The Best Sex I Ever Had


I’m a woman in my thirties. I like my clerical job at the local hospital and my creative endeavors on the side. Though I’ve gotten my fair share of compliments in life from past lovers and heckling construction workers, I’m far from perfect in appearance, only an eight. But I do stay fit and keep up the basics, hair, nails, skin, and etc. I may be too short for some guys, or may be my breasts are not big enough, who knows? I don’t go to bars alone, but I do everything else alone, shopping, cafes, art openings and the beach.

I was married briefly to a really good man with some issues he needed to work out but I was selfish and impatient and divorced him. While separated, I secretly hoped he would ‘fight’ to get me back. He didn’t. I don’t blame him looking back on it. And he is much better off with his new normal suit-wearing wife that comes from a good family. He addressed his issues successfully and became an inspiration for me to do the same. We still talk.

I swore after that fuck up that I would be more patient and understanding in relationships and really give myself up to someone. Well the next time I did, it was to a fellow co-worker and the hottest sex I’ve ever had in my life was with him in a hospital. We both worked there.

My lover Enrique and I would steal away whenever we could and fuck. We fucked everywhere imaginable, from behind bent over a bed in an empty patient room, in an occupied patient room’s bathroom and several times we almost got caught. Once after riding Enrique in a hospital public bathroom while he sat on the toilet, we had to come out one at a time and people waiting.

I don’t know if you’d call Enrique Hispanic or not. He wasn’t a Mexican. He was a true Spaniard from Barcelona, what south of the border is called Castilian. It was so hot. While he was fucking me he would speak gutturally to me in Spanish. I loved having him talk dirty to me at work. The things he said to me when he was inside me was hot. I would walk around all day with a wet pussy. It was so bad one day, that one of the patients smelled my arousal and got an erection.

We fucked everywhere…in my car, on counters at home, quietly with people in the house, had domination role-play, used every technique and device we could think of…ice…fingers…we fucked with our clothes on first and we’d both be dripping before he’d finally stick his cock deep inside.

One of our favorite positions was ‘The milk and water.’ It’s performed on a chair with no arms. Enrique would take a seat and I would climb aboard, but facing away from him. We started with him touching me as I guided his hand to my pussy. Then when we were both turned on enough, he’d raise me up and lower me down on his erect cock. Then I’d rock back and forth until I gave us both a really explosive orgasm. What’s great about it was that we had great foreplay as well as great sex. And it can be done anywhere you have a chair.

And this man was the hottest kisser. It always felt so good, so right, when his mouth covering mine, his hands framing my face. To have my pride falter long enough to cause me to reaching up to grasp his wrists, holding on as I let my needs flow into the kiss. To press my lips against his, pouring every scrap of my tattered emotions into it. My arms enfolded him even as my body swayed seductively towards his.

Off balance, he’d drag my head back and plunder. His hands always skimmed beneath my blouse, seeking the warmth of my bare flesh.

So many feelings, too many feelings, would bombard me. All I wanted was to fill myself with the taste of him. But there was more. He wouldn’t just take the kiss, but all the emotions that went with it. When he’d kiss me I’d feel like I was drowning in it, it was so strong and heady flood that u couldn’t fight it.

He didn’t just kiss me. He treated my nipples to a feast of passion as well. His kisses always turned into a journey down. Enrique would start his downward journey slowly, hardly seeming to move. With kisses and light love bites, circling inward until he captured my nipple. As he sucked, he’d use his tongue to bring me to delirium. By then my breath would be in gasps and my energy would be flowing out through my breasts, pouring out in passion and urgency.

I would beg him for his cock and for him to fuck me and to let me lick the cum off his cock. He’d lick me after shooting in me. He was so uninhibited and sexy that he ate pussy better than anyone I’ve ever been with and he didn’t care what time of the month it was. I kept myself clean for him all the time.

Enrique would spread my legs wide and like a magnet his eyes were drawn to my crotch, a thing of beauty, trimmed so neatly and glistening with the wetness I already felt. Gazing upon what he called the most perfect pussy that he’d ever seen. My opening expanded and contracted a little as he explored my pussy with his fingers, tongue, eyes. My panting breath lifted and dropped my tight stomach and abdomen and a low, beast-like growl emanated from deep down within my throat, and he İstanbul Escort felt me shudder a little in anticipation as he gently touched me, as he opened it up and describe it to me. He said that I had a surprisingly small pussy, just a thin slit down under and some puffy folds of flesh on top. As he rubbed my clit, my pussy would gap open, wet and inviting. He compared it to a delicate rose, sensuously opening and presenting its dew-covered petals as an offering to the morning sun.

