The Beardsley School for Girls 5/2 – Carleigh

The Beardsley School for Girls 5/2 – CarleighThe pain was secondary to the pleasure she felt. She fucked the plank, slid along the old wood, her juices made the trip back and forth easier as her pussy slid along. She felt a familiar tingling between her legs, but this time it was different. It wasn’t her fingers aroused her but a torture device, her pussy forced to rub harshly up and down the edge of the plank, raw, but still brought powerful bursts of pleasure. Headmaster Michael had taken his cock out, his hand wrapped around it, stroked it up and down. It was huge, much thicker than any pictures she had ever seen. It wasn’t a penis, but a cock. And he intended to fuck her with it. The thick head was almost purple, his semen on the tip glistened in the light. It was long, longer than his hand. How would she ever take such a huge thing inside her body without screaming in pain? But that is what he wanted, to feel her suffer under him as he thrust inside her virgin pussy. The pleasure spread through her body, her nipples felt like they would explode, the tips hard. She looked down, her labia swollen, now fat puffy lips that clung to the plank as she jerked back and forth slowly on the plank.”I think you are having a little too much pleasure, Carleigh. I don’t want you cumming, only begging to be fucked.” He reached for a small whip, a modern one made of fiberglass, similar to a fishing rod, flexible, able to bend almost in half and snap back into shape with a sharp bite. “First, I think you should be a little bit more comfortable.” He pressed the remote, the tension in the rope on her arms taken out, her arms rose up towards the ceiling again. “Your legs must be tired; I think they need to relax.” He grabbed two pieces of rawhide, tied each around her tiny ankles, let the leather dig painfully into her flesh. She moaned as he jerked her legs, forced her pussy back and forth abruptly on the plank.”What are you doing?” as she cried out in pain. He lifted her legs up towards the back of the plank, forced her body to bend forward, drove her spread pussy to slide along the plank, her labia pulled back, the plank touched almost her whole slit, from the bottom all the way up as it crushed her clit. She screamed in excruciating pain as her own weight smashed her clit into the hardwood. Hands fumbled with her ankles, pulled out on her legs, bound her ankles together behind her, the rope on top of the plank, her legs up and back.”Hurts, doesn’t it?” Michael stroked his cock as he saw the pained look on her face. He looked down at her pussy, the plank riding up her slit. He pushed a few levers and the side panels began to push outward at an angle. The top piece stayed stationary but the bottom of the side panel began to fan out like a wing. “Just to get your legs spread a bit,” pumped the handle, the panel slid out farther and farther, pushed out on her thighs, her legs forced out.The plank dug into her slit, her legs apart as if she was being split up the middle, all the pain centered in her sex. The panels finally stopped, her legs spread out obscenely, her weight focused all on her crushed sex. She trembled in pain, unable to move to even attempt to relieve any of it, not even sure it would do any good if she could. She saw the whip in his hand. “What are you going to do?””I want you to dance for me again, Carleigh. You can stop me any time. Just beg me to fuck you and take your virginity. Then, I expect you to get on the desk and spread your legs for me and peel back your pussy so I can see what I am going to fuck. All you have to do is beg me.”He laughed, let her hear the swish of the whip as it cut through the air.”Never, I’ll never beg you, no matter what you do!” Defiant in her answer, but she wasn’t sure she could stand the pain that he intended to inflict on her, especially if she was forced to ride the pony, the plank rubbed harshly over her crush clit. Michael was pleased with the scream he tore from her lips as the whip slapped hard across her ass, a red line appeared instantly. He touched it, felt her cringe in pain, felt the heat from the mark. “It really bites hard, doesn’t it, Carleigh? All you have to do is beg me to fuck you.”He let the whip slap her flesh again, this time on her abdomen, just above her beautiful red bush; a new line matched the bright-colored hair. She jerked, another scream torn from her lips as her clit was crushed back and forth on the board.She whimpered in pain, her eyes flooded with tears. Her crotch was on fire, blazing from the rapid movement as her hips were driven forward