The Black Stallion Inn: Part 3 of 3

Amia Miley

 After his wet onyx shaft slid out of her in a gush of cum, I couldn’t wait to slide mine into the warm pool of cream that remained in her stretched and open pussy. He was right there still, beneath her, his semi-flaccid monster and huge balls in close proximity to where I so desperately wanted to be; it was a little weird sliding into her with him still there, in the position in which they’d just finished enjoying each other, but I was too aroused to care and forged ahead. My aching cock slid easily into her, meeting no resistance, and I was extremely aware of his cum dripping from my balls.It quickly ceased to matter; she was wet and warm and oh-so slippery, and she reeked of sex and I needed to come so bad that just the soft stroke of her relaxed, cum-filled pussy on my sensitive cock would do it. I was going at it like a sex-starved bunny when I realized that, in my position and with her still lying on top of him, I was directly over Alvin and he was staring up at me, intently watching my face.He grinned. “Hey, Ben. Great pussy your wife’s got, huh?” His hands still clamped on her breasts, he pushed them up and into my face, where I could suck her hard nipples as she sat on his belly.I could feel my balls dragging against his spent cock as I replied, “Unnh, amazing. A little loose and sloppy at the moment.”“Sorry about that; the hazards of letting your wife fuck a guy with a huge cock. You gonna come anyway?”“Oh yes. That’s a sure thing.” Especially if he’d stop talking and distracting me!“Want some help?”Before I could ponder the ramifications of that question, or point out that I really didn’t need any, he’d released Joanie’s boobs and reached around both of us, grabbing my ass in both of his huge hands. He began to squeeze my ass and pull me forward and back, driving me deeply into Joanie, who gasped and came again. I knew she could feel his big, wet, semi-limp cock against her ass, and my balls kept dragging on it as well; his size made him seem omnipresent and his cock was always involved in the action, even flaccid.As his hands clutching my ass pumped my cock into my wife, he was spreading me open and inching his fingers closer to my tight little rosebud, which inevitably tightened still more in anticipation, or possibly fear; I could have cracked a walnut.Still, that didn’t slow him down much when his thick middle finger found my asshole and he started probing it. “Alvin, fuck!”I tightened up still more as he laughed. “Relax, man – you didn’t think I was going to let your little ball juggling trick on me go unavenged, did you?”Joanie, who had closed her eyes as she concentrated on me inside of her, now looked at me. “What’s wrong?”“He’s trying to stick his finger up my ass!”She giggled. “I guess it’s a good thing you like ass play and we’ve gotten you adjusted to your little toys, huh?”That was true; I’d come to enjoy a little ass play, and we had even acquired a couple of anal toys that she used on me occasionally, but I’m not sure either of them was as big as his finger – not to mention that this was a finger of another man striving to boldly go where no man had gone before! “I know, but you’ve seen how big his damn fingers are. Fuck, they’re nearly as big as an average guy’s cock!”She rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it! Relax and enjoy, sweetie; here’s your chance to find out if you’d like a real cock up your ass, huh?”I had hips thrust forward and my cock balls-deep inside her as I kept my ass tightly clenched, but while we’d talked he’d reached underneath and generously lubed his finger with some of the cum – mostly his – that was leaking so copiously from Joanie’s pussy. As a result, when he renewed his assault on my ass there was no keeping that slippery, cum slathered digit out.He spent a few seconds greasing up and teasing my pucker with his cum-soaked finger and then began to push it into me, and I could only groan with a mix of pain and pleasure as he penetrated me. Joanie was right about my recently discovered affinity for ass play, so I made a conscious decision to try to relax to lessen the pain.It worked, too, and as he penetrated me more deeply, I groaned with pleasure at the sensations his thick finger was creating in me. As he got that giant finger all the way inside of me, he laughed at my moans and at my ass clenching on him in spasms of ecstasy. “See, Ben, this is just the first step; before you know it, you’ll be begging me to fuck that virgin butt of yours.”I groaned. “I’m sure – either that, or I’ll be running the other way with my hands over my ass.” There was no chance in hell that he was ever going to stick that phone pole of a cock up my ass, that was certain!As he chuckled at my response, he began to use his finger up my bum to push me and pull me so that I was actively fucking Joanie even as he finger-fucked me. In addition, he homed in on my prostate and within seconds of him beginning to stroke that over-excited organ I reached the point of no return.