The Cleaner

Big Tits

I was sitting in my office last week, reading through some boring technical manual when I heard the cleaners approaching along the corridor, nothing unusual in that, it happened most days. But this particular day I looked up to see a beautiful red head smiling in to my eyes as she bent over to pick up my waste basket. I returned her smile and she was gone.

So short but it brought a smile to my face the way I had reacted. She couldn’t have been in my office for more than a few seconds. But in that short time I had registered her shoulder length hair, her pretty face, her luscious red lip stick and hard eye shadow. The deepness of her cleavage which captured my attention. Her breasts where largish and encased in a delightful white skin tight t shirt which had a low cut neck. She was also wearing a pair of low waisted black trousers which hugged her hips delicately.

The following days I waited in anticipation of another visit, but I either missed the cleaners or my young lady didn’t visit my particular office, it was almost the highlight of the day… how sad is that..

Then two days running I heard her approaching, normally humming a tune to herself, she would be listening to her iPod. So I broken the ice and and asked her what she was listening to.

‘Oh sorry I was miles away’ I held up my iPod and repeated the question

‘You can’t always, get what you want…. the tones’

“How true, I mean yes great classic song” I was taken in my her beauty, I was thinking aloud almost.

Then she was gone, brief but enjoyable. My own chance to gaze and take in more of her beauty.

My work suffered that day, my concentration was broken, my thoughts kept coming back to my young lady visitor. My mind kept putting her in to different scenes like in an erotic fiction… but this wasn’t fiction…

I would love to ask her to pose for some photographs. Some amusing poses went through my mind…. Her pole dancing, except the pole was the chrome pipe of her vacuum cleaner… hmmm her getting all raunchy, down and dirty, playing to the camera, knowing that I couldn’t get enough of watching her perform for me. Her panties being pushed deep into her moist slit as she moved up and down her improvised pole…

Yes the thought of seeing her partially naked body made my cock nice and hard and moist, I adjusted it inside my boxers to try and cover the obvious signs of my arousal. Especially in the company of my PA…

Oh, I’ve not told you yet about her have I… Her taksim escort name is Lynda. She is about 10 years older than me, but such a flirt… a little too obvious for my liking, but she is very good at her job and we get along well….

But I digress… each day I managed to strike up more of a conversation with my young lady cleaner, I’m terrible at guessing peoples ages, but judging by her appearance and the details of her life that she revealed in out polite conversation I estimated her to be in her late twenties… I didn’t feel bad about the idea that she could almost be my daughter!! But we got along well, comparing music tastes and the like.

She always wore similar clothes, practical for the type of job she was doing, but she had an effect on me each time, my cock would titch as soon as I heard her tap on the door and ask if it was ok to enter. I would close my document and tell her to enter.

Friday was different… she was wearing a mini skirt… I approved.. her legs seem to be never ending. I was almost lost for words. I swung around in my chair to face her. I was looking up in to her eyes. She approached me and then leaned forward resting her weight on the arm rests of my chair. I was looking up into her dark eyes, but also looking down between her breasts.

I put my hand behind her head and our faces tilted and our lips touched, soft and sweet at first, I felt her lips part and then her hot tongue push between my own. She moaned as I massaged her right breast, it was a nice handful.

She broke off our kiss and stood back up again, her hands crossed over in front of her body, gripping the lower edge of her t shirt she raised her hands and removed her t shirt. I now could see her breasts, encased in a push up lacy black bra. She reached behind and flicked it undone, shaking her shoulders her straps glided down her arms and her breasts were free and available to my eyes.

She sat on my lap, wiggling her bum as she sat down, my stiff cock nestled in the cleft of her tight ass. Her hands went around my neck, we kissed some more. My hands massaged her erect nipples. But I wanted to explore all of her body.

I rested one hand on her knee, moving my fingers in slow continuous spirals, moving up her thighs gradually. I was soon at the hem of her skirt.

Her legs parted, welcoming my attention. I continued upwards, I reached the soft cool skin above her stocking tops…hmmmm nice, she topkapı escort giggled, her plan had obviously worked…

I caressed her slit though her damp panties, tracing the outline, listening to her breathing, getting deeper, her moans and sighs as I brushed against the area where her clit would be.