from the cruel whip. She saw the whip move towards her breasts, the tip slapped lightly at her nipples, drew them out, made them hard as he lightly tapped each one. She wasn’t ready for this pain. The whip moved back, then forward,Headmaster Michael’s hand made it fly across the enlarged nipple of her right breast. The pain was instantaneous, one minute nothing, the next a hot pain shot through her nipple. She squealed with the pain, her hips jerked back and forth as she danced to the pain, the plank sent hot sensations through her body as her slit rubbed up and down the wood, her clit dragged along. It was not so much pain in her crotch as a tingling of pleasure, her clit sensitized by the harsh plank, a need for any stimulation, pleasure or pain.He waited until she looked up at him, the whip lightly tapped her other nipple, waited for her to fully understand what he was going to do next. He smiled when it dawned on her, her mouth clenched, braced for the pain, the whip shot over her other nipple, not disappointing her as it snapped over the youthful tip. He played the whip all over her body, paid particular attention to her nipples, swollen and red, the whip ignited unbelievable pain as her body danced on the plank between her legs.It didn’t take much longer, her hoarse, whimpering voice mumbled “please fuck me.”He let the whip dance over her body a few more times before he said, “what did you say, Carleigh?””Please fuck me, Headmaster Michael. Take my virginity,” the pain too much and the unsatisfied tingling between her legs finally took its toll on her young body.He put the whip aside, moved along her body, his hand lightly stroked her face. “Why I would love to fuck you, Carleigh? Are you going to go over to the desk and spread yourself open forme?””Yes, Headmaster Michael,” she sobbed as she his hand roamed over her breasts, touched her pained nipples, the slightest touch brought such pain to her body.”You’re going to dance on my cock so nicely, Carleigh. With your nipples and your pussy so tender, my hard cock and hands are going to make you dance on my cock.” He moved to release her ankles, to shift the side panels back in before he did, her feet touched the floor again as the plank lowered down, her groans of pain as her swollen pussy moved along the harsh wood. He let her hands come down, untied them, watched her painfully lift her leg over the edge of the plank, unconcerned by how exposed she left herself. She moved towards the desk, her legs taking cautious steps, her thighs spread apart as she walked bowlegged. He removed the rest of his clothes until he was naked. He saw her look at him, his cock jutted out in front, his heavy laden balls hung down below, filled with his cum.She didn’t believe that it would get bigger as he stroked it, but it did. He was naked, his body in good shape for someone his age, especially his cock. It was what she feared the most. With her body so battered, her labia swollen, her nipples tender, the hard cock would not only be her first fuck, but it would be a painful one. She lay obediently down on the desk, slid back until her ass sat on the edge, knew Headmaster Michael watched her. She leaned back, her body burned from the whip as it hit the desk. She moved her butt a little until she felt the edge of the desk.She spread her legs, her swollen pussy exposed, the lips puffy, the pink insides red.”Open your pussy up for me, Carleigh.”She began to cry as her fingers touched her labia, the pain began anew as she touched the inflamed flesh. She began to pull them apart, felt Headmaster Michael move over to her, watched him stroke his cock between her legs as he stared down at her pussy. She felt the whip tap against her nipple again, the pain shot into the abused tip as a warning. Her fingers dug in deeper, pulled her vaginal entrance open, Headmaster Michael’s eyes pinned to the bright red and moist opening.”Wider,” the whip lightly tapped her other nipple, her fingers moved quickly to open her vagina wider, ignored the pain of the stretch, anything to please the Headmaster. Michael fisted his cock, unable to contain himself any longer, the sight of Carleigh opening her pussy so exciting. He rubbed the thick head of his cock up and down her slit, warned her to keep her vagina open for him. He felt her shudder as his cock rubbed up and down the same place the plank had recently abused, amazed at how wet she still was. His cock found the stretched hole, her fingers released the opening just as his cock began to enter, his head barely trapped by the clinging edges. He flung his hips forward, lodged the head of his cock