The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made


The Biggest Mistake I Ever MadeHigh School was difficult, but I did know a couple of people, so not totally a bummer, but college was a different story, I didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t able to make friends easily, my room mate in the dorms never spoke at all, so from day to day, I was becoming more and more depressed. Looking ahead did not seem promising, I was not sure if I’d even come back after this one year. Then one day in the library, not only cute, but breathtaking cute girl sat down at the table I was working on. “Hi I’m Teresa, I think we have some classes together, I’ve noticed you, but it doesn’t look like you know a lot of people. I’d like to get to know you better”. It took me a moment to come to my senses, “Ahh yes I’ve seen you in them, ahhh .. my name is Mike and yes I’d like to get to know you also”. We spent several hours talking, then moving outside to the grass, again more talk. Finally hugging and heading to our own rooms She lived in a house with some girls, but we planned on meeting the next day. The next day meeting, we arranged our lunch at the same time, then holding hands as we walked everywhere. My grades took a sudden upswing and by the end of the semester, both of us had made the honor roll. Her parents had money, the older sister was in med school, the middle one was working at a start up business for what would become a large tech company, my love was majoring in nursing and I was on my way to becoming a lawyer. We had made out, laid on her bed and kissed, enjoyed one another in every way possible with out going all the way, but as Christmas was approaching, we were in her bedroom one evening, kissing and hugging, when she sat up, “My parents own this home, all of my roommates are leaving and not coming back, I talked to my dad and mom separately last night, they told me if this is what I wanted then they were behind me one hundred precent.” Then she took both of my hands, “Would you like to move in here with me?” There was a pause, that I had not expected, but my face lit up, “Yes, oh yes I’d love to, but I’m only paying a very small amount now, due to the scholarship, my parents are poor, I don’t see any way of making the rent for this place”. Leaning forward, kissing me, “OH silly, I have lots of money, I’m wealthy, my parents are wealthy, there won’t be any need to pay anything, just promise me you’ll always be mine and be faithful forever and ever”. “Of course I will, I’ll never let you down, I’ll never be unfaithful to you ever”. Then the first time, “I love you, I think I’ve always loved you, yes I want to live with you forever”. Neither of us believed in formal marriages, but we both knew and understood that once we gave ourselves to one another, that bond would be as strong or stronger then anything else we could have done. As soon as I told her I loved her, she reached out, undoing the buttons on my shirt, then my belt and finally my pants, pulling them off of me easily. Setting her bed, totally nude now, my cock was as hard as it has ever been, she stood, slipped off her sweater top, then her shorts, pulling down her white panties and finally reaching around, unclasping her bra. All I could do was stare, her pussy was shaved bald and smooth, except for a small wedge, above her clit. Her pussy lips and clit, were puffy and inviting, as if she had been playing with it for years. Her tummy was flat, but what I was amazed at were her tits. She dressed very modest, kissing and playing with her, I knew she had nice boobs, but now they were way beyond big, these were huge. I’ve always like big tits and now the person that was about to be my life long companion, had perfect tits along with nipples to match. Smiling, she lifted both of them up and down, “I hope you like big tits, I know I like a big cock and so I think we’ll both be more then satisfied” It only took me a moment to move up to her, reaching out, touching then squeezing her breasts, watching her close her eyes, then open them, not really seeing anything, fluttering them then illegal bahis closing them again, her breathing was now one step away from panting. When she reached out, taking my cock in her hand, a sudden gasp of air, let her know no one had ever touched me, before she did right now. She began to stroke it, leaning forward and kissing it, sucking it into her mouth … looking up at me, winking – I slowly laid back on the bed, she wasted no time, straddling my body. Rubbing her pussy back and forth over my shaft, then carefully easing me up into her. I felt some resistance, she giggled, “I’m still a virgin, but push hard and break it, I’m sure the pain won’t last long” One quick upward thrust and she screamed, I stopped, concerned that I had hurt her. She sat perfectly still for a moment, then again smiled, “There now we can fuck” I had never heard her swear before, but it turned me on, thrusting up inside her, she matched my rhythm, pressing down on me, reaching up, really squeezing her tits, making her cry out in pain, the fact we both were aware of each others needs, both of us had a massive and our first shared climax at almost the same time. Everything felt so good, both of us continued to rotate and rock our hips, keeping me hard and her ready when I was. Although I never got soft, it took a few minutes for me to become rock hard again. While waiting we