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That Night

Life was good, Alicia thought as she tugged the zippered front of her black top halfway down to her navel. The action revealed most of her large tits and another tug promised to release them completely.

Her red-hot figure and wavy light brown hair were all part of her persona. So were the short, pleated skirt and knee-high boots that would make a holy man think ‘sex.’ She looked like a wet dream and her job as a DJ in the small London nightclub not only gave her access to the City’s club scene, it hooked her up with a seemingly unlimited supply of young, liberated guys.

Tonight, it was the young black guy she had her eye on. He’d been watching her for over an hour, dancing with his redheaded girlfriend not more than half a dozen steps away from her.

She knew the signs. This one was up for it, despite being with his girlfriend. The girl was an even deeper ebony shade than her boyfriend and had been steadily getting herself intoxicated for the last hour, making a fool of herself with some of the other females in their group. Meanwhile, Alicia had let her guy see her run her tongue across her suckable lips more than once.

It was just a matter of time…

As she set Loveshack to work over the blaring loudspeakers, she saw the guy pull his mobile phone out of his trouser pocket. He sent her a flirtatious smile as he answered the call, but there wasn’t any way he would be able to hold a conversation amid all the noise. Instead, he shouted something to his girlfriend and then started to push his way through the throng and out towards the back of the club.

Alicia grinned. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

It was Dave who was helping her tonight and she leaned into him to tell him she was taking a quick break. He grinned out his agreement. He knew exactly what she had on her mind. It would be his turn with one of the teenybopper’s later.

She followed her target towards the exit, loving the way hand after hand swept across her body as she made her way across the floor. In seconds she was through the door and into the warm night air.

He was speaking into the phone, but as soon as his eyes found hers she reached for the zip of her blouse and tugged it loose. As her large tits pushed the material open, the look on his face was priceless

What do you think of those, then, her eyes asked.

She sauntered across to him and, without even a single word, pulled down the zip of his trousers and then dropped to her knees. In seconds, she had his jeans and white boxers tugged down to his thighs. She didn’t believe in wasting time.

His black cock was already erect, rising from his thick expanse of curly hair like a mini tower. Despite continuing to talk into the phone, she was the one who had his attention. His dark eyes were closely watching her as she lowered her head and took him between her soft lips.

She felt him place a hand on the back of her head to steady himself, tightening it in her brown locks as she began to mouth-fuck him. This was a first. She hadn’t had a black cock before.

“Couple of weeks?” she heard him complain into the mobile phone.

But his voice was harsh and he was having trouble concentrating.

She corkscrewed her hand around the base of his thick shaft as her tongue made its way up one side of his cock and down the other. Even in the semi-darkness it was glistening from her saliva. She toyed with the ridge of his swollen head, all the while looking up at him with her luminous, playful eyes.

She narrowed her eyes as she gazed up into his, teasing him but silently telling him to end the call.

He was panting hard now as her tongue zigzagged along the hyper-sensitive underbelly of his shaft. It pushed against her throat as she slid her pink lips all the way down to the base. She could feel his body succumbing to her working mouth. So quickly!

“I need to go,” he begged the voice on the other end of the phone.

Alicia dropped a hand between her legs and began to rub herself as she deep-throated him like the expert she was. He was squeezing his eyes closed, desperately attempting to stave off the inevitable as she took him to boiling point. She wasn’t far away either.

Her eyes danced upwards into his again, her eyebrows arched, daring him not to cum. They were in their own private battle. Alicia was racing him towards his orgasm. He was trying to last out the call.

When she left his shaft with a slurp, he thought he had a temporary reprieve. Alicia grinned inwardly. It was the ultimate tease. Pushing his cock back against his stomach, she swiped her tongue across one of his testicles, and then the other.

“Oh fuck…”

She sucked gently from one heavy ball to the other, as he tried to explain his sudden curse to the person he was conversing with. Her bright eyes were talking to his. Didn’t know I’d be this good, did you?

“Okay, okay,” he desperately gasped into the phone, his fingers vainly trying to pull her head away. “Two weeks and then Escort bayan you’ll have it.”

Alicia shook his hand away and plunged her mouth back onto his stiffness, deep-throating him again. She’d had enough of playing. She had a playlist to get back to.

