The CEO’s Pet Ch. 01


This is a gift for a friend of mine. Please enjoy. There is no actual sex in the first chapter. And probably not in the second one either. But the build up is worth it.


This day never seemed to end. I had come into work around 9 and instead of leaving at six like I’m used to it was 10:30 and I still had so much work to do. But it was as necessary as breathing unfortunately.

I had to work harder. Being a woman and being Latin American didn’t give me a leg up in this business. The men were a part of some old boys club and got by on merely their connections. I on the other hand have spent years working hard and climbing my way to my current position.

My office took up the entire right wall with a wall of glass allowing me to look out on my employees. The work floor was dark now. Everyone had gone home. My lamp light was the only thing illuminating the floor.

I kept saying ‘Just a little more papers to read over and sign. Just a few more budget sheets to look over’. As if it would make the work go faster. The ache in my lower had spread to my shoulders and my neck.

It was 12:15 when I had finished my last bit of work. I packed up and started to go for the elevated when I spotted a light on in the way back of the work floor. I walked back there in case it was forgetful employee.

Instead I found an intern elbow deep in grunt work. A determined look on his face. On his blue button down shirt was a stick on name tag which meant he was only in his first stage here as an intern. The name read Brad.

The interns were faceless and the name tags were meant for us to remember them. Although this one had a face that was hard to ignore. He looked up and gasped. I suppose he thought he was alone.

He looked up at me with very bright green eyes that made me smile. I wouldn’t mind a pair of eyes like those smoldering on their knees and looking up at me. For a second I could picture this sweet little thing gift wrapped and waiting for me. And the devious things I could do to him.

His mouth hung open as he admired me. It wasn’t surprising. At 34 I still had the looks of a 22 year old. Thank you genetics. My hair was long and black trailing all the down to the top of my round ass.

That ass had gotten me more free drinks in the past then I could count. My eyes were an anomaly. Although my mother had green eyes and my father had brown eyes I was gifted with my grandmother’s strange blue eyes. Their look can either frighten you or seduce you.

Then it was my hips. Curvy and slightly wide coupled with a small waist and thick thighs I was always ogled by men on the streets. And occasionally a woman or two.

I gave this boy a knowing smirk and leaned toward him. Putting my hands on desk and showing off my 36 C breasts.

“Cat got your tongue Brad.”

I loved to toy with the interns. They were so sweet and innocent. Just out of college and always so happy to please. He stuttered some and adjusted his papers on his desk.

“No ma’am. I was surprised I thought I was the only one here.”

He Escort bayan was purposely looking down pretending to be even busier on his work. Well that just won’t do. I leaned closer and cleared my throat.


His face shot up quickly and turned crimson red.

“Don’t ever look away when I’m speaking to you. Its rude. Understand?”

A lock of hair fell in front of my face giving my right eye a clouded look that I loved. These boys certainly loved a Latin queen. His mouth hung open again and his eyes quickly stole a peek at my protruding chest.

Every move I was making was to push him perfectly into place. This was the boy I was going to groom. I hadn’t had a pet in months. The last one turned out to be a slut so I let him go. But this boy had potential. I just had to see how pliable he would be for me.

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”

I watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed nervously. Good, fear me. It will be easier to bend you to my will that way.

“Now what is all of this work?”

He looked down and gave a small smile.

“I’m proofing and editing these sheets before they are sent to you ma’am.”

That was a shock. I thought the senior grunts did this work. It seems they pass it off to these poor things and take their credit.

“How long have you been proofing these sheets for me?”

“The day after I got here. They sat a big stack on my desk and taught how to spot errors from the computer data base to the paper files. I see it as a matching game. Helps pass the time.”

He looked up from his work and another smile. What a cute little thing. I want him. At the end of a leash preferably. So he was the reason I had so little to do in my work day. I submit the paper files to partnering branches and if there are errors it looks bad on me and the company.

But thanks to this tasty little treat that’s not the case. I sat on his desk and the hem of my skirt rode up showing of my caramel colored thigh and black garter belt stocking set. Again his eyes peeked. I pretended not to notice.

“Well I think you deserve a break. And if anyone asks tomorrow about this work you send them to me. Understand?”

Seeing his reaction to orders was so pleasing. He would nod eagerly like a happy puppy. I looked at my watch and pretended to be shocked by the time. I stood up and pretended to fix my stocking when really I just wanted to give him a nice little few of my ass.

When I stood up he swallowed nervously again. He squirmed so adorably!

“You can pack up and walk me out Brad.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I waited for a few minutes while Brad got his things together. The elevator ride was terribly awkward. For him. I was enjoying the way my perfume was filling the elevator perfectly. It would be a scent that clung to him all the way home.

I headed toward my car when we got outside. He headed toward the exit. There was a bus stop across the street. He must take the bus to work. But at this hour the buses barely run. He’d be waiting at least Bayan escort an hour between buses. Perfect.


He turned around and started to walk toward me. When we were face to face I noticed how toned Brad really was. He had great muscle definition. He must have been into sports in his school days.

