The Closet Ch. 06


“And you know something, Maria, my first experience of having sex in the Closet with Mom was also a milestone event in Evelyn’s journey into incest. But she can tell you about that herself…”

Stephen Saunders had just finished narrating the story of his first sexual experience with his mother as his thick, bulging-veined cock drilled his sister Evelyn’s ass. The attractive redhead bounced her slim, naked form on her brother’s lap – perky, roseate nippled breasts jiggling as her tight buttocks pounded his firm pelvis.

Stephen had been eighteen when he had his incestuous encounters — first, with his sister, Evelyn, and, a few weeks later, with his mother. Evelyn, who was a year older than him, had been his willing and over-zealous teacher throughout their forbidden explorations.

Stephen’s wife, Maria, was a tall, full bodied Latino, whose Eva Mendes looks caused heads to turn wherever she went. Maria’s discovery about her husband’s incestuous sexual relations with his sister and mother had initially horrified her and turned her off. But gradually, as she witnessed the perverse desire shared by brother and sister and their frenetic love-making, it aroused her tremendously, inciting her to become a vital part of the taboo triad.

A born leader, Maria was the dominant partner in their marriage and Stephen preferred it that way — after a long day’s gruelling leadership role at the office, he looked forward to taking the back seat at home. And his wife took full advantage of that. She was now fully immersed in their depraved sex triangle and was ordering her husband to perform the most unspeakable sexual acts with his sister as she watched and masturbated.

“Stephen, I want you to ass-fuck your whore sister as she tells us her story.”

Maria never shaved her pubic or underarm hair — allowing the dark bushes to grow unrestrained– trimming them only when they became too unruly. She, however, kept them well-groomed and neat because she knew that Stephen enjoyed running his fingers and lips through the dense outgrowth. Only recently, she discovered that her husband’s hair fetish came from his fixation with his mother’s physical attributes – many of which were shared by Maria including the buxom, full figure and the 38 D boobs.

Evelyn was making her usual pleasure noises as her brother’s rampant cock ripped through her ass-hole. They were on the king-sized bed in Stephen and Maria’s bedroom. Stephen sat up against the cushioned head-board as his sister rode him, her back to him. Maria was kneeling between her sister-in-law’s open thighs and nibbling at her swollen clitoris as Evelyn began her sordid tale.

Evie’s Story:

I slip down the stairs as soon as I see Mom going into her bedroom. Stevie went in a little while ago with Dad, who left the room after about half an hour. Mom is wearing lacy black open-nippled bras and a matching garter belt and stockings. Her full lips are painted scarlet, making her look like a high class whore — Stevie will really have a whopping boner when he sees her.

Mom has kept the door ajar and I quietly take our usual position just outside the doorway. Slow, sexy music is playing and Mom is doing a bump and grind number like a topless bar pro.

I can see Stevie’s dick sticking out of the Closet door. It is fully erect, all red and bothered. It jerks up a few times in anticipation as Mom handles it and licks it with her wicked tongue. She begins to suck the rod hungrily, taking it all the way inside her mouth and then pulling it out to lick the ticklish underbelly.

Stevie says that Mom and Dad have specially designed the Closet so that Mom could be cured of her nymphomania without the risk of forming attachments with the Closeted fuckers. So, since the identity of the Closet fucker is concealed from Mom, she will not know that she is fucking her son, Stevie. I think that’s not as much fun as knowing! Methinks most of the fun of incest cums from the guilty pleasure of knowing that you are indulging in a forbidden act.

I am wearing my favorite, loose tunic without any underwear so that I can easily get to my titties and pussy which is already beginning to get wet. My thighs feel sticky and I am flicking my erect clit which is begging for attention.

Mom plays with Stevie’s dick, massaging it, kissing its inflamed head and lolli-popping it in and out of her mouth. Sticky strings of her saliva arc between her slick lips and Stevie’s shiny cock-head. She now begins sucking in earnest. Yummy!! I am getting wetter and my fingers stickier. I can almost taste my brother’s pre-cum güvenilir bahis and his muscular prong growing bigger in my mouth. I am jealous of Mom for sucking and pleasuring my lover!

