I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about fucking her again ever since the wedding.” With those statements, and after one final hard squeeze from her cunt, I finally came, shooting sperm deep into her.

That was how we ended up taking the long drive that Thursday up north along the coast in my convertible. Her company always gave either the third and fifth of July off as well as the fourth – I had heard that they threw big parties somewhere every year. We followed a map that Heather had been given that showed the way to Dave’s beach house.

Heather had chosen to wear a short white tennis skirt and a very thin and tight white tank top (with no bra) in the car. The hot sun had us both sweating, but her sweat was making her tank top almost transparent. Heather is not what you would exactly call generous on top, but what she does have she knows how to work quite well to her advantage. The whole trip up the coast, I would glance over and sneak peeks at her small breasts and puffy nipples, which I could sometimes see through her top, and at other times around or down along the edges of the fabric. She also kept flashing me views up her creamy thighs, with an occasional glimpse all the way up her legs to her hot pink thong that barely covered up her sex.

I realize that I could have taken in the same pendik escort view much closer, and for free, at home any time I wanted, but it seemed all the more sexy and forbidden when we were out in public, and when I could feel that I was doing it in secret. I tried reaching over to slip a finger under the edge of the thong several times, but she kept slapping my hand away. “There’s plenty of time for that later.” she kept saying.

About ten miles before our last turnoff, we got passed by a fast-moving truck blasting its horn. I thought that the driver had perhaps been following us and enjoying Heather’s travel show, so I gave her a lopsided grin when it passed us and said “There goes one of your fans.”.

She just smiled back at me. A couple of miles later, we approached a roadside restaurant. “Let’s stop here”, she said. “I’m hungry, and besides, I told one of my drivers that I would meet him here – I have to give him something.”

The truck that had passed us earlier was in the restaurant’s parking lot, it looked like the driver was talking on his cell phone behind the wheel. It was only then that I noticed it was a truck from Heather’s company. “You go on in, and order me a burger.” said Heather. “I’ll just go out and meet with Don in his truck, and I’ll join you in a little while.”

I walked into the restaurant and got seated at one of those wraparound booths by the front window. I sat on one side with a view of the parking lot and left room for Heather at the back of the booth facing the main restaurant.

I watched as Heather walked over to the passenger side of the truck, climbed up the side treads, and hopped up into the cab of the truck. Once again, I could easily see glimpses of that hot pink thong that had been peeking out all morning, although from the back I could just barely make it out between her nicely rounded ass cheeks. I couldn’t really see into the truck very well, but it almost looked like she climbed into the sleeper bed behind the cab.

I kind of forgot about what she was up to once I saw our waitress. She was dark-skinned girl in her early twenties, fairly small (about 5’5″), and she had a very nice set of full tits and a perfect ass to match her height. She was also very friendly to everyone, she joked with all of the regulars, even fending off a few half-hearted pinches to her butt as she made her way back to our table. If I weren’t with Heather, I would probably consider figuring out how to get her into bed.

Her deep brown eyes sparkled happily as I placed the order. “Are you really going to eat both of those burgers?”, she joked.

“No”, I said, “my girlfriend should be here in just a few minutes.”.

“Darn!” she exclaimed, “All the really cute guys seem to have a girlfriend. I just don’t what to do with myself around here sometimes!” She looked rather sad and made a puppy dog frown as she said this. After she put our order in, she came back over to the table and we chatted a few more minutes. She asked me what brought me out this way.

“We’re going to a beach house”, I said. “I’m told that it’s just up the road a couple of miles.”

She seemed to spark right up when I said that. “So you work for PeopleCo?” she asked.

“No, my girlfriend does, I’m just along for the ride.”. “

Well,” she said, “I’m supposed to work a big party out at that house this weekend, so I’ll probably see you again. My name’s Marly.” She looked at me again, but this time in a more sultry manner than before.

“Nice to meet you Marly, I’m Jack.”, I said, “I’ll make sure that I look you up if I’m at the party!”. “I wish I could look up you, mainly to see what all you’re hiding under that uniform” was what I was really thinking.

I noticed Heather stepping down from the truck some time after that, and realized that she had been out there for almost twenty minutes. Up with the skirt again while she was on the steps, but this time I couldn’t quite see the pink of her thong. She waved to the driver as she crossed the parking lot. He drove right past the window where I was sitting, and I could swear that I saw him holding something pink up to his nose just before he pulled back out onto the highway.