inside illegal bahis her tight pussy, her scream of pain testified to the loss of her virginity. He felt the wetness inside her, the blood mixed with her own juices as his cock throbbed inside her hot, tight pussy.He took her virginity painfully, her scream made his cock jerk inside her tight canal. He didn’t wait to let her get used to having something thick and throbbing inside her, jerked his cock back, then thrust in, this time burying over half of his cock inside her, her inner walls forced brutally to the sides by the rampaging cock.She screamed again as he pulled out, it felt as if her insides were dragged out, then a momentary pause as his head was gripped. He placed his hands on her pussy lips, smashed them up against his cock, felt her tremble in pain as the swollen lips pressed tightly against his cock. He humped her again, this time he buried almost all of his cock inside her, his pelvic bone smashed against her clit, crushed the abuse flesh again. His cock twitched, he began to fuck her in earnest, his hips a blur as he impaled her on his thick cock time and time again, her groans and grunts of pain only excited him to greater abuse. His fingers reached up to her tits, watched them jiggle up and down as he fucked her hard. He grabbed the nipples in his fingers, felt herpussy tighten in response to the added pain, her tits still bounced, but her nipples now stretched and pulled painfully each time as she was fucked. His cock slid back and forth along the slick young pussy beneath him, his pelvic bone ground on her clit when he fucked her deep. He began to feel a change in her, her hips now returned his thrusts, her insides clutched on the monster cock that buried itself deep inside her.This couldn’t be happening! After all the abuse and pain, it began to feel good. Even the pain he continued to inflict on her body as he fucked her did nothing to dispel the feeling between her legs. She felt the rumblings of pleasure as her pussy was crammed full of hot, pulsating cock, the head rasping along her inner walls brought such pleasure to her. His hands left her breasts and moved to her hips, guided her into a rhythm that he enjoyed. “Squeeze my cock with your pussy, Carleigh. Show me what a good fuck you are.” He felt her respond, not like the virgin she was only minutes before, but like a trained whore, her clutching insides gave such pleasure to his cock. “Stepdaddy is going to love his little girl.””I’m cumming!” he yelled, felt her hips rise up, her pussy like a vise as it gripped his cock, squeezed the cum from his balls. His finger found her clit, her hips rose higher, her body shuddered as her first orgasm from a hard cock shook her no longer virgin body.She screamed as the first shot of cum blasted deep inside her pussy, filled her quickly, he pulled out and pushed back in again, the sound of cock sloshing in her semen soaked pussy humiliated her as she was fucked like a two bit whore. But she came, came like never before, her hips fucked back and forth, extracting all the pleasure she could from the spewing cock inside her. It felt like she had been shocked with 120 volts, her body trembled and shook as she felt her juices flow over the thick cock inside her. His body covered hers, his pelvic bone rubbed sensuously against her clit as they throbbed and came together.”Bravo, Headmaster, bravo,” William clapped as he watched the spectacle before him. He had only been here for minutes, but he saw the change in her as she willingly participated in her first fuck, pleasured the Headmaster with her virgin pussy.Carleigh looked away in shame as she realized her stepfather watched her fuck, her naked body spread before him as she behaved like a seasoned whore. She felt Headmaster Michael pull his cock out of her pussy and the sudden rush of fluids run down between her legs to spread over her anus. She turned over on the desk, huddled in a ball as she cried, humiliated.”Clean up in the bathroom. You have five minutes,” Michael ordered her, watched as she walked to the bathroom, her hips swung as she walked, his cock hardening again.”You did a good job with her Michael. Will she be as willing with me?””It will take a little more pain, but she will consent soon enough.” They waited until the door finally opened, Carleigh came back into the room, modesty getting the best of her, clad in a bra and panties, garments she found in the bathroom.”Don’t be bashful, Carleigh. You have a beautiful body and it’s apparent that you love to fuck. And we’re going to give you some more practice.” Michael grabbed her, pinned her arms behind her, pressed up against