kissed, ground our bodies together and told each other how much we loved each other. As soon as I was hard again, she rolled us over, and I began to fuck her while she was on her back. We had now experienced the newness of each other, so now pure a****listic drives took over. I was slamming deep inside her, she had her legs wrapped around my waist, while she tormented her own tits or scratching my back with her fingernails. It went on for what seemed like forever, until finally we both went over the edge, cum combined as we collapsed. As soon as I pulled out of her, she switched positions, her sucking and cleaning my cock, her pussy over my face, while I cleaned and sucked on her pussy. Until the new semester started, we broke to take finals, get something to eat, the rest of the time we fucked. The two of us drove to a sex shop, picking up, dildos, strap-ons for her, nipple clamps, electric stingers, hand cuffs and so on. Our sex was perverted, we fucked each other in every conceivable way.. only breaking to get some sleep. School was most important to both of us, so we saved the kinky sex until the weekend, then anything was fair game. This life style continued all four years we were in school, made sure we did out graduate programs at the same institute, only accepted positions in the same city and eventually withe the help of her dad, we purchased our first home. Both of us were making good money, the sex had not diminished a bit, still kinky as ever, then a couple of things happened at the same time. First her dad needed her to fly back to her college town and sell the home we had lived in, she had contacted her sisters and they agreed to move permanently to our city, I had never meant either of them and her parents were also going to move to be closer to us, I had also not meant them. I took her to the airport, but on my way home, I had seen a nice looking quiet type of bar on the way, no idea why, but I stopped in to have a quick beer. I had no sooner began to sip my beer, when the most stunning brunette came walking in. Her body was perfect in every way, tits to die for and showing just how much they needed to be played with, even though I had just dropped my soul mate off, I could feel the familiar stirring between my legs. She also ordered a beer, looked over at me, tilting her head, “You’re kind fo cute, why you drinking in this airport bar?” Smiling, “Thank you for the complement, but I must say, you’re not hard on the eyes either. I just dropped off a friend and I guess just killing time – the bar looked like a nice place to relax. What about you?” Our family are all flying in to surprise my sister illegal bahis siteleri with some fun news, she had to leave town, so I”m staying at the hotel across the street until she comes back. You married?” Knowing I was skirting the question, shaking my head, “No never took the walk down the isle, I guess no one will have me” Picking up her drink, motioning to an empty table, “Care to join me at a table?” My heart was pounding, I knew this was a bad idea, but my cock seemed to have veto power, grabbing my drink, “I’d love to” We talked, she was in pharmaceutical sales, but not normal ones, more of the experimental ones, She also had a sister and a mom who were physicians, just recently joining her company, working on some stare of the art ideas, if they are approved, it will make women’s self esteem take a big bump up” I explained I was a corporate lawyer, not much action there, the more we talked the more touching between us was taking place. We were working on our second beer, when she moved close to me, leaning in, kissing my neck. Closing my eyes, I kissed her on the lips. I had never kissed anyone except Teresa and now I was kissing a perfect stranger and enjoying it. The kiss lasted for a long time, neither of us wanting it to end, then she asked where I lived, when she found out it was across town, she giggled, “I have a room across the street, would you like to see my place?” Holding hands, running across the street, we were inside her room in no time, as soon as the door closed, she stripped me nude, then followed with an erotic striptease, eventually showing me just how perfect she was. We moved together, my cock slipping between her legs, her tits pressing into my chest. Grabbing both of her cheeks, lifting her up, I easily slid up inside her, where I held her and we fucked, until I moved to the dresser for support. Unlike my Teresa, this girl really knew how to fuck, how to make my cock feel like it was being milked, while pumping it, keeping me on the edge, but not allowing me to cum, until she was totally satisfied. My legs were getting weak, moving to the bed, somehow she kept me in her, moving so I was on my back and she was in total control of me and my cock. She rode me through multiple orgasms, then when she had enough, she slowed down, her pussy seemed to relax around my shaft causing me to moan just as I exploded. Moving so I could clean her pussy of my juices as well as hers, then laying by my side, tracing a fingernail over my chest, “You lied to me, I could feel anther woman’s pussy on you, but I guess most guys lie, we’ll hook up again before I leave, by then maybe I’ll know why you lied” It was obvious she was finished with me, dressing I left, feeling so guilty by what I did, going straight home, calling my parter to see if she had arrived safely. I heard a pause, “Why did you call, did