My attention was drawn away from the driver again when Marly returned to the table with our order. She leaned down quite far as she set the plates down on the table, and I got a very nice view of her rich dark breasts and the deep cleavage between them. I was paying such close attention that I almost missed it when she looked straight into my eyes and asked “Is there anything else that you want from me?”

I looked up into her face and croaked “Some ketchup?”. “Is that the ONLY thing that I can give you?” she asked. We held each other’s eyes for a few seconds more, then she smiled broadly, glanced down at my lap and turned away to get the ketchup. “Nice package!” was the only thought I could put together right then.

Heather noticed me from the door, and walked back toward our booth. She was wiping something off of her cheek with one hand, maltepe escort and licked her fingers as she approached. “Hey handsome” she said, “give me a kiss.” Her mouth tasted salty and a little familiar, and I recognized the smell that surrounded her right away.

“What exactly was it that you had to give him?” I asked.

She looked directly at me for a minute, then shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “I had a customer that absolutely HAD to get a delivery yesterday, but he was only available WAY after quitting time. It took a lot of coaxing, and I had to promise Don that I would give him a first-class blow job, but the customer is very happy, and now so is Don.”

I looked at her in a bit of shock. Did I just hear her right? Did she just tell me that she walked out and gave a truck driver a BJ right in front of this family restaurant?

She smiled at me from her side of the booth, as if she could read my mind. “Yep,” she said, “you heard me right, and that’s exactly what I did. Don was on the phone to his wife when I got there, so I just went right to work on him while he talked to her.” “She kept asking if he was OK!” she laughed, “I guess his voice was sounding just a little bit off to her.”.

“And that’s not quite all,” she went on, “after I finished his blow job, I also gave him that thong that you’ve been trying to get off of me all morning. His hands were a bit dirty and I didn’t want him to put them on me. So I made him take it off with his teeth and lips only. That’s what probably took the longest, he just when he tried to use his teeth to pull it off, he couldn’t seem to get a good grip on the fabric ’cause it was slick, and wet, and he kept biting me in the MOST sensitive places while he was trying. Then, he decided that he couldn’t get it that way, and he changed methods. In fact, at one point, it almost seemed like he was going about it completely the wrong way, because he ended up pushing the whole thing up between my pussy lips, then using his tongue to pull it back out. Let me tell you, he had one heck of a time getting it unstuck from there with only his tongue, it took him almost ten minutes!”

She turned her body to face me more directly and opened up her legs for me to see, showing me that, yes, the hot pink thong was indeed missing. In its place was something else that looked hot, and pink.

“See? Not there anymore. But somehow I don’t think that you really mind it being gone all that much, do you? After all, you’ve been trying to get me like this for the past four hours!”. With that, she gave me another long kiss with a lot of tongue, making sure that I got to taste the last bit of Don’s cum from her mouth as she kissed me. Then she turned to her burger. “Let’s eat now, I’m starved!”.

My mind raced while we sat and ate in silence. Was I living with a tramp? I knew that she had been very free sexually with me since we started seeing each other, and of course I knew about what had happened at the wedding, I was there. Hell, we had both been drinking heavily that day, and neither one of us was really so innocent, so that didn’t really count as cheating on each other, did it? But had that just been a crazy day, or was she really that way every day with anyone who might ask? How come I hadn’t noticed this about her before?

I had been completely lost in this train of thought for about 10 minutes, not really paying attention to what was going on around me, when I noticed the guy at the table directly across from our booth. He was what I would call a “Dear old Dad”. He was probably 30, and was sitting with his wife and two little kids at the table. Mousy Mom had her back to us, the perfect kids on either side, and Dad was facing Heather and me. He seemed to be trying to look at us without his wife knowing what he was doing. She was busy tending to the kid’s plates anyway, and only occasionally asking him to help, so she really wasn’t paying any attention to what he was doing. He just kept sneaking looks our way though, and I wondered what was so interesting to him. I looked over at Heather, and she was staring right back at him. Even when she took a bite from her burger or fries, her eyes never left him.

When I glanced down, I realized what it was that had his attention so fixed on us. Heather had pulled her tennis skirt up around her hips, and was opening and closing her legs while this guy watched. Her left hand would occasionally reach down and rub her clit or pull on one of her lips while she did this, and she had made herself so wet that there was actually a small puddle forming on the bench seat beneath her. Since she had given her thong to the truck driver, this guy wasn’t just getting the occasional casual up skirt with panties, he was getting full (and wet!) crotch shots any time he managed to glance our way long enough. He must have been getting a little uncomfortable, because I saw him reach down and adjust his pants a couple of times. Finally, he got up and told wifey that he had to go to the restroom. “Sure”, I thought, “I know what kartal escort just he’s going to go do.”