her tight ass. His cock already hard as she squirmed, tried to get away, not realizing the pleasure she was giving him as her silky ass rubbed across his cock. “Would you help me, William?” Michael moved Carleigh over to a two-tiered bench. She struggled as they lifted her up, placed her on it. Her knees went on the lower bench, two slim planks on the outside joined by two small planks connected at right angles. The middle was a wide open space. The top tier was a fat plank upright about two inches wide, a foot high. Two similar planks were on the top, these closer together, the upright plank in the center. They grabbed her legs, forced her to her knees, spread her legs and placed her knees on the widely spaced planks, thick leather straps waited to secure her in place, one at her ankle, one right below her knee. The top planks were downward sloped, Carleigh bent over, placed on her elbows this time, the thick plank in the center split her breasts apart, her arms similarly secured at the wrist and the elbow.They moved behind her, please at how she was presented, her ass thrust up high, her panties barely able to cover her pussy, her legs spread obscenely wide. They moved to the front, her head down, her breasts dangled beneath, the plank kept them separated. William could not resist, tore off her bra to see her naked tits. His hands fondled her hanging breasts, “you like having them stroked,” teased the flesh, pulled on her nipples, tried to make the pink tips stand out even more. He twisted and turned them, felt her cringe in pain as he abused them. “Do you have any jewelry we can use to decorate this lovely pair, Michael?” He knew the answer; thebench was built to hold a female, to leave her breasts and the area between her legs opened and exposed to whatever someone desired to do to them.”I think we need something for her mouth first. I hate to hear a lot of pleading.” Michael pulled out a penis gag. The rubber penis was large, about three inches in diameter and over four inches long. William moved to help him, plunged his fingers into her mouth; Michael on the other side, pulled her lips painfully wide while she struggled, a look of terror in her eyes when she saw the large rubber penis.She thought they were going to tear her lips at the corners, their fingers cruelly pulled her mouth open, the taste lingered on her tongue. She felt the rubber penis slide inside her lips, pushed wider by the girth of the gag. They released their fingers, her lips stretched wide by the rubber penis, Michael held the other end. Her eyes pleaded with him, but she felt it go deeper into her mouth, push her tongue to the bottom of her mouth as it continued to pass through, headed for her throat. She thought it was too long, her suspicions confirmed when she felt it hit her tonsils, Michael held it there, pushed in and out, made her gag each time, pleased as her throat moved up and down, prepare her. It tasted terrible.”Try to swallow it, Carleigh, it will be easier.” Michael pushed, her wide open eyes began to water, as her throat was forced open by the massive rubber penis, her choked and gagged responses pleased Michael and William. They secured the rubber penis in her mouth with leather straps that wrapped around the back of her head. They watched her still trying to adjust to the massive rubber penis in her throat, her gags as she tried to accommodate it. William stroked her breasts, loved the silky feel of her skin, his fingers teased around the nipples, a sharp nail rubbed around the areola, tiny bumps appeared, her pink nipples stretched longer as they were stimulated by his fingers. He grasped the tips and slowly pulled them, savoring the rubbery stretch, her mumbled gasps behind the gag.Michael handed him a tit slapper, a black braided leather, made sure Carleigh saw it first, her head shook in fear. “It’s called a tit slapper, Carleigh. You have nice, big tits, so it should take quite a number of strokes to cover all of the skin. This should make your titties nice and red.”William’s cock jerked when he heard the first slap of the leather on her tender breast, the center board did an effective job of keeping her dangling breasts from moving. He started on her upper chest, moved down her breast, his swing getting harder and harder as he moved towards the nipple. Her body jerked each time the slapper struck her skin, a muffled scream coming from her mouth, followed by another gag as the faux penis was forced further into her throat. Her body flinched when he touched illegal bahis siteleri the hot flesh, a deep pink covered her entire breast.He moved to the other