“Ohhh, fuck, yeah… coming, babe, I’m coming!” That simple declaration would turn out to be a massive understatement.She bucked her hips up to meet me, and the combination of my over-aroused state from watching him fuck Joanie, sucking his cock and licking her creamy pussy, and now her warm, wet slippery sex sliding on my cock and his finger touching all the good places inside slammed me into the Ankara bayan escort most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. It was a toe-curling, eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head beast of an orgasm, and I pumped and spasmed, my cock leaping and spurting wildly inside of my wife and my body locked in tonic spasm as my asshole did its best to pinch his finger off his hand.So powerful that it was almost painful, I heard my animalistic groans and moans but made no effort to control them, focusing instead on sheer sensation. I pumped and pumped and spurted and gripped his finger like a super-tight pussy on a cock, and as he continued to assault my prostate I think he coaxed out every drop of cum I had left in me.Soon I was gasping and begging him to stop, but with his thick arms around us and his fat finger several inches up my ass he was in control, and he was unrelenting. In the throes of one long, powerful, almost unendurable orgasm, I thought maybe I was getting just a taste of what Joanie had experienced earlier, and I began to understand why, even when she was exhausted and orgasmed-out, she never wanted it to end.When he finally eased up on me I was gasping for air, still crying out at the occasional spasm of near-painful pleasure that rocked through me, causing me to clamp my pelvic muscles and make my cock jump inside of Joanie even as my sphincter tightened again on his finger. I knew that all of those muscles would ache in the morning and that my asshole would be tender, but that would just be a souvenir of a memorable night.When Alvin decided we’d had enough, he slowly and gently extracted his finger from my abused ass. By then my limp dick had slithered out of Joanie, followed by much of the gallon of cum I felt like I’d fired into her. Sure enough, as I rose to my knees and looked, her swollen, puffy pussy and ass were soaked in cum,, looking gloriously used. Most of what had leaked from her had run down into a spreading pool on Alvin’s groin – where, somewhat amazingly, his cock was once again mostly hard! I guess he’d enjoyed that little game even with his limited participation.I was too tired and just too done to consider cleaning him up again or sucking his cock, not to mention the way the desire to do that inevitably fades with the last traces of my orgasm, so I flopped onto the bed next to him instead. Soon Joanie slid off him too and squeezed between, her body touching both of us.We remained like that for several minutes, making small talk and recovering, until Joanie reached out and began to slowly stroke his stiffening cock. “That’s amazing, Alvin; I can’t believe you’re hard again already.”“Mmm, yeah, it’s a gift. Some people say I’m oversexed, but I think I’m sexed just about right. Either of you gonna want any more of this?”I groaned in exhaustion, and to my surprise, even my wife took a pass. although she continued to enjoy the feel of his hard, wet length in her hands. “No, I think we’re done, tempting as it is. We’ll need to get an early start tomorrow with the bad roads; we have a long way to go.”He nodded, groaning as he rose to his feet. “Makes sense. If I can use your bathroom to clean up a little, maybe I’ll go look in on Natalie and Peter.”I could only shake my head. “Astonishing. You are a sex machine, dude.”“That I am, and it’s obviously time for Robocock to move along. What room did you say they were in?” He stood there stroking his erect and enormous cum-slick cock as he asked, completely at ease in his sexuality.I thought for a moment. “I think it was 312, but we gave them the key to the pool area, so they might still be down there in the spa.”He nodded. “Even better, both of them all wet and relaxed and ready for me.”Joanie smiled. “Natalie will be thrilled.”He grinned wickedly. “So will Peter, trust me. I love fucking that tight ass of his and squeezing his little dick ‘til it squirts. I’ll knock on the door on the way past, just to be sure.” He turned away to go clean up and I rolled over to where I could lay my head on Joanie’s tummy, her nipples just within reach.As I gently flicked her warm soft nipples with my tongue, she said, “You know I’m done, right?”“Mmm, yeah, figured. I just like the way you feel and taste.”“God, I’ve never come like that before.”“I know. You enjoyed it huh?”“So much! My god, I thought I was about to die for a while there, when I just kept on and on, like one really, really long super-orgasm!”“That was good, I guess?”“Indescribable. Heavenly, but a little scary too.”“Me too. At the end there, where I just came a little while ago? I thought I was going to pass out. It was incredibly intense, like all the planets aligned at once. That orgasm came all the way up from my toes.”“Did you enjoy his finger in your ass?”“It was a little unexpected, but yeah, you know me. Embarrassing, but it felt good, eventually. Big, though.”“Next time we stay here are you going to let him fuck your ass?”I looked at her, aghast. “You’ve gotta be kidding – there’s no way! First, I don’t do that, and second, the next time I tried to sit on a barstool I’d slide all the way down to the floor.”She laughed. “No you wouldn’t, that’s just stupid. And gross. And you’re an idiot. You didn’t seem to mind him putting it in me.”“Neither did you, from what I could tell; you seemed to enjoy it very much. I wouldn’t. Besides, Escort bayan Ankara you’re designed for it. That part is built for entry and exit, so you’re a little more versatile.”