Then Heather told me that she had to go to the restroom, and I started wondering if I really DID know what he was going to go do after all. I got up a couple of minutes later and headed to the restroom too. I paid the tab for lunch, and walking into the men’s room, my little theory was indeed borne out.

I saw Heather leaning over the men’s room sink, holding on to the sides of the sink with both hands, while “Dear old Dad” stood behind her. He was holding her hips in both hands, and his cock was slamming in and out of her ass like a jackhammer. I quickly slipped into a stall unseen and unheard, and pulled the door far enough closed to see without being seen. Then I pulled my dick out of my pants, and watched them go at it like that for a few minutes, while I slowly pumped my hand on my growing member.

Heather was saying “Fuck me big guy, make me cum!”. “Dear old Dad” was saying “I’ll fuck you all right, you cunt, you whore, but you don’t deserve to cum on this honest man’s cock. You don’t deserve to cum, because you’re just a little tart with three handy holes waiting to be filled by the first man that asks. I’ll bet your boyfriend shares all of your holes out with his friends.”

He finally shuddered, groaned, and then leaned down across her back. After that, he looked furtively around the room, quickly zipped up his pants, and went to leave the restroom.

As he opened the door to leave, Heather cried out “But I’m not done yet, you asshole! Come back and finish me off!” He just looked at her with a sneer, said “That’s just too bad, you teasing little cunt. I’m sure that you know well enough how to do that for yourself, your kind always does.”. Then he kept on walking right out of the door, leaving her gasping and leaning against the sink as a stream of his cum began to run out of her ass and down her leg.

After he left the room, I went over and quietly turned the lock in the door, then I walked over to my visibly frustrated girlfriend. She looked up at me with a look of surprise, she had not known that I was there. I could see in her eyes that she wasn’t quite sure what I might do to her right then. She found out soon enough though.

I put my arms around her back, picked her up, and lowered her needy, dripping wet cunt down onto my cock. It was so hard after watching her earlier that it felt like an iron bar. She wrapped both legs around my back when I did this, and held onto my shoulders with both hands. Then I walked her, riding my cock the short way back to the sink, sat her down on it’s edge, and with one hand pulled her tank top up over her small, firm tits.

Since the sink was helping to hold her up now, and one of my hands was free, I roughly grabbed one breast, squeezing and kneading it in my hand, and rolling her swollen nipple between my thumb and forefinger. At the same time, I brought my mouth down to her other nipple, biting down on it just hard enough to make her jump.

“Oh, my, but I have been a very bad girl today, haven’t I?” she moaned. “What is my big, jealous boyfriend going to do to me for being so bad?”

“Don’t worry little girl,” I replied, “you’re going to get just what you’ve been asking for – and just what you deserve!”. Biting hard on her nipple some more, then finally taking my mouth from it, I pushed her head back until it was up against the mirror. “But I’ve been so bad today” she said “I’m not sure that I can get what I really deserve.”

With her sitting on the sink, I lifted her legs one at a time, around and up so that her calves rested on my shoulders. Then I began to drive my cock hard into her wet and horny hole. I wasn’t sure if I had ever been this big, and this hard before, ever in my life. Something about what was happening seemed to make me go way beyond anywhere I had ever been before.

I stared deeply into her eyes as I repeatedly drove into her. I moved the hand that I had been using to knead her breast down until I found her swollen clit, and I pinched it as hard as I could between my thumb and forefinger. That made her jump and squeal in surprise, but it seemed that she was enjoying the feeling, because she ground her soaking wet crotch into me when I did it.

“You really should punish me more often for being such a bad girl” she gasped, “I just get these urges, and I can’t seem to think, or to control myself whenever I have them.”

I finally decided that I was going to accept the new way of our relationship. “You can have all of the urges that you want, and you can act on them too”, I panted. “I just want to know about them, all of them.” “And,” I continued, thrusting into her clutching pussy, “I want to be in on some of them from the start.” She looked at me in surprise, trying to read from my eyes if I had really meant what I just said.

I began to pump my dick into her even harder and more rapidly, and her head began to bump into the mirror with each new thrust. She was finally able to get what she had wanted but couldn’t get from “Dear old Dad”, and she suddenly stiffened and cried out as she came on my cock. Once she had done this, I allowed myself to release, and I pulled out of her just before spraying cum all over her belly and tits.

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