side, an unblemished breast dangled down for him. The tit slapper worked its magic, the white skin now covered in dark red splotches. William moved to her face, her cheeks covered in tears, her eyes pleaded for mercy. “I know you’d probably consent to anything now, Carleigh, but I’m having too much fun with your body to stop.” Michael handed him the English tawse. Her head shook in horror when she saw the split leather strap. “Now this will really hurt. It has a pleasant bite with a stinging effect that will almost drive you crazy. And this time, your nipples will not be spared. It’s going to feel like I’m tearing them off. But don’t worry, this is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to them.”She felt Michael move next to her head; his hand gently stroked the tears from her face. Her chest was on fire, the pain overpowered her senses. Even Michael’s casual touch on her other breast brought back the intense pain as his calloused tips reignited the inflamed tissue. Her eyes shone in pain, her head shot up, her body bucked in the straps. A sharp pain erupted on her nipple that tore through her body, a silent scream forced the rubber penis even farther down her throat. She was sure that her nipple was torn and bleeding. Her breathing was ragged, her chest heaved up and down. How could they do such terrible things to her lovely breasts? She felt the tawse move over her breast again, braced for the pain that she knew was coming. “It hurts, doesn’t it, Carleigh? You’ll wish you could pass out from the pain, but we won’t let you. We want you to feel every bit of it. A reminder of what happens should you choose to not obey. When you go home, you will willingly service William with your body. You will deny him no perversion. He will enjoy your lovely taut body in any and every way he wants.” Her eyes screamed again, the sound of the twin leather straps biting into her tender nipples.It seemed like hours, Michael stroked her face, told her of what she would be required to do as William beat her breasts with the tawse, her nipples bore the brunt of the punishment. They felt like they were twice their normal size, swollen and inflamed. Even between strokes, the agony did not go away, her breasts a mass of pain. Both breasts received the punishment, the bondage kept her secured. William swung the tawse up from beneath her breast for each of the last ten strokes, the tips received the maximum amount of pain.”See you survived that, though I imagine when William fucks, he will be playing with your sore nipples. It will make your pussy or asshole grip his cock so nicely, the pain forcing such pleasurable response from your body. Are you ready to do whatever William wants from your body?”Carleigh shook her head up and down, her eyes pleaded for them to stop inflicting such pain on her body.”Yes, I’m sure you are willing now. But William is having such fun, he wants to whip your pussy and asshole first. You won’t believe how much this is going to hurt you.” Michael stroked her face as she began to sob and cry again. “Yes, Yes,” his voice soothed. He showed her the Australian Yard Whip. “I understand William is an expert with this. The single tail is the finest kangaroo hide, the sixteen-inch falls tapering down to the Turks knot at the end of the cracker. He can hit any part of your body that he aims at, making sure the Turks knot strikes with a vengeance. Can you imagine the knot hitting your vagina, your clit or your little asshole?”William stood behind her, admired the view he had. Her pussy pushed out between her widely spaced thighs, her asshole exposed, her shapely buttocks spread wide, unable to protect the tiny hole. He stepped back to give himself lots of room to swing. A practice swing sent the whip noisily through the air, Carleigh flinched dramatically when she felt the rush of air as it narrowly missed her ass cheeks. Her head shot up in pain as the next swing was not practice.He slapped the knot on her inner thigh, close to the edge of her pussy; the spot instantly turned a deep red, the welt already formed. He moved up her slit, tapped the knot painfully on her upper lips, watched as they swelled, her body jerked and tossed about. He moved towards her asshole, the knot beat in her crack, her body jumped, the welt a deep red. He thought she might break her bondage when the knot tore into her virgin anus, pushed into the tiny opening, beat the muscles hidden inside.Carleigh continually screamed, the rubber cock pushed deeper into her throat as she bounced around in her bondage, as William got closer and closer to her sex. The finally indignity, the