A string of saliva dangled sensuously between her lips and the tip of his cock as she looked up again. Making sure he was looking at her, she took just the head between her pink lips and began to slowly suck him in short, jerking, movements.

Who could resist her speciality? His cock began to throb in her mouth.

“Okay,” he almost pleaded into the phone. “Leave it with me.”

He ended the call with a nano second to spare, and then his body was jerking as his thick seed surged into her greedy mouth. Alicia took every long burst, pumping her head and swallowing hard until he had nothing left to give.

She took her time licking him clean before triumphantly pulling herself up his body. Her tits pressed into his chest as her mouth found his ear.

“Good boy,” she patronisingly told him, shooting him that tempting smile. “Get rid of the redhead, and I might let you fuck me later.”

The Next Morning

Alicia’s eyes fluttered open, and she glanced around the room. It was unfamiliar. Jets of light were beginning to invade the room through the partly drawn curtains. It must be morning. Turning back to the bed, her head jerked upwards as her gaze settled on her black lover.

“What am I doing here?” she asked, trying to remember fragments of the night before.

“Get rid of the redhead, you said,” he simply told her. “Then we could fuck. We both kept our promise.”

“I didn’t mean this,” she whispered, her beautiful eyes wide. “I never go back to someone’s place. How did I get here?”

He grinned knowingly. It hadn’t been easy, but he and his girlfriend just about had their ‘play’ off to a fine art now.

“You’re worried about that,” he soothingly asked, “When we’ve fucked half the night?”

Her eyes swept the room again, looking for something although she wasn’t sure what. She was feeling disoriented. They’d fucked last night? She was naked and her body was aching. But she couldn’t remember.

“You live here alone?” she asked, trying to focus her mind.

When he nodded, she remembered what she was looking for. He hadn’t been alone in the club last night.

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“She’s probably sleeping it off at her mum’s house,” he said with a complacent shrug. “She’d had way too much to drink when the night ended and I made sure her friends would drop her off there.”

The sheets slid down to Alicia’s waist as she sat up, revealing her full breasts in all their splendour. She caught his gaze and thought of covering herself. But if they had fucked last night, that would have been too little, too late. There was no point in getting shy now.

“God knows how much I had to drink, too,” she frowned, a trifle sheepishly. “I can’t remember much about last night. You got me a couple of drinks after—”

“Sure did,” he said, with a laugh. “It was the least I could do. That was the best blow job I’ve had in a long time.”

She felt a faint blush touch her cheeks, and wondered why. Tilting her head, she coyly looked at him out of one eye.

“What’s your name?”

“Tony,” he replied. “And you’re Alicia. Pleased to meet you.”

She laughed with him as she took his proffered hand. He slid his fingers between hers, entwining them together, and then gently kissed the back of her hand before releasing it. He didn’t need to push the pace. Not yet, anyway. Suzie would be doing that when she arrived.

Alicia shifted on the bed, tucking her tanned legs beneath her and turning to face him. The sheet had slid away entirely to expose her smooth sex, but she didn’t seem to notice. Her calmness surprised him, as did her ready acceptance of the situation. Usually, the girls he had taken home this way had started to panic by this stage.

He moved closer, gliding his fingertips across her flawless skin and then upwards onto the undersides of her voluptuous breasts.

“You have great tits,” he told her, reaching up to tweak a nipple.

To his delight, she reacted by pulling the sheet away from his body, too. She had attitude, this one.

“And you have a fabulous dick,” she mocked, although her eyes widened slightly as she gazed at his manhood.

He was becoming erect again.

“You’re very big,” she whispered, running one long fingernail slowly along his black shaft from root to tip. “Did we really fuck last night?”

He laughed again, a sound that quickly turned into a grunt as she traced the pad of her fingertip up and down the length of his cock.

“Sure did,” he breathlessly told her.

“I think you’re going to have to prove that to me all over again,” she huskily said, pushing up off the bed.

Her eyes were twinkling now and her gaze fell back to his cock.

“Just as soon as I get back from Bayan escort the bathroom…”

She strolled unhurriedly across the room, deliberately giving him a good look at stunningly tight white ass. Tony licked his lips when she sent him a sexy smile over her shoulder. Normally they need a little extra encouragement at this stage. Not this one.

