The best way to wake up

The best way to wake upThe best way to wake up Opening my eyes the sun just hit me so I could not see what was going on but I knew the feeling all too well. The loving feeling of a mouth just around my cock and I was super hard enjoy every moment I looked down to the shite of this beautiful blond girl her head just going up and down that all I could see. She had a hands around my shaft and was stroking up and down as she let soft moans out between sucking and licking.So let me just share some information about myself. I am 25 years of age and I’m average length, short black hair and I’m well build. I’m an athlete so I’m in good shape allot at the gym so my body was well put together. But I never get to drunk to the point where I don’t remember stuff. Somehow I could just not remember anything that happened that night. I remember going to a bar and having some drinks with my friends. That’s it!I bahis firmaları put my hands in between her blond hair just loving the way she was sucking on me. She turned her body sideways and was moving her mouth the way my cock curved. She moved her hands to my balls and just stared rubbing. From that angle I got a perfect view of her breathes they were the perfect shape not to big but it was amazing she was bending above my dick but her boobs were still not sagging. She moved straight in front of me again and was just going at my dick just faster and when she went slow she took my hole cock and that took me to the point and I just wanted to let go and burst. She sat down on my legs for a second and I could feel her warm pussy just dripping it was so wet I could not believe I didn’t eat her yet or anything. I pulled her hair a lil just to lift her head up I needed to put my cock in a kaçak iddaa wet pussy after what I could only call the perfect blow job. I lifted her and I was slipping down till I reached her boobs and I started licking, rubbing, grabbing and going wild on her boobs it was so firm had a lil tan from the bra and the sun I knew she was enjoying the hell out of it with her starting to moan when I popped a nipple in my mouth. I started rubbing her body with my one hand and rubbing her right boob with my other hand. I made sure to possession my cock at the spot where her pussy began and I started pushing my dick through her pussy lips. It felt so good the wetness flowing on my cock and I knew I wanted in her. I didn’t stop licking on her boobs and just dipped my head in her pussy and she was still so tight. It was what I thin heaven feels like. I just rubbed faster around her body making my way kaçak bahis to her ass and popping my head out. I pushed it in again only the tip and out again she let out an amazing moan that turned me on so much I had to go deeper. My hands made their ways to her ass and as I grabbed her ass I just pulled and pushed my cock half way in. I slowly pulled out making sure to indulge in every emotion that gets shoot through my body as I go in again pushing more and more in with every stroke. Making sure never to stop rubbing her ass and sucking on her boobs. She just started moaning loader and I started pounding hard I just stared banging hard and fast as I knew I was never going to last long. I felt her pussy just pull tight and I load moan and I think that was the breaking point. I just felt my load rush out of me and as I pulled out I shoot up against her pussy lips and her lips just let her cum flow out on top of me and I just fall back and spread my arms. I Felt something on my side and as I looked.There was a naked girl just lying next to us half covered it the blankets and all I could think was what a night it must have been

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