knot tearing into her asshole, her tiny opening unprepared for the pain. She barely had time to recover when she felt the knot move back down her crease, headed for her tender pussy. She was dizzy with pain as the knot tore into her pussy, Headmaster Michael’s cock had fucked it raw, William’s whip extracted deeper pain. It was one continuous scream now, William beat her pussy and anus with the whip, ten strokes in all, the final two felt as if he had torn her clit from her body. Her chest heaved, she sobbed as her body was torn, her sex a mass of pain. She had never felt such pain before, prepared to do anything to prevent it from happening again. She was relieved when William pulled the gag out of her mouth, choked one last time when the large rubber penis slipped from her throat. She could barely talk, her throat sore, her voice hoarse. William took the straps off her arms and legs, but not before he ran his hands over her hanging breasts one last time, squeezed hard the tender flesh; Carleigh did not protest.”Are you going to be a good girl from now on, Carleigh? Are you going to let me fuck you anytime and anyway I want?””Yes,” she quickly replied, her legs shook, her breasts were horribly red, her nipples twice as large as normal. She looked down between her legs, her crotch covered with red welts, her vulva striped, her labia swollen and puffy. Even her asshole hurt as she walked.”Over here,” William ordered her over to the table. “First,” he reached out for her, pulled her next to him, her naked body rubbed against his, his lips touched hers in a kiss. She recoiled from the touch of his lips, his hand grabbed her ass hard, a finger snaked between her cheeks to ignite a sharp pain in her whipped asshole, to remind her of her failure to perform as required. Her lips moved back, his tongue ran into her mouth. She fought the tongue then gave in, her tongue dueled with his. He pulled back from her lips, “touch my cock.” He moaned when her sweet hands rubbed his cock, unzipped his pants without him asking, reached in and took out his hardened flesh, her soft hands felt so good as she rubbed it up and down. “Yes, that’s a good girl.””On the table on your back, hands over your head,” Both men watched as she lay down on the table, her naked body so inviting. William moved a set of chains down from the ceiling, attached one metal cuff to her ankle, moved to the other side, another chain and cuff attached to the other. He reveled at the look of fear in her eyes, was pleased that she did not protest or move, allowed him to have his way with her body. He pulled up the slack in the chains, her legs moved up and outward, higher and higher, her legs spread out wide. Her pussy lips spread apart, her cheeks separated, her swollen anus exposed. “Higher,” her ass rose up from the table as her legs went higher. Her legs were spread wide, her crotch split down the middle. He finally stop, pleased at the way she was spread and opened for him. “What do you want me to do, Carleigh?”She looked at him, understood. “Fuck me,” she whispered. She was thankful he had not bound her hands, just her legs. It would be painful, her sex raw from the whipped, but he would like that. She watched as he undressed, his hard cock jutted out in front of her, his hand gripped the shaft, pumped it up and down, Carleigh watched as it grew even thicker and longer. His hands ran down her legs, slid along the insides of her tender thighs until he reached the vee of her legs, he squeezed her pussy, heard the desired moan in response as his fingers touched the redwelts.He was quite gratified when he pulled back her labia, her inner tissue swollen from where the whip had strayed between the lips. He touched her, felt her flinch as he moved his fingers along her inner lips. She was still damp, the whipping apparently a little too intense for her. He pressed his cockhead against her vagina, felt her tighten in pain. “It’s entirely your fault, Carleigh. If you had just agreed to fuck your Stepdaddy, you wouldn’t have to be put through so much pain. Now open up that cunt for Stepdaddy, let me sink my cock in your hot, tight pussy. I haven’t had anything this young and tight in a long time. You’re going to bring me so much pleasure with your body.” He pressed his cock between the folds of her slit, poised at the entrance to her vagina. His hands moved up her legs, pulled them back, her ass canlı bahis siteleri rose higher, pushed her pussy onto his cock. But he couldn’t wait. The whipping itself had almost made him cum, the sight of the whip smacking her delicate pussy and anus excited him.He jerked his