I pushed her panties to one side, my fingers delving deeper between her spread legs, her mini skirt was now pushed up high, her stockings in full view, delightful.

I pushed two fingers in to her well oiled pussy, twisting in and out and then my thumb made contact with her clit, and I expertly flicked it around under the pressure of the sole of my thumb, gyrating it around. Pushing my fingers in and out deeper, harder, faster, maintaining contact with her clit.

Her head was now thrown back, I was kissing her extended neck. My other hand was under her ass, feeling her exposed cheeks. circling her puckered ass too, her juices where flowing out and down to meet my other hand.

Her hand was now under her body feeling my stiff cock, holding it tight, like her life depended on it. She freed it from my loose fitting trousers although it took her longer as her hands trembled as her orgasm started to build and build, flow from her pussy through her body.

She had freed me, and now lifted her body up and with one hand she guided my cock head to it’s goal, she relaxed her leg muscles and descended downwards engulfing my cock in her juices and smothering it. There was a fire burning deep inside her pussy and she wanted me to try and put it out.

But at first I was going to accelerate that fire, like a forest fire when the wind changes direction. Her body was alive above mine, she twisted her hips and rocks back and forth, wanting me as deep as possible in her hot tight hole.

It was delicious, I kissed her neck now with more of an cannibalistic manner, like a wolf that has caught a rabbit, biting into her lower neck and shoulder as my body was desperately trying to maintain control, trying to prolong this wonderful feeling. Not wanting it to finish.

Her fingers where now down between her legs assaulting her clit to take her self to a new high, my cock ready to burst deep inside her. Her muscles control was incredible. Tight around the base of my cock, holding me off as best she could.

Her head was flopping from one side to another, her rich hair falling across her face. Her brow was moist and tüyap escort her mouth open gasping for more air.

I couldn’t hold much longer, I started groan in her ear and she reacted her legs turned to jelly and my cock disappeared completely inside her pussy, her fingers were a blur on her pussy, my fingers where twisting and pinching her organ stop nipples, and then she just let go, her muscles spasmed her pussy trembled and I shot my load of cum deep inside of her, still pumping I emptied my balls, some of it trickled out of her mixed in with her own juices it felt like there was a gallon of cum in side of her, all mixed up like a cream pie.

I held her lovingly for a few minutes while we got our breath back. I could feel my cock shrink slowly. She tried to keep me inside but it was a loosing battle, I slipped out. I lifted her up on to my desk and sat between her knees. She lay back on the desk, her feet resting on the arms of my chair.

I looked in to the gorgeous sight of her pussy, all puffy, engorged and red, but slick with juices too. I tongued around her graping hole. Her body twitched at my light touch.

A trickle of cum was slowly creeping down to her ass… I licked around the sides of her pussy, licking between the folds of her outer lips, cleaning her delicately. I kissed her clit, it made her shiver. Then I went to work on her pussy. Using long delicate strokes of my tongue from her ass to her clit, plunging in to her slit, tasting our juices, covering my face in her wetness.

Pushing my tongue in to her tight ass made her squeal with delight… another time my baby, another time.

She slowly regained her senses and sat up. She jumped on to her feet and then crouched down between my legs, lifting my semi stiff cock with the tips of her fingers she kissed the tip, and her delicate tongue licked around the head, before taking me inside completely

I grabbed a handful of her hair in my hand and held her head tight.

“That’s right slut, make me clean again”

She moaned at being called and treated as a slut. Although I think she would have answered to any name..

I watched as her head bobbed up and down my hardening cock. I relaxed my grip on her hair letting her go right down in to my crotch, her fingers were massaging my balls, milking them until I came in her mouth.

I felt her swallow and she lovingly sucked and licked me clean before pulling my trousers up from around my ankles, tucking my cock back away in my boxers, before giving it a little pat and a squeeze… ‘Keep it stiff for me honey’

“My pleasure…”

We kissed as she dressed, she left me her thongs as a trophy. I can still smell her musky juices on them.

And I never did get around to asking her if she would pose for my camera… or ask her what her real name was….may be next week…

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