you do something you shouldn’t have?” I laughed, “Of course not, I just missed you, can’t wait to see you, be safe” I knew in my heart she knew something was wrong, OMG why had I let this happen. The days d**g on, the brunette had put her phone number in my phone, Marilyn. I looked at it again and again, each day, the urge to see her again, was becoming stronger and stronger. What the hell had she done to me. Teresa called, said she’d sold the home and would be home in the morning, as soon as she hung up, I called Marilyn. “You free tonight?” “I am, do you want to come here or meet me someplace, your choice?” “I’ll pick you up, get something to eat, then maybe go back to your place” My conscience kept telling me to stop, but as soon as she opened the door, all nude, I was hers to use the rest of the evening. She didn’t release me until 3:30 in the morning, just enough time to get home, shower and back to the airport to pick up my honey. Hugging her, the first time in our lives she was cold. The drive home was silent, going inside, we had only been home a few minutes when the door bell rang. She opened the door, and squealed, “Mom, Marilyn and canlı bahis siteleri Susan, why are you guys all here?” They had just hugged and stepped inside, when I walked into the room. Everyone stopped, looking at me, I saw Marilyn immediately, knowing that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. But before I could say anything, Marilyn, stepped forward, “This your Mike, just after he dropped you off at the airport, I picked him up in a bar and fucked him silly, then last night I used him again until this morning. He must have come home, showered and rushed back to pick you up” Looking at Teresa, there was fire in her eyes, I tried to think of something to say, but Susan had moved behind me, I felt a small sting from a syringe in my neck, the d**g she shot me with, made my whole body go dark as I collapsed. I have no idea how long I was out, but when I woke, I was on a hospital type of bed, my mother-in-law setting by my side, “So glad you are awake, you’ve been in an induced c*** for a few weeks now, but Susan and I had plenty of time to do the procedures we needed, now we’ll let you heal, but we are going to have to let you get used to the new you, which will take some time” Looking around, my arms and body were strapped down, that is when I saw Susan hugging Teresa, both nude, she was kissing my love, while she had one hand between her legs, and from experience, I could tell she was close to cumming. Marilyn was kneeling between her moms legs, cum covered her face, her eyes were lost in an erotic haze. “What do you mean I have to heal, what have you done to me?” Pressing her big tits into my chest and arm, “Oh honey you’ll never truly know what you missed by being unfaithful. The girls dad, my mate, is just too old to take care of us sexually. Teresa had remained a virgin, until she found someone like her dad. We all thought you were the one. We all came out here to propose you take all of us as multiple mates for you. You’d have had all of us, and hopefully maybe get one or more of the girls pregnant, but now we have to look for someone.” Then she patted my chest, and rubbed something on my chest, something felt strange. “We gave you tits, we have access to some of the most fantastic d**gs, not as big as we have but a nice set of B cups and Susan made sure your nipples were large and extremely sensitive” Marilyn got up, smiling, “I knew you were lying and I knew the pussy juice on your cock was familiar, but since Teresa never took part in our sexual play, she, like a fool, was waiting for you.”She stood, walked out of the room, coming back, carrying a sealed jar, my eyes went wide, inside the tube was a cock and nice set of balls, all suspended in a heavy liquid. Looking closer to it, “OMG that .. no it can’t be .. is that my cock? Did you cut off my cock?” Teresa was the one who giggled, “Yes my love it was yours and now we’ll put it on your dresser so you can look at it and remember why it is not attached to you anymore” My mouth falling open, looking at my cock, knowing I was feeling funny or different between my legs, looking at all of them, “What …nooo .. what do I have between my legs?” Mom leaned forward, running a hand between my legs, running a single finger along my new lips, then rubbing my new clit, causing my eyes to roll up in my head, small moans escaping me, then she pushed her finger up inside me, my hips bucked, legs tried to spread wide, at the same time, Susan had leaned over, sucking my nipple into her mouth. It only took a minute and I had my first female orgasm .. my whole body shook. Everyone laughed, “Well we know she is working just like we planned. How do you feel honey?” My eyes were glazed over, not able to take my eyes off of my cock. “Why did you do this to me?” Teresa walked up by my side, “I asked you when we took our vows if you’d be true to me, you promised to be faithful, since it was your cock that betrayed me, I now have it as a souvenir. Oh and by the way, you no longer have a position at the law firm, you will dress in a maids uniform. You will keep the house clean, fix us meals and take care of any sexual urges we may have. We’ll fuck you with huge dildos and love it when you cry out in pain” Closing my eyes, I began to sob, thinking why had I stopped at that bar.

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