hips forward in a powerful shove that knocked the wind from her lungs as she was quickly impaled on hard cock. She bit her lip, tried not to scream, the pain in her crotch so intense. The skin outside was in agony, but now his cock was inflicted pain on her insides, tore open her passage. His hips drove his cock deeper inside her tight pussy; this second fucking as painful as the first. He grabbed her hips, fucked her harder, his cock slid in and out as his precum leaked from the head. She could only lay there, grunt and groan in pain as his cock drove into her, her pussy clamped down on the hard cock in response to the pain, gave him sweet pleasure. The weight of his body between her legs made her crotch ache, the spread ofher legs forced wider.”You’re so tight, Carleigh. Squeeze my cock with your pussy. You’re going to have to learn how to pleasure a man with all of your body.” He squeezed her breasts, a groan of pain as the whipped flesh was gripped tightly. Her pussy squeezed, just as he wanted, made his cock jerk in pleasure inside her. He continued to fuck her, his cock pulled almost all of the way out before pushed back in again. Her grunts of pain were less and less, her moans of pleasure began. “Yes, you were made for fucking, Carleigh,” another hard thrust that shoved deep inside her.He pulled his cock from her pussy. She didn’t understand, she hadn’t felt him cum inside her. Just when the now-familiar stirring began between her legs; just as when Headmaster Michael had made her cum when he took her. William raised her legs up higher, his cock now level with her exposed anus. He poured some oil on his cock, stroked the hard member until it glistened with the slippery fluid. She cringed when she felt his hips move forward, her cock banged against her backdoor. “No! Please no! Not there!” she cried when the hot flesh pushed against her anus. She felt the cock pulsate as it banged against her tiny opening.”Relax your asshole, Carleigh and take my cock up your backside. I love ass fucking, Carleigh, so you might as well get use to it. I want you naked in bed every night. I don’t want anything in my way when my cock wants to fuck you or sodomize you.” He pushed with his hips, felt her body clench to try to stop him. He liked that in a girl, he liked the reluctance in them. But he knew that bound as she was; it was only a matter of time before his cock would be tightly encased in her hot, tight asshole. He pushed harder, heard her grunt in pain as his thick cock slowly spread her anus wider, looked down, watched the tiny hole spread wider, grip his cock as it pushed inside.Carleigh’s face was red, she clenched her ass cheeks tightly, tried to stop him as he tried to sodomize her. His cock was so big, her hole so small, it would never fit. God, it hurt! His greased cock relentlessly pushed inside, her anus unable to stop the slick member. It felt strange having something pushed inside instead of pushed out. Her anus burned from the stretch, but it had not yet even opened up fully to take the thick cockhead, never mind the long shaft that waited to bury itself inside her. She screamed as he gave a brutal thrust with his powerful hips, the cock broke her barrier, the head pressed forward until it pushed into herrectum, her anus stretched tightly just below the head, gripped it like a giant rubber band. Her sphincter continued to fight the intrusion, clamped down on the rigid cock, only creating more pain for her and such delicious pleasure for him. She could do nothing except lay there, breathe hard, unable to control her sphincter as it clenched and unclenched on the hard cock, her asshole burned as the cock pulsated within her.William held still, looked down at her anus pulled wide, as it gripped his cock so tightly, the head buried inside her, her asshole already brought such pleasure to him. It was always this way, even the ones who fought the sodomy-especially, with the ones who fought. Their muscles’ natural reaction to having something forced inside their asshole would be to stop the intrusion, a useless endeavor given William’s powerful cock. But, it did bring such pleasure to him. “Feels like a dagger inside you, Carleigh, doesn’t it? Once you get use to it, it will not be so bad. You might even learn to cum while being ass fucked. Now relax your asshole, it will go so much easier. Push out, strain your muscle. You’re going to have to take a lot more cock before I am finished.” He pushed with his hips, felt her attempt to push out, her anus still forced to grip his cock as the greased member slowly slid deeper inside her. She groaned as her asshole