He absently began to stroke his cock while he waited for her to return. This was going to be a pleasure. When she re-entered the room, her eyes flickered sexily at the sight of his masturbating hand.

“What are you waiting for,” she throatily asked.

“You,” he breathed, holding his cock out to her.

Alicia shook her head. She couldn’t believe how aroused the sight of his black cock had made her and couldn’t wait to have him inside her. But it would be on her terms. She wanted it rough.

“Not there. I want you to fuck me here, against the wall. Now.”

A surprised expression rolled across his face but he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to fuck the young DJ again. He left the bed instantly, almost tripping on the loose sheet in his hurry to cross the room towards her. Their mouths clashed the instant he reached her.

“Now…” she whispered, snaking her arms around his neck. “Fuck me…”

He gripped her ass and picked her bodily off the ground, leaning her shoulders against the bedroom wall.

“Oh God, yes…” she gasped, slipping her legs around his hips and crossing her ankles behind his back. “FUCK me…”

He let out a gasp of arousal as he positioned her over his throbbing cock and began to gently lower her onto him. Alicia buried her head into his shoulder, groaning as he let her slowly sink onto his thick girth.

“God, you’re big,” she muttered, as she began to kiss his neck and shoulders. “That feels so good…”

Their breaths mingled as he began to thrust into her, already into a gentle rhythm. Her legs tightened around him each time he pumped forward into her and he began to thrust a little faster, his excitement increasing in line with hers.

Alicia whimpered as his rhythm accelerated. She so needed this. Her long nails dug into his skin and drew blood as he moved his hips slightly. His hardness slithered into her at a different angle and found her bloated G-spot. She gave a choking moan.

He moved faster. So did she. Her curvy hips began to hump back against him, her hands clutched desperately at his shoulders and her long legs began to tremble around his waist. They were slapping against one another now and she teetered on that delicious brink for several seconds until, with a single cry, her fabulous body convulsed.

“Ohhh … Fuuhuuck!”

Tony let her climax work its way through her body before staggering back to the bed, carrying her with him. They collapsed downwards, his cock still inside her. Then he began to thrust again.

That Afternoon

Alicia groaned and clenched the duvet as Tony expertly flicked his tongue over her clit. morning had flown by and, apart from a short break to recharge their batteries, they had fucked continuously.

She had just taken a shower, telling him she had to head back home, but as soon as she had returned to the bedroom he had picked her up, thrown her down on the bed, and grinned at her as he’d lowered his head between her spread thighs.

She should have called her boyfriend, or at least have sent him a text. She was supposed to be meeting him hours ago and he would be wondering where she was. But how could she go when this black stud was taking her from one orgasm to another?

God, that tongue was amazing!

Her eyes were narrowed in pleasure and she was groaning so loudly that it took her a while to realise something had changed. At first, she couldn’t quite work it out. Her head was still fuzzy and the waves of pleasure shooting through her were all she could focus on.

Suddenly, it hit her, and when it did a cold shiver covered her body like a blanket. They were no longer alone.

At first, her hazy view didn’t quite register the black woman who had somehow entered the small bedroom without her noticing. She was leaning back against the door, stripping her clothes off as she watched them. How long had she been there? She seemed familiar but it took a moment to connect. The young beauty was the girl she had seen with Tony in the nightclub. His girlfriend.

“What the—” she began, struggling to get up from the mattress.

But Tony’s arms were clamped tightly around her thighs, keeping her pinned to the bed. She tried again, attempted to push him away, but he was too strong for her. And his never-still tongue was forcing its way between her labia. Oh fuck!

She flopped back on the bed, her hips now moving involuntarily in response to Tony’s insistent ministrations. Fuck, that felt so good.

Easing her head to her left as she abandoned herself to the pleasure, her clouded eyes returned to the girl. She was naked now and was strolling across towards the Escort bed. Every move was overtly sexual.

Alicia wasn’t into girls, but she could appreciate a fabulous figure. The redhead’s large breasts were too big for her slender frame but somehow that only added to her sexiness. Her curvy hips were wide and her thin black landing strip was sculptured in the shape of a heart.