Oh my god! Someone is behind me, a shadow and suddenly a warm body. I can smell Dad’s cologne.

“So, this is the mischief that my little Red-Robin gets up to when her daddy is not watching?”

Daddy always calls me his ‘Red-Robin’ when he’s in a good mood. And ‘Baby-Slut’, when he’s not! Or when he’s horny!

“I know my Baby-Slut has been a very bad girl – humping her horny little brother every chance she gets and spying on Mommy and Daddy when we are fucking!”

I am scared of what action he will take against Stevie and me for our ‘bad’ behaviour.

I can feel Daddy’s hardness through the thin fabric of my night-shirt — his erect cock is wedging itself into my ass-crack. Despite my apprehensions, the warmth of his breath on the nape of my neck, the feel of his bulky body pressing against my near nakedness and the throbbing of his thick tool rubbing itself up and down my ass are driving me crazy.

Stevie’s cock is now erupting gobs of cum into Mom’s mouth — and our greedy whore mother is swallowing her son’s entire load. Some of the jizz drips from her mouth onto her pendulous boobs which she promptly licks and sucks.

“So, Baby-Slut, you like how your slut mother is enjoying sucking your baby brother’s cock? I’m sure Stevie has told you that he’s inside the Closet — that’s why you’re spying on them now, right? But your mother doesn’t know she’s going to be fucking her son. She lusts after the boy but is scared about incest and of people’s comments if they find out. My thinking is ‘fuck the world!’ As long as you love someone and the sex makes you both happy, and you’re not hurting anybody — go for it!”

Mom has resuscitated Stevie’s prick with her mouth and hands, and is priming her cunt to fuck him. I really envy Mom’s awesome titties and ass — I wish I had such a delicious body — it would drive all the boys wild especially Stevie, who is constantly fantasizing about fucking Mommy’s boobs.

“Daddy, do you think my titties and ass will become as big as Mommy’s when I am all grown up?”

Dad slips his hands inside my shirt and cups my small breasts. They feel so insignificant in his large, coarse hands. He pinches my stiff nipples between his thick thumb and forefinger, twisting and squeezing them. I like Daddy’s clumsy and rough caresses — so different from Stevie’s extra-gentle handling. I part my thighs wider for Daddy’s probing cock to slide down to my sopping wet pussy lips.

“Red-Robin, I think your titties and ass are just fine. Anything more than a handful is just a waste anyway!”

Dad lifts up my tunic and I am kneeling naked at his feet. He continues to squeeze and weigh my perky pears, slowly bending forward and moving his hands behind me to cup my firm buttocks.

I pull down my father’s baggy shorts and his gigantic dick jumps up, nodding in my face and leaving a trail of liquid along my lips and cheeks. He pulls off his T-shirt and his bulky, hairy form towers above me. My nostrils flare at the strong aroma of his sweat and body odour. Instead of being repulsed, I am excited by his crude physicality and animal magnetism. I feel my juice trickling down the insides of my thighs. I know he wants me to suck his cock which is red and swollen like a big bludgeon. It lacks the symmetry of Stevie’s dick. I am fearful whether or not it will fit in my mouth, and in my pussy hole.

Cautiously, I jab my tongue at the drop of pre-cum oozing out of Daddy’s piss-hole. It tastes salty and a little bitter, not as yummy as Stevie’s but I am not unkind to my father so I purr like a happy kitten and begin licking his cock until the erection is almost touching his fat beer belly. Daddy has lots of dark hair all over his body, especially around his privates. Looks like both he and Mom hate having a hair-cut down there.

“Mmmm… Daddy, your cock tastes heavenly!”

“You like the taste of Daddy’s cock better than your brother’s?”

“You’re both different, Dad. Your aroma and taste is stronger and more pungent, Stevie’s is more subtle and sweeter!”

“But which excites you more, sucking your brother’s dick or your father’s?”

I giggle because Daddy is a real sly one and he won’t let this go easily, so I give a response that I know will make him happy.

“If you put it like that, Daddy, then I guess sucking your cock makes me hotter — it’s something I’ve fantasized a lot about. Just türkçe bahis like Stevie’s always dreaming about having sex with Mommy.”