Obviously Enrique didn’t just lick my pussy. He played it like a fine violin. Somehow, Enrique always seemed to windup between my thighs watching the delicate lips of my pussy pulsing slightly with the rhythm of my breathing and he could never resist gently blowing in it. I’d always giggle because his warm-breathe always made me quiver.

After kissing his way up my thigh, Enrique was never unable to resist flicking his tongue out and gently caressed my slit. Moving up, he’d covered my body with his. I’d struggle for a second but when he’d start kissing and nibbling my neck, I’d calmed down. He’d cup my firm breasts and as he gently kneaded them my suddenly hard nipples would rub against his palms.

Our kiss seemed to make my skin get hotter by the second as his tongue caressed the puff pink lips of my fresh fucked pussy. As he separated the moist lips of my usually cum filled pussy the taste increased and so did my moans. He would have me so turned on, gasping and moaning uninhibitedly as I withered sensuously all over the bed. Enrique talked explicitly, telling me how great it was having his mouth on my pussy.

Enthusiastically he’d lick my throbbing clit until I was screaming in ecstasy. As I bucked wildly in a fit of total sexual pleasure, he’d be holding onto hip to keep me in place. Reclining back on the bed, I’d spread my legs as wide as I could in an attempt to give him better access to my waiting pussy. Backing off, he lovingly ran his tongue along my milky white flesh, licking the crease where my legs connected to my torso. Then he moved back softly kissing the moist flesh of my womanhood, then running his supple tongue up and down the length of my slit.

He could last and last and control his orgasm. We once fucked me six times in a single day. We took a trip together and we fucked so many times that he couldn’t remember how many. I remember though, it was six. My Spanish lover was married so when we managed to get away for a night in a hotel out of town. I was very excited. We always met and took my car. When we’d arrive, we go straight to our room and started fucking. I don’t recall the specifics of that evening, but we exhausted ourselves and then left for home. On the way, Enrique unzipped and exposed his cock to me in the car. I reached over and slowly jerked him off, enjoying the way he gave himself to my hand. He didn’t blow a load, but when we got back to town we stopped at his house. I waited outside while he went in for a few minutes. When he came back out, he took me inside.

We started out on the floor with me riding him cowgirl style for a while. I knelt straddle his body and inserted his cock between my lips and slow and careful lowered myself down onto him. He always reached up and held my hips and assisted me as I sat down on top of his lap. Once I was down, he was in me up to the base of his cock, and his pubic hair was tickling my bare lips as I positioned myself.

With eyes closed and mouth open as I gasped, I took my own pleasure from impaling myself upon him. As I sat there savoring the feel of him inside me, I would run my hands over his body from his stomach across his rib cage and up to his erect nipples. Then I would start moving on him, starting off long and lovingly.

I’d been wise enough to blow him before mounting him. He didn’t need too many minutes between orgasms to regain a raging erection. But after relieving him of his initial loud he had considerably heightened control over himself. So now instead of being afraid of him cumming I actually was able to pump towards it.

As things heated up, Enrique leaned up to me and took a nipple in his mouth. I was bucking on top of him and starting to moan out my pleasure. Our combined thrusts were becoming enormous, maybe more than I’d expected. I could feel his arms go around me, drawing me to him. He was trying to mumble something, I think it was just an “oh fuck” or maybe an “oh my god”, whatever it was I couldn’t hear him, and I wasn’t about to stop to find out.

I held him tight and banged him hard, my butt cheeks bouncing up and down on top of his balls. I met his thrusts by ramming my pelvis down on his. We rutted like wild animals in heat. Soon I was screaming, my screams loud and urgent. I could feel the contractions of my pussy tightening on his thrusting member each time he jabbed up into my wetness of my womanly folds.