“ I’d try to take him up my ass if he wanted to, I like it when you do that. You never know, you just might like it…”“Fortunately, we’ll never know, my love. Not gonna happen! I can’t believe you’d even contemplate it… and ouch, if I may say so.”Alvin emerged from the bathroom just then, all cleaned up, and started getting dressed. Still mostly hard, he paused just long enough to let Joanie suck his cock briefly, then offered me the same opportunity, which I surprised myself by accepting. I wasn’t exactly leaping on the bandwagon, but I’d decided to ride the rides, at least to a limited extent.I took him in my hand first, marveling again at the sheer heft of his organ, and I stroked him, squeezing a dollop of precum to the tip, where I bent forward and took it. He felt huge and hard in my mouth, and I had to admit that it was something both new and sort of fun – and definitely arousing. I actually wondered what it would be like to feel him come in my mouth, although I knew that was not on the agenda just then.He had a much more difficult time tucking it away in its resulting enormous and very stiff condition, but he left with a bulge in his pants and a smile on his face, off in search of another couple on whom to demonstrate his prowess. He’d promised to come to see us, to say goodbye before we left, and I could almost hear the gears grinding in Joanie’s head as she plotted to get one more ride on that particular thrill machine.I showered and cleaned up, but Joanie, exhausted, fell asleep within moments after he left, still sweaty and reeking of sex, cum-slathered inside and out. That made it easier for me to slip into her when I awoke in the middle of the night, hard and horny from some intensely erotic dreams. She accepted me eagerly, and we made long, slow, wet, sweaty, sticky love for quite some time before I deposited another load deep within her, to the sound of her satisfied moans.She rode me one last time in the morning, sliding her ass up between my spread legs and guiding my cock into her sloppy pussy as she lowered herself onto it. It was an erotic thrill to watch my length disappear up between her tight cheeks each time she slid down, and to see how much cum was slathered on me when she’d rise back up. I came, replenishing what had been forced out of her, and she reached a shuddering climax as my cock flexed and pumped inside of her.We showered together then, before going down to breakfast, touching and teasing and remembering our fun night. The snow had mostly quit overnight, but the roads were still bad. Nonetheless, we decided to push on – but not before Joanie invited Alvin back to our room for one last poke.I stayed up front to settle our bill so that we could just load up and leave, and by the time I got back to our room Joanie was on her knees in front of him, still fully dressed, sweater and all for the cold weather, but with his rapidly hardening cock filling her mouth. She’s a horny girl, my wife!She soon had him hard and ready, and she wasted no time getting him naked and flat on his back on the bed. She stroked and fondled him briefly as she admired his trophy cock, then climbed aboard eagerly, not even taking time to get her panties off, but he didn’t seem to mind. He pulled them aside and, with an eager helping hand from Joanie, entered her deeply as I marveled yet again at the way she could so easily stretch to accommodate his size. It no doubt helped that she was dripping with arousal (and cum) and that she’d had the previous evening to adjust to his substantial girth. I found it amazing – and arousing!They both knew that we needed to hit the road if we were to have any chance of making it home on these roads, so they wasted no time; she rode him hard and he squeezed and fondled her tits as he slammed into her, sometimes grabbing her ass and sliding her up and down on his dark pole. His cock was soon slick and shiny with their juices, Joanie’s lips stretched around his shaft swollen with arousal and equally wet and glistening. Small trickles of white cream ran down his cock onto his balls as I watched.Unable to take any more, I opened my fly and retrieved my hard cock, which was busily wet-spotting my undies with pre-cum, and began to stroke as I enjoyed the view. It wouldn’t take long for me to come in my aroused state, even considering the ball-draining night I’d just had. While I was contemplating where to spill my load, strongly favoring all over both of them, Alvin took the choice away from me.He reached out and grabbed my belt and pulled me to where he could wrap his big black fist around my cock, which he then guided into his own mouth! To say I was stunned would be a massive understatement, and Joanie giggled at the expression on my face as he began to eagerly suck my cock. I was both too shocked and too far gone to pull away, and even if I’d wanted too, it simply felt too damn good.Joanie, staring at him sucking my cock, came hard right then, her orgasm powerful and noisy, and with that, the last of my tenuous control was lost. I felt the first hard pulse of my own orgasm, and even though I warned him he continued to avidly suck my Bayan escort Ankara cock, and for the next fifteen seconds or so I blasted shot after shot of white cream down his throat. Joanie, her own orgasm winding down, reached between my legs from the rear and massaged my balls, making sure I emptied every last