“I’m Suzie,” she breathed as she slid onto the bed next to Alicia. “And you’ve been a naughty girl, fucking my boyfriend.”

Alicia jerked her head to one side as the girl leaned into her for a kiss. She’d never been with a woman before and wasn’t going to start now.

But Suzie chuckled under her breath.

“The lil white girl thinks she can fuck anybody she likes just because she’s a shit-hot DJ…”

She shook her head and wagged a finger.

“Uh-uh. Ya got that one wrong. Ya stepped over the line and ya gotta pay the consequences.”

Alicia turned her head to the side as the girl tried to kiss her again, but she couldn’t do anything about the way Tony’s girlfriend was tracing her index finger around her nipples. Her eyes glazed just a little more when she flicked them with the pad of her index finger.

Tony was lapping hard against her clit now and he two fingers curled inside her. Her back arched from the bed. She’d often thought that her nipples had a direct connection to her clit and the way the two of them were manipulating her body was becoming too much to resist.

“Feeling it?” Suzie gloated, as she let out a low moan.

Timing her move to perfection, the black beauty dipped her head and sucked Alicia’s right nipple between her young lips.

The unexpected action sent shockwaves from nipple to clit and the heat in Alicia’s body turned into a furnace. Without warning, the orgasm that had been threatening to overwhelm her sprinted through her body and burst into the open. This time when Suzie lowered her lips to hers, she was in no position to resist. The kiss seemed to fuel the orgasm inside her that was just going on and on and on…

By the time she began to recover, Tony was standing infront of her and Suzie’s full lips were beside her ear.

“Big, isn’t he?” she seductively whispered, snaking a hand around Alicia’s neck and dragging her head forward. “Wanna suck him again?”

Alicia opened her mouth as she felt Tony rub his shaft across her wet lips. He was so hard. This wasn’t right, she didn’t do threesomes, but the way he was throbbing inside her mouth was impossible to resist. She heard him suck in air as she wrapped her lips around him, her chin bouncing against his testicles as she began to suck.

She felt him slide down between her thighs again, but soon realised it couldn’t be him, not when she had his cock in her mouth. A gurgled groan left her lips when reality hit her, but she wasn’t in any position to object. Not with his hands in her hair and with her mouth this full.

“Open up,” she heard a female voice instruct, and then hands were pushing her legs apart.

No, she couldn’t. She never had. This wasn’t her…

But the thoughts instantly faded away into the air with the first pass of that sweet tongue across her labia.

Tony’s hands tightened in her hair, holding her steady as he began to ease his cock in and out of her mouth. She was almost as good a cocksucker as his girlfriend. Alicia’s eyes were shut, either revelling in the moment or trying to come to terms with the action between her thighs. Whichever it was, there wasn’t a single girl yet who had resisted this moment. How could they when Suzie had proven time after time that when it came to oral she was without equal?

He dropped one of his hands onto his girlfriend’s head, stroking her hair as he gently began to thrust in Alicia’s mouth. Suzie’s eyes glanced upwards and grinned into his. She was such a sexy bitch. When she pulled away and nodded at him, it was time.

There was no resistance as he gently pushed Alicia backwards onto the bed and lined himself up. She was so wet that he entered her easily.

His girlfriend’s lips found his as she placed one leg across Alicia’s body and straddled her face. Their kiss deepened as she hovered above their captive. Alicia would have the perfect view of her smooth black pussy and it wouldn’t take more than a few seconds for realisation to dawn.

“Time for ya to pay ya dues,” she whispered downwards as she lowered herself onto those virgin lips.

As she expected, the shocked girl didn’t react at first. Then there was the token struggle. Suzie had experienced it all before. When Alicia tried to push her off, she pressed her knees into her shoulders, pinning her on the bed. And then, in time with Tony’s measured thrusts inside the captive girl, she began to rub her juices all across that white face.

“Lick me,” she instructed, rising up momentarily onto her haunches so that the message was clear. “Lick me…”

It took a while. It always did. But then it happened. When she felt the girl’s tongue adventurously extend itself, she allowed it time to explore, to taste. After a slow start, the DJ was gradually warming to her task. Once her inhibitions fully dropped away, she would be worshipping her cunt as if they had been lovers for years.

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