Then we moved to his bedroom. When we got to his bedroom, I was shocked to see his wife tied to a chair and blindfolded so she could hear but not see what Anadolu Yakası Escort was going on. Ignoring her, Enrique quickly got me in bed. As I looked up, Enrique rose above me on the bed. As he spread my legs, I reached up to bring his erection back into me. I wrapped my legs around his back as he lowered himself down to cover me. He immediately started moving his hip, pounding me, piercing my pussy over and over.

I felt like Enrique was trying to ram all the way through me with my cock leading the charge but I didn’t mind. I gripped his back and raked it with my nails so hard that I saw trickles of blood the next day. I could hear a squishing sound now every time he reared back and bang into me again. The noise was his cock as it moved between my very wet vaginal lips. I could also smell us in the air so I knew his wife could hear and smell us too. My vaginal fluids and his cum mixed together to give off a sexy fragrance that prompted him to pound into me harder and harder and harder.

When we finished fucking, I couldn’t resist sucking on his wife’s hard nipples. Her helplessness was so arousing that I dropped on down to my knees between her outstretched legs licked her pussy for her. Actually since I made her cum, I guess I did a little more than just lick her pussy. I’d probably have made her lick me back if it wouldn’t have given us away.

I guess Enrique was vain because as we fucked, he watched himself going in and out of me in the mirror he had mounted on their headboard. His shouts during orgasm were hot, loud and throaty. When I left him that evening to go home I was so sore, bruised and satisfied. As I walked out of the bedroom to go home, I paused and glanced over my shoulder. Enrique was already sticking his still hard cock in his tied up and blindfolded wife’s mouth. As I walked away, she was eagerly sucking our combined juices off his cock.

We’d watch porn and fuck, he’d use vibrators on me he bit me on the shoulder or on the chin while we were making love, sinking his perfect teeth into my flesh until it hurt.

We’d meet at my friend Linda’s house and fuck when she was away. Once when we were scheduled to meet Enrique texted me before leaving his house. “Take off your underwear and put on the school girl outfit. I’ll be there in an hours.” I did what I was told. I even put on my ‘fuck-me-boots’ as a bonus for him.

I’ve always fantasized about anal sex. Even as a teenager I experienced these urges to get filled in the ass. There was something about the idea of submitting my body completely to my partner that drove me crazy. Unfortunately, it took years before I found someone who was interested in anal sex. Most of the guys I’d dated had only been into “vanilla sex.” So my interest in anal sex was reserved for the nights when I was alone and could touch and finger myself. I had high hopes for Enrique. With Enrique, I was willing to try it partially because of the size of his manhood. I was pretty confident that I could fit it.

As soon as Enrique walked in the door, he started taking off his t-shirt and jeans. I couldn’t help but noticed that he already had a full on erection. It was so hard, harder than I have ever felt him. I looked at him as if to ask, “How did you…?” He told me he took a Viagra pill. Someone had given him one and he wanted to try it. I guess it worked, because he made me cum three times without even slowing down. Then slowly, I grabbed his hand and put his finger on my asshole and signaled him with my eyes as I shyly smirked.

“You know I would never hurt you. I promise that we can stop if you hurt too much.”

“I know. I love you. And I trust you.”

With that, he resumed fucking me. With one hand, he held my two hands down over my head. With the other hand, he started wetting his fingers in the massive amounts of pussy juice that our lovemaking had already produced.

My heart pounded. It was finally going to happen. Slowly, my lover pressed one finger into my ass, all the while fucking me. Once it was in all the way, he started finger-fucking my ass in rhythm with his cock. After he felt me loosen up, which didn’t take long because it felt like heaven, he started to try to add a second finger. This proved more difficult, since my ass was not accustomed to having anything so large invading it. Embarrassed, I admitted to him that I had a bottle of lube in my purse. He laughed, “You’ve been planning this for a while, haven’t you?” Still laughing, he got out the bottle, poured some lube onto his finger, and easily slid the second finger in.

I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful it felt to be so full. I was in heaven.

Suddenly Enrique stopped fucking me. When I looked at him he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“You know what I want.”

“I wanted you to say it,” insisted Enrique. He loved that he was in control and that I submitted to whatever he wanted of me. And even if I was embarrassed to talk about something as crude as anal sex, I would say it because that’s what Kartal Escort he demanded.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

Once I said it, he pulled out of my pussy and started to spread more lube on his beautiful dark cock. Then he said, “I want to fuck you like this, facing you, so I can look into your eyes while I am fucking your ass.”

