The Car Show Parts 4 , 5


Part 4I walked about the car show, looked at cars I was disinterested in, and talked to people I couldn’t care less about. I found a food stand and bought a cup of coffee. The rich aroma and dark roasted flavor helped calm my nerves a little.I thought about the woman whose husband shot himself. What unimaginable depths could cause someone to do that? Were they as loving as were before they began? I could hear the pain and remorse in her voice as she recalled the story.I wondered if she had ever fully recovered from it.Soon it was dark and the crowd began to thin out. I found a spot where I could spy the Impala and waited for the text. Nothing came. They were in the backseat, kissing and fondling each other.As his mouth went to her neck, I waited. When her sweater went up over her head, I waited. When his mouth went to her tits, I waited. He kissed and licked almost every inch of flesh before sucking each nipple. Her eyes were closed and mouth agape. She held his head with her hands and curled her fingers in his hair.Zaleah laid back on the seat, her legs lifted high. Eddie took off her boots and socks, then her leggings and underwear. And when he disappeared, I knew what he was doing. İstanbul Escort I pictured his head between her legs, his mouth covering her snatch; licking and sucking.For a time, I fought off the temptation to walk up to the car and get in the front seat or stand beside and watch. My cock was hard in my pants and my balls hurt like hell! One step at a time, I made my way to the Impala, until I was just outside the door.Zaleah was moaning and thrusting her hips against his face. With one hand, she squeezed her tits, and with the other, she pulled his head tighter against her sex. Eyes still closed, she lifted her head, mouth open, not making a sound. Her abdominal muscles flexed and I knew what that meant.Suddenly, there was a splashing sound, her head threw back into the seat and her back arched. Closing time had come and gone. One by one, streetlights went out save for the one thirty feet away; a dimly burning amber bulb. I could see barely anything.Zaleah whimpered and moaned and punched the back of the seat. From what little I could see, it appeared as though she was trying to twist her pussy from his face. “Oh, god! Please! You’ve gotta stop! God! İstanbul Escort Bayan Damn it!” she screamed and punched the seat even harder. But wherever she went, his head did, too.She was soon gasping for air, verging on hyperventilation.Conversations I’d had with references played in my head. All men agreed that Eddie was an asshole and that he always got his way. No woman walked away from him dissatisfied. I recalled the night they masturbated together and how I was asked out of the room. Just as sure as I was at the time that I was being conditioned, I knew he had no intention of texting me.“You son of a bitch!” she cried, slapping at his head and the leather upholstery. Her ass had come up off the seat. When her eyes opened, she saw me standing outside the window.And then she saw me walking away.Part 5Minutes after I left, my phone rang.“Hey, honey,” Zaleah’s sweet voice came through on the other side. “Where did you go?” I could imagine her sitting there, brushing her hair behind her opposite ear. She had a tendency to do when she was upset.“I’m going back to the timeshare.”“What?! Why?!”“So you two can have some time alone.”“No, sweety. Escort İstanbul Please come back.”“Why? So I can watch you two fuck?”“Yes! I mean, no. Just…please come back,” she said a little quieter.I stopped several feet away from the entry gate. I wanted to leave, I wanted to stay. I wanted to leave Zaleah alone in Tennessee. My cock swelling had gone down, but what was left behind was a wet pair of shorts.“Sweety?”“I’ll be back there in a minute,” I sighed.“Get in,” Eddie said, looking displeased when I walked up to the driver’s side. He was naked, too. And she was busy sucking his cock.I sat turned in the seat and watched while she sucked his large dick. I wondered if she immediately went to sucking it after hanging up with me. Eddie smirked at me, knowing the questions that rattled in my head.“Zaleah says she’s never cum that hard on someone’s mouth before,” Eddie said, trying to goad me into replying. “Says you’re pretty soft when it comes to eating pussy.” I knew what he was trying to do; he wanted an excuse to throw me out. “That’s it, baby,” he said, pulling back her hair while playing with her pussy. “Suck and lick every inch!”My eyes followed the curves and gentle contours of her body. Such a beautiful woman! I knew that all summer long, she had been excited about meeting Eddie. And for a time, so was I. But this had turned into something altogether different. While she moaned and sucked his dick like it was her first time, Eddie was putting me down and making fun of me.

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