began filled with his thick cock, her inner muscles rippling in spasms on the rigid flesh as it slowly entered her colon. God, how could he want to do such a thing? Wasn’t her vagina enough? Why did he need to sodomize her? She pushed out on her anus, tried to relieve some of the burning as the cock pushed in. If felt like her stomach was full from eating, a pressure built inside. A sharp pain would strike deep inside her when his cock forced her colon to straighten to take his unbending flesh. He pulled out only temporarily; the thick head felt like it sucked her insides out. The hard cock pushed back in again, as painful as the first time, plunged in deeper, his hips jerked, his cock pushed in uneven thrusts. It was terrible to be sodomized by her Stepdaddy, her legs spread high and wide, chained to the ceiling as she suffered onslaught of his cock. She saw the look of pleasure on his face and thought of thepainful discomfort she experienced as he fucked her in the ass. The pain diminished slightly, theburning and the fullness inside her continued.He finally buried his eight inches of steel cock inside her, her twitching colon massaged his cock as it jerked inside her; he could stay inside her asshole and let her massage his cock with her clenched muscles, but he wanted to hear her moan in pleasure and pain as he fucked her, made her take the full measure of his cock up her backside until he was finally ready to dump a load of his hot cum inside her-the first ever to do so. “How do you like being stuffed full of Stepdaddy’s cock, Carleigh? Are you ready to be fucked up your ass?” He didn’t wait for her reply-a groan of pain-he wretchedly pulled his cock from her asshole, fought her muscles that seemed to want to pull it back in, a natural reaction to the intrusion of his cock up her backside.He stopped when his cock head was gripped, her breath ragged, as her sphincter clenched on the flesh inside her. He pushed, sent all eight inches of rigid cock inside her, a whoosh of air escaped from her lips as she went from empty to full in a matter of seconds, fully impaled on his menacing member.Air was forced from her lungs as he propelled his cock back inside her, pushed aside all resistance as it buried it deep, jerked in pleasure as it lay nestled deep in her hot, clenched asshole, her silky insides massaged it. “No!,” she cried out when he moved to her pussy, two fingers pushed inside her vagina, her crotch so full, joined with the cock deep inside. She felt his fingers move, touch the cock inside her, a thin layer of skin the only thing that separated the two. She had a momentary desire to spread her legs wider to give him more room for his fingers and cock. What would it feel like to be fucked by two cocks, one in her ass and one inher pussy? No, Carleigh, don’t even think such things! The young woman chastised herself for having such depraved thoughts. The fingers slid out, moved up to play with her clit. No, please don’t make me cum. Don’t make me cum when you are ass fucking me! She couldn’t stand the humiliation of being forced to enjoy such a perverse act.William’s hips began to pump, short strokes of his cock jabbed at her. He had never felt such pleasure from a girl, the thought of her being his stepdaughter added to the perverse thrill of having been the first to force her to take a thick cock up her ass. Her groans of pain became less frequent, her asshole slowly resolved to the thick cock inside. Her anus milked his cock; the tight passage rippled up and down the shaft as he fucked her. He punished her with long strokes, plunged eight inches of hard cock in and out, heard her groan as he smashed deep into her bowels, her body quivered in lust.Headmaster Michael watched William take Carleigh in the ass, her expression changed from pain to lust as William’s fingers extracted the pleasure from her untrained body. Her hips moved, grew accustomed to the hard cock buried deep into her bowels, her clit received the attention that it wanted, her body accepted the cock in her ass as payment for the pleasure she received. Yes, William would have a very obedient step daughter once he got her home. He was sure that Carleigh would soon learn some of the most perverse acts that could be perpetrated on a young girl’s body and would readily accept them. He walked out, the soundsof lust filled the room as they both came, their cries of pleasure as Carleigh’s body filled with the hot cum of her Stepdaddy for the first time, her bowels hosed with the hot fluid, her raw insides burned with the salty fluid.

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