“Yes Mrs. Cortez?”

“The bus won’t be here for a while. Why don’t I take you home?”

His face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Oh, Mrs. Cortez I really couldn’t impose. I don’t mind waiting.”

“If there was an imposition I would have no trouble telling you. Until then I insist.”

As I finished my sentence I put more strength to my voice. He turned even more crimson, realizing that he had no choice. He walked closely behind me and it again reminded me of a puppy eager to follow its Master.

Master. His Master. Me. My thoughts had even me blushing and stifling my giggles. I just had to get him in the right position. He was my sexy little puzzle piece.

I opened my car for us and we peeled out of the parking lot. After Brad told me where to drop him off the drive was silent. That was partly good. If he was left alone with his thoughts the more they could run wild. I needed him to think about me sexually. It was a crucial step. One step closer to claiming him.

I had to stop myself from giggling as he took a deep breath in and out. The Sweet Pea perfume in the air again was a sort of weapon. It smelled delicious and was all over my car. Apparently Brad thought so too.

“That’s a lovely scent ma’am.”

“Oh thank you, Brad. Its called Sweet Pea. But oh dear, its going to be all over your overcoat.”

Brad took off the coat and brought the back of it to his nose. The blush that covered his face soon after told me he could indeed smell my perfume on it.

“Oh don’t worry ma’am. Its faint.”

And here it comes. Swooping in unsuspectingly.

“I wouldn’t want your girl friend to think something was going on.”

Without realizing it Brad was going to tell me everything I needed to know. All I had to do was steer the conversation the right way.

“I don’t have a girlfriend any more. We had a falling out.”

His voice got more quiet towards the end. Nerve hit. OK. Let’s bring this puppy around!

“Well if you like I’m sure I could set you up with one of my friends. They’re a little bit older then you but not by much.”

Now this was important. I was breaking some major fraternising rules so if Brad wasn’t into he could very well report me. He looked over at me and his 24/7 blush seemed to deepen.

“That’s ok ma’am. My last girl friend was an older lady but I’m not really looking for anything right now. I’m still nursing some old wounds.”

Brad looked toward his lap and played with his hands.

“And here I go getting all personal on you. Sorry Mrs. Cortez.”

I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently. For a second I could feel his shoulder shake softly.

“Don’t worry Brad. What type of boss would Escort I be if I didn’t know my employees. I didn’t mean to put you in such an uncomfortable posisition.”

He smiled and looked back over to me.

“Its alright Ms. Cortez. Thank you anyway for the offer.”

The rest of our conversation was light. I had learned that Brad was the oldest and had two brother’s. His father was golfing buddies which landed him this internship. And to my happy surprise it wasn’t something Brad was too happy about.

“My father doesn’t believe I can take care of myself. I went to the college he wanted me to go to, and he got me this job. I took it because there wasn’t much else but I at least wanted to try to look for some by myself.”

He looked like a little boy who needed a hug. I put my hand back on his shoulder.

“Your father didn’t tell you to work as hard as you do. And he didn’t ask you to make your own of this job you didn’t want. You are doing it by yourself Brad. Even if your father can’t see that.”

I could feel him leaning into my hand. It was sweet how comfortable he was being with me. It made me feel strange as I had those thoughts about him. He wasn’t just some sexually frustrated intern. He was a good kid. Most of what I had to say had a sexual underline so I just let the ride stay silent.

As we pulled up to Brad’s apartment I examined the building. It was expensive looking and in a nice part of town. Probably a “gift” from his father. The car was idling but no one was moving. I was going to comment when Brad threw himself into me. I gasped at how fast it had happened.

His arms were around me, one on my upper back and the other on my lower back. The hug was so strong. It had been a while since I had been held like this. Brad was practically pulling me over the console between us. I could feel the space between us becoming hotter and hotter. Not to mention that his face was practically buried in my chest.

“Please forgive me Ms. Cortes. I know this inappropriate but I can’t help myself. I feel like I can be so vulnerable with you. Please don’t push me away. Please just hold me.”

I let out a sigh and wrapped my arms around him. His smell was amazing. Like fresh linens and soap. Having something so soft in my arms was beautiful to me. His body was trembling. Almost as if it was begging me to take control of it. Damn my thoughts. Even now as Brad was pouring his heart out to me I was thinking about dominating him.

Brad let out a deep sigh and pulled away. His face was wet with tears. He looked up at me like a scared puppy. Frightened that I might scorn him.

“Brad it’s ok to get a little emotional sometimes. I do as well. So does everyone else. But finding a good way to get out that emotion is even more ok to do. Now I have an idea for you. Clearly your talents are being wasted under all this scrub work. I’d like you to become my personal assistant. You’ll have a desk in my office and take orders directly from me. Do you accept?”

Brad smiled brightly.

“Anything for you Ms. Cortez.”

I putt my hand on Brad’s shoulder and squeezed softly. In my mind I smirked. But I didn’t show. Not until I saw Brad go into his apartment. Because even though the moment was very emotional, and Brad was very distraught his body still shook under my touch.

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