“Mmmmm…. suck me hard, baby, suck Daddy’s dick harder — use your teeth and tongue…mmm…yes, like that …that’s good. Daddy’s baby is a great cock-sucker…”

I gradually maneuver Daddy around so that I can also see the action inside the bedroom while I suck my old man off. Mom is fucking Stevie’s cock like a sex-crazed harlot; her ass is banging loudly against the Closet as she ravages her son’s energetic dick.

Dad’s cock is so big that it suffocates me and I can’t breathe. He keeps stuffing more and more of the meat into my mouth and I have to keep moving my head back to catch my breath. I am grabbing his surprisingly firm butt-cheeks as I pump his dick between my tightly clamped lips.

The unruly curls of his dark pubic growth tickle my nose and I feel the murmur in his tummy, I know he is almost on the verge. I briefly withdraw his tool and lick the sensitive underside of the stalk; I am scared of being choked by Dad’s giant prick and his load of semen. I suck his hairy balls until I feel the unruly organ jerk in my hands. It spurts rope after rope of Daddy’s sticky cum all over my hair and face. I try to catch some of my father’s jizz in my mouth.

I am intensely excited and aroused to be swallowing the cum that created me. I am cumming now- my arousal is so complete that I reach my climax just by rubbing my thighs together, massaging my swollen clit!

Dad holds the back of my head and pushes his exploding prick into my mouth, forcing me to swallow more of his overflowing semen. We see Stevie’s cock shooting out an endless load of cream into Mommy’s cunt. She takes his entire load and then pulls his softening dick out of her fuck-hole to suck off the remaining dribs and drabs of his seed along with her own juices that are dripping from his dick.

“That was great, baby! Isn’t it wonderful that Baby-Slut has made her Daddy cum for the very first time together with Mamma-Slut making her son cum for the first time? We now share a very unique and private bond as a family — the forbidden and exciting ties of incest.”

“Yes, Daddy, Stevie and I are lucky to have such understanding and indulging parents like you.”

I look up at my father’s beaming face as I massage the splatters of his semen into my skin and lick the remaining stuff from my fingers. He tries to push me onto the floor to take our incestuous sex to the next level. But I assume the doggy position and he understands that I would like to continue watching Stevie and Mom’s antics as well, as we fuck.

“Honey, it’s time now for Daddy to fill my Baby-Slut’s fuck-hole with what it was meant for — a big, hard cock! You will find this experience a little different from fucking your brother.”

A shiver runs down my spine. Every time Stevie and I had spied on Mom and Dad fucking, I had wished that Dad’s large cock was pounding my cunt instead of Mom’s. My wish is coming true now! I look my father in the eyes and ask, “Dad, you are sure that your cock will fit in my cunt, it looks so huge!”

“Don’t you worry, honey, Daddy will make sure you’re OK! I guarantee that you will enjoy this fuck more than anything else you have ever experienced before.”

My heart is in my mouth as Daddy’s calloused hands part my buttocks. He spits into my arse-crack and rubs the saliva into my cunt with the head of his thick cock. He doesn’t really need to do that because I am already sopping wet. My juices are dripping with anticipation onto the carpet. The spongy tip of his cock strokes the length of my unfurled nether lips and gradually enters me, inch by glorious inch.

Amazingly, Mom’s mouth has coaxed Stevie’s untiring dick into another formidable erection which she takes greedily up her ass. I can hear my brother’s groans from the Closet as Mom wantonly ravages her son’s captive penis with her tight anus.

Daddy is right. I have never experienced such raw pleasure ever before. His prick fills me up and it is a sublime feeling. Joy and rapture like nothing else. Every pore of my being — my awakened nerve endings and pleasure points feel energized and in a state of unusual excitement, as my father’s wonderful instrument of pleasure plumbs my innermost, private depths. He transports me to a world of ecstasy that I have only imagined in my most private, torrid dreams.