drop into Alvin’s mouth.Apparently, the sensation of Joanie’s tight pussy clamping on his cock as she came combined with me pumping so merrily into his mouth worked for him, because he groaned and announced that he was coming too, right on the heels of our near-mutual climaxes. Perversely, I wanted very much to see his huge cock pump and spasm as he filled my wife’s pussy one last time, so I pulled away, my cock dribbling cum down his chin and onto his chest as I scrambled to once again get behind Joanie, between his legs where the view was unimpeded.I heard Joanie say, “Oh fuck yes, give it to me…ohh, god, I’m coming, give me that big cock, fuck me, fuck yeah, come baby!”I saw the thick ridge on the underside of his cock swell and jerk as a blast of cream shot through it and into her, and then he was swearing and coming too, no holding back. “Fuck! Take it, baby, take that big load! Fuck yeah, gonna mess up that tight pink pussy. Lick my balls, Ben. Get down there and lick my balls!”Not sure how to say no to a man that had just sucked my cock and was currently giving my wife so much pleasure, I did as ordered, licking and sucking his big balls and the base of his huge shaft, feeling spasm after spasm against my nose and lips as he fired one last massive load deep in Joanie’s sweet pussy.Some of it trickled out and down the couple inches of his shaft that Joanie couldn’t accommodate, and I eagerly licked that up too. I’m not sure I was ready to ride all the rides, but I was surprising myself by enjoying some that had been off-limits prior to this stay at the Black Stallion Inn!I think I would have happily stayed in place and licked up the rest as it ran out of Joanie once his cock began to soften and slipped out of her, but she quickly pulled the gusset of her panties back into place, allowing them to catch the gusher.As I raised up and looked at her, my lips slick with saliva and cum, she smiled wickedly. “I want you to think about my cum-soaked panties while you’re driving, all sopping wet with Alvin’s big load running out of me. If you’re good – and don’t wreck the car – maybe I’ll let you have me for lunch!”She then slid back, her ass toward me, and went to work licking all traces of cum from Alvin’s oversexed equipment, obviously enjoying herself very much, while I watched the crotch of her little panties get dark and wet, saturated with semen; knowing I was watching, she reached back and rubbed herself, massaging her wet panties into her leaking pussyShe seemed to derive a lot of satisfaction from the chore, and I know he did, but what was really on my mind at that moment was the unexpected blowjob that Alvin had administered; he’d not only blown my dick but my mind as well.As I watched him watch Joanie, I tentatively broached the subject. “Uh, Alvin, that was a bit of a surprise, what you did. I mean…”He looked at me. “It felt good though, right?”“Well, yeah… obviously, given the result, but I wasn’t expecting that.”Joanie looked at me and smiled. “Consider your horizons appropriately broadened, dear. I love that you’re getting in the spirit and trying new things.”“I wasn’t given a lot of prior notice on that one.”Alvin laughed. “We’re just scratching the surface. I guess when it comes to sex, I’m what they call a libertine; in other words, when I go to the amusement park, I ride all the rides. There’s not much about sex that I won’t do or don’t enjoy. It’s all good.””So you consider yourself bisexual, then?”He shrugged. “Definitions are so limiting, aren’t they? I guess if you want to put a label on it, you’d call me an omnisexual. If it feels good – and nobody gets hurt – do it, as the old saying goes.”I grinned. “Well, that doesn’t leave a whole lot off-limits, does it? I guess that’s a healthy attitude about sex, maybe.” I could hear the hesitancy in my own voice, and he laughed again.“That’s hardly a ringing endorsement, Ben. Do I give good head?”“Yeah, very. Almost like you’d done it before.”He chuckled. “A time or two, yes. And did you enjoy riding a new ride?”“Uh, I think the results speak for themselves.”“Indeed – and no upset tummy even though I apparently made your head spin?”I knew he was teasing me, but it was good-natured teasing. “No. Actually, my tummy and points south of there are feeling pretty damn good!”“You did a little cock sucking of your own, you know.”I felt myself blush. “I know, and nobody was more surprised than me when I did, but it seemed to be the right thing to do. I… I must admit, I enjoyed it. Very different, but also very exciting.”Joanie moved from Alvin’s groin and gave me a kiss, her lips hot and puffy and wet with cum. “I’m proud of you for cutting loose and enjoying yourself. You need to do that more.”Alvin groaned as he rose to his feet. “She’s right, Ben. We’ll have you riding all the rides in no time.”“Still nothing that goes in circles though, okay?”Joanie laughed. “Doesn’t Alvin have a great cock?” She reached out and cupped him as she said that, lifting his dangling, semi-flaccid mass, her fingers still not quite reaching around his girth.I nodded. “Yeah, he does; amazing – and you certainly enjoyed what it did for you, which is great. I love seeing you come like that.”Alvin grinned. “That’s what I like, a couple that enjoys each other’s pleasure. Hey, are you two planning on coming through again in the summer, like you usually do?”

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