He kissed me and then he took hold of my ankles. As Enrique lifted my legs up, bent my knees and forced them back until my knees were almost beside my head. That curled my spine up so that my ass was pointed right at him. As I laid back, my hair fanned out on the mattress around my face. As I giggled like a little nymph he reached down and spread apart my butt cheeks. Holding his cock, Enrique, placed his cockhead against my puckered ass. I closed my eyes and shivered as he slowly rubbed his knob back and forth on my puckered opening. He rubbed it back and forth lightly a couple of times then pushed it in just far enough for the head to pierce my sphincter. He paused for several moments, relishing the sweet sensation, and then I watched as he slowly pushed his stiff cock inch by inch into my tight ass.

Already relaxed from his previous attention, my ass welcomed Enrique in. And with the help of the ample lubrication oozing down from my pussy and from the lube Enrique had applied, he glided right in. I hadn’t expected that. I’d expected it to be more difficult and even hurt some, but my ass effortless took all five inches of him. He lay still to allow me to adjust to his invasion. It was then that my entire ass started stinging from all of that stimulation. Tears came to my eyes, and I told him that my ass felt like it was on fire. I begged him to take it out. Slowly, he withdrew his cock from my ass, and the burning stopped.

“Don’t worry, that’s normal to feel a burning your first time.”

“Is it?” I asked nervously. When he nodded, I said, “Okay, then I want to try again.”

This time, it didn’t hurt at all. Instead, I just felt full, full of this amazing man whom I loved completely submitted to him. Enrique started pumping into me, kissing me the whole time and his hands pinned mine down above my head again. There was no escaping him. There was nothing I could do to keep him from taking whatever he wanted.

A psychological orgasm started building up in me. I wanted him to fuck me brutally, to take what he wanted, to use my body. I wanted the pain that could come from him fucking my tight ass as hard as he could thrust. I started to urge him to fuck me harder. Somehow I managed to wrestle my hands out of his grip, and I clawed at his back while he continued to fuck my ass faster, harder and deeper. Again he pulled my hands over my head. “You’re mine, I control you,” he told me again.

“Yes, you control me,” I screamed. That set me over the edge. I could feel my ass contract around his invading cock. Even as I cummed, he kept on pumping into me so deep that I could feel his cum swollen balls bumping against my smooth ass cheeks. He paused briefly, enjoying the incredible feelings that my tight ass was producing before pulling out slowly, leaving just the head inside me. He paused again, and then pushed in and out slowly about a dozen or so times. I felt comatose and still he assaulted my ass.

Even as I felt the lube start to wear off, as the friction increased, Enrique kept fucking me. He wouldn’t stop until he had his fill. I begged him to cum, to join me, to claim me. And then I started feeling it build up, I could feel him start to lose control, I could see that crazy look in his eyes, that dangerous look that he got when he stopped thinking about my pleasure and completely took what his sexual instincts demanded. My ass was raw from all the brutal fucking and still he pounded into it, until finally he erupted with a growl and drove his cock as deep into my ass as it would go.

I felt his body relax over mine as his cock throbbed and emptied its load into my ass. We lay there, exhausted, for a few minutes and then marshaled his strength and raised himself up on his elbows to look into my eyes. “I love you. You’re wonderful,” I told him before kissing him and falling asleep.

When I woke up Enrique was gone, which was odd because usually when he’d leave to go home, I always put my fingers inside my pussy and licked his cum off my fingers. But at least he left me a note saying that he’d to pick up his wife from work. I didn’t like it, but I understood it.

He would call when he couldn’t visit and describe how he jerked off thinking of me. When I’d pick up the phone and say, “Hello,” without warning, Enrique would go into a ramble about what he wanted to do to my soft, supple body. My hands shook as I was thrown back by his confidence and high self esteem. As my clit started to pulsate, I’d close my eyes and start to fantasize about his face buried between my thighs, licking me, caressing my body and feeling my warmth as he passionately pressed his face against your awaiting body.

I would get quiet as he went into a zone, my breathing becoming heavy and irregular. I would start to pant as I folded my pillow in between my legs, as if he were there with me. Stimulating my clit was his only desire. Once I’d mastered my breathing to take my baritone down two octaves. It always excited him.

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