His rough, workman’s hands are mauling my soft titties and he begins swearing and using foul language like we have seen him do when he is fucking Mom. güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Fuck your Dad hard, you cum-sucking, father-fucking whore! Take your father’s fat cock in your tight fuck-hole, you incestuous slut!”

Daddy’s fucking is hard and vicious — it is exactly what I need! My buttocks spring back faster and harder onto his groin; I try to take as much of his awesome fucking machine into my cunt as I can manage. We make loud groaning and squishing sounds as we rut like depraved, wild animals.

There is no finesse to our frenzied fucking. It cannot be called love-making — it can only be described as ‘fucking’. Swift, savage and selfish — our only purpose is to pleasure ourselves as much as we can with our obsessed, sinful copulation.

Mommy has almost finished screwing her ass-hole with Stevie’s cock and is taking it into her mouth, sucking up his erupting creamy cum.

Daddy’s pace is unflagging and my poor titties and cunny are smarting with the continuous punishment. His cock rips through the constricting walls of my cervix and I can feel it bloating up even more as it primes itself for the moment of truth.

“Baby, Daddy is going to cum now, take Daddy’s hot seed in your mouth… quick…”

I pull my ass forward so that Daddy’s engorged prick pops out. He erupts on my back and buttocks before I swing around to take his shooting prick into my mouth, swallowing as much of his jizz as I can. It is an awesome feeling to be swallowing the seed that birthed me. I feel humbled and proud that my father has honoured me with his semen.

Daddy’s fingers in my cunt quickly push me over the edge and the embankments deep within me burst with a stirring and unusually belaboured tremor. I am engulfed by a tranquillity and feeling of fulfilment that I have never experienced before. I embrace my loving father because I know that this is the beginning of many more such wonderful moments to come.

“Tell me, Daddy, Mommy is calling Stevie’s cock her ‘Prince’ – does she know she is fucking her son?”

“No, honey the identity of the Closet fuckers is not revealed to your mother so she doesn’t know that she is fucking her son. But, as you know, she is an experienced player, so she can tell the age of a person from the look and feel of his prick – so she can deduce if the meat is young or old.”

“Hmmm… but wouldn’t it be more exciting for both Mom and Stevie if they knew they were fucking each other — like us?”

“You’re right, my Red-Robin, that’s what makes incest so much more arousing than regular sex. But I think your mother may not be ready for this yet — but, all in good time…”

Evelyn had barely finished her narration, when Maria retorted.

“So, Stephen, your Mom doesn’t know yet that she has fucked you, her son. Don’t you think that this may be the right time to make sure that she finds out?”

Maria’s voice brought Stephen and his svelte-bodied sister back to the present. Evelyn’s flowing red tresses shook as she eagerly licked the remaining splatters of her brother’s cum off her sister-in-law’s thick brown nipples.

From her tone of voice, Stephen knew exactly which direction his wife was headed in — she wanted to see him fuck his mother.

“Well, honey, I don’t know if Mom will still be ready to accept the idea of openly having incestual sex with her son but the Closet option is certainly open and you can come along and watch us fuck. I will have Dad set it up.”

Maria and Evelyn laughed loudly and spoke in unison, “We’d like to join in too — after all, we’re one big, happy family!”

The Personal Diary of Jennifer Saunders

Entry dated: January 2nd, 2009

Somebody once said: All good things come to those who wait. Well, Mike will tell you that I have always been very patient with everything and my husband has been such a darling. He has been most understanding and accommodating even under the most difficult and stressful of circumstances. Thanks to Mike and the Closet my nymphomania is well under control.

And the reward for my patience also comes as a most unexpected gift for the New Year.

My darling son, Stevie, has returned to me. I knew that he would not be able to last for long without his mother’s loving. And, as an extra bonus, he has brought along his sister, my lovely daughter, Evie, and his delicious wife, Maria.

Husbands generally think that their wives are not very perceptive when it comes to ground realities. So, Mike may think that I cannot discover the identity of the Closet fucker from his prick; And this is true — generally speaking! But I am not a worthy mother if I cannot identify my own son from his most vital physical attribute. Of course, the fact that Stevie’s prick has the princely ‘fleur-de-lis’ birth-mark also helps!

The End?

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